A PLAIN, SHORT, AND Probable Expedient, To settle the present DISTRACTIONS OF BOTH KINGDOMES.

Printed in the Year. 1647.

A Plain, Short, and Probable Expe­dient, to settle the present Distractions of both KINGDOMES.

THE Kings former and late Refusals to signe the PROPOSITIONS ten­dred him by the Parliaments and Com­missioners of England and Scotland, for the Establishment of a lasting Peace in both, hath well nigh put them to a losse, how to proceed farther, and what course next to resolve on, for the future settlement and security of both Realms, in this their Distracted Condition. D [...]rs men (according to their different Principles and Interests) have proposed Various wayes. Some a pub­like impeachment in Parliament to be presently drawn up against the King, to the hazzard of his Crown and Life (as in the cases of Kingd Edward; and Richard the second of England; and of [...] the first, [...] and other Kings of Scotland) to which the Sectaries and Agitators most incline. Others, a pre­sent change of the Monarchicall Government into a De­mocraticall, (which the Anabaptists endeavour) or into an Aristocraticall, (which the Independents seem to [Page 4] drive at. The Presbyterians and Erastians, apprehending these former proposals very dangerous, and inconsistent both with their Principles and Solemn Covenant, medi­tate some milder and safer courses▪ but what particularly to fix on, they are yet altogether unresolved.

These varieties of Opinions multiplying our Divisions have occasioned the Proposall of this short and cleer Expedient, (not hitherto thought on) humbly submit­ted (as a probationer) to the test of more exquisite Judgements, as the most advantagious, honorable and secure for both, Kingdomes to fasten upon, being war­ranted by divers Presidents of like nature in both Realms, and most consonant to the Solemn League and Co­venant, by which they are mutually engaged and uni [...] each to other.

It is evident by sundry Presidents in Histories and Records that the Parliaments of England and S [...] (as well as of most other Kingdomes) have during the Minority, absence, sickness, frenzie, dotage, or other [...] ­rall, accidentall, or criminall disabilities of their Kings to discharge their Royall Office, and Dutie usually consti­tuted a Viceroy, Regent, Protector, or Custos Regni (being commonly a P [...]e of greatest Wisdome, Power, and Honour, and of Royall extraction) to guard both their Persons and Realms, and execute all Regal Acts belong­ing to the King himself; but more particularly, to sum­mon and hold Parliaments, and to give the Royall Assent to Laws and Statutes, and issue out all Commissions under the great Seal, in the Kings Name and stead: The Reigns of King Richard the 1. & [...] Henry 3. 5. & 6. Ed. 3, 4, 6. of England; and of King [...]erleg, Ruthe [...], T [...]r [...], Gill [...], Corbred▪ Ethodius (first and second) Kenneth the third [Page 5] and his Law, John Bayvil James the 1. 3. & 6. Queen Mary and others of Scotland, and one Scripture presi­dent of King Vzziah during his Leprosie, 2 Kings 1 [...]. 5. 2 Chro. 25. 21. wil furnish us with variety of Ex­amples of this kind; in which France it self hath a­bounded, and affords a present instance in this infant King. If then the Parliaments of both Kingdoms shal think meet to create a Viceroy, Regent, Protector or Custo [...] Regni in each Realm forthwith (as they have frequent- done in former times) to execute all Regal Acts, sum­mon and hold Parliaments, and give the Royal Assent to all such Bils and Statutes as shal be necessary for the present settlement of both Kingdoms Peace, according to their respective Propositions tendred to his Majesty; end establish by Act of Parliament in both Realms this ensuing Oath, or the like for the King & all his Succes­sors Solemnly to take before their admission to the Roy­al Government; extracted out of the Coronation Oaths of the Kings of England, Scotland, Aragon, Navarre, Bo­hemia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and▪ Denmark (concei­ved a better security for both Kingdoms then any hither­to propounded.)

We C. R. in the name and presence of the most high God; do solemnly swear to all our Leige people of England and Scotland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging; that we wil all the days of our life, invio­lably maintain, keep and preserve all just Laws, Cu­stoms, Rights, Franchises and Liberties heretofore granted to them, or any of them, by our Royal Prede­cessors or Our self, together with the respective Rights and Priviledges of the Parliaments of both Kingdoms; the true Reformed Religion and Church Government [Page 6] now established in them. That we wil do the best of our skil and power, endeavour intirely to preserve Peace and Amity between all our Realms and People, and cause equal Justice to be administred to them in Mercy and Truth, without Partiality, affection, ha­tred or delay.

That we wil neither proclaim, nor make any open War, Peace or Truce, nor raise any Forces in, nor invite, nor bring any Forraigns power into any our Realms and Dominions; nor impose, nor levy any Tax, Tallage, Subsidy, Contribution or Benevolence, within our said respective Kingdoms and Dominions; nor embase, nor enhance the current coyn thereof; nor alianate any Honours, Manners, Castles, Forts, Folds, Rents, Revenues, Jewels, Ships, or Ordinance belonging to our respective Crowns; Nor dispose of ourself, or of our heire apparent to the Crown in marriage; Nor dispose of any the great Offices of State or Judica­ture in our respective Realms; Nor creat any New Peers therein, but by common consent of our respe­ctive Parliaments of both Kingdoms.

And that we wil likewise give our Royal assent from time to time, for the altering or repealing of all such publike Laws and Statutes as shal be held prejudiciall, and the passing of all such New Laws and Statutes as shal be judged necessary and beneficial for our people, and presented to us as such, by the Parliaments of our respective Realms.

And if we shal at any time (which God defend) wil­fully violate all or any the premised Particulars, to the griev [...]ces or oppression of our people, and shal not upon due information t [...]ereof, given us by our respe­ctive [Page 7] Parliaments, Nobles, Counsellers, Officers, or Commons of both Kingdoms, duly reform the same, to their general satisfaction; We do here freely and voluntarily profess before God and all the World, tha [...] then, and from thenceforth, we do and shal hold all our people totally discharged from all bonds of duty, and Oaths of Alegiance made unto us, til such satisfa­ction be given them. And that in such cases, it may & shal be lawful for then, and any of them, if they think meet, and necessary freely to assemble together, and to unite their Counsels, Purses and Forces, and to crave and bring in forraign Forces from their confe­derate Princes and Nations, to withstand and redress, all wilful violations of our said Oath, and to suppress all such persons and forces, as shal be ayding or assisting to us therein, in maintenance of their just Rights, Laws, and Liberties, and the publike safety (to which they were obliged by the Laws of God, Nature, Nations, and of this Realm) without incurring the guilt of Trea­son▪ Insurrection, Sedi [...]ion, Rebellion, or any crime, Forfaiture or penalty for the same. And that all and every person or persons, who shal be wittingly ayding or assisting to us against our Oath and people in such cases: shal be declared, and judged, and proceeded a­gainst, to all intents and purposes, as Traytors, and publike enemies to us and our respective Kingdoms.

All this we do cordially and sincerely swear and protest without any Equivocation or mental Reserva­tion, and that we wil neither directly nor indirectly seek to be absolved from this Our Solemn Oath. So God us help.

The speedy establishing of such Laws, and this So­lemn [Page 8] Oath by the Parliaments of both Kingdoms in manner aforesaid, and securing the Kings person in a safe and honorable way, til he shal really accord there­ [...]y, and fully comply with the desires both of his Par­liaments and Kingdoms, is humbly conceived the safest, best and speediest Means (by Gods effectual concur­rence) to produce a firm happy Peace and Settlement in, and cordial Union between both Kingdoms, with­out any breach of Covenant, or danger to his Majesties person; the only end of publishing this Expedient; which deserves consideration til a better be propoun­ded.


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