THE POOR MAN'S MITE, Unto the more large CONTRIBUTIONS of the LIBERAL, At this day freely added, in Testimony of that respect which is born unto the faithful and their interest, as it's laid up and hid in Jesus.


  • 1. The vanity of that rejoycing, which seems to glory in any thing save the Lord.
  • 2. What is required of all that expect to have the form of the Lords house revealed unto them.
  • 3. That however the chief Corner-stone may be rejected, none other foundation can no man lay.
  • 4. That as Christ shall appear, so with him shall the interest of the second or new Creation, appear with him in glory.
  • 5. A Postscript, or Additional word to the Reader, occasioned by the a late revived noise of Uniformity, or national Conformity to the principles of some men.

London, Printed for Livewell Chapman, at the Crown in Popes-Head-Alley. 1659.


SINCE the late wonderful appearance of wisdome and power from on high, bringing down the haughty­ness of insulting arrogant flesh; presenting to view the secret devouring Contrivances of the old enemy, which under a new name and pretence of doing the good former­ly left undone, the more covertly intended the accomplish­ment of the things they would have done. So many have been the valuable and worthy Testimonies of the faithful that are gone before me, That at this time my self, of all o­thers, had least encouragement to contribute my mite. And were it not that a more then ordinary sence of the vanity that may be written upon man, (as man) in his very best Estate, and of the unwearied endeavours of the great ad­versary of Light and Truth, to obstruct its dawnings and breakings forth upon the Children of men, is stir'd up in my heart; I should have been altogether silent: but for that from both these, to wit, the vanity of man, and the con­tinued dispight of the enemy, no less then occasions of Godly jealousy, if not of fears and doubts, is administred to both the youthy and the more aged Christian (though I confess the same, with exceeding weariness of minde and meekness of spirit, ought to have its entertainment, even in the very thoughts of a man) I am as one in some degree awakened, and made willing, in tenderness and faithfulness [Page 2] of heart at this time, to offer a few things to the serious consideration of the faithful, with whom though I seek not for what may gratify a carnal interest, cannot but hope to finde at least a tincture of that heavenly Spirit of love, which rather helps to improve, then reject the smallest ap­pearance of true love and respect to them, and their ever­lasting concerns, though it proceed from one of the meanest of all their Fathers family.

The first thing offered is, That of God is Christ made unto his people Wisdome, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Re­demption, to the end that if any would glory, they should glory in the Lord.

The infinite Father of Wisdom, Grace, whose name is the Lord, and will not give his glory to another, foreseeing the evil that would be springing up in the heart of man, to the causing of him to turn aside, and depart from the living God, by an Essay to become Wisdome, Righteousness, Sanctifica­tion and Redemption to its self, was therefore pleased in much wisdome,Prov. 8. to place the Fountain of all durable Wis­dome, Riches and Righteousness in his Son, as a life occult or hid with him, to whom the name of a Redeemer belongs, in whose presence every knee shall bow, or smite together, and every tongue confess to God, that this is He in whom all fulness dwells.

From whence proceeds a loud voyce of admonition and caution unto all the Children of men, to be careful, lest at any time they should be tempted to depart from the Fountain of living waters, and hew out to themselves Cisterns, yea broken Cisterns, that can hold no water; which two are evils commonly committed at once: for no sooner do men begin to hew out Cisterns to themselves, but at the same time they are found departing from the li­ving Spring and Fountain of Life; but who are found in the practise thereof, seldome escape the evil of their doings: know therefore and see, O all ye inhabitans of this Isle, That it is an evil thing and a bitter to forsake the Lord.

For the evil of our own distrustful imaginations will co­rect [Page 3] us, & our backslidings shall reprove us: for what hath the Redeemed to do in the way of Egypt or Assyria, or with the waters of Shihor, to drink in the shallow & corrupted streams thereof? Is not the Fountain opened, whereunto all that thirst may come, and he that hath no mony nor price, may come and receive freely of that fullness, which is to make him fruitful in a dry Land?

But Poor man having lost his first image, wherein he was created, as in a posture meet to receive a more lasting and durable comelyness from God, had he with patience waited for the bringing forth thereof (though he be not Ignorant of his present depravity, and from whence he is fallen) yet such is the pride of his heart, that finding no price in himself, that will render him acceptable, rather chuseth to trust to and live upon the petty waterings of some borrowed ac­complishment, then give the least reception to the water of Life, because it's freely offered: which ingrateful and per­nicious principle opens the largest door of entrance into the heart of man, for the grand opposer of grace and truth, as it came by Jesus Christ, that is imaginable; and is to be la­mented, as one of the forest evils that can happen to a Na­tion or People, that in the day of their visitation have not hearts to understand, nor wills to receive or affect the things that concern their peace: and I could be glad that even this were less the sin of this Nation, then the many broken Cisterns of late hewed out and found in it seems to declare: wherefore it highly concerns us, even now ere it be too late, whilest we are upon the wheele, to cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils, and un­fainedly to return from the evil of our former wayes, and to make our wayes and our doings good, lest by our further abuse of the grace and patience of God, we at last become as vessels utterly moved, or as Jeremies Bottle, that having past the tryal of both wheele and furnace, being then bro­ken, cannot be made whole again.

2. That, if Israel shall be ashamed of, and return from their iniquities, the Lord will shew them the form of his [Page 4] house, for his Arme is not shortned that it cannot save, but our sins separate betwixt our God and us: And if after a strict enquiry made for the sin of Israel: in the day when the Lord alone had been their wisdome and strength, it be found that the thoughts we had of our selves or others (who were but instruments, not the cause of our delive­rances) beyond what ought to have been thought, are none of the smallest of our offences, how ought all the Lords people, though of different judgments and perswa­sions, to be one, even in a lamenting this, and all other our evills committed against the Lord, that yet spareth us, as a man spareth his son that serveth him, and to be provoking one another to walk answerable to the wonderful mercies conferred upon us, least the Lords returning to visit us with favour amongst men be mis improved, and by agrava­ting our former disobedience, impatience, and ingratitude, a worse thing happen unto us?

And now ye honourable ones whom the Lord (we hope in mercy to your selves and us) hath restored to your former station or places of trust; Though it be Judged that you have not wanted remembrances on the Lords be­half at this day, yet its also hoped that it will not be an offence to you (especially the truly meekned and humbled ones among you) to hear, though from a babe, that if with full purpose of heart ye resolve to decline the evills of the Times past, when men acted partly for God and partly for themselves, and become intire and true to the interest of God and the faithful; that with him it is to shew you the form of his house, who will not only be found amongst you in so doing, but in the day when he shall come to make up his Jewels, and to enquire for what honour hath been done to Mordecai for his fidelity to the King of Kings, he will crown you as wise Master-builders; and even now whilest ye are a building, if ye keep close to him in your undertakings, will enable you to carry on his work against all the Tobias's, and Sanballats of this age, who doubtless by asmuch as in them lyes, will endeavour the hindring [Page 5] and impeding thereof: for they love not the prosperity of Zion, and every appearance of the new Jerusalem is an offence to them. And some of them have been made to own the Lord and his people amongst men (yea wicked men) who saving their vizards were ravening Wolves and greedy Lions, that gaped for the time, when the innocent should become their prey. But for ever magnified be that name, whose mercy is above all his works; Daniel is escaped, and ye are owned in the day of the Lords appearing, thus far to visit and redeem his people: Wherefore be it ever remembred as pertinent and besuiting us, That when the breaches began to be stopped, and the walls of Jerusalem were built; the builders and people were much cast down in their own eyes, for they perceived that the work was wrought of God, at every of whose appearing to work, let the fearful and unbelieving learn to become obedient, and comply with the pure interest of God and his people, in all the degrees, arisings and gradations thereof: for you will finde its of force enough to work out it self through all the heaps of thick darkness, which the Prince of the Aire and Children of disobedience hath this many hundred of years been casting upon it, and will surely shelter, and all the day long be a covering to those that love and cherish it.

And who so soares in this Region, are in Communion and correspondency with the spiritual and hidden opera­tions of this Interest; To such no greater folly is there, nor more apparent, then the spousing or contracting there­unto the interest of the flesh, or wordly power and wisdom, (as the needful expedient) to hasten the work of God among men, by joyning together what God would have put asunder: which attempts henceforward as Light and Truth riseth higher in the Earth, may ex­pect by the wise in heart, to be esteemed and accounted of, for none other then the fruit of a carnal, selfish, degene­rating principle, that will at last evidently demonstrate the Attempters to be Children in whom there is no faith, and after a large pretence to serve none other King but Jesus, [Page 6] give the World an occasion to say, Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength.Hos. 5. When Ephraim saw his wound, and Judah his sickness, they sent to the Assyrian, and to King Jareb, but they could not heal them.

And therefore ye worthy builders, whose experience hath out-lived the rise and fall of much of this kinde of do­ings in England, the hopes of the faithful enlightned ones are, that your wisdoms will be such, as to make a righteous advantage thereof to redeem the time past, for the dayes were, (and are) very evil: and how little the last five or six years added to the setting up of any thing that's able (or ought) to stand, notwithstanding the specious pretences made thereunto, I leave to all that are concerned to judge, who after a general survey of things, I fear will hardly finde any thing lifted up that's more abiding (or deserve to be so) then an Image of wax, that's either capable of receiving another Impression, or in a short time lyable to be thrown to the ground.

Honoured Sirs, though our purpose is not to be tedious, yet forasmuch as the concerns of a worldly political Inte­rest leaves you not unpresented with seeming plausible and substantial bottomes to work upon, (to the intent the chief Corner-stone may be rejected or laid aside) it may not therefore be omitted to reminde here, That none other foundation can no man lay, and prosper, then that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ: and if any as wise Ma­ster workmen shall build thereon, their works will be tryed, and the durable substance thereof revealed, and that by fire; and accordingly shall the reward of every builder be: for by how much the work will not abide the tryal, by so much shall the loss of the workman be: wherefore in all your undertakings to build, be sure to digg deep till you meet with the Rock of ages for your foundations; Then you will not need to fear, though stormes arise, the winde blow, the rain descend, or though Ashdod, Ammon & Moab be offend­ed or inraged, for the prosperity of the Lords work: for the Lord himself hath respect unto it, and by his own everlasting [Page 7] arm shall every true Nehemia be preserved and born up.

The last things offered to the faithful in general, are, that when Christ who is our Life shall appear, we also shall ap­pear with him in glory: now we are sons; but it doth not appear what we shall be: but we know that when he doth appear, we shall be like him, &c.

As hereby the purpose of the Lords Servants may be understood to work out from amongst the Saints the evil of an unbelieving heart, if by all means possible they might beget in them a lively hope, or an ability to hope to the end; so they seem to promise the safety of a believers interest, as it's rooted and laid upon a Rock that's higher then they: the which whosoever is made truly to believe, and see as with the eye of faith, maketh not hast, but is ready to wait for its further comings down upon him, or untill the Lord shall say, Come up hither; and having been as it were, in a mount, where a more ample and certain view of their Life and interest is given them, they cease not to im­prove the exercise of faith, as well when they are comman­ded to descend as when to ascend; knowing he to whom they have committed themselves, is God of the valleys as as well as of the hills.

And for our advantage herein, if the first man Adam a living soul, and the second as the quickning Spirit or Lord from Heaven, be but considered as the two principles or Rocks from whence proceeds, (to be discerned) the nature of both Creations, the one as earthly in its best strength and beauty, the other as heavenly, the same yester­day, and to day, and for ever; it gives a certain kinde of de­monstration of things carnal or things Spiritual, in their several attainments.

The first Adam was the root of the first or fleshly Crea­tion, and in him the sun of its glory was found as Light ga­thered up into the body of the Sun; and being created as is said, In the Image of God, typified or prefigured the Son of God, that was to be revealed as head unto both; and whilest in its estate of simplicity, Adam continued living in [Page 8] Communion with God, walking in the enjoyment and par­ticipation of a Life, which had its sole dependance upon him: he was in short a glorious piece, the map or abridg­ment of things created both in Heaven and in Earth.

But all this glory and excellency, through the temptation of the Devil, (and the help created) for Adam, and the weakness or mutability of that Estate in its own nature, leaves God, and is drawn away to seek after a life in him­self in distinction from that everlasting Life, Wisdome, and Righteousness, which God would have been unto it, in the day of his second or next appearance to Adam.

The second Adam, the Lord from Heaven, is the Root of all the new Creation, which is Created according to God, in righteousness; in respect of which estate, as proceeding from the ancient of dayes, and being Rooted and principled in him, the most glorious and highest attainment of the for­mer is in the spiritual mans account, or him that judgeth all things, but earthy and fading.

A serious contemplation of both these, or of the day which Abraham saw afar off and was glad, a prospect is opened into the second or new Creations interest, as it is laid up and secured in its Root, and will according to every season proper to its appearance, be breaking forth in the several degrees and parts thereof, working mysteriously and effe­ctually through all the devices of Satan, and the wisdome of flesh, which as a grand competitor constant to it self in all things, is very ready to challenge the name or birth-right, of a created help, that by no mean may be rejected or turn'd off the stage; and notwithstanding the right it pleads to co­partnership with the wisdom of God, or the simplicity, that is in Jesus, shall at last be sentenced for ever to depart, as the fruit of, and proceeding from an adulterous act committed between the Sons of God & the Daughters of men, and not judged worthy to share the in blessed fruit of the faith and patience of the true seed; who being wrought to up to see where, and with whom their life and interest is as a naile fastned in a sure place, become stedfast and unmoveable in [Page 9] their hopes, and of an ability to draw out or extract some good from every appearance of evil; and whilest the adver­sary preys upon their Bodies, they rejoyce in their Head, the first, and the last, the root and the off-spring of David, the bright morning-Star, and to his people the day-spring from on high, whilest the Enemies cruelty bring thick dark­ness upon themselves.

So that in the day the Enemies of the Jews hoped to have power over them, it was turned to the contrary,Esth. 9.11. and the Jews had rule over them that hated them.

Thus to see the Lord in times of the greatest unlikely­hood, so eminently to make known his salvation to his people, when the Rulers of the Earth conspire, and take Counsel together against them; how should it work us off from seeking to hide our interest, our life in any thing be­low himself, who is able to make all things to work toge­ther for good to those that love and fear him; but notwith­standing the wonderful occasions that have been given to believe this, a Spirit too much the contrary hath appeared, even many that once seemed to have clean escaped the in­fluences of lo here, or lo there; So that with them, what was Paul, Apollos, or Cephas? is not Christ the Head? or is there any other King but Jesus? and yet after all this, as opportunity is presented, either in private or publique con­cerns, are joyning issue with Ashdod, Ammon and Moah; so that when the work of the Lord was to be promoted, the language of a true Israelite would not be understood in our Land, and no man cared to hear any other then the lan­guage of his own people, or that whereunto he had espou­sed himself; and that amongst the rest is feared to be an evil of no mean dye, and calls for more then an overly re­pentance from all that have been joyning hands therewith, lest the Lord be provoked suddenly to appear terribly a­gainst the whole off-spring and proceed of that adulterous conjunction.

And now ye remnant of the little flock, that are risen with Christ, minde the things that are above; lay up trea­sure [Page 10] where neither moth not rust doth corrupt: for if your inclinations be earthly, so will your expectations be: as the Lord hath not been wanting to you, be you therefore ready to answer the abundant favour bestowed upon you. The de­vices of Satan are many, to chill your affection & to harden your hearts one against another; be wise therefore in your day, be not insnared, let brotherly love continue; and let not parts nor gifts create dissentions amongst you, or cause you to justle in the broad way. If ye have received, be thankful: remember that God is love; and he that dwelleth in him, dwelleth in love, it is the fulfilling of the Law, the more excellent way, wherein (notwithstanding the endea­vours of the Enemy to the contrary) my hopes are to see you walk readily and chearfully without offences, or giving any occasion to judge you in meats or drinks, or in respect of an holy day: And that there will be given a Spirit of wisdome, of sound Judgment, and true discerning to the upright in heart, to make great use of the present diversities of Spirits, that seem to be in swift motion at this day to propagate the interest of God, and to cherish the power of true godliness, wheresoever and in whomsoever it shall ap­pear: for as Christ appears more and more, so shall his Image of true Godliness appear in his people, more easy to be discerned; and not only the Righteousness of the Righ­teous shall be discovered, but also the hypocrisie of the hypocrite: for as the glory of Israel shall break out, so will the nakedness of Edom or Esau be made bare. Until the far­ther accomplishment whereof, Oh that we may all in a right Spirit, rest in the Lord, and stay our selves upon our God, waiting patiently for him, whose coming will be in Judgment to his enemies, and in favour to all that love his appearing.


SInce the late wanted noise of Uniformity, or national uniformity to the principles of some men, hath been revived in our Ears, It remembred me, that when the peo­ple were all of one language, it's said they travel'd together, until they came into the Land of Shinar, where (as may be judged) they found a pleasant plain, and meeting with a place so goodly for habitation, said one unto another, Come let's make brick, and burn them throughly, that we may build us a City or a Tower, and leave us a name, &c. Now when by many of this Nation, the several Hills that were risen in it, had been passed over, and in their travel the great Episco­pal Mountain trampled under and levelled with the ground, they judg'd the place wherunto they were then come would prove a plain of great fruitfulness, and that the tenths there­of would be of great value, therefore coveted to make it the place of their continual abode, and cared not to follow the Lord any farther; but speedily sought how to establish and settle themselves in that state whereunto they had attained, so as never to advance one jot towards the Price of a higher calling, though it were even said unto them, Arise, depart, that is not your rest; but rather hastned to erect some monstrous Tower or great Babel for their defence: and that contrivance being blasted by a voyce of noyse and confusi­on from on high, causing the people to scatter abroad, and run to and fro, through which knowledge is increased in the Earth, the artificers rage, and are disquieted, for that their good old Cause (as they call it) is not like to prosper: And know not how enough to vent themselves, (but re­membring, that from the Nobility to the ribaldry of England Popery hath been, and still is by most abominated, as hellish and Diabolical, and the rather amongst all, for that they have been so full of bloody, cruel and murtherous plots and de­signs, [Page 12] that would at any time have established it, as our Na­tions Religion,) betake them to a publick upbraiding and charging of others, with what themselves are most guilty of, viz. the opening a door of entrance for the Pope and his Re­ligion in England. I wish the Hierarchy and other the Ar­rogant usurpations of that Antichristian Bishop, were less cherished and upheld in the practice of those men, who would have all men to be of their minds, but not to be as they are, Teachers of the people, or Masters in Israel: but the dayes hasten, when the Lord shall be known to be the Teacher of his people, and many that call themselves Mini­sters now, do it because they would be Masters, pretend to Christ, and set up the Custome of the Jews, and by their tradition violate the simplicity of the Gospel, lay claim to the maintenance of that Priest-hood, whose order and be­ing they are called (as they say) to preach down; and yet are no Priests, but Ministers; I think so indeed, and whose they are, and whom they serve, every day more then other seems to manifest. Now to the ingenuous Reader I leave it to judge, which are more like to gratify the interest of Rome, or become her false Bishops agent, these men who with their national Uniformity would compass Sea and Land to gaine proselytes; or people desirous to be found according to the Word of God, in a Gospel-separa­tion from the corrupted and beastly generations of the Earth, that will not learn Righteousness, though they faint in Judgment: and for a further discovery of this principle (as it hath been offered) I refer the Reader to Mr. Deales dis­course thereon, called Uniformity examined; and wish they may henceforward better improve the gifts and parts, and learning they boast so much of, to a better use, then to li­mit the Holy one of Israel, who knows how to call a Fi­sherman, and reject a Rabbi; or so much to set themselves to throw down all others, as if they were the only ones, and wisdome must dye with them: but who are so blinde as a people that will not see; or deaf, as those that will not hear? What the effect of their despising the day of small things may [Page 13] be, is rather feared then determined: and who knows but in the day when it most concerns them, having eyes they shal not see, and having ears they shall not hear? this Judgment is not wished unto them, but rather hearts to follow one of their Eminent friends, in truth (not in hypocrisie) to confess, that now they are made to know there is a God in Heaven: whose so doing, some of their greatest Rabbies once said in my hearing, would prove worse then a thousand worsters to them; So that it may be that the seeming private peni­tence of a Champion of theirs, will be worth the having in publique, whether it be done by the Confessor in truth or no.


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