Neately cut in Copper, being very pleasant Ornaments for Houses, Studies and Closets, and also extraordinary useful for Goldsmiths, Iewellers, Chasers, Gravers, Painters, Carvers, Embroiderers Drawers, Needle-women, and all Handicrafts. All made and sold by John Overton at the White Horse without Newgate.

Yorke shire.Yorke.Bridlington.Beuerley.Bawtre.BarnesleyBurrow bridgBedall.Bradforth.DoncasterGisborow.Houingham.Helmesley.Headon.Hull.Howden.Hallifax.Kirby MoresideKellam.KnaresburrowLeedes.Malton.Masham.Mydlam.North AllertōOteley.Pickering.Pocklington.Rotheram.Ripley.Rippon.Richmond.Skelton CastleSkarborow.SherifehuttonSelbySnathe.SheffeildStokesley.PontfractSkipton Cast.Thruske.Whiteby.Wighton.Wakefeild.Wetherby.Whitegift Ferry
Yarum. N.29414455492114385091915525041431730273725181993221345525201412322338425754234152438433043
Whitegift Ferry S. E.162713162427402116432529181433529222724223944383028112332324745342010927411641314182323250
Wetherby. W1140322718920122335202140352017243458231824229272025912283740151416283012191642241325 [...] 
Wakefeild. SW20473520621321114462730403620133641169332934341438261419243849482615141542722295127242  
Wighton SE132082530263734243720241613838231427271537443532215213130453825161314353523432833244   
Whiteby. N.E3323355757353652541621214039405817234048203943304714316141373914122640446420485430275    
Thrusk N.W.17372842357102537201210444029291432132319101671919244112716223213252944142824268     
Skipton Ca: W30595142287102536443433585438133852161840171826114338351417244655323234353627263      
Pontfract. S.W16412916102133161144283034301429333417202833353417142014202340474423981740240       
Stokesley. N.273641534822173950616124846394412322737212123123317305527211992721354057180        
Sheffeild S. W.3255411493647231261444746432723504931214544484828503553438546358392521257         
Snathe. S.13342014162336231038252826227272525211724304035233015172127394438204134          
Selby. S.731201818193222143825242622726252518152030363121261121212338413415142           
Sherifehuttō N.7262333311322273520593127 [...]832102017238222819131311351917292524255            
Scarborow N. E291224952354050472521222929325618123945164346344612235542384524262             
Skeltō Cast. N.33344238552925465532017494743511531344423293120411733603420262 [...]0              
Richemond. N. W335252554520731502427236056453527472333341 [...]610263340122016203               
Rippon. N. W.17433939305918342617164642292324367182371311122626375265                
Ripley. N. W.17443836257141311312120464228172238413261016167292632262                 
Rotheram. S.2850361083446238184043403623234644302040424747274631124                  
Pocklington. SE1021132629213231243215192017103619152324113238302817245                   
Pickering. N. E20202543432327354014810333026446152734729242234265                    
Oteley. W.194840322012206273826284743281130427831162023133                     
North Allertō N. W23424148401362943171713504736331736182824912257                      
Mydlam. N. W.305351513418725462827245955432928481928346177                       
Masham. N W24484545361142240262220534936262442132329172                        
Malton. N. E.14192037372028353422711272520409132430157                         
Leedes. S. W.1745352413162671941272842382211323911242                          
Knaresburgh W14423533236161227321919433924182335260                           
Kellam. E238123843334145373220231817225020254                            
Kyrby Moreside. N E.82528444118223540145436331740170                             
Hallifax. S. W.28574631182330626493636334932152                              
Howden. S. E.1328141822243828164123272016137                               
Hull. S. E.281052738385044284731354135                                
Headon. S. E30199313841524832493338139                                 
Helmesley. N162930423814183138154202                                  
Houinghā N E13252639361521313518259                                   
Gisborow N.313541585326233352183                                    
Doucaster S. W234328611314325127                                     
Bradforth . S. W23514230161825252                                      
Bedall N W254645483813175                                       
Burrowbridge N W1338343628262                                        
Barnesley. S. W24503615136                                         
Bawtre. S.274529123                                          
Beuerley. S. E2216140                                           
Bridlington. W30165                                            

The Germaine Oceane




Lancastria Pars



[calipers with map scale]

☞ Five Hundred New so [...]ts of Birds, Beasts, Fish, Flies, Wormes, Flowers, Fruites, Figures, Histories, Landskips, Ovals, Neately cut in Copper, and neatly coloured, for Gentlewomens works, and he is a doing more as fast as time will permit.

A New book of large Beasts and Flowers W. Hol­ler invented, and sculp. 12 Plates.

Hunting, Hauking and fishing according to the English manner, F. Ba [...]low invented, W. Holler sculp. 13. Plates. A book of Flowe [...]s Peter Williams sculp. 6 plates. A book of Flowers and fish, W. Holler sculp. 13. Plates. A book of Landskips, W. Holler 12. Plates.

2. Books of Landskips, W. Holler 16. Plates a peice.

[...]. Book of the prospect of London. W. Holler 6 Plates.

A book of Tangeere, W. Holler 6 Plates. A book of Anticks, W. Holler 25 Plates Scripture, Histories, by W. Holler, 4 Plates. The Cathedrals and Conventual Churches of England and Wales, D. King delin. 82 plates A book of Flora 13 Plates. A book of Flowers, Beasts, Birds, and Fruits, in three parts, 20 leaves in each part, A new book of Flowers, Beasts, Birds, Invented and drawn wholly by J. Dunstal. A book of 6 Plates for T [...]e [...]chers, [...] Leaves. A book of Branches, Slips, Flies &c. 8 Plates. A book of beasts, 18 Plates.

A book of Slips, 12 Plates.

A book of Flower [...], Branches, 12 Plates.

A book of bi [...]ds, 8 Plates.

A book of Birds, F Barlo Inventor, and Etch'd by Mr. Barlo and W. Hollar. 21 Plates.

Copy-Books by E. Cocker.

THe Pen-mans Recreation, with Additions of Court and Chancery; by James Hodder, 32 Plates Folio, Edwad Cocker Sculpt.

The usual hands of England, in Octavo, 16 Plates, publi­shed by P. S. Billingsley in Quarto, 17 Plates

Billingsley in Octa. 22 Leaves. A small book, by Luis Hues.

One with a man writing in the front [...]2 Plates.

Johnson's, with Additions by E. C 21 Plates.

Arts Glory, or, The Pen-man's Treasury, containing the usual Hands written in England, adorned with Knots, &c. Invented, Written and Engraven by Edward Cocker.

Mr. Cocker's two large pieces, in Knots.

3 Plates of, This Indenture, for Parchments.

The Pen's Treasury, containing several Directions for the Art of Writing, and writing true English; being divers Experiments, commended to such as use Pen or Pensil, by J. Fisher. With other sorts of Copies and Copy-books, &c.

A book of Compartiments and Shields, 12 Plates new.

A book of the Seven Liberal Arts or Sciences, 8 Plates, Peter Lumber Sculpt.

Fage his Description of the World, in Octavo.

Bonds, Bills, Releases, Letters of Attorney &c. 20 sorts Letters and flourishes for Scriveners and Writing Masters 12 sorts.

Indentures to bind Apprentices in City or Countrey.

Bloomerts heads excellent to draw after.

Books in Half-Sheets.

THe four Season of the Year, W. Hollar fecit.

The four Seasons of the Year, G. Glover sculpt.

The five Senses, Mermion Inventer.

The five Senses, Glover sculpt.

The four quarters of the World.

The four Complexions, in habits of 4 Nations.

The four Elements, Fire, Aire, Earth and Water.

The four times of the day.

The nine Worthies, viz three Jews, three Christians and three Heathens.

The four Ages, viz. Childhood, Youth, Manhood, and Old Age.

The four Fathers of the Church.

The four Winds The four Vertues.

The four Complexions, Long and lazie, Little and loud, &c.

The three Graces.

The twelve Sybils that Prophesied of Christ.

The twelve Roman Emperors.

Thirty plates, Heads in sheets, Kings, Philosophers, and eminent persons.

Drawing book, being useful for to teach to Draw, Etch Paint, &c.

A Drawing book, of W. Hollar's, and Henry Vanderborghts defining, &c. 12 Plates.

One book of Crotiizco, 10 Plates. Folio long-wise, Francis clia Inventer and Engraver.

One book containing 14 Plates of Heathen gods.

Two books of Clin's for Carvers, Goldsmiths, &c. 25 Plates.

Twelve Plates of Boys and branches, &c.

A book of merry conceited 5 senses, 6 plates.

A book of the Arms of the Nobility of Chester. 12 plates.

A book of fire works 12 plates.

A book of Countrey Churches, 20 plates

The four Seasons in a Diamond cut, with Winters head covered with Carots.

The four parts of the world after the same manner.

The five Senses in rounds for Screens.

Small Maps of Countries.

KEnt. Westminster.



Hanford shire


England and Scotland

[...] small Maps of the World.

[...] [...]arter of the World. viz. America.

Oxford shire.

B [...]rkshire.




Isle of Man.



Large Maps, General and Particular.

TWo Maps of the World.

Two Maps of England.

Foor plats of England, Scotland and Ireland; very useful for Geography and Ornament.

One Map of France.

One Map of Ireland.

One Map of Verginia.

Two plats of Kent.











Lancashire. Sussex.











Old London

New London.

The four parts of the World, with or without description never so fully done before in England, with habits of Nations and cheif Cities.

Oxford. Cambridge. Chester.

Views upon the Road.

London in its ruine.

A famous Map of the Royal Exchange, as it is now rebuilt, 1672. Described by Mr. Thomas Cartwright. Master builder thereof.

A Map of Newcastle upon Tyne, and the River of Tyne.

A New Map of Great Brittain.

Books of Sorts.

TWo books of Landskips, six in each book, 12 plats.

One book of Mr. Fullers Drawing-book 15 plats.

Forty Plats of the History of Genuises.

Twenty five plats of several English Habits, Vandike Pixit.

Twenty five Plats of a Horn-book, to teach Children to Read and Write.

Twelve Emblems.

Fifty plats of Habits, W. Hollars Work.

A Dutch Drawing-book, 18 plats.

Crotizco for Painters, &c. 12 plats.

Copies after Sir Anthony Vandike.

Six Emblems, W. Marshal Sculpt.

Eighteen plats, Hollars Habits.

Twelve plats of Peirce his Foldage, in Quarto,

Twelve Figures of Colot's.

Ten plats, Hollar's Emblems.

Ffteen plats of the Apostles.

Ten plats of Kings of Scotland.

Leonardy his Drawing-Book, 26 plats.

Five plats for Mantlings for Arms.

Nine plats for Goldsmiths.

Twenty plats of the Military Discipline, for the Exercise of a Foot-Company.

Twenty six plats of the Kings Heads in a book.

In Sheets, Pot-paper Size.

ONe Book of the Four Seasons, after Hollars.

One book containig four plats, viz. The Tower of London, the Piatza, St. Mary-Overs, and The Royal Ex­change.

Indentures for to bind Apprentices.

Four plats of the twelve Apostles.

Twenty two plats of five Columes, for Masons, Carvers, Artists, any that use Hammer or Hand.

Pictures lately Printed in Sheets.

QUeen Elizabeth.

King James and Queen Anne.

King Charles the First, and Queen Mary

King Charles the second, and Queen Katherine.

Two other sorts of the King.

Duke of York.

Duke of Glocester.

Prince of Orange and Princes Royal.

Emperor of Germany.

Duke of Albemarl.

Earle of Pembroke.

Earl of Arundel.

Prince Rupert.

Duke of Lenox.

Duke Hambleton.

Earl of Essex.

Lord Fairfax.

Earl of Holland.

Royal Oak.

Also in smaller Size, the Pourtraictures of King James Queen Anne, King Charles the First, and Second, and their Queens, with the Dukes of York and Glocester, and the rest of the Royal Family; to be set by name, &c.

Large Plats for Royal Paper.

TWo Companies Arms.

Two Tradesmens Arms, and the Arms of the Cities.

Two plats of the City Jerusalem.

Two plats of the Ten Commandements, large.

Three plats for Signes, Badges, for Inns, Taverns

One plat of Death.

One plat of Dr. Pennargus,

Two plats of King Charles 2. on Horseback.

Maps small and large, of Flowers, Beasts and Birds, in Colours.

The Duke of York in his Robes, R White Sculp.

St. Pauls Church very large, with the Spie [...], and every part measured with a Scale.

Three sorts of Sheets for Badges.

A large Flower pot.

The Childs Horn-book in one large sheet.

Elisha fed by the Ravens, and the four Elements.

Special Remedies for most Diseases incident to a Horse.

A Table of all the Kings of England, from William the Conqueror to King Charles the Second.

The Pourtractures of Emperors, Kings, and Princes of Europe; Graven by Sed [...]ak Willians.

CHarles the Second King of England, &c. and Queen Katharine.

Lewis the 14 [...]h King of France, and his Queen.

Philip Heir o [...] France, and his Princess Henrietta, Sister to Charls the Second King of England.

Duke of Savoy and his Dutchess.

King of Denmark, Frederick the 3d.

Philip the 4th King of Spain, &c.

Charls Gustavus King of Sweden.

Elinor present Queen of Sweden.

Christian Queen of Sweden, &c.

The pourtraictures of the last and present Emperors of Germany.

The great Duke of Moscovy &c.

Mahomet the 4th. Emperor of the Turks.

Atrabantas Magnus Tartarie Emperator Orcan Persarum, Rex.

William Prince of Orange.

Fredericus Marquis of Brandenburgh, High Treasurer of the Empire of Germany.

Geo [...]ge Duke of Saxony, Elector of the Roman Empire.

George Ragoezy, prince of Transilvania, Moldavia, &c.

The pourtraicture of the King of Portugal, Alphonso the 4th. of that name, &c.

The pourtraicture of Lewis de Harrce, great Favourite of Spain, and Cardinal Mazarin great favourite of th [...] King of France.

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden.

Frederick prince of Orange.

Leopald William, Arch-Duke and Governor of the Low-Countries.

Duke of Venice.

Sigismund King of Poland.

Cassimere King of Poland.

Black Prince.

Frederick King of Bohemia, with his Queen Elizabeth.

Duke of Brunswick.

Prince Charls Count palatine of the Rhine.

Prince Rupert.

The pourtraictures of King Charls the First and Second, King James, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Ed­ward 6th. Henry 8th. Henry 6th. James the 4th. King of Scotland.

Pictures, and of Sorts in Royal Paper.

TWo plats of the King and Queen, P. William sculpt. large.

Two smaller of the King and Queen.

One large King after Hannyman.

One Kings Arms, J Dunstal fecit.

One plat of Orpheus, F. Barlo Inventer.

One plat of Hercules.

One plat of Deborah.

Three plats of Cats heads, Grey, Black, and White.

One picture of the Author of printing at the Rouling-press.

One plat of Cupid and Venus.

One Ship of Hollars.

One of Hollars Landskips, a Head.

One plat of the Boy lying along.

Two plats of two Cats.

Two plats of Grenidge.

Four plats, the Originals after Vandikes, Prince Infanto, Prince Elector, Earl of Northumberland, and Madam Killigrew.

Sir Anthony Vandik [...].

One plat of the two Brothers, Lucas and [...]lius.

One plat of Mrs. Margaret Lemon.

Madam Countess of Portland.

Dutchess of Buckingham.

Lady Vandike.

Sir K [...]nelm Digby.

Sir Peter Paul Rewbin.

John Guttenberg.

Theophrastus Bumbastus, Paracelsus his Taylor.

Small peices of the King, Queen, Princess. Dukes o [...] York, Glocester, Albemarl, Royal Oak [...], Healing the Kings Evil, and such like, 12 plats, for to adorn To­bacco-boxes, much in use.

Eighteen plats double heads, King Charls the First and Second, Dukes, Earls, Nobles, &c.

Fifty plats of Kings, Queens, Dukes, Princes, Nobles, and Gentry, on Horseback; of sorts.

Plats, Heads, of Kings and Princes.

KIng Charls, First and Second, Dukes of York, Glocester, Buckingham, Albemarl; Marquis of Montross, Robert Earl of Essex, Viscount Knowles, Lord Fairfax, Earl of Cumberland, Earl of Arundel, Lord Bacon, Earl of Worcester, Mr. Prynn, Great Oxastern Chancellor of Sweden, Whiltington Lord Mayor of London, Edward Sommerset Earl of Worcester, Earl of Strafford Deputy of Ireland, William and Philip Earls of Pensbrook, Cavindish Earl of Newcastle, Sir Thomas Grisham the Builder of the Royal Exchange, Sir William Cecil Builder of the Exchange in the S [...]and, Lord Coventry Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Sir Francis Drake, Earl of Lindsey Lord General of the Kings Army, slain at Kinton Battel; Earls of Dorset, War­wick, Denby, Manchester, Bulstroud Whitlock, &c.


BIshop Abot Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bishop Curle Bishop of Winchester.

John Howson Bishop of Durham.

Lancelot Andrews Bishop of Ely.

James Usher Archbishop of Armagh.

William Land Archbishop of Canterbury,

James Montacue Bishop of Salisbury.

John King Bishop of London.

George Montacue Bishop of London.

Joseph Hall Bishop of Norwich.

Robert Bishop of Salisbury.

William Perkins a painful Preacher and Writer.

Hugh Broughton.

Alexander Henderson.

Nicholas Locker.

Dr. William Sclayter.

Mr. Christopher Love.

Mr. Henry Burton of Friday street.

Mr. John Goodwin of Canterbury.

Mr. William Butler.

Dr. White.

Dr. William Whitaker.

Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Dr. Gouge.

Mr. Jeremy Burroughs

Alexander the 7th. Pope of Rome.

Cardinal Wolsey.

Mr. Edmund Calamy.

Sorts of Pictures of Stories, half sheets.

THe four Ages, Boy with puppies, two pictures of the Glutton and Belly-god, Fryer whipping the Nun, tho old Man and young Woman, the stupendious Vessel, at Heinleberg, six Heads for Maids, Frier learning the Cats to sing, old Mother Shipton, Coach and Horses, the Earl of Essex's Herse, three plates of Ships, Cornelius of Dort brings Parsons to Confession, the Shepherd and Shepherdess, Queen Elizabeths Tomb, Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea, David killing the Bear, Abraham offering Isaac, the Monky's mock-feast, the Bear and two friends, Titian and his Mist [...]es, and such like; fifty sorts.

Standing figures of sorts of Princes, Nobles and Gen­try seventy plates.

Sheets of Stories, Pot-size.

BAtes his two Emblemes.

Wit and folly in a maze.

Five Plates of the several Cries of London.

Peter receives a Key from Christ.

A New-years Gift for a Shrow.



The Earl of Huntingtons Arms blazoned.

London and Westminster.

A man beating his Wife.

The wife beating her Husband.

Two borders for pictures or writings.

Lame crew of beggars.

King and Queen of Bohemia.

Duke of Savoy.

The vile whoremaster with the picture of them faceing his gown.

The young man hugging the old woman.

A death, with many verses.

Susanna and the Elders.

A silly contented Cuckold after the newest fashion:

Fryer and Nun.

Europe, Asia, Affrica and America.

We are seven.

Boy and puppies.

Mother Louse and her partner in one sheet.

A Garden

Ad [...]m and Eve.

The Ten Commandements, Lord's prayer, &c.

Abraham offering Isaac.

Moses lifting up the Serpent in the Wilderness.

Twelve Apostles.

Four Fathers of the Church.

All the Kings of England from head to foot

Sheets Pot-size, of Horsemen.

KIng James.

King Charles the 1st

King Charles the 2d.

King David.

King Solomon.

King Josia

Duke of Monmouth.

James Duke of York

Henry Duke of Glocester,

Lord Mayor of London.

Duke of Albemarle.

These and many other sorts of Printed Maps and Copy-Books, are Printed and sold by Iohn Overton Stationer, at the signe of the White Horse without Newgate who scorns to sell any thing pittyfully done, and he hath more then ten times the choice and stock that R. W. hath, though he vapors that he is the oldest man. It was formerly Mr. Peter Stents shop the Antientest and Chiefest of that way in England. If any Book-sellers or others in the Countrey desires to have any of these things to sell, If they send but a line to Iohn Overton dwelling as above expressed, he will take as exact care to furnish them as if they were themselves present, and at as cheap Prises.

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