XXIX. ARTICLES OF PEACE, Concluded, agreed and signed by the Marquesse of ORMOND, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Commis­sioner for the KING, AND, The Lord Viscount MOUNTGARRET, Presi­dent of the Supream Councel, and Commis­sioner for the Irish at the Treaty held at DUBLIN.

Published in DVBLIN by Heralds, and sound of Trumpet, Aug. 1. 1646.

August 22. 1646.

These are the true Copies of the Originall Papers that were presented to the Committee for. Ireland, and are appointed to be forthwith printed and published.

LONDON, Printed by I. C. 1646.

XXIX. ARTICLES OF PEACE, Concluded, agreed and signed by the Marquesse of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ire­land, Commissioner for the KING, and the Lord Viscount Mountgarret, President of the supreame Councell, and Commis­sioner for the Irish at the Treaty held at DUBLIN.


THAT the Professors of the Ro­man Catholique Religion in the Kingdome of Ireland, or any of them, be not bound not obliged to take the Oath of Supremacie ex­pressed in the second of Elize.

II. That a Parliament may bee held on or before the last day of November next, and that these Articles agreed on may be passed, provided that nothing may be passed to the prejudice of any of [Page] his Majesties Protestant party or adherents.

III. That all Acts, Ordinances, and Orders made by both or either Houses of Parliament to the blemish and prejudice of his Majesties Roman Catholick subjects, or any of them, since the se­venth of August, (1641.) shall be vacated by act of Parliament.

IV. That no Prossesses, Letters Pattents, Grants, Leases, Custodiums, Bonds, Recognizances, and all Records, Office or Offices, Inquisitions, shall be removed before the said Parliament, in case it be sooner called then the last of November; pro­vided that no person or persons shall bee questio­ned by reason hereof for mean rates or wasts, sa­ving wilfull wasts committed after the first of November, 1645.

V. That all debts do stand in state as they were in the beginning of these troubles.

VI. That the Plantation in Connaught, Kilkenny and Wickloe, may be revoked by act of Parliament in the next Sessions.

VII. That the Natives may erect one or more Innes of Court in or neere the Citie of Dublin, they ta­king an oath.

VIII. That places of Command of Forts, Castles, Garrisons, Towns, and other places of impor­tance, [Page] and all places of honour and trust, shall be conferred with equall indifferency, according to their respective merits and abilities.

IX. That 12000.l. Sterling be paid the King year­ly for the Court of Wards.

X. No Peere may bee capable of more proxesse then two, and no Lords vote in Parliament unlesse a Lord Baron be worth 200. l. per annum, Lord Viscount 400.l. per annum, and an Earle 600. l. per annum, otherwise lose their votes untill the purchase.

XI. That the Councel Table shall containe it selfe within its bounds, and not meddle with matter betwixt party and party.

XII. That no dependance of the Parliament of Ire­land be on the Kingdome of England.

XIII. That all Acts concerning staple or native Commodities of this Kingdome shall be repeal­ed except wool, and meale.

XIIII. That no Governour be longer then the plea­sure of the Subject, and must make no Pur­chase.

XV. An Act of oblivion may be passed without ex­tending to any who will not except of this peace.

XVI. That no Governour or any other prove Ex­mers of His Majesties Customs

XVII. A repealing all monopolies to be passed.

XVIII. Commissioners to be appointed to regulate the Court of Castle Chamber.

XIX. Acts prohibiting plowing by Horses tayles, to be repealed.

XX. That course be taken against the dissobedience of the cessation and peace.

XXI. That maritine Causes be determined here without appeale into England.

XXII. That the increase of rents lately raised upon the Commission of defective titles, be repealed.

XXIII. That all interest of mony due by way of debt, morgage, or otherwise, and not yet satisfied since the 23. of October 1641. to pay no more then 5.l. per cent.

XXIIII. That the Commissioners have power to deter­mine all Cases within their now quarters untill the perfection of these Articles by Parliament.

XXV, That A. B. C. D. be for the present Com­missioners of the Peace Oyer and Terminer, and Goale delivery in the now quarters of the con­fiderate Catholikes, with power of Justice of [Page] Peace to extend to crimes except they exceed 10.l.

XXVI. That no Cause be sued or pleaded before any Judge, or Justice, or Commissioners whatsoever then before the Commissioners aforesaid, untill a full settlement.

XXVII. That the said Roman Catholikes do continve the possession of such His Majesties Citties, Ga­risons, Townes, Forts, and Castles within their quarters, untill a setlement by Parliament, the said Forts, and Townes, &c. being governed by any whom the chiefe Governor, or Governors shall appoint together with the consent of the Lord Viscount Mountgarret, Donnough Lord Vis­count Muskery, Sir Daniel O Brian, sir Lucas Dillon, Nicolas Pluncket, Richard Belling Philip Mae Hugh O Relii, Turlough O Neale, Thomas Fleming, Patrick Darcy, Garret Fennell, and Jeffrey Browne, Com­missioners.

XXVIII. That all his Majesties Customes and Rents shall grow due at Easter next, and from thence forth be paiable to his Majesty, notwithstand­ing the Act of Oblivion.

XXIX. That the Commissioners of Oyer & Terminer shall have power to heare and determine all mur­ders, manslaughters, rapes, stealths, burning of houses and corn in Rick or Stack, robberies, bur­glaries, forcible Entries, detainers of possessions, [Page] and other offences committed and done from the 25. September 1643. untill the first of the next Parliament, provided that the Commission con­tinue no longer then the first of the next Parlia­ment.

In witnesse whereof his Excellency the Mar­ques of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, his Majesties Commissioner, to that part of the Arti­cles remaining with the said Lo: Viscount Mount­garret and Muskery, &c. have put their hands and Seales. At Dublin in the 21. yeare of King Charles his Reigne.

August 1. 1646.

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