DECEIT Brought to DAY-LIGHT: IN AN ANSWER TO Thomas Collier, VVhat he hath declared in a book called, A Dialogue between a Minister, and a Christian: But by his fruits hee is tryed and found to be neither. In which Answer his lies are returned for the Founder to prove; his Errors laid open, read, and reproved, and he found to be the same in deeds which he accuses the Quakers to be in words.

Published in short for the souls sake, that the simplicity may bee preserved from the subtilty, lest any should believe lies, and so be given up to delusi­on, and bee damned, By a Lover of Truth, called, James Naylor.

They have made lies their refuge, and under falshood have they hid themselves; but judgement is laid to the Line, and righteousness to the Plummet, and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

LONDON, Printed by T. L. for Giles Calvert at the black-Spread-Ea­gle neer the West end of Pauls, 1656.



THis generation with speed fulfils its mea­sure of wickedness, against the seed of God, till the seed of Esau become a de­solation for ever, and the Armies of Gog and Magog, with their men of warr, ap­pears from all quarters in defiance of Israel, til there be not a man left to handle the sword: We are be­come a prey to the slanderous tongue, and are made as a mark for the wicked, against which they bend their bowe, and shoots their arrowes, even bitter words of lies and reproaches, more then may bee numbred; but the wickedness of the wicked shal slay him; and his transgression shall fall upon his owne head; for though they strive, yet to no purpose, for the Warrier loses his hand in the day of battel, and his strength becomes weakness, and his wisdom is turned into folly; and even this man Thomas Collier, hath helped up the measure of his generation, and is no whit short, but the rather exceeding some of his [Page] Brethren in lies and slanders, and reproaches, and his testimony hath he given against the Lord, and his mite hath he cast in unto Babylon's confusion, to make up the number of the Beast in the warre against the Lamb, against which the whole body and train of darkness, from the head to the tail, is joyned in the agreement of hell, and is now come forth in the power and authority of the Beast; they are gather­ed against the Lord, that they may be scattered by the whirlwind of his wrath, and they are risen that they may be broken to pieces, and they have spoken that they may be condemned out of their own mouths and this man with many of his brethren, is justly fal­len into the pit which he digged for another, and the snare hath trapped his own foot; and he is the man who is found and proved (in a high degree) guilty of that wickedness and transgression whereof he falsly accuses us, and the reproach stands upon his owne head, which he hath thought to lay upon the inno­cent: VVhat? art thou among the rest, fled to lies for refuge, as thy last defence? Is this the end of thy profession, and of thy high notions, who was once mounted up into the air among the wandering stars, carried for a time as a cloud with the tempest; but now art thou fallen into the earth, because there was no abiding place for thee, and art turned again into the beggarly rudiments of the world, where the chains of darkness compasses thee about till the Judgement of the great day, for which thou art re­served, and thy lies are numbred to go into the pit together. In this present Answer unto thy foolish in­vented discourse, he that hath understanding, may [Page] read thy shame and confusion; thou art not found onely upon secret search, but manifestly thy impu­dence appears, and much need not be said, but onely thy lies are sent back to thee in a gross sum gathered up from thy mouth, to seek a witness from thee of what thou hast asserted, thou hast slandered, but gi­ven no evidence, and hast made thy self a transgressor of the law, which would thee to do as thou would be done unto, and till then we do wait, or else for e­ver do let them rest upon thy own head, as the foun­der of them; and thereof shalt thou have shame and reproach in the sight of all just men, in this present world, & vengeance in the sight of God in the world to come; and in that day shalt thou confess unto thy condemnation to be just, in the presence of the Lord God: How easie a thing is it for thee to make a lye, and then to disprove it? But this is not the way to prove us deceivers; for our doctrine and conversation shall bear witness for us in the sight of men, and by the light in every mans conscience to bee witnessed; and unto the living God we do appeal for judgment, and leaves it unto his day; and for this purpose hast thou appeared against us that thy folly might appear unto all men; and thou in thy secret envy (which hath lodged in thy heart) might be known unto all; who hath travelled to bring forth wickedness; and thou shalt be filled with thy own wayes, and must receive the just reward thereof.

E. Burrough.


FRiend, Though thou be late with this thy work, yet one of Gog's Army thou must appear, and having both Questions and Answers in thine own hand, thou hast made up a heap of lies and confusion to cast in a­mongst the rest, even such filthy things out of thy own unclean spirit hast thou cast upon the truth, as honesty would have been ashamed to utter, speak­ing evil of that which thou knowes nought of but by hearsay, the life being that which thou art shut out of, and all the image-makers in the Nations: Thou sayest our principles are but the principles of the old Ranters, which is as far from them both in prin­ciple and practice as light and darkness, which clear­ly shewes thy ignorance of us, and envy to us: it's true, the Rantersprinciples thou hast known, and their practice also, and I should be glad to see thee as clear from them as thou would make people be­lieve thou art, but our principle thou knowes not, [Page 2] that eye is blind, with which thou shouldst see it, or the life from which it arises, and therefore the Lyar is up in thee foaming out thy own shame, speaking things from the euill of thine own heart, which thou canst not prove, nor make appear, things utterly false and untrue, which we can say before the Lord, ne­ver entred into us to believe or declare, which thou layes downe as our principles, and that spirit would say as much by our practice; but that thou would not be seen openly to be a lyar.

And left thou should say I wrong thee, I shall ga­ther out some of thy lyes thou hast falsly slandered us with in this booke, and send thee them backe to the Founder to prove, if thou canst, or own thy con­demnation for a false accuser; and by that time thy Lies be sent back, the rest of thy book that concerns us will be soon answered. Thy lies be such as these:

First, thou sayest, that all our principles are de­lusions.

That we hold not any one principle of truth truly as it is in Jesus.

That we forsake the true way decreed of God for the attaining of Justification, which is by faith in Christ crucified.

That we call Justification by faith in Christ cru­cified, carnal.

That we have set up an other way to attain justi­fication, that is, by quaking.

That we have outed Christ in his great worke of Justification.

That we have trampled under foot the blood of the covenant.

[Page 4]That we have counted the blood of the covenant a thing too unholy for us to look at for Justifica­tion.

That we disown Christ in his ascention, intercessi­on, and the works of his Mediatorship.

That we have found another way to go to God then by Christ Mediator.

That we disown Christ in his Authority.

That we will not submit to Christ in his Word.

That instead of hearkning to the Voice of Christ in Scripture, we hearken to, and follow after the Voice of Satan.

That the best we hearken to is but our own deceit­ful hearts.

That we call the voice of Satan in our own deceit­ful hearts the Voice of Christ.

That we do obey the voice of Satan in our own hearts, though contrary to all rules of God in Scrip­tures.

That we disown the coming of Christ from heaven

That we disown Christ's Kingdome which is the great and blessed promise of the Gospel: the faith and hope of Saints.

That we disown the Resurrection of the dead in the second appearance of Jesus.

That we disown the eternal life with Jesus Christ.

That we own our selves to be perfect.

That we own our selves to be free from sin, entred into a state of Justification, not by faith in Christ, but by our own righteousness.

That we own neither salvation nor damnation of any person.

[Page 5]That our principles are but the principles of the old Ranters.

That the devil hath hemm'd us in with a pretence of our own infallibility.

That we will not admit of no sober Discourse, nor bring our principles to tryal of Scripture.

That railing Accusations, and hiddeous names, is the strength of our Arguments for our way.

That amongst all the false wayes of Satan, there is none more pernicious and dangerous then we are.

That we undermine the whole body of truth.

That our way makes an end of Christ in his Per­son, Offices, Power, and being as a man all at once; and so makes an end of Justification and Salvation.

That we make an end of the Authority of Scrip­ture as a rule.

That we deny the birth from above by the Spi­rit.

That we hold it as our great principle, that the light that is in all men is Christ.

That we turn from the light of Christ shining in the Scriptures, to follow our imaginations and fan­cies instead of Christ.

That we do but talk of the Name of Christ for a juggle and a cheat.

That under the Name of Christ we stob him.

That we lay aside the Man Christ Jesus our lord, as a thing of nought.

That under a pretence of Christ within, we take an advantage to murther the true Christ.

That we are guilty of the great and damnable sin [Page 6] of unbelief in Christ crucified for sin, the way, the truth and the life.

That we set up another salvation of our own with­in us:

That we sacrifice to our own Nets.

That we proclaim, that all that own Justification through Faith in the blood of the covenant are de­ceived.

That we own it as a principle, not to submit to any word or law of Christ written in Scripture.

That we trample under foot the Laws and Or­dinances of Christ recorded in Sctipture.

That we judge all those that walk therein to be Enemies.

That we proclaim our own righteousness and per­fection.

That we condemn the poor humble souls for pub­licanes, that live in a sight and sense of themselves.

That we shut up the kingdom of heaven, and will not go in, nor suffer others that are entering.

That we will not enter unless we may enter by our own righteousness, and not by the blood of the co­venant.

That we leave the weighty things of Faith and Obedience to the Laws and Ordinances of Christ undone, as vile and contemptible.

That we make God a lyar.

That we destroy civil curtesie, as God hath com­manded it.

That we level all conditions and relations, ma­king all things common upon this accompt.

That under a pretence of perfection, we bring [Page 7] forth a Religion made up of infidelity, disobedience, hypocrisie, pride, trampling under foot the blood of the covenant, &c.

That we are guilty of that Hell-born sin of lying and deceit.

These abominable folshoods (with many more such like) hast thou uttered out of thy bosome; these lyes comes with as much impudence and boldness as though thou should never be called into judgement for them hereafter, nor put to prove them now, much like to that scolding spirit which sticks not to call thief and whore freely, but when they should prove it falls on their own head; this is not the first time this venome hath been cast upon us, by that brood whcreof thou art; yet to us it sticks not, it comes no neerer the truth, but out of the lyars bosome, that it may return upon the lyars head; so take these again and prove us (whom thou hasr slandered therewith) to be guilty, as thou hast said, or own thy condemna­tion for a false accuser before God and all the world before whom thou hast slandered us falsly, and be­fore his light in thy conscience, to which thou art an enemie, lest they remain with thee till the dread­ful day of Gods wrath against the lyar and his Fa­ther.

And now thy lies being sent back to the founder, the greatest part of thy book (as to what thou hast writ against us) is answered and come to nought; so the foundation is discovered on which thy worke stands; take away the lye and thou art disarmed.

But now seeing thou hast falsly charged us to set up wayes to salvation, which are not the man Christ [Page 8] Iesus, I shall make it appear to be thy own work to set up a way to salvation to which thou would binde men, which is neither the man Christ Iesus nor his Spirit.

And I shall not imitate thee therein, by saying thou dost so, and so leave it; but first I shall prove it, and then let it stand on thy head for ever, unless thou deny thy error, and repent: thus I prove it.

In thy 15 page thou limits the conversion of all that have been, are, or shall be converted since the Apostles time, to that written by the Apostles, and left to after-generations; and in thy 17 page thou affirms it to be the absolute rule of Saints.

And this letter of the Scripture or Apostles writing, I deny to be the man Christ Iesus; and that it is not the Spirit thy self confesses in pag. 22. in these words, where thou sayest, to say that the Scripture is Spirit that discovers much ignorance, and indeed such look up­on it with an idolatrous eye, and sayeth further, that the Spirit of God is alwayes distinguished from the Scrip­ture.

My own I prove thus; The Man Christ Jesus ascended, but the Letter of the Apostles did not as­cend, nor could before it was written; for then it was no letter.

Again, if the writings of the Apostles be the man Christ Iesus, then we have part of him visible here on earth, and part is lost, which few will say.

Again, the visible part of the Apostles writings is paper and ink; but so is not the visible part of the man Christ Jesus; more might be said which plain­ly proves that the Apostles writing is not the man [Page 9] Christ Jesus; and thou hast confessed they are not the Spirit, and yet thou affirms them to bee the absolute rule of Saints, and way of conversion, so as God may not convert any but by them, which he hath said of nothing but Christ himself; so that if thou have not set up an absolute rule that is not Christs's, and bound God to work by, and all people to believe in a way of conversion and salvation that is not Christ, nei­ther in flesh nor spirit, as is cleerly proved, let the truth in all consciences judge, and see if the liar bee not fallen into the pit he hath digged for the inno­cent.

Further, let the wise judge if thou have not here­by concluded all damned, who have lived and dyed since the Apostles time, and have not heard the Letter written by the Apostles; for if all that have been, are, or shall be converted since the Apostles time, must be by their writings, then who hath not their writings cannot be converted nor brought to God.

Thus hath thou limited God to a Bible to convert by, and condemned all that have not one, or heard one; and with such blinde stuff thou goes on to dis­cover our errors, but cannot see thy own blindness.

Further thou hast set up a new way of converting souls, then by which Abraham and Enoch and the ho­ly men of God was converted, and hath bound God to it; for they was not converted by the writings of the Apostles, before they was, or they that writ them, and so art laying another foundation then was prea­ched to Abraham, and was the soundation of the Prophets and Apostles, who was converted before the letter of the Apostles was; and so art he thou tells on [Page 10] who art preaching another Gospel, and accursed.

And now that I have proved thee one who art set­ting up another way to salvation that is not Christ, & setting up one to rule that is not Christ, and so art Antichrist, I shall charge thee therewith till thou re­pent, and shall add this thy false doctrine to the rest of thy lies, by which I deny thy spirit to be of God, thy book, thy lies, thy confusion, thy feigned words, and thy antichristian doctrine, and all thou sayest, I do declare to proceed from the Spirit of the false Prophet, the lyar and slanderer, and one that goes about to set up a way and rule absolute which is not Christ, and so another Gospel, and foundation, and no modesty can blame me for charging thy false do­ctrine upon thy head, being first thus plainly proved; and haddest thou thus proved before thou had slan­dered, thou had shewed more of Gods wisdome, and less of thy own wickedness; but the lyar hath been thy tongue for lies like a bow with which thy bow­els must be filled, yet canst thou not enter the truth, but thy arrows are driven back on thy own head.

And as that spirit of lies hath its enmity against Christ, and would set up another; so it doth oppose his light which is the light of the world; and thou heaps up a deal of confusion to disprove the witness that Iohn bare of Christ, Iohn 1. 9. who saith, This is the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, and this light Iohn came to bear witness un­to, that all men through him might believe, vers▪ 7. and this he saith was in the beginning, and Christ saith Iohns witness was true, Ioh. 5. 33. but saith the lyar, that is but the common natural light that lighteth e­very [Page 7] man that cometh into the world, and is not able to lead to God; and thus they who likes thy testimo­ny better then Iohn's or Christ's, they may believe thee, and deny Christ and his Ministers; blinde guides, how are you like to tell what the light will do or not do, who have been opposers of it ever since it was preached, but hath not followed it to the end? are you like to know whether it leads? did you ever follow it at all? if so, what evil hath it led you to? you confess it reproves and manifests sinne, and doth not the apostle preach this for the light of Christ, Eph. 5. 13, 14. but you have an imagination that Christ is the light onely to inlighten you that call your selves believers; but who must inlighten the rest? Christ saith, I am the light of the world, he doth not say, I am the light of such a form, or such a people, who are of a self-separation; but, I am the light of the world, he that followes me shall have the light of life; but you who never followed it saith, there is not life in following it; so your blinde testimony who were ene­mies to the light of the world stand against the tes­timony of Christ and the children of light, John 8. 12.

But saist thou, if this be true, that Christ lighteth e­very one that cometh into the world, which light being ta­ken heed unto, will lead to God, then Christ died in vain, and in vain hath he said, I am the way, the truth and the life; which is as much as if thou had said, if Christ be the light of the world which lighteth every one which cometh into the world and leads to God; in vain did hee come into the world to testifie the same in preaching and suffering (without which it could not have been manisest and believed.

[Page 12]But your blindness hath been so cleerly laid open, and the light proved, even that which is the light of the world, to be the way to the Father the truth and the life, as I need not say much to thy blinde oppo­sition, onely take these two Scriptures, and shame with thy blindness, who would perswade people that the light of the world is not the way, the truth, and the life; or that there is any other way but the light of the world, Joh. 8. 12. Joh. 14. 6. if these be one then art thou blinde; and if not one, then how should thou speak truth? who said, I am the light of the World, the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh to the father but by me; and John who saith, This is the true light; Joh. 1. 9. So now let all judge who have the light in them, whether I am in the error who belie­veth what the Letter saith, that Christ alone is the true light, the way, the truth and the life; and that this is the true light that lighteth every one that co­meth into the world, and so owns Christ of whom the letter testifies; or thou, who saith; The letter is the absolute rule, and this light of Christ cannot con­vert to God without the Letter, and so limits God and denies him who was the way before the Apostles was, or wrote the letter, and would make people believe that the writing of the Letter had taken the office of Christ, and were now become absolute in ru­ling, inlightning, and converting to God; and so you are become Ministers of the Letter, and denies the Spirit to be able to convert to God without the Let­ter; and so a contrary Spirit hath possessed you then was in the Apostles, who was Ministers of the Spirit and not of the Letter; and so contrary fruits are [Page 13] brought forth; and this your opposition of the light is but that you may appear to be the blinde guides Christ foretold of, and by your fruits you must be known; Did ever Minister of Christ preach against the least light of Christ, and say it was not sufficient to lead to God, or that none should never be converted but by the letter? Did ever Minister of Christ preach against Perfection as thou doest and thy brethren, who sayes thou doest not believe that Perfection is attainable here; thou may as well say Christ is not attainable here, nor Faith? doest not thou here mini­ster against the end of Christs ministery, and that for which he sent them forth, which was for the perfec­ting of the saints, and that they might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus? Eph. 4. 11: 12: 13. Coll. 1. 28. and this thou ministers against, and sayest thou canst not believe it; and adds a lye to thy unbelief, saying its an estate no where held forth in the Scrip­ture as attainable here; and so would make God a lyar and the Scripture also. As for instance; God said Iobe was a perfect man; Iob 1. 8. & 2. 3. Gen. 6. 9. Iob 8. 20. Psal. 37. 37. 2 Cor. 12. 9. Phil. 3. 15. 2 Tim. 3. 17. Iam. 3. 2. with other Scriptures, too many here to mention, which all witness thee to belye God and the Scriptures, and to be no Minister for Christ, nor be­liever of his Ministry, who art against perfection and cannot believe it; this is a fruit of Antichrist, & none of Chrsts Ministers, but they believed it and preach­ed, which thou preaches against: And so by thy fruits thou art known and thy generation, as Christ hath said you should: But to cover thy self thou say­est, its the duty of every one to press after perfecti­on, [Page 14] so they must press after that which thou believes not, nor would have them to believ, so they must pres after that which they believe must never attain here: What sort is this pressing of, which is against faith? yet this confusion is thy Doctrine, for the Devil knows that if he can but keep them from believing, they can never attain whatever their pressing be: And this is the devils work to destroy the faith, & then set people on working; yet to confound thyself, thou saith in pag. 114. Let every one that hath this hope in him, purifie himself as Christ is pure. Yet thou goes on to thou, and thee, and for this would accuse as Phari­sees because we use it to a single person; and in this thou confounds thy self as in the rest: First, Thou confessest it to be the most proper, and that the Scripture useth it therefore; and when thou hast done, thou sayest those that speak it in this Nation seem to be barbarous: so that by thy confession, he that speaks proper to you is a Barbarian, yet must we be condemned who speak properly, and you justifi­ed who have lost your proper understanding through your pride and heathenish customs: and with such confused stuff as this thou proves us the most danger­ous people in the world; but sayest thou, Thou is to me as You, provided it be not made a matter of Religion, hut if it be, then thou abhors the ignorance from whence it comes. Herein shewing thy self to be like thy father, who matters not what men do, so that they do it not out of conscience, but if out of conscience, then he ahhors that ignorance from whence it comes; for a tender conscience that takes heed to his tongue, the [Page 15] devil abhors; for the devil can set the tongue on fire, when all members else are wearied with his service, provided he make it not matter of Religion what he speaks; but if he be so precise that he make consci­ence of every idle word, the devil abhors him, for he knows that he that offends not in word is a perfect man, so able also to bridle the whole body. Iam. 3. 2. For the devil knows that by your words you shall be justified, and by them you shall be condemned, and for every idle word all must answer at the Day of Judgement. And this we know, though you have justified your selves and are yet in your careless way without bridle, be ignorant of, whose Religion will be found vain, like your vain talk.

And further, We know your way of ye-ing the proud, and thou-ing the poor to be impurity, though thou falsly say the scripture uses that language (thou) to every single person for its property and not for its puriry: But what matter what thou sayes who ab­hors it as ignorance that teacheth to speak properly as matter of Religion, but had thy Religion reached to the ordering of thy tongue, we had not had such a number of shameless lyes cast upon us by thee, as we have in this Book, which indeed is little else but a heap of lyes. But this know, that he that seemes to be religious and bridleth not his tongue, his religi­on seems to be vain, Iam. 1. 26.

Thou proceeds to tell of our quaking, and in that like the rest thou shews thy confusion. In thy 38. p: thou sayes (but falsly) It's a way that never came into the heart of God, to bring his people to perfection by: when all that do declare the way they came to God, wit­ness [Page 16] quaking or trembling, and all that knew the Word of God trembled at it.

And in thy 78. pag. thou owns it in the holy men of God (making thy self a lyar) but sayes it is diffe­rent from ours. To which I say, hast thou seen us both tremble? or how canst thou make a difference? let the wise judge; but that thy busie minde must be medling to speak of that thou knows nought on, that thou might shew thy envy & consusion; how should thou know trembling, who knows no word but the letter, & abhors that which should guide the tongue, and thereto would limit God for ever, as to matter of converting of people; thou must needs cast out trembling who excludes the Word, and in Isa. the 66. 5.

Thou mayest read thy generationand thy work, and thy judgement also; and what thou knows or trembling is seen by what thou knows of the Word▪ It would be thy wisdom to stop thy mouth, and speak: not evil of that thou knows not, thou may long read the letter, and call that the word with thy lying spi­rit, ere thou know what the trembling is of Gods peo­ple; such thou hates, as did thy generation in all a­ges.

Thou proceeds tell of great things in thy imagina­tions from the letter; and tells of a state of general reconciliation which all the world is recovered to, though not redeemed from any curse; and tells of a twofold reconciliation, and a twofold redemption, and many such things in thy confused minde, which the Scriptures knows not, but knows not one redem­ption thy self, but art a servant of satan in lyes and [Page 17] false accusations against the innocent, such a redemp­tion the Devil can profess as stands in words from the Letter without power and life; had there been no Letter such a profession would have been as is your practice.

Thou goes about to describe who are the daugh­ters of Babylon; and thou concludes all who come in after the Jewish rites, sprinking or dipping In­fants, being exercised in Romish Ordinances, &c. These are Rome's daughters, though they cry, Out Harlot against their mother; I say go one step higher and take in your own tradition (which is neither ac­cording to letter not spirit, neither in call, manner, nor end, as I have divers times proved, and am ready to do as occasion is offered) and as it is with theirs, out of the true form, so is it out of the true power of godliness, and brings forth the same fruits with the world (if not worse) so that if any will own you for Saints onely because you have been two or three times dipped, or sprinkled in the water more then o­thers have bin, then they may have such Saints enough who do make dipping so many times, some twice, some thrice, as a god and ground of salvation and of union; but further then that doth differ you from the world, they shall never see any thing of a godly conformity, and denying the world's customes, or conscientious walking, whereby you shall be known from other men, unless it be that you have got more subtilty to oppose the truth, being as the head of the image, got a little higher then the rest; but as envi­ously wicked and bloody as any is this day in the Nations, and would as gladly stir up persecution had [Page 18] you but power, as some of your prime Teachers have said to some in Authority, that he had rather a Law was made to take away his life, then that we should bee suffered; and at this day are you scattered through­out the Nation (by your letters) to rake up what filth you can to cast upon the children of light: And if thou say thou art clear, then let this heap of lies out of thy book be witness against thee, which were they true might serve to take away our lives by the Law of the Nation; yea such a heap of wickedness as if hell had been raked to bring it up to cast upon us; of which we are clear before God, but you being a people who have declined your principle of a ten­der conscience above all others; so you who have done it must needs exceed all others in mischief and hatred against such as retain God in their consciences and dare not sin against him; casting all manner of evil report on tender consciences, as because we can­not bow to your filthy pride and respect of persons, and give flattering titles to the spirit of exaltation in a proud man or woman; therefore by you we are ac­cused as Pharisees, and that we destroy relations, and deny civil courtesie, as in this thy Book; when we de­ny but the devils pride; and if we take heed to our words, and by that which is pure of God in our con­sciences order them according to the sound words of Christ Jesus and the Scriptures, then we strain at a gnat and swallow a Cammel; so that to speak in the fear of God and in sound words, such that cannot be reproved, is a great offence to thee; and the cam­mel we swallow, is because we go not so often into the water as you do, in observance to your tradition, [Page 19] which is neither in power nor form of Iohn's mini­stration (whom you would imitate) when you that go into the water come out as full of pride, envy, covetousness and all manner of wickedness as you go in, and the Devil hardned in many of you in lying against the truth, onely thereby being conceited that your sins are washed away, though when you are proved none more impudent and brazened in their wickedness then you are; witness the heap of lies in thy book, which the heathen that never had pro­fession would be ashamed so falsly to utter, as will be seen now when thou art put in plainness to prove them.

Nay, were you not stark blinde, and drunk with rage against the truth, you might once look back, & see your selves and what you are doing, and how you have dealt with the Lord, who once had betrusted a measure of simplicity to some of you which kept you tender, which you have betrayed above all peo­ple in the Nation; was there not a time when you durst not have conformed to the world pride and fil­thy manners, their fashions and customs now main­tained, their false worships? was it not once with you that you could not use the worlds Language, as to their corruption therein upheld, and that out of ten­derness of conscience? Was there not once in you a principle against lying and false accusing, and perfec­tion for conscience sake? Then was you hated of the world as you now joyne with the world to hate us and belye us; nay, what thing is it now that your con­science will strain at? but you can swallow, rather then suffer persecution, reproach or loss of gain; [Page 20] Have not you been witness against the Ministry of the Nations to be of the whore, and their tythes and hire, till a great part of the most eminent of you be got into the same living out of which you have thrust them: let England and Ireland witness, though I wil not say you are all guilty in this particular, for all have not been proved therein; but with what a face you can at this day call the Ministery of the Nations whorish, and then take the benefit of it your selves, or maintain it in others, lest you should suffer the cross of Christ, let all who have the use of a good conscience judge. And you who can swallow all this and much more that might be named, contrary to your faith as you call it, and once contrary to your conscience when it was not seared; Is it like that we should be owned by you in making conscience of e­very word? or can you do any otherwise but abhor it, who have thus made shipwrack in your selves? and this is the fruits you have brought forth since you have set your selves against the Light of the Spirit which led into tenderness, and have set up the Letter for the Light; and so being become heart-blinde, are you grown past feeling, into open lying and wicked­ness as at this day it is seen and lamented.

And now do not say this is railing accusation and hard terms which is truth, but let the light of Christ which you thus hate, search your hearts, and pass judgement upon you, and own it before the Lord and all the world, and give praise to the Son from whom the Light comes, for you have nothing else will let you see your hearts and the desperate wickedness that lodgeth therein; it's the light that must search [Page 21] it out, and reveal it to you, and not the Letter: you may read in the Letter what deceit was in other mens hearts; but it must be within you that lets you see your own, the eye of God it is must let you see and search the dark corners thereof, which is despe­rate wicked, and you know it not but by the light of the world, which lets all the world see their deceits (who doth but minde it) which light is that the God of this world hates, and above all would blind that eye, for which end all his instruments are now at work (as is manifest) to make shipwrack of Faith that is held in a pure conscience, and you in the head thereof; of which you must repent and returne to you first tenderness, wherein you was once growing out of the elements and rudiments of the world, to be led by the spirit of the Lamb where ever he goes; and not by shadows which are left desolate, because of the wickedness of such as have lived therein: and look upon circumcision, for the continuance where­of the Jewes had more from the Letter then you have for your way of carnal water; for it was said it should be a sign for ever, but so was it not said of Water-baptism, but the contrary; and minde what a generation was left in circumcision, when Christ led out by his Spirit from that Ordinance, a company of envious murtherers, lyars, and false accusers, who set themselves against the way and light of Christ, to devour all that followed his light, against whom they pretended the Letter, and thought they did right, and so do to this day; and were you not wholly blinde you might read your selves herein, and what hath befallen you since you set your selves [Page 22] to this work? every day hardness and more blinde­ness, till you be much more mad in mischief then they was, and more blinde; for they fought a­gainst the Light because it led out of their traditions which was after the letter; but yon oppose the light when it leads to the sound words in the letter, and calls it Pharisaical, and self-righteousuess, or any fil­thy Name to make it odious, and abhors it if it be but done in following the Spirit; so that to follow the spiritual Light of Christ is abhorred by the de­vil and his instruments, though it be in that which they confess is proper, and used in the letter, (which they say is their Word) witness thy 57. and 58. pa­ges.

And yet with all this wickedness and blindness (and much more) the like unchristian carriage in your fore-head, would you binde all to fall down to your tradition you have set up, and worship that or else no Christians nor salvation, but all the filth of hell must be raked up and cast upon their godly con­versation, for no other thing, but because we cannot cry up that for salvation which cannot save you (wit­ness how you are saved from these wickednesses who worship before it) further then in your imaginati­ons, believing that obeying that Ordinance, as you call it, you must be saved from hell when you are dead; but to be saved from these wicked wayes while you live, you never believe, nor doth your god teach any such faith; so they that are blinde may de­ny the leading of Christ in Spirit, and follow your shadow, which can neither save you nor them. [Page 23] But if you would have all to worship what you have set up (your called ordinance) let it appear to all men what is therein mighty to save; Is there some better­ness betwixt being a captive to the devil in sin under your water, and being a captive to sin under the Pa­rish-Teachers water, being both out of the true way declared in Scripture, only yours a little nearer in the letter, but both one in Spirit & Power, led captive at his wil who rules in them & you, who are disobedient to the spiritual Light of Christ; wil your water save you more then theirs when you both are unwashed from your sin, and live in rebellion against God? doth your Ordinance then save you?

But doth it not appear to all the children of light, that you are in the state of the Jews, who cryed, the Temple, the Temple when God was deparred; then they that was left in it was become abominable to God, that which was the house of God formerly, was then become a den of thieves, and murderers, and liars; yet was they as zealous for their. Ordinan­ces as you are for your water, and had as plain Scrip­ture; yea, and their Ordinances was in the right form and call, whereas yours are not as any of the Saints did ever practice in Scripture declared; so if you be not stark blinde, read your selves and repent, and think not to say, The Ordinances, the Ordinances, when you are both out of form and power; for if we must believe you for so saying, why not the Priests also who cry the same with you, both taken on with­out true form, life or power, this we may not do, who have heard and learned of Christ.

[Page 24]But this I say to thee, and the rest that are joined with thee herein, If he be a God you would have us all to bow to, let us see what a God he is, whether it be the God of Righteousness, or the God of this world and Deceit, first let us see that by your Ordi­nances thou thy self be led to repentance, and to con­fess all thy damnable heap of lies thou hast cast on us in thy book in envie against the light, and that as openly as thou hast slandered; also repent of thy false Doctrine I have proved which thou hast pub­lished, and decline thy errors therein. And all the rest of you, deny your selves and the world and con­form to Christ; leave your filthy pride and cove­tousness, and abominable conformity to men of cor­rupt mindes, for advantage respecting mens persons and maintaining their abominable worships and worshippers therein.

And you that say you are Ministers, prove your selves in all things as the Ministers of Christ in wat­chings, in fastings, in wandrings, hunger and naked­ness, having no certain dwelling place; in tumults of­ten; in necessities; in stripes; in whipping, mocking, stoning and imprisonment, &c. Let us see if it be your manner to dispute in the Idols-Temple against their Idols-worship that deceives souls; and preach in the streets and markets daily, &c. and all this freely without hire. These are the Apostles wayes, and this is the Apostles word; let us see if you be con­verted according to it, and that your God is the same theirs was, and will carry you forth in the same way and work, and that you dare trust him therein: And as we see you in the Apostles works, so we shall [Page 25] be engaged to believe that you are converted by their Word, which was before the letter was, and the light thereof in all consciences will confess to you; and that this is the living God whose wayes is righ­teous that you preach for all to worship; and then we shall own you, and the Apostles words will own you and your practice, but where you are now we cannot; nor can we worship with you that for God that which cannot save you from that wicked lying spirit that acts you, nor lead you into the same work that it hath done all his Ministers in all ages; for we know that God, whose Word is Righteousness, and his wayes Truth, and what Ordinances he sets up, that will we worship in, for those Ordinances are spiritual and have life in them, wherein God dwells, and in them by him we shall be kept. And the clear water we know, wherein our bodies are washed; and the blood of cleansing, and the bread of life, which was broken for us and is given to us, by which we live, and own the Apostles practices, to follow Christ in our measures, for which we are counted the off­scouring of all things unto this day; and till then think not that we shall worship your tradition which brings forth a lye that cannot save the Founder; for that wherein God dwells not, is but a likeness, emp­ty; and so your practice proves your way whereof it is.

Surely in vain do you setup Idols; the Lord is ri­sen, your carved Images are lighter then vanity: All the idols of the heathen are void of Righteousness, truth is wanting in their inward parts; they have deckt them with colours, they have covered them [Page 26] with words; they cry, Come bow and worship, but doth not consider that a lye is in there right hand; there is none that considereth once to say in himself, What is this that I am doing? What profit is there in that to which I fall down? is this the living God for whom I am thus contending that is not able to plead for himself, and defend himself with righteousness; with judgement, and equity, to plead against his enemies in their own hearts? that cannot strike thorow the loynes of his adversaries, & cover me with innocency and peace, while he covers his E­nemies with confusion? Is this he whose Word endureth for ever, from generation to generation, who hath left me to seek counsel in the Letter and without his Spirit, and to consult with men how to keep up his Ordinances, and to go to carnal weapons to avenge him on them who cast down his Altars, who cut down his Groves, and declares against the way of his worships. Oh foolish people, is this he that pleads the cause of his people, who cannot plead for himself in Judgement, nor for you in Righteousness? Let him put spiritual weapons into your hands; let him fill your hearts with Righteousness, and your wayes with equity; let him cover you with innocen­cie, and preserve you in patience, till he have made your light to shine in darkness, that therewith he may confound his Enemies; let him cause truth to spring in the earth, and faith to bud and blossom, that righteousness may cover you from the storm, and the effect thereof may be peace: then shall all your E­nemies be ashamed and confounded before you; for his power shall pass before you to make the earth to tremble at his presence, whom the carnal sees not; let it be proclaimed before him, The Lord our righ­teousness, [Page 27] gracious and full of mercy, whose eye goes thorow the world, and who will by no means clear the guilty: And if this be the Name of your God, let it be written upon you; let the Zeal thereof be as a mark in your fore-heads, and his sighteousness upon you as a Brest-plate, that all may say, this is the Lord, bow before him, there is no other; who ma­keth his people lights in whom he holds forth salva­tion and healing to the Nations: Surely this is the Lord, and this is work, and to him shall the world bow, and his Saints confess his Name for ever.

Verily in the Lord our God is salvation & strength; Righteousness is thy right Name, Judgement goes before thy face to confound thine Enemies; thy light is as a fire to consume the wicked, and by the same is thy Word declared; therewith thou sends the rich a­way empty, but the poor thou satisfies with goodness everlasting: thou hides thy way from the subtil, that thou mayest set the Prisoner out of the Pit; that he may possess the gates of his Enemies, and go in and out and feed in safety: thou makes him strong that was feeble, but strikes through the loins of the wick­ed: thou dries up the depths of the sea that thy ran­somed ones may pass over. Our enemies sees and are troubled, rage hath seised upon them; in travells they are with mischief, they are pained to bring forth and their birth is a lye. Their son cannot save them; they have brought forth darkness and folly: Counsel and peace is not in him, therefore they stagger in Judgement: but thou Lord God gives us light as in the beginning: the ancient of dayes is our stability, things of many generations hast thou set before us: [Page 28] the foundation that is unmoveable is discovered therein: thou hast set us as upon a Rock, so that the Floods of the ungodly cannot move us: thou hast lifted up an Ensigne, and the Heathen are angry, the pride of the Nations hath gathered against thee: thou hast set up judgment against them in the streets of wickedness, and hath sent out the Lamb amongst the Beast of the field, upon his head thou hast pla­ced a defence, thou hast covered him with righteous­ness as with a garment: thou hast covered thy Ene­mies with thick darkness, and their Armies with a cloud, they grope at noon-day: thou hast smitten the horse with blindness and his rider with madness: they have risen up against thee, they are confounded: they are driven back, their arm hath failed, and thou savest thy people with a mighty salvation: the meek sees it and rejoice, it glads the soul of the innocent to see thee. Praise our God in the beauty of holiness, all that are come to the peaceable habitation: Sing unto the Lord a new Song, you people of good understanding, who knows the root of righteousness where it springs, and are fed with the dew of heaven, whose hearts the Lord hath opened for himself, that he may fill you with goodness, that you may bring forth as a watered garden, that the Lord may take delight in his own, and dwell in you for ever.

The End.

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