To the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons assembled in PARLIAMENT: The humble Petition of Francis Newton, Gent. Captain James Wadsworth, Thomas Mayo, and Robert Delu [...] Messengers allowed by these honourable Houses; and Richard Rawlyns, Henry Newton, Thomas Roult, a [...] Richard Payne, Assistants to the said Messengers.


THat ever since the beginning of this Parliament, the Petitioners have been actually employed by Authority thereof, for disc [...] very and apprehension of Seminary Priests, Jesuites, and other Malignants, dangerous and destructive to the State, which p [...] sons being seditious Incendiaries, and Instigators of the various distractions of this Kingdom, and the sad casualties and ca [...] mities of Warr.

That the Petitioners in their unmoved zeal and affection to the Cause and Common-wealth, through their incessant ca [...] industry, and vigilant circumspection (not without the often hazard of their lives, and to their positive charge and expence [...] above 500 l. for intelligence, and otherwise for accommodating of the Service;) they have discovered and apprehended [...] number of 31 Priests and Jesuites, and imprisoned and brought them to condign legall Tryall, conviction, and condemnation; all which ha [...] been since Executed, except such as were reprieved by the Kings Majesty and others.

That the verity of the Premises appeareth by Teste or Certificates hereunto affixed, and also by matter of Record upon the proceedings; wh [...] persons are more in number then have been pursued to effect in this kinde, since the happy reformation of Religion here.

That the Petitioners have also discovered and impeached divers dangerous malevolent persons now remaining in the said Prison, aswell Prie [...] who pleaded themselves to be Ante-nati, as lay persons, besides those executed and reprieved, legally convicted upon the Statute of Premunire.

That Queen Eliz. and King James of pious memory, as also his now Majesty, have usually in like cases allowed and paid according to estab [...] shed Laws out of the Exchequer, the sum of 50 l. for every Priest or Jesuite convicted legally, which by that rate or estimate doth amount [...] 1550 l. due to the Petitioners in Arrear; and justly computed and added to the sum of 500 l. by them really disbursed and expended as afo [...] said, amounteth in toto to the sum of 2050 l.

That the Petitioners have not hitherto received any satisfaction or re-imbursment for their said faithfull service and expences, neither for th [...] great pains and charge in attending the tryall of the late Archbishop of Canterbury from time to time, untill the proceedings became finall.

The premises considered, the Petitioners humbly beseech this honourable Assembly to receive them and their said severall Expences a [...] services of so great concernment to Religion and the State into your honorable considerations; and thereupon to give such speedy ord [...] for their present payment, satisfaction, and recompence of their faithfull, respective, severall and distinct services above-mentioned, and hereunto annexed; as to the wisdom, honor, and bounty of this honorable House shall seem meet. And likewise to prescribe and est [...] blish an express certain course and order herein for the future, whereby the Petitioners, their Agents and Intelligence may in some mod [...] rate convenient degree be ascertained, enabled and encouraged to proceed and persevere according to their unfeigned desires in perfo [...] ming such further service herein, as shall redound to the safety and utility of the State and Kingdom, according to the trust in them [...] posed in this behalf.

And your Petitioners shall daily pray, &c.

IT is this day Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, That Father Jones and Father Andrewes, and all other Romish Priests and Iesuites shal [...] forthwith taken and apprehended by His Majesties Iustices of Peace, and other His Majesties Officers, and put into safe Custodie, untill the pleas [...] of this House be further known: And then their names shall be returned unto the Lords in Parliament. And that any man that shall discover a Popish Priests or Iesuites, and procure them to be apprehended, shall be rewarded by the Parliament.

Joh. Brown, Cler. Parliamentorum.

ƲPon reading of the humble Petition of Francis Newton, Thomas Mayo, and James Wadsworth Messengers, and a particular thereunto a [...] nexed; It is Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, That the said Petition and particular are hereby referred to Mr. Recorder of London, wh [...] hereby desired to certifie their Lordships whether these Services pretended to be done by the said particular, have been really performed by the [...] Petitioners; That thereby their Lordships may take such further Resolution touching the Petition as shall be meet.

Joh. Brown, Cler. Parliamentorum.

To the Right honourable the LORDS in Parliament assembled:

ACcording to your Lordships Order hereunto annexed; These are to certifie your Lordships, That I have examined the particular Services of [...] persons upon whose Petition the said Order was made; and finde that they have faithfully performed the particulars formerly by them presen [...] to and before your Lordships, as appears to me by severall Certificates under the hands of the Clerk of the Peace for and of the County of Middles [...] and the Clerk of Newgate, together with a Letter from the Committee of the House of Commons for Examinations, directed to the Right ho [...] rable the Lord Major of the City of London, as thereby appeareth; Which service I conceive merits a due and considerable reward, not onely [...] their past labours, but for the encouragement of them and others (employed in that service) for the future; All which I humbly certifie and re [...] to your Lordships.

J. GLYNN Recorder of London.
Ioh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

The Names of the Priests that were taken by the said Messengers and Assistants: As followeth,

  • WIlliam Waller, alias Slaughter, alias Walker Cuthbert Clapton
  • Bartholomew Rowe
  • Thomas Reignolds
  • Edward Morgan
  • Thomas Saunderson, alias Holland
  • Henry Heath, alias Paul Magdalen
  • Francis Quasset
  • Arthur Bell
  • Ralph Corby
  • John Ducket
  • John Hammond, alias Jackson
  • Walter Coleman,
  • Edmund Cannon
  • John Wyndmore, alias Turnon
  • Augustine Abbot, alias Rivers, alias Savile
  • Andrew Frier, alias Herne, alias Richmond
  • Peter Wilford
  • Thomas Bullaker
  • Robert Robinson
  • James Brown
  • Henry Morse
  • Thomas Worsley
  • Charles Cheney
  • Andrew White
  • Richard Copley
  • Richard Worthington
  • Edmund Cole
  • John Wright
  • Philip Morgan
  • Thomas Budds, alias Peto

LONDON, Printed by Richard Cot, 1648.

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