GOOD NEVVES For all true hearted Subjects: VIDELICET, The PARLIAMENT goes on.

THough Times be troublous, yet true peace I bring
To all who feare God, and obey the King.
This Emblem thus deciphers the intent,
What by the Ensigne and the booke are meant.
The Ensigne cleere above his head doth flourish,
With joy to shew that God his flock doth nourish.
The Book presents to us the Truth, in which
W'are taught of God how to be truly rich:
So to exemplifie and keepe out harmes,
Are barricado'd with the City Armes.
Blest be our God above, whose preservation
Hath bin to us, to all mens admiration.

Soli Deo Gloria

GOod newes, true hearts, heare this,
And be no longer sad:
Though things have bin amisse,
Yet now we may be glad:
Some were abusive, and too blame,
Yet all shall wel e're long
Reformed be, let's blesse Gods name:
The Parliament goes on.
Those that have been ill members
In Church and Common-weale,
And prov'd themselves dissemblers,
Their Knaveries to heale,
Shall plainly be unmaskt, and then
Must suffer for the wrong,
Whereby they have opprest poore men,
The Parliament goes on.
Some would have brought curs'd Popery
Into this blessed Isle,
With Masses, Crosses, Foppery,
'Twas fear'd, within a while.
Their Beads and Holy-water
Were false, and smelt too strong:
But better newes came after:
The Parliament, &c.
No tricks of mans inventions
Can crosse our just desires,
Though base be the intentions
Of Iesuites and Friers,
That would obscure, if they knew how,
The truth of every tongue;
But they'l be more discover'd now:
The Parliament, &c.
Where sneake your lame Projectors
That did mens means devour,
The Common-wealths infectors,
Whilst they had any power.
Poor children oft might want their bread,
By tricks they snatcht it from
Them; but such Rascalls names are spred.
The Parliament, &c.
The Iudge unjust doth tremble,
When Truth doth come to light;
Nor dares stay to dissemble,
But run away by night.
The conscience will declare most cleare,
What mischiefes men have done;
For now things plainly do appeare,
The Parliament goes on.
Such men as have been faithfull
To God, King, State, and Land,
Though vitious men be hatefull,
Yet honest men will stand,
To venture coine and goods, nay this,
Their life, even all they can,
For truths sake, and true hearts that wish
The Parliament goe on.
Alas we helplesse Commons,
Our hearts began to bleed,
To sweare to the new Cannons,
Et Caetera, indeed:
We might inthral'd our selves thereby
If such a thred we'ad spun:
But we had grace them to deny,
The Parliament goes on.
Thus were we pincht and streitned,
Nay almost stupify'de
In sence, yet now well wakened
By the true supreme Guide,
Who never any heart forsakes,
Which ever rests upon
God, and his cares to him betakes:
The Parliament goes on.
To take the Protestation,
2 Chr. 15. 2
Good subjects strive and chuse;
No friends unto our Nation
I thinke them that refuse.
Religion must be perfect pure,
Iam. 1. 2
Not wavering to turne,
Iam. 1. [...]
Then God will be with us,
Matt▪ 28. 2
be sure,
The Parliament, &c.
The King, Queen, and royall Progeny,
God blesse with many yeares.
Lord, to this Nation ne're deny
Good honest noble Peeres;
That wee reposing all our trust,
In thee may flourish still:
Then all our Foes shall be acurst,
In hatching any ill.
The Members of our Parliament,
Lord give them happy dayes,
With grace and truth, with one consent,
Direct in all their wayes,
That all may for thy glory stand,
Vnto Eternity,
Lord crowne them in the Blessed Land,
Amen, Amen, say I.

¶Printed with Licence, by R. H. for T. B. and are to be sold at his shop in the Old Bayly. 1641.

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