A LETTER Which was delivered to the KING On the second day of the second Moneth 1660. sent (From the Barbadoes, on the Behalf of many Thousands in the West-Indies)


THese are to Acquaint Thee, that there are many People, even Thousands that are destroyed, and are perishing, for lack of the true knowledge of God in these Western parts, and Islands, under thy Dominion, and we the Servants of the living God, unto whom he hath made known himself, and revealed his Salvation, and hath made us Parta­kers of h [...]s heavenly Power, and given unto us his holy Spirit, by which he hath commanded us, and is leading us to do his Will in the Earth, as it is done in Heav [...]n and hath laid a necessitie upon us, that we should preach the Gospel of glad tidings, and of peace unto the Nations, and unto the Islands, that so others might partake of the like precious mercies with us, and come to witnesse the salvation of God unto their soules, and the enjoyment of his Presence, and in obedience to the Lord, and for the love we bare to all people, being sensible of their languish­ing condition, and miserable state, We are freely given up, and counts not our lives, (nor any thing that we have dear unto us, that so the people might come to the knowledge of the Truth, and to a right understanding of Gods everlasting way of life and peace and might come to be redeemed from their sinnes, and changed from the evil of their wayes, and restored unto God, to be heires of his Blessing and Mercy which endures for ever, to all them that love him, and obeys his Spirit, and walks in the light of the Lamb Christ Iesus: But so it is, [...]o King, that by reason of many wicked and ungodly Lawes that unrighteous men have made, who are enemies to the Lord, and to all them who truly breethes and pants after him, and that hungers and thirsts after righteousnesse; by reason of which Lawes the Lords peo­ple suffers, and his servants are kept out of Islands, and places, and banished, and persecuted, and great Fines and Pe [...]al [...]ies laid upon Ma­sters of Ships, if they carry them, or any that shall receive them, which thing stops the work of the Lord, and hinders the truth from be­ing made known to the people, and Gods love from breaking forth unto the Nations, and people are unhealed, and unconverted unto the Lord, and many wanders in sorrow, and are mourning in desolate places, and their soules are grieved and bowed down by reason of their oppressors; and of the wickednesse of men, who hinders that from being made known to them which is their chiefest good, and most pre­ciousest treasure, therefore these are to desire thee in the behalf of the Lord God, and of many good people, who are breathing and thirst­ing after him, that thou put on bowels of pity and compassion towards the people over whom thou art set in Authority, and send forth thy order, that all such wicked laws and acts, which tends so much to the ruine and destruction of thy subjects, both of their soules, and bo­ [...]ies, and estates, may be made null and void, and of none effect, and suffer not the people under thy Dominion to lie in such deep distresse [...]d under such great suffering both of soul and body, when a word from thy mouth▪ or a few lines under thy hand would help them, and [...]se them from their heavy burdens, and sad afflictions. Therefore shew forth thy power, and make known thy Authority with what speed [...]ou canst, to put a stop and an end to these things, and hereby thou wilt manifest thy love to the people under thee, and the righteous and [...]pright in heart will rejoyce at thy goodnesse, and Gods blessing will be the reward of thy so well doing, and it will redound to thy ho­ [...]ur for ever, and bring peace to thy soul, and many thousands of people will be refresht, and comforted thereby, and in doing the Will [...] [...]od, herein he will make thy Reign prosperous, and thy Government will be blest, therefore while thou hast time and power in thy [...]and [...] do good, do it, and do not spare, nor linger, nor delay, knowing that the more thou doest for the Lord, and for the good of the Na­ [...]ions, a people under Thee, the greater will be Thy reward, and herein thou wilt be clear of all the peoples blood, which otherwise may be required at thy hand if they perish, and are destroyed for lack of that which they might have; was the Islands and Places free from wick­ed and cruel Lawes, and barbarous actions acted under thy Name; by which Thy power is abused, and the people also, by such who nei­ther loves God, nor any that fear him, but seeks to persecute, and to destroy all, in whom there is any true appearance of good, and works of Christ Jesus in their hearts. Therefore, O King! suffer not thy Name to be abused, nor the good people under Thee to be made havock of, and r [...], and destroyed for their good conscience sake, and obedience towards God; but let them be made free by Thy power from the wicked Laws of ungodly men, and let there be free liberty, and tolleration for all us who are called Quakers, to go into any place under thy Dominion (as we are moved) to preach the Gospel, and make known the Truth which we have freely received from the Lord, and shall freely give it, and declare it to all, in whom their is a heart to receive, and to beleeve, and love the things that doth belong to their eternal peace: And send thy Order forthwith to New England, Virginia, Ma­rieland, Bermuda, Neves, Christophers, Antego, Montferrat, and Jamaica, and to all these Western parts, that so Gods power and blessing may goe thorow the Nations and Islands, and his saving health may be made known unto the People, who many of them are sick, and wound­ed, and sore diseased, and most greviously perplexed in their souls, and spirits, for want of the right understanding, and knowledge of the Lord, and of the excellency of his power, in which is deliverance, and peace, and life, and salvation, for evermore, in whose power this is written to Thee by the command of God, and in the behalf of thousands of people, and of many wearied souls, the sense of whose suffer­ings I have the feeling of, and do cry out unto Thee in the Name of the Lord God of heaven and earth, that Thou do what belongs to Thy people in this matter, and let it be speedily accomplisht by Thee, that God may accomplish his will in the earth, and make known his bles­sing, and mercy unto Thee, who hath said, That blessed are the mercifull, for they shall obtain mercy; and that this may be thy Portion, is the desire of my soul,

I who am a Servant of the Lord, and a lover of all Peoples soules, and seeks only the good, and prosperity, and salvation thereof, both of the King, and all his good Subjects, and people under his Dominion, called by the name of


London, Printed for Giles Calvert at the VVest end of Pauls. 1661.

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