A LATE AND TRVE RELATION FROM IRELAND: Of the VVarlike and bloody Procee­dings of the Rebollious Papists in that Kingdome, from Novemb. 1. to this present, 1641.

VVherein is declared their barbarous and cruell Actions, the great and many outrages and Robberies committed by them in divers Provinces of that Kingdome.

With the entrance of some English and Scottish For­ces into the North parts of Ireland, under these Commandes, viz.

  • The Lord Grandison,
  • The Lord Chichester,
  • The Lord Conway,
  • The Lord Crumwell.

And the late Skirmishes and Conflicts that hath beene be­tweene them.

LONDON, Printed for IOHN THOMAS, 1641.

The Copy of a Letter sent from Dublin, Novemb. 3. 1641.
Concerning the late proceedings of the Re­bels in Jreland.

SInce the last time I writ unto you, there hath not been any Towne taken by the Rebels, but Dundalke, yet there are, and have been divers Rob­beries done and committed in the Countrey, this day about 10 of the clocke, there marched 1000 foote with compleat Armes, and part of two Troopes of horse towards Drogheda with 4. Field peeces, and we heare that the Scots in the North, are marching to­wards the Neury, with 5000 foote well armed, and 4. Troopes of horse, viz. The Lord Grandisons, the Lord Chichesters, the Lord Conwayes, and the Lord Crumwells, so that we hope we are here all safe, now the danger is past the Army being on foote.

A Proclamation made by the Lords, Iustices, and Counce [...]l in the Castle of Dublin.

  • VVilliam Parsons,
  • John Burlacie.

WHereas a Petition hath beene preferd vnto Us by divers Lords and Gentlemen of the English Pale, in the behalfe of them­selves and the rest of the Pale, and others of the old English of this kingdome, shewing that whereas a late Conspiracy of treason is discovered, of ill affected per­sons of the old Jrish, and that therupon, a Proclamation was published by vs, wherin among other things, it is declared that the sayd Conspiracy was perpetrated by the old Jrish Papists, without distinction of any, and they doubting by those generall words of Irish Papists, they might seeme to be involved, though they declare themselves confident, that did not intend to include them therein, in regard they are none of the old Jrish nor of their faction, or Confederacy, but they are altoge­ther averse and opposite to all their designes, and all o­thers of like condation, We do therefore, to give them full satisfaction, hereby declare and publish, to all his Majesties good Subiects in this kingdome, that by the words Jrish Papists, we intended onely such of the old meere Jrish, in the Province of Vlster, as have plotted, and contrived, and beene Actors in this Con­spiracy [Page] and others who adhere to them, and that wee did not any way intend, or meane thereby any of the old English of the Pale, nor of any other parts of this Kingdome, we being well assured of their fidelities to the Crowne, and having experience of the good af­fection and service of their Ancestors in former times of danger and Rebellion, and we further require all his Majesties loving Subjects, whether Protestants, or Pa­pists, to forbeare upbraiding matter of Religion, one against the other, and that upon paine of his Majesties indignation, Given at his Majesties Castle of Dub­lin, November 4. 1641.

  • R. Rantlagh,
  • R. Dillon,
  • Anth.Midensis,
  • Ad. Los­tus,
  • Geo. Shurley,
  • Gerrard Lowther,
  • L. Temple,
  • Fr. VVilloughby,
  • Jam. VVare.
God save the King.

Another Letter dated at the Castle of Dublin, Novemb. 5. 1641. sent by the Lord chiefe Justices of Ireland.

THe Calamity of the English and Protestants in Ireland is great, and the mischiefe that the Rebels have done, are many, and so much the more ought to be severely executed, by reason of a Proclamation which the Rebels have put out, commanding all those that are either English or Protestants, to be gone away, immediately after the publishing thereof, or otherwise to take what punishments the Rebels shall inflict up­on them, and execute with all cruelty, by cutting of the heads of all those that remaine, and by burning their Villages, and putting both man and woman, and child to the Sword, a great number of the Rebels did assault Tredath, and plundered the Towne, committing many outrages therein; as namely, they entred violent­ly in a house of Dr. Vshers there, now Lord Primate of Ireland, and carryed away 4000 l. in plate and mo­ney, but we hope shortly they will be suppressed, for some forces from Scotland, is come to assist us, they are now in the North parts of the Kingdome.


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