The last great and BLOUDY FIGHT BETWEEN The English and the Dutch, on Thursday morning last neer the Downs: With the particulars thereof, the number of men killed and wounded on the Parliaments side; and the taking, burning, sinking, and dispiersing of five and forty Sayl of the Hollanders by Sir George Ayscue: With his pursuing of Van-Trump to the Coast of France; and 24 of his Men of War shipwrackt neer St. Mallows; Also, a gr [...]a [...] Victory obtained by G. Blake; the number of ships taken; and a general Rising of the Dutch-men; their choosing of a new Admiral; and all persons to die without mercy that will not en­gage. SEnt in a Letter to the Parliament of England, and the Councell of State, on Sabbath-day last; and printed according to order.

[depiction of a ship or galleon with many guns or cannons, flying a flag with a cross]

London, Printed for G. Horton, 1652.

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