Delaun Reviv'd, Ʋiz. A Plain and short discourse of that Famous DOCTOR'S PILLS, Their Use and Ʋirtues. VVith Choice Receipts for the Cure of the Scurvy, Dropsy, Jaundies, Ʋenereal and other Diseafes.

Before I speak to this Famous Medicine, I will declare who Delaun was; Then, the Price of his Pill and how to take it, and of its several Virtues in order, in such Plain words, as the weakest capacity may understand:

And I intreat those who hope for help hereby, would throughly Read this short book, and observe my Directions for their own good and the Authors's Credit.

THis Famous Author was not like any the Quacks of this Age, whom the Honourable London Colleagues could com­ptrol, who De­laun was as they did Bromfield of Fetter Lane most deser­vedly, and compell'd him to pay Forty marks; for that, that he, though the chief of the Pill-sellers, was never bred to Physick, or had Learning enough to understand his Accedence; Mr. Scott in Grubstreet Attorney for the Colledge, who prosecuted many others, will averr this truth: which, if Bromfield (or [Page 2]any for him (ca [...]se he cannot spell) deny, in Print, my Next will give you a farther account of the man and his Medicine.

No, Delaun was the honour and Ornament of this Colledge, and the Apothecaries Company; he was first and Founder of their Hall where his Effigies is now erected, he was Doctor and Apothecary to Queen Ann, King James, and Charles the first; he had thirty seven children by one wife, lived 97 years and dy'd worth more thousands of pounds which he bequeathed to Hospitals and his numerous Of-spring, amongst which, he was attended with no less than sixty Grandchildren at his lamented Funeral in Black-fryers.

My own knowledge in Physick I acknowledge to Pharmacy, being bred under that great Inquirer into Nature Dr. Willam Harvey, as his Apo­thecary, who above all Catharticks, having Experimented this Pill, commended it to the world, as the most friendly to Nature, and effe­ctually in sweetning the blood, and maintaining it's Circulation, whereof (to England's glory) he was the true Author.

And, this Pill having before and since, past the Test of the most Scru­tinous, and in such esteem now, that not only the City, Court, and Coun­try, Allow'd by the Colledge. prefer it, but the very Collegiate Doctors prescribe it to their Pa­tients; and they themselves and Families actually take it, from my own hands: which I deny any other to be thus grac'd, thus Justified.

The Price of, and how to take this Pill.

Note, that in and about London the Poor (who may fetch them every day, The price and rea­sons thereof. as they use them) may buy one single Pill clos'd in a Paper box gilt with Gold, and costs but six pence, yet is a sufficient Purge for most Con­stitutions, but, to remote parts I send only whole Boxes or half boxes of Tin, containing 6 or 3, Price three shillings, or eighteenpence, sealed with three Scallop shels on a Bend Ingrail'd, and 'tis hop'd, that none will murmure that every Pill should cost six pence. A Lark excels a Kite; And who can expect a pleasant Purge, (prescrib'd and allow'd by a Con­sult of the most towering Judgements, and Compounded of the most costly Ingredients that Art or Nature ever yeilded) for less than six pence.

Note further, The big­ness of the Pill. that this Pill is so inviting to the Eye and Smell and of such easy Operation, that those who once take it bid adieu to all other Physick; and it's bulk is but as a grey Pea, and may be divided into two, ten, or twenty Pills at pleasure, and then, sure none will quarrel at their Number.

These Pills are alwaies as soft wax, A last­ing Pill. never grow dry, or decay in [Page 3]their Virtues, which makes them in such esteem with Sea-faring men, and in the Indies, Virginia, France, Ireland, and this Island, where the spreading Scurvy would otherwise eat up the Inhabitants.

Directions low to take these Pills.

Which I earnestly intreat all persons concern'd to peruse well, as they tender their own Health; and, if by their own neglect any miscar­riage happen, they will not blame the Author, and through Jesus, the grand Physician of the soul, none may have cause to complain.

First then, Cautions ☜ 'tis desir'd that none should covet large Doses or many Stooles, but rather take ten times too little, than once too much, for if this Pill should chance not to purge at all, yet 'tis even then acting in the body as a Balsom, fighting against some hidden Malady, and by the oftner taking of easy Doses, diseases are more certainly overcome, nature strengthned, long life and health secur'd.

☞ Note also, that thò this Pill should not work as you expect it should, this or that day; you must not blame the Physick, but impute it to the temper of your bodies; for, what will work with the same per­son to day, may not work at all another day: the Pill is alwayes the same exactly Prepared, but our bodies alter.

Coutions and time of Taking the Pin.

Next this, note well, I do not commend this, Cautions Worms, Rickets, Convul­sions in Children nor any Purging Physic (as some do, that neither know nor care what they say or do) to weak, wasted constitutions, nor to women young with child, nor to In­fants less aged then three or four years (these Pills being absolute against Worms, Rickets, and Convulsions,) and, to such I warn that none give above the third or fourth part of a Pill, having strict regard to Age and strength, although I assert it to be the most safe, pleasant, best corrected Physic in the Universe. Directi­ons to take this Pill.

Persons of indifferent strength, may take One, the stronger one and half, the weaker, half or two thirds, of a Pill, and by degrees, more or less, as they desire (and find) them to work.

The Time of taking all quick Physick ought to be in the morning, espe­cially in cold weather, least (if taken over night) the Patient, Time of taking Physick. forced to rise, catch cold.

You may take half over night, and the rest next morning; but, the old and best way is, to take them after the first sleep, or at any time from [Page 4] one or two a clock till seven, eight or nine, in the morning, take them a­lone, or in the pap of an Apple, Egg poched, Beer, Ale, Coffee, Tea, or other liquor you can best swallow them in.

You may stay at home, what to eat or drink, or go abroad, drink, or not drink after them, at your pleasure: but, certainly a warm chamber with tender persons, and some warm Ale, Broth, posset, &c. suits best with all purging Physic.

The Patients may eat their usual food to Dinner and Supper, but hot and fresh is most suitable.

☞ Those whose Diseases have been of long standing, Invete­rate dis­eases re­quire much physick. ought to take a dose every other day for four or five dayes or longer, as strength permits, and the Disease abates. Many persons take them going to Bed, with great Ease and Conveniency, especially such as go late to Bed, and have business next day.


This Pill is chiefly appropriated to the Stomach, Stomach and with such Effects, that though other Medicines may sometimes succeed, yet no other is Aequivalent in healing, cleansing, comforting, and setling this bow­el: and, at the same time, reaching the very Head.

This Physick, The head's excellen­cy. and this only, hath prerogative to examine that Noble part, that seat of Reason, wherein are lodged the internal senses, the will, memory, imagination, understanding, &c. and all the external senses also depend on this Tower of Pallas the Head.

The Brain is the off-spring of all the Nerves and Fibers, which di­stribute themselves and convey the Animal spirits to all the distant parts of man.

The very Heart it self owes its affections and motion (I do not mean the pulsific motion) to the annimal spirits.

The Head, Head is the All of man. in a word, is the All of man, and, this Prince of Pills being sole Ruler there, who shall doubt it's power in managing the meaner parts of that microcosm.


[...] or pains or Aches in the whole, Head pains. or any part of the Head, are removed with six or eight Pills, taken in twice so many dayes, ac­cording to the first Directions.

But, if the Disease hath been habitual, and inveterate, the sick per­son [Page 5]ought to try this method again, and again after a week or ten dayes discontinuance, according to strength, &c.

In the same manner, are cur'd these following Diseases, of the Head, Eyes. Ears. Teeth. Taste. Smell. Viz. Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Dropsy of the Brain, Madness, Frenzy, Ideo­tisme, swimming, or noise in the head, weak memory, Giddiness, stupidity, weak or sore Eyes, Deafness or Drumming noise in the Ears, or Head, want of smell or Taste, Tooth-ach, Kings Evil, swelling about the Neck, Throat, Jawes, or Gumms,

Lethargy, which (vi vocis) denotes a sluggish forgetfulness, and is an excess of sleep and eclipse of Memory, with a Fever, as the famous Willis describes it, if I mistake not his Sense.

Vertigo which is a confusion of the Animal spirits, when the sight is perswaded that all its objects turn round.

Palsie, which is a Laxation of the Nerves from their true bent and tensity, whereby Motion or Sense, or both, in the whole, or any part of the body, cannot, as usually, be exercised.

And, besides these Diseases of the Head there are other, which are rather ill habits, viz. A Coma or, continual sleeping, Pervigilium, or a restless watching, an Incubus, or Night-mare, Hard Drink­ing. which is a disease of the Brest and brain, Melancholy a Disease of the Heart, and Head.

And be assured (Good Fellows) that nothing in Nature can carry off Sottish dulness after hard drinking, like this Pill, which settles both brain and stomach, Sweetens the Drink-Tainted Breath, and Creates an Appetite to Admiration.


Which though it seize parts far remote from the Head viz. the hands or feet, &c. Willis de Morb. Capit. and then the joynts only (inter internodia Ossium) is a Di­sease of the Head and Nerves, which arise thence, and (consequently) (I hope) none dare dispute this Pills Prerogative and approved Effects in this Distemper.


Which does not only afflict the Colon, or great Gut, Cholick a Disease of the HEAD. (as some think) but also the whole Region of the belly, and chiefly the Mesentery, (where there are many great Nerves) is also a Disease of the Head, and cured with these Pills, taken in Clysters, in the fit as well as afterwards, Viz. thus.

Take of Camomise flowers, Certain [...]ase or cure for Collick Wind Gripes.Iunsper herries bruised, of each half an an Dunce, Firr tops, Mallows of each half an handful, Anuis and Feuel­séeds of each owd drachms; boyl them in two ouarts of Posset ale; take three quarters of a Pint of this liquor, and half an Ounce of Turpentine dissolved in the yolk of an egg, six of Delauns Pills, one Dunce of Clyster Sugar, administer it: and again, and again, if need require; drink the rest of the liquor sweetned with Sugar, three or four Dunces at a time, and when the pains cease, purge frequently with this Pill, which will root out the very seeds of this miserable distemper.

This method also Cures, Gripes, Wind, Stone, Collick, Ʋlcers in the Kidnies, &c. Deo soli gloria.


'Tis not possible to describe it in its several Shapes, Descrip­tion of the scur­vy. being a Distem­per that insinuates, creeps into, and mixeth it self with all other dis­eases; some Authors assigne forty, some fifty, others seventy symptomes thereof, which I have not here room enough to recount; but, since 'tis certainly caused through the fault of the stomach and Pancreas and the blood's being degenerated from its spirituous balsamic condition, into a sharp salt liquor, and complicating it self with all the aforementioned diseases of the Head, 'tis too true, too apparent, to be a disease thereof.

For when the teeth grow loose, hollow, black, rotten, the gums foul, Seurvy differs little from the French Evil. stinking, the mouth and lips black, dry, ulcerated, the tongue raw, swollen, discoloured, what else is the canse but the sharp Recre­ments of the Nerves, that come from the brain? black, blew, reddish, (less and bigger) spots, scurffs, pimpled face, armes or brest, tetters, pains in the limbs, shortness of breath, pursiness, pricking, shooting, itching, shifting pains in the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, anckles, restless fearful dreams, sour belching, reaching, and vomiting in the morning, weak stomach, nautious appetite, and many other signs there be of this mischievous malady, which appearing so often like the POX and often as dangerous, the scorbutic husband or wife, are apt to suspect themselves infected by their Chast bedfellowes, and one friend to accuse another of unchast embraces, cause the effects of the Scurvy differ so little from those of unclean Venery.

And, inasmuch as no Pill or other Physick on earth hath succeeded [Page 7]like this, no Pill, but this only, The Col­ledges Allow­ance. is approved of by the most Learned Colledge in the World, and in such request in Court and City, sure the hitherto deluded Country, will now see it's errour, and embrace this safe and certain Physick, which so firmly Conquers this Rebellious Pest, and with a friendly close with Nature, thrusts forth the Excre­ments with ease and safety, seperating the diseasy matter from the mass of blood, rendring the heavy body, brisk, active, and lively, giving a vital oyl to the Lamp of the heart, in order to health, being the sublime bliss on this side Heaven.

But this Taint admits of a more speedy Conquest, if the Patient use brisk Exercise, and every Morning and Afternoon drink the Juice of Scurvy-Grass, Watercresses, Brooklimes, with Oranges, or this

Receipt for the Scurvy.

Take of Scurvy grass six handfuls, Watereresses, Brooklimes, Receipt for the Scurvy.Elder­Nowers, Broom tops of each threehandfuls, Horse radish, Parsly, and fennel roots, winter bark (if you have it) of each three Ounces, Corian­der, Pustard, Carrot seeds, of each two Dunces, the roots being sliced, herbs cut, seeds bruised, steep them in six or seven Gallons of Ale, for foud or five daies, drink half a Pint three or four times a day for twenty or thirty daies. The Poor will praise, and pray for me, for this cheap but excellent Receipt, the Rich may infuse them in white or Rhenish wine, or distil them, and if they add of Guaitum, China, Snssafras, of each half a pound, of Nutmegs four ounces, 6 Oranges sliced, it will be more effe­ctual, and (possibly) one of the best of Medicines: insomuch that continuing this Drink as aforesaid, and taking Melauns Pills, two or three times weekly, and both before and after this Method, as also eating the first mentioned three herbs as Sallad, with Elder Vinegar, Rubbing the gumms and mouth dayly with Olive pickle, scaling the teeth, &c. This Scurvy Pest (ope vivina) will soon submit and vanish.

Receipt for the Dropsy, Jaundies, &c.

In diseases of the Liver, and Spleen, Agues, Dropsies, Jaundies, Liver Spleen D [...]osy Jaundies Stomach Choler phlegmes add to this Receipt more White-wine, good store of Turmerick roots, Bar­berry bark, Celandine and Vine leaves, more Broom; some Saffron, and with frequent taking of this Pill (which purges Phlegm and Choler, warms and strengthens the Stomach, creates a good appetite and Di­gestion) under God you may depend upon relief.

Diseases of the Brest.

It is very effectual in disquiet Coughs, Catarrhs, Phthisic, &c. as far as purgation is requisite; and nothing better after Fevers, small Pox, Measles, Agues, &c.

Wormes, Piles, &c.

It kills all wormes in the Stomach and Gutts, in all Ages, Sexes, and Constitutions, Cures Piles, anointing the infected part with Oynt­ment of Roses and Aegyptiacum (which the Apothecaries sell) equally mixt.

WOMENS DISEASES Womens diseases. barren­ness.

As to Distempers that afflict this Sex, this Pill claims Priority, inasmuch as Hysteric Passions or Mother Fits are caused through the vice of the Nerves, and consequently the overstuffing of the Ven­tricles of the stomach, as the uncontradictable Famous Willis affirms, and from the same Cause, Barrenness, Green Sickness, want of Month­ly benefits, (and for that reason this Pill is dangerous for Women with child) it strengthens weak backs, Cures Whites, &c. Redu­cing the Womb to an excellent state, in order to Procreation, which causes Experienced Midwives and Heirless Dames to flock from all parts, for these Pills which are especially proper to be taken with Tunbridge, Epsom and other Mineral Waters, being so great a Cordial and warmer of the Genital-parts, which hundreds can Attest.


Or involuntary issuing of Foetid matter from the Privities, Running of the Reins. with Sharpness of Urine; swelling in the Testicles, Warts, painful ere­ction of the Privities, weeping remainders after ill begun and un­effected Cures by unskilful pretenders. This Pill, though it hath not in it one Grain of Mercury (which many think to be the only Specific [Page 9]against Venereal Distempers, Running of the Reins. but I deny and dread it) most effectually Cures; the Patient being temperate and purging freely every day, or as often as strength permits, for about twenty dayes, less or more, as the case presents.

But, both in this and a Confirmed Pox when not only the Mass of Blood is corrupted, but also the bones tainted and tortured with rest­less night pains, Shankers, Warts, swelling in the Groin, Pox. the Nose or Pallate sinking, or Ulcerated, Nodes, and dreadful Memorandums in the Shins, Arms, Shoulders, Head, &c. I advife the sick to twenty or thirty dayes Diet-drink, which I have alwaies in readiness, at two shillings the quart, or the Ingredients which may be sent to any part of England, with directions to make it at home, Diet drink & sweating necessary in the Cure of the Pox & Scurvy since it will not keep long enough to be sent into the Countrey. Which pleasant liquor, with the help of this Pill, taken twice a week, and sweating as often, perfectly roots out the Venereal venom; and in truth, the same drink is no less Effectual against the Gout, Rheumatism and Scurvy, for, Omne majus continent in se minus: wherefore, those squeamish Dames, who disdain Medicines that cure this Malady, are blame worthy, inasmuch as (if they be not Mercurial ones,) they are as safe, and render the blood as sweet as milk, and, consequently, cannot but cure less dangerous Dis­eases. To those that cannot attain to my Diet drink, I commend this Cheap but very effectual one. Receipt for Diet drink for the Pox.

Take of Sarsaparilla white and mealy, twenty ounces; of trude Antimo­ny in powder twelve ounces, ty'd up in linnen: of Flinty China five oun­ces, of Sassafras, Guaicum, Mastick-wood, Harts-horn, Ivory, of each three ounces, of Bark of Guaicum, of red and white Saunders, of each an ounce; steep them in twenty pints of spring-water over a gentle fire, in a vessel close stopt, and Luted, for twelve hours then boyl them as long, strain the liquor and add to the same ingredients eight pints more water, three ounces of Liquorish; Nutmegs, and Coriander seeds of each one ounce, boyl them four hours, strain and mix both together, let them set­tle; drink every day two quarts for thirty dayes, (refraining all other li­quors) I commend this easy firm way of cure to the world, hoping the Dis­eased will sin no more, least a worse thing befal them. observing also these following directions. The same Drink in many o­ther Di­seases.

Those who have Ʋlcers in the Privities or Throat, may tonch them dayly three or four times, with a little Allum water, or burn'd Allum, mixt with honey, or Oyntment called Aegyptiacum. And by degrees, being patient and penitent, and using soberly, the former directions Dyet-drink and Pill, the Preserver of men may avert his judgements, and a Cure will come in course.

Those who have any swelling in the Testicles may apply this or the like Pultis, A Pultis for sweld Members

Take of grated bread, three ounces, of Linseeds and Camomile flowers in powder of each one ounce, of Mallows leaves cut, two handfuls, boyl the bread and leaves in water two hours, till there be but little moisture, then add the powders, and two ounces of Oyntment of Roses, use part of this morning and night, spread it thick upon a thin bladder and linnen over it, bind up the affected parts, Trus-fashion, and, if possible, with a Truss, to appease, discuss and cure that torturing tumour.

Swelling in the Groin requires the same, or some such like Pultis, adding, three ounces of White Lilly roots boyld to mash, one ounce of Foenigreek seeds, allowing as much fresh hogs Lard or Butter, as will kéep it very moist. Pultis for a Bubo. This will ripen and break the painful swelling, which must be Lanc'd (or ought to be) and kept tented, with Basilicon, and emplaistered with Melilot, till the tumour be quite abated, then cured as a wound; but in this Distemper, take no Pills save only to keep the body Laxative; till the swelling be near well, then purge freely with this Pill, and drink the Diet Drink for a fortnight or longer as need requires.


Beware of pretenders to this Pill especially one Sandbrook Apothecary neer Delaun's head in Blacksryers, Counter­seits ex­pos'd. who vends a Pill call'd De Duobus, for Delaun's which (I call God to witness) hath above twenty Ingredi­ents more than that call'd de duobus hath in it, which that Conscientious Gentleman sells. (his own servants will averr the same) And I declare that the true Delaun's PILL, is not sold at any Apothecaries in England, and am ready to justifie the same; and dispute the Preparation and Effects of this or of any thing here inferted, according to the Art of Physick or Pharmacy, in the presence of the Colledge, with the greatest Critick or Detractor.

And, as to inserting names, and Letters of Cures as many do, I have not room, but, if I should do so, Lought to speak also of miscarriages, which Sennertus, Rivrrius, Willis and all true Physicians did, whilst Quacks (that read their works) being translated into English, (else they could not) pretend to make men immortal, Quacks are friends to Sex­tons. though I can prove plenti­fully; they have been great friends to all Sextons, and to some Persons who were weary of their wives, and yet sell Bromfields Pills: oh Co­vetousness! oh Ignorance! the Parents of Murder; who shall trust to his Medicine who was neither bred to Physick or Brammar, nor knows how to chuse a Drugg, and yet pretends to be a Physitian, an Aesculapius in a month? They now not Drags. when the most acute, must serve Eight years Apprentiship, la­boriously, and then, not one in three able to undergo his Examination, or [Page 11]qualified only to compound, not daring, (in seven years more) to ad­minister or prescribe a dose of Physick: I leave it to any sober man to judge, but, since [...], I will desist.

In Laudem Authoris.
Medicine Apollo clayms, Spagyrick Art
Is Thine Great Laun; Now Chymists do not Thwart
The Galenists; all Reconeil'd by this
Thy Posthume Pill, the Rich and Poor Mans bliss.
So shone the Sun, and Python did destroy,
As you those Ills which Mankind do annoy,
Do Conquer, since these Arts you do Employ.

These Pills are Sold

At Delaun's Head a Feather-maker in Black-Fryers, next door to my former Habitation by Ludgate.

By Mr. Horn at the North Entrance of the Old Exchange. Mrs. Hope at the South Entrance. Mr. Leech at the Crown in Cornhill. Mr. [...] under St. Dunstans Church. Mr. Carter at the flying Horse in Fleetstreet, Mr. Battersby at Thavies Inn Gate, all Booksellers.

Mr. Leeson in Bow lane the Famous Tooth-drawer. Places for Sale. Mr. Searle in Pye-Corner the Great Operator in Deafness. Mr. Appleby at the Apple Tree in Pickadilly, nearthe French Church. Mr. Charles Branden Cheesemonger in Clare Market. The five Bells in Chancery lane, Cutler. Mr. Mountague in Fleetstreet, Tobacconist. Mr. Morgan the Kings Grocer in Henrietta street Covent Garden. Mr. Weatherspoon Barber Chyrurgion in Long Acre. Mr. Eads Distiller in Leather lane. Capt. Grant in Moor-fields. Mr. Lovell on London bridge, (Distillers.) Dawes Coffee-house at Smithfield Bars. Mrs. Hatton Vintner. Mr. Seager Tobacconist. Mr. Parruck Grocer. Mrs. Harvey Thred-shop, (these four in Holbourn.) Mr. Fages in St. James's Market, Grocer. Mrs. Milward at Westminster Hall Gate. Mrs. Rookes in Kingstreet, and at her shop at White Hall Milliner. Mr. Only Grocer in Red-Cross street. Mr. Hubbert Tinman in Upper Shadwell. Mr. Smith over against the Kings Bench at the Bird Cage in Sonthwark. Mr. [Page 12] Smith stationer next Temple Church. Places for Sale. Mr. Lyon at the Dog within New­gate. Mr. Gardiner Herbalist in Newgate market. Mr. Smith a stationer o­ver against Bow street in Covent Garden. Mr. Page Drugster at Charing-Cross. At the Tobacconists next to the Cock-Alehouse at Temple bar. Mr. George Shipside Distiller in stocks market.

Jonathan's Coffee-house in Exchange Alley. Jo's in Fuller's Rents. Smith's in White Fryers. Sold be­yond Sca.Dison's Coffee House at Limehouse corner Sandford's in salisbury Court. Carliles near Guild Hall. Richard's by Temple gate Man's at Charing Cross, (all Coffee houses.) And at most other Eminent Coffee-houses and Noted Cities and Towns in the Kings Dominions and Plantations.

And at Delaun's Head in Baldwin's Gardens in Holbourn, (being lately remov'd thither from Black Fryers) where also are Sold, and exactly Prepard,

Dr. Tern's Cordial Purge, which Hind, D [...]ssy, and others call Elixir Salutis, or The Never Failing Cordiall: Dr. Willis's Lozenges, which Buckworth and Piercy call their's: Elixir Proprietatis, Matthew's Pills, an absolute Worm-Powder: The Lady Ivye's Drop, for the Eyes, Spirit of Scurvy-Grass, Gripe-Water, with Printed Directions.

I mean the Compound Spirit of Scurvy-Grass, Prepared according to the Famous Dr. Le-Febure, which, as the Learned London Colledge does not only Approve of, but Applaud and Prescribe, I hope none may Condemn.

And, Note, that six or more Vendors of this Spirit, do all pretend to be the Inventors of it, when alas! this Person expos'd it in Print (for the Publick Good as plain as Mithridate, in the London Di­spensatory) Many Years before any of these self-ended Men offer'd it to Sale: And I farther Averr, that 'tis so far from being a Secret or Ra­rity, that 'tis as easily made as common Rose Water.

This I Sell (either Plain or Purging) at six pence the Glass, by whole-Sale, with Printed Directions, to be sent to any part of England, or Retail in London.

I also give Advice for Love, and proper Medicines in any Disease, very Cheap; and to such as have Apothicaries to their Friends, I Prescribe Bills in Latine, which none but those that cannot will Refuse; And hereby you may distinguish Artists from Impostors.


(Prepar'd only by N. L. Approved Physitian in Bald­wins Gardens neer Grays Inn, at Delauns Head) Are also Sold

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