Lately committed to the Tower, by the Honourable and high Court of Parliament Nov. 2. 1641.

AS ALSO, The committing of three of the Queenes Servants, that came to visit him; whodeny to take the Oath of Supremacie, and the Protestation.

With the Plot about the Tower, supposed to Rescue him out, or some such Evill Designe.

With the Popes Breve sent to Father Philips, with pre­sents brought to the Queens Court, with the Popes picture in Gold.

As also, his sending away of above 10000. pounds, which was partly gathered with a pretence to assist the King against the Scots.

London Printed for A. I. 1641.

(FPTQC)Father Philips the Queen's Confessor

THE JNPEACHMENT AND ARTICLES OF Complaint, against Father Philips, the Queenes Confessor, lately committed to the Tower, by the Honourable, and High Court of Parliament.

I. That the said Father Philips hath bin observed to be a great cause, both in himselfe, and his Adherents of a great part of the unquietnesse of this State.

II. Hee with Parsons, and others their Assistants were the onely cause, that the Pope was stirred up to send Breves, to these Kingdomes of England, and Scot­land, to hinder the Oath of Allegeance and lawfull O­bedience of the Subjects to our gratious King, that so they may still fish in troubled waters,

III. Of the damnable Doctrine, which he and other Ie­suits have taught, to destroy and depose Kings, hath bin [Page]the cause of the civill warres, like to befall these King­domes, if God in his mercy did-not prevent it.

IV. They have bin the cause of the Monopolyes proje­cted in this Kingdmne, especially concerning Sope, the Forrest of Deane, and marking of Butter-Casks, where all the parties were partners, and confederates with them, as Sir Basill Brooke, Sir Iohn Winter, and a brother in Law of the said Sir Iohn, that lived in Worceste-shire, and Mr. Ployden, whose Servant named Baldwin, hath bin seene to deliver to Captaine Reade, a substitute of the Iesuits, an hundred pounds at a time to one Iesuit that lived in his house.

V. Father Philips hath bin a great Actor with the Superior of the Capuchins, who is a most turbulent Spirit, and was sent bisher by Cardinall Richlieu of France, to be a spy at this Court, for the French facti­on: and hath therefore laboured by all meanes to bréed dissensions; for the French ayme at nothing more then to make a Schisme betwixt the English & the Scots, that this State might so be weakned, and made unable to withstand them: that so they might have an oppor­tunity to conquer these Kingdomes: these unquiet spi­rits having accesse to her Majesty, may importune things not fit for the State.

VI. The said Philips hath bin guided by gray Fry­er, who by degrées hath intruded himselfe to be a Clark of her Majestyes Chappell, and Chaplaine extraordi­nary, in time of Progresse. who when he is out of Lon­don, goeth by the name of M. Wilson, but his true name is William Tompson, Dr. of Divinity, as some Ie­suits have affirmed; but a most furious spirit, and un­quiet: and therefore by a nick-name, is by some called [Page]Cacafugor that is, as much, as if in English you should say, Shit-fire: by whom Fasher Philips hath béens so led, that he hath beene very offitient to perform what­soever he would have done: these two have ruled all the businesse concerning the two Kingdomes on the Papists parts, and for the most part of Rome also.

VII. Vhe said Father Philips hath placed many un­fit persons about her Meiesty, Sir Iohn Winter to bée her Maiesties Secretary; Seignior Gorgeos Conne) late agent of the Pope, his brother, was by his means, admitted to be servant extraordinar [...] to the Queene; a man altogether unfit for that place; a most scanda­lous person having [...]hree wives all now alive.

VIII, Sundry persons by the said Father Philips have beene admitted to be the Queenes servants exzraordi­nary, by some supposed office or other: as Myster La­bourne: Oeorge Gage (brother to Colonell Gage) bath both Oratoriant Priests, the one of the French faction very seditious, he other of the Spanish, whoes brother is now left reasident at ROME for them by his Master, Master VVilliam Hambelton late agen­at ROME-Penrik is sworne servant extraordina­ry to her Majesty, who is a sworne Spaniard, and inttelligencer for ROME, in respect his brother is a­gent here by Father Phillips; these and many otgers who are factious and turbulent spirits have by Father Philips his meanes received protection from the Queenes Mh jesty.

IX. Th [...] said Philips hath beene much ruled by Sir Toby Mathewes. Sir Iohn Winter and Master Walter Mountague.

[Page] X. He was very forward with his Complices; for the breaking of the Ice to begin the Treaty here for the Popes honours sake; and when sir Robert Doug­las, and Soignior Georgio were nominated, whom hée thought most fit, Cardinall Richlieu was thought fit­test to be the man, who should direct him to begin the Correspondency betwixt the Pope, and the Quéene; & therefore he was sent to France with many Letters, & from thence he was dispatched for Rome, by the Car­dinall: where he was received with great respect, and after a Viaticke, hee was dispatched againe for Eng­land, with some few small Gifts, Pictures, Crosses, Agnus Deis, and such like Popish stuffe to Father Philips, and other of that Function.

XI. The said Father Philips was the chiefe Agent in Correspondency with, and bringing in of Seignior Georgio Parsons the oratorian priest, by whase directi­on, this Priest being at Yaris, left wearing of Priests Clothes, and went in the habit of a Gentleman: and because he had a shaven Crowne, therefore he wore a Perriwig, & Father Philips directed all those that sent to him, to write to him, as to an Italian Gentleman, desirous to see these Kingdoms, and by Father Philips: his direction, he afterwards came hither: who did here continue for the space of two yeares, practising great & dangerous Innovations from place to place. And then having dispatched his busines, returned to Rome, with great presents, from the Catholicks of the greater fort.

XII. Whereas it hath pleased God, to dlesse us with a hopefull Prince, to the Comfort of our King and King­dome: yet the said Father Philips hath attempted to traduce his tender yeares to Popery. But God hath prevented him of his purpose: and let us pray to God [Page]to preserve that royall Race from Popery, & the whole Land from all Innovation: that our gracious King may rule gloriously, and the whole Land live in peace, to the honour of God, and comfort of us all, Amen.

AT the first comming of Father Philips to the Tower, there were divers Iesuits, and many of the Popish faction that came to visit him; but it hath pleased the Honourable As­sembly in Parliament (since) to reclaime them. And amongst the rest, that came to him: there are committed three of the Queenes Servants, who refuse to take the Oath.

  • The Clarke of the Queenes Closet.
  • The Queenes Cup-bearer.
  • And Her Majesties Apothecary.

Also, since Father Philips was committed to the Tower, there have to the number of about an hundred lusty stout fellowes taken up lodgings a­bout the Tower; to what intents, God knowes: but because they give no better satisfaction to the Honourable House of Parliament: it hath pleased them to command them to custody, where they remaine about the tower; part at the ship, and the rest at other places about the Tower, untill it please the honourable Assembly further to exa­mine the matter.

A perfect Coppy of the Popes Breve, sent from Rome to Father Philips, by Seigneor Georgeo.
To the Clergy, Seouler, and Reguler, and Lay-Catholicks of the three Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

HIs Holinesse being very sory for such jarres, and di­visious, between the Seculer, and the Clergy, to the great prejudice of the Catholike Church, and for that re­spect, having a Farherly care of soules in those Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland: he hath sent expressing the Reverend Fathers Georgio Parsona, one of his Fami­ly, to compose and reconcile them, if he can.

THis Seignior Georgio, after he had gained Audience of the King to the Queene, he presents Meddals, & Reliques of Saints, and some pieces of gold and silver, with the Popes picture stamped on them. Then at last aspiring to a Cardinals hat, he laden with great store of Jewels and Gold, mounting to above 10000. pounds, re­turned to Rome: which 'Jewels and Gold he got, partly of the money which Recusants sent for the King, to assist him in the Northerne Expedition, and partly given him by Papist Ladies, and Gentiewomen.

This Siegneor Georgeo was made Patriarth of Ierusalem, whose pride was so puft np when Sir William Hambleton was sent from Father Philips to that Court: whose carriage was like to Siegneor Georgeo here, carryig clothed in mans apparel through England, Scotland, France, and Italy, his swéet-heart Eugenius Bonny, a daughter of the young-man, of his Majesties Wine-Cellec.


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