Remonstrance FROM THE LORDS AND COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT at DUBLIN, concerning the Estate of IRELAND.

The barbarousnesse of the bloody Rebels, and a Protestation of their Complyance with the Power of England, for reducing of that Kingdome.

This Remonstrance is appointed to be printed and publishe according to the directions of an ORDER of PARLI­AMENT.

DƲBLIN: Printed by William B [...]den, Printer to the Kings most Ex­cellent Majesty, Anno Dom. 1646.


HUmbly declaring, that the Religion now professed by the Church of Roome (which in fundamentall points is Antichristian and hereticall) hath of late yeares extraordinarily over-spread this Kingdome, and hath the more increa­sed by the forbearing to put in execution, [Page] the wholsome Lawes and Statutes of force in this Kingdome, against Recusants and others of the Ro­mish-Religion, who have of late times more then formerly extreamely swarmed in this Kingdome. And whereas it evidently appeares; that the s [...]id An­christian and hereticall Religion, and the not putting the said Lawes in execution hath as the fruits and effects thereof, produced a generall confederacie, of the Papists in this Kingdome, to destroy, and ex­tirpe the Protestant Religion, and all English, Scot­tish, and Irish in this Kingdome-professing the same; wherein they have actually proceeded to execrable cruelties, (with out any prevocation give them by His sacred Majesty; by the State or Government, or any acts of the Protestants, or any others) they in­tending utterly to cast of the English Government, and most royall Authority of our Soveraign Lord the King. And where divers of the Romish Religion have in all parts of this Kingdome, inhumanely used most bloody and unheard of barbarous cruelties a­gainst the persons as well of the Clergie, as of most of the Protestant Religion within their power, not onely while life lasted, but even after death, digging some of them out of their graves, cutting them in peeces, and casting them into ditches, defiling of Churches, and setting up the abominable Idoll of the Masse, in stead of Gods true worship, and service, and in scornefull, and reproach [...]ull manner, trample­ing under foote the holy Bible, and disdainfully burning it, & have by their said cruelties already de­stroyed many thousand Protestants, and of those that remaine, and escaped their fury, most of them have [Page] been enforced to flye into England or Scotland for re­liefe, or to beg the Charitie of well disposed people here. The said Lords and Commons duly considering the premises, and the great dishonour done to God, to his Majesty, to the English Nation, and indeed to all His Majesties Kingdomes by the said most wicked Rebellion, plotted and acted by titulary Bishops, Abbots, Jesuits, Friars, Priests, Moncks, and others of the Romish Religion; do humbly expresse their det [...]stati [...]n thereof, that though reformation of Religion may be had in this Kingdome, to the glorie of God, and the honour of His sacred Majestie, and to that end p [...]ay, that a pre­sent and effectuall course may be taken for putting in Execution, the Lawes and Statutes of force in this Kingdome against Recusants, and all others of the Popish pretended Religion, in all parts of this King­dome, where the Lawes do or may run, and for suppressing the usurped power, and jurisdiction of the Sea of Roome, and particulare in the Citie of Dublin, which is now the Citie of refuge; for most of the distressed, dis-poiled Protestants of this King­dome, who yet are not without just feares, of emi­nent dangers, by reason of the multitude of Popish Inhabitants. And they do pray that it may be given in Charge to all His Majesties Officers, whom it may concerne, faithfull, and without delay to proceede therein, and that monthly Sessions be held for that purpose, in the said Citie of Dublin, that Bills may forthwith be transmitted into England, containing all such Lawes as are now in force there against all Iesu­its, Priests, Fryers, Monks, and all other superstitious [Page] orders and societies of the Popish preten­ded Clergy, and their Relievers, and against Recusants and other Papists to be enacted in this Kingdome. And such further Lawes as are or shall be needfull in that behalfe, & that such necessary expressions and provisi­ons may be therein made, as may be agree­able with the constitutions of this Kingdom and may give hopefull and comfortable as­surance to your supplicants, and their poste­rity, and to all others of the Protestant Reli­gion, who are or shall be in this Kingdome. That it may not be in the power of any Go­vernor, or Governours of this Kingdom, to suspend, inhibit, or connive at the execu­tion of the said Lawes, or any of them, and to this end, that your Lordships were in­trusted by His Majesty with the Govern­ment of this Kingdome, and must one day give an account thereof before the tribunall of Gods justice, will give present order for performing your supplicants requests here­in expressed: and although since this most hideous, and most bloody rebellions be­gan, we have had some succours out of [Page] England, which we ascribe to the mercy of God, in the great wisdome, and piety of his sacred Majesty, and in the carefull and cha­ritable endeavours of the Parliament and Kingdome of England, with His Majesties grace and goodnesse, we with the duty and loyalty of faithfull Subjects, do most hum­bly and thankfully acknowledge to His roy­all Majesty, and do also render to his Parlia­ment of England, most hearty thankes for their said care and endeavour for us; yet we find with inward sorrow, and griefe of heart, that for want of such powerfull and speedy succours of men, money, Victualls, Clothes, Armes, Ammunition, and other requisites of warre necessary to be sent hi­ther out of England; This warre for Gods cause, and the cause of his servants in this Kingdome hath hitherto had but a slow proceeding. They therefore most hum­bly beseech your Lordships to represent to his sacred Majesty their humble desires, and supplication, that it may stand with his Princely pleasure, that an effectuall and spee­dy course may be taken by His Majesties [Page] high wisdome, and the care of the Par [...] ­ment, for the hasting of those needfull su [...] ­cours, which the said Lords and Commo [...] humbly conceive, have been hitherto [...] ­tarded longer, (they doubt and feare) the [...] can well consist with the safety of this hi [...] ancient Rightfull Crowne and Kingdome and so by the high wisdome, and gre [...] goodnesse of his Majesty our great grief [...] and sorrowes converted unto joy and glad­nesse, Gods true Religion may be more firmly established, His Majesty, in wisdom [...], and power magnified, his good Subiects comforted, and his enemies, and the ene­mies of Gods truth disappointed.

To the Right Honourable, the Lord Lieutenant, and the Lords, Justices, and Councell.

Copia vera

ex, per Phil: Ferneles. Cler. parl. Dom. Com.

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