AN ACT For Continuing the Statute for An Additional EXCISE Upon Beer, Ale, and other Liquors.


DƲBLIN, Printed by Andrew Crook, Printer to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, on Ormonde-Key, 1695.

An Act for Continuing the Statute for An Ad­ditional Excise upon Beer, Ale, and other Li­quors. CHAP. XXIII.

WHEREAS in this present Session of Parliament there was an Act Established and Enacted by Autho­rity of the said Parliament, That from and after the Thrée and Twentieth Day of October, in this present Year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Six Hundred, Ninety Five, there shall be throughout this Your Majesties Kingdom of Ireland, Raised, Levyed, Collected, and paid unto Your Majesty, during the space of one Year from the said Twenty Third of October, and no longer, for Beér, Ale, and o­ther Liquors in the said Act Expressed, by way of Excise (over and above all other Duties, Charges and Impositions formerly Set and Imposed) the Excise and Duties in the said Act. Sett and Imposed, as by the said Act, amongst other things therein Contained more at large it doth and may appear.

And whereas the said Act may not fully Answer the Ends, therein Designed towards the De­fraying the Necessary Charges of the Publick, We Your Majesty's Most Humble and Loyal Subjects, the Commons in this present Par­liament Assembled, taking into Our Serious Considerations the Weighty and Pressing Oc­casions which at this time Require a further [Page 4] Supply of Money, in a Most Dutiful Ac­knowledgment of Your Majesties great Good­ness, Expressed in Your Tender Care of the Well­fare of Us your People, Do humbly present Your Majesty with a further Supply, by way of Additional Duty of Excise upon Béer, Ale, and other Liquors; And do Most Humbly Be­séech Your Majesty that it may be Enacted. And be it Enacted by the King's Most Excellent Ma­jesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Com­mons in this present Parliament Assembled, and by Authority of the same, That the said Act, and Every Clause, Article, Provision, Thing and Things in the same Specified or Contained, and the Duties therein mentioned, be, and are hereby Continued and made paya­ble in manner as in the said Act. is Specified, untill the Twenty Fifth Day of December, which shall be in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Six Hundred, Ninety Eight.


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