Colonel Hammond's LETTER SENT To the Honorable William Lenthal Esq Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, Wherein he desires, That Mr. Osborns Charge against Major ROLPH, may be brought to a speedy Examination.

ORdered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, That this Letter be forthwith printed and published.

H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

WITH A LETTER Sent to the Honorable Committee at Derby-house, Concerning the taking of the Earl of Holland, and many Of­ficers of quality, Two hundred Horse, much Gold and Silver, with other good Booty.

ORdered by the said Committee, That this Letter be forth­with Printed and Published.


London, Printed for Edward Husband, Printer to the Honorable House of Commons, July 12. 1648.

To the Honorable William Lenthal Esq Speaker of the Honorable House of COMMONS.

Mr. Speaker,

BEing deeply sensible of the re­flection upon me and divers other innocent persons by Mr. Osborns proceedings in excuse of his odious Treachery, I am bold to beg of you, That this Charge against Major Rolph may be brought to a speedy Examination, who, I am con­fident, will appear a man exceedingly injured, and this onely a Design to [Page 4] work greater disturbances in these di­stracted times. As this horrid scan­dal relates to the Army, I must say, That neither directly nor indirectly, from any Member of it, or from any other persons or person what­ever, did I ever receive a word or tit­tle tending in the least to such a wic­ked purpose; much less as it relates to my self, could I, or did I, speak any such thing to Major Rolph. But this is not the first fruit of this kinde I have received for my faithful Service to you, nor is it more then what I have expected; yet herein I am sa­tisfied, That in faithfulness and inte­grity I have served your Commands, with all possible care of, and respect to the Person of the King; so that [Page 5] come what will come, I can say from a good Conscience, The will of God be done: And in this I Appeal to His Majesty, who of any man best knows it, and who doth (and I doubt not will still do) upon every occa­sion as opportunity serves, suffici­ently clear me. Sir, if through Mr. Osborns Malice, or rather the wicked Design of those who have set him a work, you have received the least prejudice of me, be pleased to send down some other, whom you may judge more worthy your Trust, to receive my Charge, and I shall im­mediately, with all possible speed, present my self to you to receive your pleasure: In the mean time, it shall be the business of my best en­deavors, [Page 6] to preserve His Majesties Person from Danger, as well as in Se­curity in this place, according to your Commands, until I receive Instru­ctions for His removal, which I hope and expect will be sudden. Sir, when I am throughly considered, you will finde none more faithful to you, and more observant to your Commands, then, Sir,

Your most humble Servant, RO: HAMMOND.

To the Right Honorable, The Committee of Lords and Com­mons at Derby-house.

Right Honorable,

WE are bold to dispatch this Messenger with the good News which we have received from Col: Scroops party: Upon the Lords day between two and three of the clock, one of this Committee of the Militia went himself with Colonel Scroop to Hitchin, and procured him six good Guides, two of which were Captains in our Militia, these direct­ed our party the nearest way to St. Needs, whither the Enemy was gone: These Captains being still with the party, sent to us by some of the other Guides this Intelligence, [Page 8] That yesterday about the Sun-rising, Col: Scroop sent a Forlorn of 100 horse into St. Needs, who immediatly secu­red those Horse which were in the town, many having received the Ala­rum from their Scouts, and being got away; there was taken in the Town the Earl of Holland, with many other Officers of quality, and about two hundred Horse, with much gold and silver, & other good booty: Col: Dal­beir slain, and about twelve more; their Body is much broken hereby, and Col: Scroop in the pursuit of them; the Prisoners which are many, are se­cured in St. Needs Church, and are expected to be sent this day to Hit­chin: VVe are

Your Honors humble Servants,

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