The humble PETITION OF The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of LONDON in Common Councell Assembled, concerning Church-Government: Presented to the House of Peers upon Fryday the 16. of Ianuary 1645. With the Answer thereunto.

Die Veneris 16. Ian. 1645.

ORdered by the Lords in Parliament assembled, That this Petition, with the Answer thereunto, shall be forthwith printed and published.

Ioh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

LONDON, Printed for John Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley. 17. Ian. 1645.

To the Right Honourable the LORDS now Assembled in the High Court of PARLIAMENT. The humble Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of the City of London, in Common-Councell Assembled.


THat in Novemb. last the Petitioners made it their humble request to this honou­rable House, that Church-Government might be setled; and are most humbly thankfull for your favourable interpre­tation thereof, proceeding from the good intentions of the Common-Councell, who are re­solved, according to their duty, to have a tender respect [Page 2] to the Priviledges of Parliament, whereby the Liberties of the City and Kingdome are preserved: That in De­cember last, at the choise of new Common-Councell men for the yeare ensuing, the Inhabitants of most of the Wards in this City petitioned their respective Aldermen in their Wardmote to move your Petitioners to make their further addresse to the Honourable Houses of Par­liament, for the speedy setling of Church-Government within this City, and against Toleration, as by Copy of one of the said Petitions annexed appeareth.

That private Meetings, especially on the Lords Day, (of which there are at least eleven in one Parish) are multiplyed, whereby the publique Congregations, Or­dinances, and godly Orthodox Ministers, are very much neglected and contemned, as if they were Antichristian, and our present times were like the Primitive persecuti­ons, or as if we were still under the Tyranny of the Pre­laticall Government; and by reason of such Meetings, and the preaching of women and other ignorant persons, Superstition, Heresie, Schisme, and Profannesse, are much increased, Families divided, and such Blasphemies as the Petitioners tremble to thinke on, uttered, to the high dishonour of Almighty God.

That the Petitioners are informed that divers per­sons have an intention to Petition this Honourable House, for a Toleration of such Doctrines as are against our Covenant, under the Notion of Liberty of Con­science.

The Petitioners therefore having no power of them­selves to suppresse or overcome these growing [Page 3] evils; Doe, according to their Covenant, reveale and make the same knowne to this Honourable House, and for timely prevention and removall thereof due humbly pray that the Premisses may be taken into your most serious consideration; And that Church-Government may speedily be setled, according to our most Solemne Cove­nant with the most High God, in such man­ner and forme, as to Your Wisdomes shall seeme most agreeable thereunto, before wee be destroyed one by another through rents and divisions; And that no Toleration be granted, either of Popery, Prelacy, Superstition, He­resie, Schisme, Prophannesse, or of any thing contrary to sound Doctrine and the power of godlinesse; And that all private Meetings, con­trary to the said Covenant (the rather in regard of the sad effects thereof) may be restrained.

And the Petitioners shall pray, &c,

To the Right Worshipfull the Alder­man and Common Counsell-men of the Ward of Farrington within at their Ward-moot; A representation of the Humble desires of the Inhabitants of the said Ward.

THat Church-Government may speedily be setled within the City, before we be utterly ruined with rents and divisions.

II That this Government may be that which is agree­able to the Word of God, and example of the best Re­formed Churches, according to our solemne League and Covenant with the most High God.

III That no Toleration either of Popery, Prelacy, Schisme, Heresie, Superstition, Prophannesse, or any thing contrary to sound Doctrine, or the power of godlinesse may at all be yeelded unto, as being against the Word of God, and contrary to the very letter of our Covenant.

And these our most humble and earnest desires, which we are obliged and encouraged also to make, by reason of our said Covenant, we intreat the Right Worshipfull the Alderman, and Common Counsell-men of this Ward, to represent to the right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the Honourable Court of Common-Counsell at their first siting, that they would make their fur­ther addresse to the Honourable Houses of Parliament, for the obtaining of these our just and necessary desires.

The Answer to the said Petition, pro­nounced by the Speaker of the House of Peeres.

THe Lords have alwaies had great expe­rience of the care and good affecti­ons of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Councell of the City of London, for which they are glad of any opportunity to expresse their great sense, and to returne their hearty thanks, and more especially upon this occasion, wherein the Common-Councell have manifested so great Zeale and Faithfulnesse to the true Worship of Almighty God, and care for the Peace and well Order­ing of the City of London, in which the whole King­dome is so neerly concerned; The Lords therefore up­on consideration of the Petition now presented unto them, and the expressions of that worthy Alderman made unto their Lordships, have commanded mee in their names to give ye further and larger acknowledge­ments for your great care and endeavours to prevent [Page 6] so growing a mischiefe, giving ye this assurance, That as they have been very forward formerly to doe what in them lay for a settlement of Church-Government, so they shall still continue to advance and perfrom Worke so much tending to the glory of God, and to the setling of the Peace of the Kingdom, holding them­selves thereunto obliged by their solemne [...] and Covenant; and they [...] care of the Lord Mayor, and such as are in Office in the City, to suppresse and prevent such great Offences by you mentioned, which are so much to the dishonour of God and the disturbance of the present and future good Government of the City of London. And where­in ye shall finde your selves wanting in power, the Lords will be ready to contribute their authority for your in­couragement and assistance.


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