LONDON, Printed for John Wright at the Kings Head in the Old-Bayley. 1646.

TO THE RIGHT Honourable Phillip Lord Lysle, Lord Leivetenant Generall of IRELAND.

(My Lord)

THe favours I received from you Honoura­ble Father in my first journey to Ireland, and now sutable to your Lordshipps Fa­thers Will seconded; hath emboldened me to offer this poore tribute: not to teach your uncontradictable knowledge, but humbly desire it may kisse your hands as a sacrifice offered from your ser­vant, or as a weakenesse that stands in neede of your protection, therefore I humbly crave it may not bee offensive if for one houre or lesse I begge you from your more serious thoughts, to vouchsafe the reading of these few lines; The profession of a Souldier is neces­sary, his ends glorious, and his quality honorable; But when I come to thinke of a minde befitting a Souldier, I can only say this; that how curious, costly, plaine, or deformed the Cabinet be, yet must it necessarily bee filled with all manner of vertues: vice must be as that deadly foe with whom he will never make truce, or e­ver Capitulate, and the bulwarke to withstand his as­saults must be Faith and a good Conscience, under the guard of these he must finde his security: A Souldier [Page]must bee valiant, (for his proper vertue) vali­ant to conquer his Countreys foes: and valiant to o­verthrow is owne passions: to which purpose I pre­sume this manner of writing: Since then (my Lord) you are by the Honorable Houses of Parliament made Lord Leivetenant Generall of the Kingdome of Ire­land for the reducing of those Apostated miscreants, and that on you depends all the Millitary actions of that Kingdome; I cannot be perswaded but any thing which comes cloathed with this title being nothing but truth, shall finde from you a noble respect: Be it then your Lordshipps noble favour to save this poore Epistle from the wrack of envie, and when it shall arrive at your presence, bee pleased to heare what it delivers: And I doubt not, but though it can bring little to Aug­ment your knowledge, yet it may leave something wor­thy to be retained in your best memory: and howsoe­ver the weakenesse of words may deface it, yet your Lordship shall finde it hath an honest aime, and points at the way to prosper; it being the constant prayer of my soule that you may reape the fruits of so honorable and gallant an undertaking, so that God being thereby glorified, your soule may be everlastingly comforted: For my share of which service I am

Your Honours devoted Souldier by word and deede, to the hazard of his life LAZARVS HAVVARD

A Few collections for IRELAND.

A GOod heart hath learned to frame it selfe to all con­ditions, and can change estates without change of disposition, rising & falling according to occasions

DIstrust not God who is judge of all causes and men, for hee bringeth nothing to passe but that which is most righteous and most for his glory.

VAine men goe forth in a morning weake and unarmed to encounter with principalities and powers: but hee that tru­ly knowes Christ comes not into the field without this cap­taine.

AFfliction upon a nation is either to reforme them or destroy them: when Israel worshipped strange gods warre was in their gates.

NO people is saved for their righteousnesse sake, nor chose a people because they were righteous: but to make them righteous, yea the righteous shall be more righteous though the wicked grow worse and worse.

CArnall hearts are carried away with presumption of their owne abilities, and not finding matches to themselves in outward appearance insult over the impotency of inferi­ours.

EUen for our sinnes of Hypocrisie and Idolatry we have beene punished by the sword of Atheist & Idolater, yea one proud man correcteth another.

YE we could say with Abraham and Lot, let there bee no strife betweene me and thee, and so both joyne together against the common enemy, we might expect a good successe.

OPpression and wrong upon even termes are not so hainous unto God as those that are upon manifest disadvantage, in one there is an hazard of returne in the other there is a ty­rannous Insultation.

VNprovoked and envious onsets upon the backs of the Israel­lites by Amaleck God tooke to heart, every cowardly and cruell attempt upon an impotent enemie sticks in the sto­mack of the Almighty.

REmember saith Moses how Amelecke met thee by the way and smote the hindermost of you, all that were feeble behinde thee, when thou wert faint and wearie.

PUnishment upon a nation was never removed till the sinne was either punished or taken away: there can be no end of warre where sinne is cherished in the seate of justice.

ITs not the name of peace or warre, but the circumstances and condition of either that should make a man embrace the one or eschew the other.

KIngs that uphold Gods Kingdome, God upholds theirs: if they will have God to bee mindfull of them in his mercy, they must be mindfull of him in their businesse.

EVery important action requires a sacrifice of prayer to blesse it: but much more that action which imports a whole Church or Common wealth.

OUr dayes are growne desperate & full of homicides, as if vio­lence would leave nothing to doe, the merciles souldier hath put on his armour, left off his charity and fights for money.

REligious and worthy Arts alwaies advance a worke inten­ded: it prospers a warre, brings souldiers into a better com­mand, and a whole Army under good governement.

DOe enemies what they can, so Christ be our Captaine, our leader, and our friend, we neede not to feare.

EUery man forsake sin and rest upon Gods providence: for mans extremity is Gods opportunitie.

REward Babylon as shee hath deserved, yea serve her as shee hath served us: suppresse an Antichristian Prelacie, cut off those which make warre against the people of God.

YF there be a dog in the manger, he shall not always lie there, though there be divisions in Church and State, yet wee shall [Page 3]at last be taught of God to be of one minde.

O How happy were we, if we could say, as Abraham to Lot, let there be no strife between me and thee, but both joyne toge­ther against the Common enemy.

VEngeance in a great and an extraordinary measure, is sure to fall on al those that are Rebells & persecuters of Gods Elect.

REvenge for Religion-sake upon such Idolaters as have by craft and wiles sought to destroy and corrupt the people of God, is warranted by his word.

PRinces in honour cannot make peace with any People, Na­tion, or Countrey, that have shed the blood of his innocent Subjects: but especially not with his own in like Case.

IT's a good prediction, and a presage of future happinesse to a distracted Kingdome, when righteous men are brought in­to place of Judicature.

KIngdomes never flourish better then when Christs Gospel hath a free passage in it.

EVery violence that opposeth it selfe against Gods truth, must be utterly supprest? for the glory and welfare of a Kingdom consists in the maintenance of truth.

SUch as have no confidence in God, their hearts must needes faile them in undertakings of danger: but faith feares not though in the vally of the shaddow of death.

HAving Christ to bee ours, and our soules his, though the world were on a light fire, yet we shall not perish.

OUr knowledge of Christ is the cause of our love, and if wee love him, we will fight against his enemies.

VIctory, joy, pleasure and peace are comming to the people of God, but only with the comming of Christ.

LOve can extend the passions of the heart to the thing loved, and yet cannot apprehend Christ: hee must be apprehended before he be loved, & that love will make us defend his cause.

DReadfull curses fall commonly upon all those that take part with the enemies of Christ fighting to maintaine the cause of Antichrist, David saith none of their weapons shall prosper, Psal. 54.17.

EVen the consideration that our warre is surrounded with the prayers of all Gods people is incouragement enough for a man to goe on.

RIghteous men shall rejoyce when they shall see the vengeance that comes upon the wicked, and shall wash their feete in their blood.

YF God give quietnesse, who can make warre? when hee hides his face, who can behold him whether it bee done a­gainst a nation or a man only.

OUr sorrowes and sicknesse, our paines and perturbations, pestilence, famine and warre, are the fruits of sinne, and the manifestation of Gods displeasure against sinners.

VNgodly men may take councell together, but it shall bee brought to naught, yea though they make a confederacy, it shall be broken to peeces, for God will bee a Sanctuary and a rocke of defence to all his.

REprobates and ungodly men are Sathans Souldiers, and yet Gods pentioners and revolted to the enemy: Demas had been with Paul, professed with Paul, laboured with Paul: and yet for this present world forsooke Paul.

POlicie, succours, or abundance doe but rather entangle and disable our resistance, but the wisedome, comfort, and pow­erfulnesse of the holy Spirit are the armes with which wee shall beat downe our enemies.

IShmael, Moab, and the Haggarens, Gabell and Ammon, Ama­lecke and the Philistines, the men of Tyre and Ashur, all had severall gods: yet all these conspire against the true God.

KEepe not backe thy sword from destroying of Gods ene­mies, for God pronounceth a Curse upon those that doe his worke negligently.

EHud, Joshuah, David, and his Worthies, were all men of great knowledge, given to temperance, sobriety, and chasti­ty: these ought to be the vertues of Souldiers.

COwards are alwayes enemies to God and his Cause; to sit still in these times, is to be luke-warm professors of base and sordid spirits.

HEe that joynes himselfe to a Rebell, no man can know him from a Rebell: such surely were never of us, that have beene and are bloody against us.

A Reformation is the most of our enemies feare, and the true cause that the Devill and his Instruments do so bestir them­selves at this time.

REvenge the blood of Gods Saints, and the many outrages com­mitted against his Servants; for the whole Church of God cals to come into the help of the Lord and his people against the mighty.

GOd teacheth us not to looke upon our Enemies as Countrey­men, and Kinsmen, but as his enemies, and siders with Anti­christ: therefore our eye must not pity them, nor our sword spare them, Jer. 48.10.

EVery man stands upon his guard, especially when our Enemies have drawne their swords upon us, to invade our person, and whatsoever else is deare unto us.

YOu may seeke peace and follow after it, yet when the beast makes warre against the Saints of God, you must then take up Armes, Rev. 19.19.

OUr Lives and Religion fought for with courage brings Christ to take our parts, who wil not faile to give us victory in the end.

VIolence requireth resistance, yea it's lawfull alwaies to take up Armes when there is no safety without them, Paul makes it a fruit of faith to be valiant, Heb. 11.34.

REad the Historie of the Bible, for you shall finde that the Art Military is no where so wel to be learned as from that great and high Commander the Lords of Hosts, Isa. 10.24.26.

PRinces are happy when their Armies are like King Davids soul­diers, surely Kings of Davids heart will have no souldiers but such as King Davids were, 1 Chro. 12.38.

IN Zebulon were fifty thousand men expert in warre that could keepe their order in Rankes, besides they were not double-hearted.

KIng David had a great company of souldiers at his backe, yet he slew Goliah alone, and had none to help him: so faith alone conquers.

EVery just and warranted war God is with, and in the end gi­veth victory: he helped the Rubenites, and other Tribes, and cast downe their enemies, 1 Chron. 5.20

SOuldiers to bee religious, couragious, valiant and skilfull in military profession is required of God himselfe, Deut. 23.9.

HE that for ever suffered, that we might not suffer for ever, will not plead for those above, that will not fight for him below.

OUr God will teach our hands to war, and our singers to fight, yea also cover our heads in the day of Barrell.

UNgodly men have their day wherein they may execute theirown pleasure (as it were without controule) but Christ the Judge of all shall have his day.

DElinquents, Jesuits, and Firebrands of mischiefe are not able to abide the triall of Justice, and therefore past hope of recovery by any lawfull treaty.

EVery thing is that which it loves, so the wicked are the worlds, because they affect the world.

REspect nor protect a Newter, for they that are not with God, are against him: but he will deale with them accordingly. Curse ye Merosh, Judg. 5.23.

YF Samuel mourne, because God hath cast away Saul, Samuel must cease mourning, because God hath cast away Saul by his just Judgement.

OUr best evidence of the maintenance of Christs Cause, is when his Enemies are destroyed, and his owne people refreshed and comforted.

VErtuous men such as Abraham, Josuah and David, are alwaies victorious, and prevailent against Gods Enemies.

ROyall hearts ever disdain to follow pleasure (though somtimes lawfull) when they should be in the field: this contempt was in Ʋriah, 2 Sam. 11.11.

PRayer is alwaies a speciall meanes to procure victory, Israel fought, but Moses prayers made them prevaile.

IGnorant men are not fit for service, for not a multitude, but art and exercise getteth victory: Israels souldiers were all expert men, Judg. 20.16.

KIngdome is risen against Kingdome, and Nation against Nation, Gods Church is trodden underfoot, it must be so for a time, yet there is hope if we war aright.

EXalt thy self O God, and deliver us from our Enemies: defend us from those that rise up against us, let thy glory bee above all the earth.

PIety makes men valiant, for God being reconciled to such, death if it come, will be their advantage: Araham, David, Josuah, and Josiah were all valiant men.

ONely such men as have bought experience at a high rate are fit to command, for advancement is the true reward of desert.

REst not too much upon meanes, though the best be to be used, for a horse prepared for the Battell is a vaine thing: for safety (saith Solomon) is of the Lord, Prov. 21.31.

TRust in God, with prayers and supplications, asking councell of him, prospereth an Army, and procureth victory, Judg. 20.18, 23, 26.

YOu may put confidence in God, for faith in Christ withstands all encounters: yea it is he that mannages all just causes.

O Foolish Souldier, thousands of thine Enemies stand about thee, rather be sick then slothfull.

UNlesse we defend Gods glory, when it's in question, our tongues and hands are tied by the Devill, and not loosed by God.

RUn with patience unto the race that is set before thee, by death Christ came unto us, by death let us not grudge to go to him.

POlicie, wisdome, and experience, is required in Commanders, and no lesse dexterity and skill in common Souldiers: but a­bove all have a strong faith.

IT was faith which steeled Moses, and made him esteem the re­proaches of Christ greater then the Treasures of Aegypt. Heb. 11.14, 25, 26.

KNowledge of the experiences that Gods people have had in former Ages, and his love exprest to his servants in these times is sufficient to take away all faint-heartednesse.

EVery good man sleepeth more secure in his Tent, then the sinner in his Baricadoed Fortifications.

TRue faith brings the peace of God to our conscienes, good re­port, victory over our Enemies, and bringeth us to all other blessings.

REcommend thy selfe to God by prayer, before thou goest to God: for no mans work can please God, unlesse the person of the worker be first acceptable to him.

A Souldier to be indifferent in Gods Cause, is both dangerous and damnable, not to oppose them that oppose God, is to be Gods Enemy.

IF a man consider seriously the evill of cowardice, and the ex­cellency of valour, it will make him abhorre the one, and be ambitions of the other.

LOve can extend the passions of the heart to the thing loved and yet cannot apprehend Christ, he must be apprehended be­fore he be loved, and that love will make us defend his Cause.

YF we did but love Christ as well as we ought to doe, or but so well as we say we doe, wee would take his part more boldly.

OUr knowledge of a propriety in God challengeth and earnest affection.

UNlesse our knowledge of Christ breed humiliation, we are vain-glorious, never seeking Christs honor, but our owne.

REjoyce in this honor, that ye know Christ: for it is a knowledge whosoever seeketh is wise, whosoever getteth is rich, whosoe­ver keepeth is strong, and whosoever injoyeth is blessed for ever.

PRovident policy, though never so circumspect, may be subject to errour, therefore not to be trusted in, much lesse to be glo­ried in.

IN much rest upon Confederates there is great danger, but es­pecially let not a Jehosaphat helpe and Ahab, 2 Chron. 19.2 Chron. 25.6.

KIng Ezekiahs comfort was that God was with him to fight his battells, and Moses saith, feare not but stand still, &c. 2 Chron. 31.8. Exod. 14.14.

EVery wicked man hath the feet of a wolfe, whatsoever he treads on shall never prosper: but a whole Army fares the better for a good Ezekiah.

COwardly dismayings which put men upon sinfull shifts in trou­blesome times, is odious both to God and man.

HE that dares not fight, nor performe his charge for feare, is to be punished: God commands cowards to bee turned out of the Army.

EXpect not to prosper in any warre, unlesse you hearken to Gods voice: Oh that my people would have heard my voice, then would I soon have destroyed their Enemies, Psal.

EVery man that carries any command, let him bee sure to or­der himselfe well, or else his command will soon grow into contempt.

CAll to minde what God hath done for Israel, hee is a Man of Warre, his right hand is become glorious, he hath dashed his E­nemies in pieces, Exod. 15.

KNowledge in Commanders procures fear from Enemies, love from friends, and honor to themselves, for Solomon saith, know­ledge is better then weapons of War.

YF you suffer Idolatry in an Army, you procure the greatest of Gods Judgements upon you, and so become naked of his pro­tection: this overthrew Joash, 2 Chron. 25.7.

OVer-many words, pride, envy, and the fruits thereof tend to provoke the breach of peace, therefore, not to be suffered in an Army: hence arose the bloudy wars betweene Ephraim and Jephta, Judg. 12.9.

VSefull peace may somtimes be made with such as may injure us when we go to war with others; lest while we set upon one, we be invaded by another, 1 Sam. 7.14. Esa. 37.19.

REad how Abraham the first Generall accepted of aid in warre, therefore let no man presume upon his owne strength, Gen. 14.14. 2 Sam. 10.6.

PUrsue thine Enemy with a full Army, Israel got nothing by sen­ding a small number against Ai, therefore use thy best strength to obtain victory, Ios. 8.1.

JN the Tribe of Gad, there were men for strength called Men of Might for courage, they had faces like Lyons, and for-foot­manship as swift as Roes, 1 Chron. 12.8.

KEep all promises made by thy selfe or by others by vertue of thy Warrant, for it is a true marke of piety; Josuah was carefull of this to the deceitfull Gibeonites, Ios.

EVery determination in an Enemy to fight must cause thee to fore-see and attend such traps and ambushments, which may in execution suddenly come upon thee.

CAll to mind what God himselfe wrought for the Israelites, when they were refreshed, and the Enemy strongly deceived by the sun-shine upon the water, 2 King. 3.22, 23.

HE that overthrowes an enemy by craft, as plaine meaning Abi­jah was by Ieroboam, shall be served as Ieroboam: God loves no machivilian policy, 2 Chron. 13.13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

ALl advantages may be used, or any stratagem for the overthrow of an Enemy, so it be not against breach of oath, godlinesse, or the Law of nature and Nations.

REmember after the example of Christs parable to go forth to war With a full Army, for an enemy is rather heartned then hurt by small numbers, Luk. 14.31.

GIdeon sent out spies into the Enemies camp, to hearken after the feare and terrour that is in an Enemy, is a great heartening to go forward, Iudg. 7.10, 11, 13.

EVill reports dis-heartens an Army, and therefore not to be suf­fered; this God punished in his owne people, Num. 14.27.

YOu may somtimes receive entertainment from the friends and subjects of an Enemy, dis-joyning the hearts of such as bee at one with him, may weaken this power and be a more easie way to get victory.

ONe victory gotten with a full Army fairly, is almost the winning of a whole Countrey, Caesars victory at Alexandria drew al­most all France to him.

ƲSe all expedition in war as Saul did upon Nabash, and Iosuah upon the five Kings, 1 Sam. 11. Ios. 10.9.

REfuse to fight after wearie travell, or with over much hunger and thirst; for it may be thou meetest with a lively and a fresh Enemy.

PEace must be offered before you strike, for God hateth unneces­sary bloud-shed, and abhorreth men of violence, Deut. 20.10.2 Sam. 10.18, 19.

JOsuah, Ehud, David and his Worthies went not forth to war, but in causes apparently just, be carefull then, and embrew not your hands in innocent blood.

KNowledge and the want of feare of God in our Armies, will keep us from prospering in our designes.

EVery boasting of our own strength, wisdom of Generalls, cou­rage of Captaines, and dis-esteem of Enemies, as Benhadad did of Ahabs Army, may endanger the overthrow of an Army.

SUch as hope to prevaile, put their whole strength to the war, yet presume not, for victory standeth not in multitudes made of an host, but strength cometh from heaven, 1 King. 10.

HAve no confidence in such as may justly bee suspected, the Lords of the Philistims would not admit of David, and his Company to goe into battell with them against Israel.

OFtentimes good successe followes good advise, without coun­sell, saith Solomon, purposes are disappointed, Prov. 15.

VEnture not to put all to hazard before thou hast considered of thine owne numbers and strength, the quality and condition of thy Souldiers, whether young or old, raw or experienced, and then of thine enemies.

LIttle errors may bring great dammages, so that the due actions, commendations of all former preparations, deliberations, and watie proceedings, is here retained or lost.

DIligent fore-sight, and excellent judgement before joyning of battell is required of all good Commanders; for there lies at stake the precious lives of men.

ENdeavour for all advantages of ground, wind, and sun, the Syrians imputed much to the place, making great difference be­tween the hills and the valleyes, 1 King. 20.

REly not too much upon meanes, for faith hath confidence in God, yea all safety is from him: one Sampson beats a thou­sand, Iudg. 25.14, 15.

YF thou be forced to fight dispaire not, though thy numbers be small, and thine enemy proud; for in such cases God strangely gives victory, 2 Chron. 14.

OUr experience hath taught us, that small numbers of skilfull men, well exercised in Armes, will rout whole multitudes of others.

VErtuous and godly Orations with speeches of encouragement have been formerly made to souldiers by great Commanders to take away feare.

REsist the Devill, and he will fly from you; he cannot enter, un­lesse you open him the gate, and who would open to let in such an enemy?

PReserve and maintaine the true Protestant Religon, whereof under God, consists the glorie of a Kingdom.

IF a man be valiant for the Lord, he shall have great reward here, and everlasting glory hereafter.

KNowledge mixt with presumption, may be overcome with distraction and subtilly end in an apoplexie, yea and beats out her owne brains.

EVery hypocrite being once unmaskt proves the most dangerous­est enemy, therefore let thy sword make no difference between him and another.

COwardice and timerousnesse are qualities too base for eminen­cy, it is want of courage betrayes the truth, men being more carefull of their own quiet, then of Gods glory.

HE that hath his thoughts taken up with the consideration of the dreadfulnesse which is in God, hath a takin feare, such fearfull ones God encourageth and comforteth.

A Well ordered Army is a Schoole, wherein is taught preparation to death, continency, vigilancy, obedience, hardnesse, tem­perance, humility, and devotion.

REgenerate men are but sinners, voluntaries at most, but pressed souldiers against their wills; the God of wisdome will forgive them, when the wicked shall receive the reward of Rebels.

GOd will not be worse to them that fight for him, then he is to them that forsake him: yet alas, how are mens consciences in­grost by the world?

EVery man encourageth one another to the end, by the recom­pence we shall finde in the end; for though God be good to us alwaies, yet he will be best at last.

THe good souldier ever praises God for a revenge of those that plot or contrive any hurt against the people of God.

OUr best evidence of the maintenance of Christs Cause, is when his enemies are destroyed, and his own people refreshed, and comforted.

THe way for souldiers to cure themselves of all sinfull feares is to get the feare of God setled in their hearts.

HE that goes by the meanes shall attaine to the end, and so shall obtaine a crowne of glorie: yea he that walks so shall not misse it.

ENcouragement against adversaries of the truth is very necessa­ry, for Christians are verie ready and subject to faint and fall.

FAith to rest upon Gods Word and Promise, is sufficient to sink, and drowne all sinfull and slavish fear.

RIghteous men, such as Abraham, Josua, and David, being all men of good consciences, prevailed alwaies against Gods Enemies.

OUr desire of gaine makes walke and venture through many frequent and mortall dangers, yea it is an old saying, Souldiers and Sea-men scarce feare God himselfe.

NO man deserves reward for his goodnesse, but fears punishment for his sinfulnesse: therefore looke to thy obedience, and let God alone with thy recompence.

THat's but a desperate policie that studies to vex those whom God hath blessed, yet the Lord so takes such into his tuition, that he will devoure their enemies.

OUr God will execute vengeance on whom he will, and it is no wrong to us, that he saves any, the cause is in himselfe: that he condemnes many, the cause is in themselves.

REmember thou shalt die, not because thou art wounded, or sick, but because thou art alive.

RAther turn the world out of thy selfe, then turne they selfe out of the world, for a wise man will be a hermit at home.

ENter into the Land of Canaan, for God hath cast out the De­vills out of the Kingdome of heaven that Christs souldiers may dwell there.

AS God hath made even the flesh of vipers to assist in cordialls, so he can raise strength out of weaknesse, and make war it selfe procure our everlasting peace.

ROme hath made us eat the bread of Superstition, and drink the wine of Fornication of many yeares, yet God hath now de­livered us from it: if we revolt from the integrity of his ser­vice, our latter end will be worse then our begining.

EVill-affected men towards the Doctrine of truth, are alwaies so blinded in minde, that they cannot abide the light of the truth.

OFfences, hatred, and extream cruelty commonly follow the Professors of the truth, yet beware, beware of being led by thine own blind ignorance.

RIsing early and much watching are profitable to keep a man in health, and to encrease his wisdom.

TIme is glorious to him that gloriously spends it, but that time is accursed, that is wickedly spent, or passed over in sluggish igno­rance without any profit.

OBedience is a vertue of an high nature, and in great estimati­on, but above all things rather obey God then man.

THat man is blessed that lives a holy life, nothing can make him poore, he graceth all conditions, honors and places.

HE that loves the world, and yet hopes for heaven, let him cease that love, and know that if Christ makes us deny this world, he will give us a better.

EVery man is afflicted in this world, that he may be humbled; yea many sores on thy flesh, that fewer sinnes may be on thy soule

REfraining of sin brings Christ into Armies, but fruitful­nesse in goodnesse brings him into our hearts.

JN an Army none are so happily fed as those who wait upon God for their daily bread, and are therewith satisfied; compe­tency is a good souldiers content.

GOod things are not wearisome in their continuall use, our dai­ly bread though daily received, is to be daily craved.

HE that with patience kisseth Gods striking hand is happy, for there is no greater argument of patience then the acknow­ledgement of a divine hand in our suffering.

THe patience of God is greater then the wickednesse of man, yet let not sinners presume, the silent Judge will at last speake home.

ORder and due execution of strict Discipline, is the strongest guard to keep an Army from distruction: if Moses offend he must taste of the great Generall, Gods displeasure.

REconcile your consciences and carefully keep at a distance from all sin, and put thy whole confidence in God, rest upon his pro­mise, and fear not to prevaile.

LEarne of zealous Paul not to count your lives deare unto you, that thereby you may finish your lives with joy.

EVery distrustfull suspicion of our owne present condition makes us feare, least God is now filling up his cup of wrath for us to drinke off, but remember Davids saying, in 42. Psal. 11.

FEed not your fears nor fancies with such thoughts as are apt to terrifie and affright you, Esa. 33.18.

THe true cause why God may be slack in delivering of an Army from an approaching danger, may proceed from a neglect of praising him for deliverances past.

HHappy is the man that gets a resolution to live, because his time is not yet come to die, pitching his desires upon the pleasures which have neither bounds nor end.

AS thou knowest not when or where death will meet thee, so thou must remember that alwaies and in every place he seeketh for thee.

NEver had any man perfect rest in this world, for it deceives all that put their trust therein.

DIvers are the miseries and sorrowes of this life, and few the pleasures, to make us more desirous of heaven, where there is nothing but pleasure.

OLd age may be good three waies, naturally, morally and spiritu­ally, the last is best, when a man can looke both waies, back­ward with comfort to his life past, forward with joy to his re­ward to come.

REsolve that nothing shall hurt thee, for sinne is the sting of all troubles; plucke out the sting and devide all the malice of the Serpent.

DIrect an awfull eye towards thy last account, and it will by ma­ny degrees be more carefull of the manner then the matter of actions both how and what thou doest.

EVerlastingly to be exiled from Gods, in whom is life, must needs be an everlasting death; if Gods presence be fulnesse of joy, the fulnesse of sorrow must needs be in his absence.

REmember our head is in heaven, what makes our hearts upon earth? it is fit the head and heart should go together.

YF this temporall life which we know be so precious, and that time must determine it, how precious is that which is equall with eternitie?

OLd in knowledge and obedience is blessed, the hoarie head is a crowne of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousnesse.

VErtue adds to a regenerate man a new splendor, which toge­ther with the honor of his house challengeth respect from all.

RUine and destruction are in the paths of the wicked, and the way of peace they shall never know, that contemne and oppose the Gospell of Christ.

PRay still and God will answer, and what is wanting in our en­deavours God will make up of his sufficient mercies.

JN death and dust, who can say this is the Skull of a King? that of a Captaine? this of a Polititian? that of a Foole? this of an Officer? that of a Souldier?

KNowledge never rests till his faith be built on assurance that God hath pardoned his sin, and given him a place in heaven.

EVery man whose eternall election and present justification is such, that he can call God father, his Saviour brother, and the Holy Ghost his Comforter, the terrors of death amaze him not; for he knowes whom he hath trusted, and whether death shall lead him.


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