THE CHARGES Issuing forth of the Crown Revenue OF ENGLAND, AND Dominion of VVALES.

With the severall Officers of His Majesties Courts, Customes, Housholds, Houses, Castles, Townes of War, Forts, Bulwarks, Forrests, Parks, Chases, with their severall Fees and Allow­ances, according to the Ancient Establish­ment of the Kingdome.

And also the valuation of the Bishops, and Deanes Lands, with the Tenths paid out of the same.


LONDON, Printed for Iohn Wright, at the Signe of the Kings-head in the old Baily, 1647.

TO The Right Honourable the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled.

Right Honourable,

I Have for many yeeres together professed my selfe a Souldier, and have been admitted by power flowing from your spring to act in command against the common Enemy, during these distracted times, which nothing more; desire then so to continue as farre as shall stand good with Gods Divine providence, and this causes continuance; therefore must crave leave to speake in such language as affectionate duty [Page]can best expresse it selfe by tongue: I confesse when I meditate upon the height of your noble spirits, and withall the flatnesse of my poore abilities; as I present this in love; so with much feare, as having medled with the publishing of such a Subject so unconcerning my own quality, although imboldned by di­vers friends to Publish this which I have kept secret for many yeeres together; but now at last reflecting upon the overture of things in these distracted times, am imboldened under your Honours favour to conceive the publish­ing of such a subject may conduce to the pro­fitting of the Common-wealth. I am confi­dent the Ancient establishment of the Crown Revenue Charge of this Kingdome of Eng­land, is not unknowne to most of your Ho­nours in all the particulars; yet long time, and the face of war having ruined, distracted and desolated many of those Ancient particular establishments; few of them remaining with­in their bounds without some abuse; which by your great wisedomes, and pious care is now like to be re-established in all the parti­culars, [Page]as cannot in the first place but conduce to the good of the republike, and secondly to the good of all those who are or may be intressed herein; this then cannot hinder, but rather give light to so honourable a worke: I am for the Souldier, not for the Rhetorici­an, therefore left my endevours convert into a vapour, ere they can reach the height of your merits: I humbly crave your Honours to cherish them, desiring Almighty God to give your Honours a happy Issue in all your high concernments; so that you may attaine to that peace so much wished for by your Ho­nours, and prayed for by him that is your de­voted Souldier, now bound for the service in Ireland, to the losse of the uttermost drop of his blood to serve you,

Lazarus Haward.

The Contents, viz.

  • THe Courts.
  • The Customes.
  • Receivers of the Revenue.
  • Surveyors of the Queenes Lands, with the severall Offices depending there­on
  • Court of first fruits.
  • Court of Wards and Live­ries.
  • Counsell abroad in the North-wales.
  • Principalities of South and North; in Wales.
  • County Palatine of Lance­ster and Chester.
  • Instices of Oyer and Termi­ner.
  • The Queenes Court of Hous­hold.
  • Privy Chamber: the guard.
  • The Admiralty.
  • The Ordnance.
  • Officers and Ministers at Greenwich.
  • King at Armes.
  • The Mint.
  • The Queenes workes.
  • The great Warderobe.
  • The Butleray of England.
  • The Tents.
  • The Revels.
  • Hunting.
  • Harriers.
  • Otter-hounds.
  • Buck-hounds.
  • Musicians and Players.
  • The Queenes Barge.
  • Artificers.
  • Amners.
  • [Page]Chappell.
  • Laundry.
  • Wafery.
  • Wood-yard.
  • Master of the Horse.
  • Porters of the Queenes Gates.
  • Townes of warre.
  • Castles and Bulwarkes.
  • The East middle marches against Scotland.
  • The West middle marches against Scotland.
  • Islands of Garnesey, Jer­sey, and Silley.
  • Barwick.
  • London, Castles, Houses,
  • Parkes, Forrests Chases.
  • The Tower, the Fleet, &c.
  • The Bathes.
  • The valuation of the Bishops Lands, &c. Tenths.
  • The valuation of the severall Denaries, with the Tenths paid out of them.

THE CHARGE Issuing forth of the Crown Revenue OF ENGLAND, AND Dominion of VVALES.

The High Court of Chancery: Officers, and Ministers of iustice; their Fees and allowance.

LOrd Chancelor, or Lord Keeper of the great Seale of England.
Fee per diem. 23. s. is per annum.—419.0.0.
For his attendance in the Starre-Chamber.—200. l.
More by the name of an annuity—300. l.
Robes out of the Warde-robe.——40. l.
Wine out of the Butlery. 12. Tunne.—72. l.
Wax out of the Warde-robe.—17. l.
Sum. allocat. per annum.—1048. l.
Master of the Rolls. Fee out of the Exchequer—34.15.8.
Livery out of the Hamper.—28.08.4.
Wine one Tunne.——6.13.4.
Six Masters of the Chancery. Fee a peece.—6.13.4.
Clarke of the Crown. Fee 20. l. and Livery for Winter, and
Summer. 6.13.4.—26.13.4.
Summe 26.13.4.
Protonotary. Fee.—33.13.4.
Clarke of the Hamper. Fee.—43.13.4.
Livery for himselfe, and his under Clark—6.13.4.
Comptroller of the Hamper. Fee.—10.0.0.
Enroller of Evidences. Fee.—20.0.0.
Scale. Fee.—6.16.10.
Chafer of Wax. Fee.—7.6.7.
Serjeant at Armes. Fee.—18.5.0.
Cryer. Fee.—6.16.10.
Necessary expences of Wax, parchment, Paper, riding coats, and other yeerly charges esteemed.—220.0.0.
The Privy Seale.
Keeper of the Privy Seale. His Fee per diem 20. s. and a Table in the Court.—345.0.0.
Two Mailers of the requests. Fee a peece.—100.0.0.
Foure Clarkes of the Privy Seale. Fee a peece.—50.0.0.
The Kings Bench.
LOrd chiefe Justice of England. Fee, reward and robes—208.6.8
Wine two Tunnes,—10.0.0.
Allowance for Justice of Assise,—20.0.0.
Summe 238.6.8.
Three Justices. Fee, Reward and Robes le peic—128.6.8.
Allowance le peic, as Justice of Assise.—20.0.0.
Clerke of the Crowne. Fee—10.0.0
Livery out of the Warde-robe.—6.13.4.
Protonotary. Fee.—26.13.4.
Keeper of the Writs and Rolls. Fee—8.0.0.
Cryer. Fee.—6.13.4.
The Common Plees.
LOrd chiefe Justice of the Common plees. Fee, reward and Robes.—141.13.4.
Wine out of the Butlery, two Tunnes.—8.0.0.
Allowance for keeping the Assise of the Augmentati­on Court. 12.10.8
Allowance for Justice of Assise.—20.0.0
Summe 182.4.0
Three Justices; to each Fee, Reward and Robes,—128.6.8
Allowance for being Justice of Assise—20.0.
Summe 148.6.8.
Attorny Generall, viz. the Queenes Attorney. Fee, 61.0.0
Allowance for being Justice of Assise.—20.0.0
Summe 81.0.0.
Keeper of the Writs, and Rols in the Kings Bench. Fee. 4.0.0
Sollicitor. Fee.—50.0.0.
Foure Serjeants at the Law, to each in Fee, Rewards and Robes.—26.6.8
Allowance as Justice of Assise.—20.0.0
Allowance for keeping the Assises of the Court of Augmenta­tions.—12.6.8.
Summe 58.13.4.
Cryer. Fee.—50.0
Chiefe Officers of the Court of Revenues. &c.
LOrd High Treasurer of England. Fee.—368.0.0
Robes out of the Warde-robe.—15.7.8.
Chancellor of the Exchequer. Fee.—113.6.8
Livery out of the Warde-robe.—12.7.4
Lord chiefe Baron of the Exchequer. Fee.—100.0.0
Livery out of the Warde-robe.—12.17.4
Allowance for being Justice of Assise.—20.0.0
Three Barons of the Exchequer; to each, Fee.—46.13.4
Livery out of the Warde robe—12.17.4
Allowance for being Justice of Assise.—20.0.0
Inferior Officers of the Exchequer Court.
THe Queenes Rememb. Fee.—55.17.4
Livery out of the Warde-robe.—4.12.4
The Treasurers Rememb. Fee.—46.2.1
Livery, &c.—2.13.4
Clerke of the Pipe. Fee.—65.4.2
Livery, &c.—2.13.4.
Under Treasurer of the Exchequer. Fee.—73.6.8.
Livery, &c.—4.6.8
Seven Auditors. Fee, to every on la peece—10.0.0
Forreyne opposers. Fee.—16.13.4
Clerk of the Extracts. Fee.—15.0.0.
Clerke of the Pleas. Fee.—5.0.0
Clerk of the Summons. Fee.—4.0.0
Two Marshals. Fee le peice.—4.0.0
Two deputy Chamberlaines. Fee le peic.—2.10.0
Two Secondaries in the Office to the Qu. Remembrancer. Fee le peic.—8.0.0
Two Secundaries in the Pipe. Fee.—5.0.0
Foure Secundaries in the Office of the Treasurers Rememb. Fee le peic.—4.0.0
Clerke of the Tallies. Fee.—17.10.0
Clerk of the Pell. Fee.—17.10.0
Foure Tellers. Fee le peic.—13.13.4
Clerk in the Pipe office, for offring the Amercements. Fee. 9.13.4
Clerke in the Office of the Queenes Remembrancer. Fee for writing the Fines, Issues, and Amercements due to the Queen every yeere.—15.6.8
Clerk in the office of the Treasurers Remembrancer. Fee for offerring of the Amercements.—6.0.0
Clerk in the Office of the Pleas, ut supra. Fee.—3.0.0
The 4. ushers of the Court of Exchequer. For their fees, diets, and for delivery of processe, and for Paper, wax, and other necessaries by them provided and bought for the Officers of the Court, one yeer with another, at—140.0.0
Foure Porters. Livery to every of them out of the Warde-robe, every terme.—0.4.0
Two joyners of Tallies, for their Fee le peic.—10.0.0
Two deputy Chamberlaines to write the Comptrollment of the Pell. Fee le peic.—6.0.0
One Clerk to write the Tallies of Comptrolment. Fee—9.0.0
One Porter of the Baggs, and Keeper of the Treasure house Keyes. Fee.—6.6.8.
Foure Messengers. Fee a peice per diem 4 pence ob. & sic per annum.—6.15.10.ob.
The Groomes of the Receipts Fee by rewards, and Allow­ances.—2.0.0
To the Treasurers officers, and the Chamberlaines. Allowed in Parchment.—6.0.0.
Three Ushers of the Receipts. Fees, Diet, Wax, Paper, Parch­ment, &c.—60.0.0

Customes and other Officers about the Custome Houses in England, with their severall Fees and Allowances.

CUstomers of the smale Custome inwards. Fee.—7.13.4.
One Clerk.—10.0.0
Customer of the small Costome outwards. Fee.—12.13.4
One Clerke.—8.0.0
Comptroller of both the said Customes. Reward.—20.0.0
One Clerke.—10.0.0
Collector of the Subsidees inwards. Reward.—66.13.4
One Clerk.—10.0.0
Collector of the Subsidees outwards. Reward.—66.13.4
One Clerke.—10.0.0
Comptroller of both the said Subsidees. Reward.—40.0.0
One Clerk.—10.0.0
Two Surveyors of the Customes, and Subsidees aforesaid. Re­ward le peic.—46.0.0
Ten Solicitors, Surveyors, Receivers. Fee amongst them. 100.0.0
And upon every Kersey in London, and Southampton.—0.1.0
Searcher. No Fee, nor allowance of the Queene.—0.0.0
16. Wayters. Rewards among them, ut sequitur. Out of the petty Custome inwards.—16.0.0
Out of the petty Custome outwards.—12.0.0
Out of the subsidies inwards.—12.0.0
Out of the Subsidies outward.—24.0.0
Boston in Com. Lincoln.
CUstomer. Fee.—30.0.0
One Clerk.—5.0.0
Comptroller. Fee.—9.2.6.
Bridge-water, in Com. Sommerset.
Customer. Fee.—6.13.4
Comptroller. Fee.—2.6.0
Bristoll, Civit.
Customer. Fee—61.13.4. Reward.—23.6.8.—30.0.0
One Clerke.—6.13.4
Comptroller. Fee. 5.0.0. Reward. 21. l.—26.0.0
Searcher. Reward.—26.0.0
Foure Wayters. Fee amongst them.—8.0.0
Chichester, in Comit. Sussex.
CUstomer. Fee.—6.13.4
Comptroller. Fee. 3.0.10. Reward. 40.0.0.—43.0.10
Ipswich, in Com. Suff.
CUstomer. Fee.—6.13.4
Comptroller. Fee. 2.6.0. Reward 20.0.0.—22.6.0.
Kingston upon Hull, in Com. Ebor.
CUstomer. Fee.—20.0.0
Comptroller. Fee.—3.6.8.
Lynn, in Com Norf.
CUstomer. Fee.—13.6.8
Comptroller. Fee.—3.6.8
Yermouth, in Com. Predict.
CUstomer. Fee—10.0.0. Reward 20.0.0.—30.0.0.
Comptroller. Fee.—3.6.8.
Newcastle upon Tyne, in Com. Northumberl.
CUstomer. Fee.—16.13.4
Comptroller. Fee.—4.0.0
Foure wayters among them. Reward.—4.0.0
Peole in Com. Dorset.
Customer. Fee.—6.13.4
Comptroller. Fee. 2. l.—Reward. 8. l.—10.0.0
Plimmouth, and Foy in Comitat. Cornubiens.
Customer. Fee.—3.6.8
Comptroller. Fee.—10.0.0
Sandwiche in Com. Cane.
Customer. Fee,—6.13.4
One Clerke.—5.0.0
Comptroller. Fee. 3. l. Reward, 40. l.—43.0.0
One Clerk.—10.0.0
Customer. Fee. 60. l. Reward. 40. l.—100. l. 0.0
One Clerk.—10.0.0
A Deputy at Portsmouth.—1.6.8
Comptroller. Fee. 2..0.0. Reward. 13.—15.0.0
One Clerk.—5.0.0
Surveyor. Fee.—20.0.0
Summe 151.6.8
Exon, and Dartmouth, in Com. Devon.
Customer. Fee.—3.6.8.
One Clerk.—10.0.0
Comptroller. Fee—3.6.8Reward.—10.0.0
Summe 83.6.8.
Receivor of the Revenues of the Crowne.
Norfolk. Fee.—100.0.0
Suffolke. Portay of every hundred pound, so delivered in­to the Queenes Coffers, or otherwise payed by the Queenes warrant.—1.0.0
Cambridge. Portay of every hundred pound, so delivered in­to the Queenes Coffers, or otherwise payed by the Queenes warrant.—1.0.0
Hanington Portay of every hundred pound, so delivered in­to the Queenes Coffers, or otherwise payed by the Queenes warrant—1.0.0
Essex. Fee,—100.0.0
Hartford Portay, ut supea,—1.0.0
Middlesex. Allowance,—30.0.0
Kent. Fee.—100.0.0
Surrey. Portay ut supra.—1:0.0
Sussex. Allowance.—60.0.0
Rerk. Oxford Fee.—100.0.0
Buek. Bedford. Portay ut supra,—1.0.0.
Southampton. Fee,—100.0.0
Wilthshire. Portay ut supra,—1.0.0
Glooester. Allowance—34.13.4
Devon. Fee,—100.0.0
Cornwall, Portay, ut supra—1.0.0.
Sommerset. Dorset. Allowance,—30.0.0
Northampton, Warwick, Fee,—100.0.0
Leycester. Lincolne, Portay ut spura,—1.0.0
Rutland, Stafford, Allowance,—53.0.0
Salop. Hereford,
Lancaster: Fee,—100.0.0
Nothingham, Portay,—.10.0.0
Dathy, Chester. Allowance,—20.0.0
Lak-shire: Fee,—100.0.0
Westmerland, Cumberland, Northumberland, Archdeaconry of Rich­mond, Bishoprick of Duresme; the Isle of Man: Fee, 100.0.0
South-Wales. Fee,—70:0:0
North-wales: Fee, 30 l. Portay, 20 l.—50:0:0
Hamper in Chancery, Augmentation Court; the Butleray: the great Warde-robe, Fee le peice,—40:0:0
Allowance and Livery out of the great Warde-robe,—13:13:4
All Sums of money delivered in imprest for any of the Queenes affaires, Allowance out of the Butleray:—10:0:0
Surveyor of the Queens lands.
Norfolk, Suffolk: Fee le peice,—13.6.8
Cambridge, Huntington: Fee le peice,—10:0:0
Essex: Fee,—20.0.0
Middlesex, and London: Fee le peice,—13:6:8
Kent: Fee,—20.0.0
Hartford. Fee,—20.0.0
Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire: Fee le peice:—13.6.8
Oxford, Buckingham, Bedford: Fee le peice,—13.6.8
Southampton, Wiltsh. Fee le peice,—13.6.8
Gloucester, Devonshire, Cornwall. Fee le peic,—13.6.8
Summerset. Fee,—20.0.0
Dorset, Northampton, Warwick, Leicester. Fee le peic,—13.6.8
Rutlandshire, Fee,—6.13.4
Salop, Hereford, Worcester. Fee le peie,—13.6.8
Stafford, Chesshire: Fee le peic,—8.0.0
Lancaster, Yorkshire: Fee le peic,—13.6.8
East, West, North-riding: Fee le peic,—13.6.8
Nottingham, Derby. Fee le peic.—13.6.8.
Nottingham, Derby. Fee le peic.—13.6.8
[...]stmerland. Fee,—10.0.0.
Northumberland. Fee.—13.6.8
Cumberland. Fee.—10.6.0
Bishop of Duresone. Fee—10.0.0
South Wales, North-Wales. Fee le peic.—20.0.0
The Dutchy of Cornwall.
Customer of the Haven within. Fee.—4.11.3.
Officer of the Conage of Tym.. No Fee, nor Allowance of the Queene.—0.0.0
Lord Warden and Steward of the Stannery of the said Dutchy. Fee.—53.6.8.
The Dutch of Laneaster.
Chancellor. Fee, and Allowance with 4. l. for Paper, Parch­ment, and for inke.—142.16.0
Surveyour. Fee.—66.13.4.
Attorney. Fee, and Allowance.—45.0.0
Receiver generall. Fee, and Allowance.—38.10.4
Clerk of the Court. Fee, and Allowance.—27.10.4
Messenger. Fee, besides his charge when he rideth.—10.0.0
Assistants in the said Court.
One Atturney for the Dutch in the Exchequer. Fee, 100 l. 0.0
Atturney likewise in the Chancery. Fee.—20.0.0
To the Usher of the Receipts in the Exchequer. Fee.—20.0.0
Foure learned men in the Law reteined in Councell with the said Dutchie. Fee le peic.—7.6.8
Auditors, Receivers, and Surveyors in the Court of the Dutchie of Lancaster.
Auditor for the North-parts. Fee and allowance.—197.4.4
Auditor for the Southparts. Fee and Allowance.—136.19.0
Receiver for Haulton in Chesh. Lancaster in Lane, and Clydon in Yorksh. Fee.—25.13.4.
Portage 20.8. of every 800 l. delivered into the Queenes Cof­fersteem'd at—13.6.8
Receiver for Tartmell, and other late Abbies Lands with the Chantry; and Colledge Lands in Lancashire. Fee,—46.13.4
Receiver for the honour of Pomfret, with the Lordship of knareso rought, and the late Colledge, and Chantry Lands in Yorkeshire. Fee.—36.13.4
Receiver for Farncis in Comit. Lane. Fee.—20.0.0
Receiver for Rippon in Yorkeshire. Fee.—3.6.8
Receiver for Dustan borough in the County of Northumberland, Fee.—3.6.8
Receiver for Pickering in Yorkshire. Fee.—5.0.0
Receiver for Thickhaule in Yorkshire. Fee.—5.0.0
Receiver for the Honour of Bollingbrook in Linc. with the late Colledge and Chantry Lands in that shire. Fee.—24.6.8
Receiver for the Honour of Leicester. Fee.—5.0.0
Receiver for Kennelworth in War. Fee.—4.0.0
Allowance:—0: 18: 0
For Long Bennington in Lincolneshire: Fee,—26.6.8
Portay:—11: 0: 4
Allowance:—2: 0: 4
Receiver for the Honour of Tutbury, in the County of Stafford, and Derby: Fee,—25.6.8
Receiver for the County of Sussex: Fee,—3.6.8
Allowance:—0.19 8
Receivers for the Counties of Northampton, Huntington, and Bedford: Fee,—10.0.0
Receiver for Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire: Fee, 6.13.4
Receiver for the Ancient Lands of the Dutchie in the South­parts: Fee,—6.13.4.
Receiver for the Earldome of Hereford, belonging to the said Dutchy: Fee.—10.0.0
Receiver for the County of Monmouth: Fee,—7.0.0
Receiver for the Marches of South-wales: Fee,—2.13.4
Receiver for Kidwelly in South-wales: Fee.—10.0.0
Receiver for Kidwelly in North-wales. Fee.—26.13.4
Receiver for the late Colledge of Leicester. Fee.—26.13.4
Surveyor of William Leightons woods in the whole Realme. Fee,—10.0.0
Riding Costs by discretion of the Court.—0.0.0
Surveyor of the Lands in the South, and Fee.—13.6.8
Riding costs ut supra.—0.0.0
North parts. Fee:—13.6.8
Riding cost ut supra.—0.0.0
The Court of first fruits, and tenthes.
Chancellor, Fee.—200.m.0.0
Dyet.—100 l. 0.0
Hire for a house for himselfe; and for the Records.—9.0.0
Treasurer. Fee.—20.0.0
House Rent,—10.0.0
A Deputy.—4.0.0
A Clerk.—6.13.4
Attorney. Fee.—26.13.4
Auditor. Fee. 20.0.0. Dyet, 51.10.0.—71.10.0
One Clerke—6.13.4
Other Allowance, and expences.—61.16.11
Clerke of the Court. Fee.—40.0.0
Keeper of the Records. Fee.—20.0.0
Messenger. Fee.—2.10.7. ob.
Usher, Fee.—2.10.7. ob.
The Court of Wards and Liveries.
l. s. d.
Master of the Wards. Fee.—200.m.0.0
Diet.—100 l. 0.0
Hire for a house for the Records.—9.0.0
Receiver generall, Fee.—100.m.0.0
Diet.—50 l. 0.0
Attorney. Fee.—40.0.0
Surveyor of the Liveries. Fee.—100.0.0
Auditor. Fee.—26.13 4
Increase of Fee in consideration, of Livery.—20.0.0
Other Allowance, and ordinary expenses.—46.10.8
Clerk of the Wards. Fee,—10.0.0
Clerk of the Liveries. No Fee, nor Allowance of the Queene.
Usher. Fee.—5.0.0
Messenger. Fee.—6.1.8
Riding coast at the discretion of the Court.—0.0.0
45 Feodaries. Fee to every of them.—9.0.0
Portay le peice of every a hundred pound, delivered into the Qweens Cofferers.—1. l. 0.0
Allowance for charges among them.—50.0.0
The Counsell in the North.
Lord President. Dyet for himselfe, and the rest of the Coun­cell.—1000. l. 0.0.
Seven Counsels. Fee le peice.—100.m.0.0.
Secretary. Fee.—33.6.8
Messenger. Fee.—6.13.4
The Councell of Wales, and the Merches and other Officers.
Lord President. Diet for himselfe, and for that Councell—1040. l. 0.0
Councellers diverse. To some,—100.m.0.0
To others,—50. l 0.0
To some others,—40.0.0
Secretary: Fee,—13.6.8
Atturney: Fee,—13.6.8
Sollicitor: Fee,—10.0.0.
Surveyor. Fee,—6.13.4
The Principalitee of South-Wales.
Chancellor: Fee,—20.0.0
Secretary. Fee.—13.6.8
Atturney: Fee.—13.6.8
Sollicitor: Fee,—10.0.0
Messenger: Fee,—4.0.0
The Principalitee of North-Wales.
Chancellor: Fee,—20.0.0
Secretary: Fee—10.0.0
Atturney Fee,—3.6.8.
Comptroller. Fee,—12.13.4.
Solicitor: Fee,—3.6.8.
Messenger: Fee.—4.0.0
The County Palatine of Lanc.
Chamberlaine: Fee,—20.0.0
Clerke of the Crowne: Fee, besides his riding charges. 40.0.0
Clerk of the Plees: Fee, besides his cost ut supra.—40.0.0
Clerke of extracts. Fee.—20.0.0
Two Barons of the Exchequer. Fee le peice.—2.0.0
The County Palatine of Chester.
Chamberlaine. Fee.—6.13.4
Barons of the Exchequer. Fee le peice.—9.2.6
Under-sheriffe. Fee,—20.0.0
Two Serjeants at he Law. Fee.le peic.—3.6.8
Atturney generall. Fee.—3.6.8
Escheator. Fee—16.0.0
Payliffe arrant. Fee.—4.11.3
Cryer and Usher. Fee le peice.—3.15.0
Messenger. Fee,—2. l. and expences.
Instices of Oyer, and Terminer.
From Trent South-ward. Fee,—100.0.0
From Trent Northward. Fee.—100.0.0
Clerk of he White-Hall. No Fee of the Queenes. 0.0.0
The Queenes Court or Houshold.
1 Earle Marshall of England.
2 Treasurer of the Houshold. Fee, beside his Table. 123.14.0
3 Comptroller. Fee besides his Table—167.17.4
4 Cofferer. Fee, besides his Table.—100.0.0
5 Principall Secretary. Fee besides his Table.—100.0.0
6 Secretary for the Latin. Fee,—40.0.0
7 Secretary for the French. Fee,—66.13.4
8 Foure Clerkes of the Signet. Fee le peice.—40.0.0
9 Clerk of the Councell in the Star-chamber. Fee—26.13.4
10 Two Clerks of the Parliament. Fee,
  • 1.—40.0.0
  • 2.—10.0.0
Three Clerkes of the privy Councell. Fee le peice.—50.0.0
Clerke of the Market. Fee,—20.0.0
Postmaster. Fee.—20.0.0
Thirty Standing Posts appointed by the Post-master. Wages le peice.—18.5.0
Tow Carryers.
  • To one.—24.3.4
  • To the other.—12.0.0
The Privy Chamber.
Lord Chamberlaine. Fee besides his Table,—100.0.0
Vice-chamberlaine. Fee, and a Table.—100.m.0.0
Foure Knights. Fee le peice—50.0.0
Knight Marshall. Fee,—100.m.0.0
18 Gentlemen of the privy Chamber. Fee le peice. 50.0.0
4 Carvers. Fee le peice.—50.m.—133.6.8
3 Cup-bearets. Fee le peice, 50.m.—100.0.0
4 Sewers to the Queene. Fee le peice, 50.m.—133.6.8
4 Escuyers to the body. Fee le peice, 50.m.—133.6.8
4 Yeomen Ushers. Fee le peice. 9. l. 2. s. 6.—36.10.0
12 Ordinary Groomes. Fee le peice. 2. l. 13.4.—32.0.0
4 Pages. Fee le peice. 40. s.—8.0.0
2 Clerkes of the Closet. Fee le peice, 4. l.—8.0.0
4 Messengers. Fee le peice, 5. l.—20.0.0
The Band fo Pensioners. 50. Fee le peice, 50. l.—2500.0.0
Standerd-bearer to the Pensioners. Fee.—100.m.0.0
The Guard.
Captaine of the Guard. Fee besides a Livery gowne, 14.0.0
Ordinary Yeomen of the Guard, 200.—16.13.4
Fee le peice per diem, 1. s. 8. d.—16.13.4.
50 Extraordinary. Fee le peice per diem 8. d.—1.13.4.
Clerke of the Exchequer. Fee—40.0.0
Standerd-bearer to the Guard. Fee,—100.m.0.0
The Admiralty.
Lord High Admiral of England: Fee,—200.m.0.0
Vice Admirals: Fee—100. l. 0.0
Two Clerkes
  • 1. at 12. d. per diem,—18.5.0
  • 2. at 10. d. per diem,—15.1.8
Riding cost, during the time of his travell after 10 s. per diem, is esteemed at—130 0.0
Treasurer: Fee,—100.m.0.0
Two Clerkes each per diem, 8. d.—24.6.8
Riding cost, 6.8. per diem esteemed at—120.0.0
Master of the Ordnance: Fee—100.m.0.0
Three Clerks 3. s. 4. d. per diem amongst them.—54.1.0
Riding cost, 6.8. Per diem.
Comptroller of the Navey: Fee,—50.0.0
Two Clerkes, each per diem, 8. d.—
Riding cost, per diem. 4. s.—
S [...]ciour: Fee,—40.0.0
Two Clerkes. each per diem. 8.—
Riding cost, per diem. 4. s. 0.—
Clerke of the Ships: Fee,—33.6.8
Riding cost per diem: 3. s. 4. d.—
Clerke of the Store-house, at Deptfor Strannd. Fee, 33.13.4
One Clerke.—6.0.0
Pilot. Fee.—20.0.0
Victualer of the Navy Fee.—58.0.0
One Clerke per diem, 8. d.—
Rading cost per diem, 5. s.—
The Ordnance.
Master of the Ordnance: Fee,—
Two Clerkes:
  • 1.10. d. per diem
  • 2.8. per diem.
Riding cost, per diem.—0.0.0
Surveyor: Fee.—36.10 0
One Clerke per diem 8. d.—
Riding cost:—0.6.0
Lievtenant of the Ordnance: Fee,—100.m.0.0
One Clerk per diem 8. d.—
Riding cost:—0.0
Keeper of the Great Stoare: Fee,—40.00.
Clerke 8. d. per diem:
Riding cost:—0.0.0
Keeper of the small Stoare: Fee,—20.0.0
Riding cost:—0.0.0
Clerke of the great Stoare: Fee, 3. s. per diem,—54.15.0
Riding cost,—0.0.0
Clerke of the small Stoare: Fee.—40.m.0.0
Riding cost:—0.0.0.
Clerke of the deliveries: Fee,—20.0.0
Master Gunner of England: Fee, per diem 2. s. 6. d.—
Gun-stone maker: Fee per diem, 12.—18.5.0
Salt-Peter maker: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Two Gun-Founders: Fee le peice per diem 8. d. besides the room of le Gunner at 6. d. per diem le peice,—33.9.2
Gun-smith: Fee, 6. d. per diem—9.2.6
Engine Artificer: Fee per diem 4. d.—6.1.8
Master Carpenter: per diem, 8. d.—12.3.4
  • Ordinary Gunners, or Canoneers 109. 15.12. le peice per diem, 1161.18.4
  • Ordinary Gunners, or Canoneers 109. 12.8. le peice per diem, 1161.18.4
  • Ordinary Gunners, or Canoneers 109. 80.6. le peice per diem, 1161.18.4
  • Ordinary Gunners, or Canoneers 109. the rest 4. le peice per diem, 1161.18.4
Yeomen of the Ordnance: Fee, per diem 9. d.—13.14.1
The Armary.
Master of the Armary: Fee,—31.18.9
For keeping the Armary in the Greene Gallery at Greene­wich.—66.18.4.
And the Rent of certaine Gardens upon the Tower-hill at London,—0.0.0.
Armorers to the number of 20. under the Master. One at 36. l.
5. A peice at—20.1.4.
3. Apeice at—15.0.0
The rest at le peice.—9.2.6.
Other Officers and Ministers, serving under the said Master, at Greenwich.
Lock-smith. Fee,—15.12.0
Labourer. Fee,—10.0.0
Guilder. Fee,—2.2.3
Brigander. Fee.—10.0.0
Livery among them.—32.10.0
Ordinary charges.—9.0.0
Three Kings at Armes.
Garter principall King at Armes. Fee.—40.0.0
To the other two. Fee le peice,—20.0.0
Kings Heralds, 7. Fee le peice,—13.6.8.
Pursevants at Armes, 4. Fee le peice,—10.0.0
Serjeants at Armes, 25. Fee le peice,—18.5.0
Standerd-bearer: Fee,—100.0.0
Banner-bearer: Fee,—100.0.0
The Mint.
Master of Treasurer of the Mint: Fee,—100. l. 0.0
Comptroller: Fee,—100.m.0.0
Assay Master: Fee,—100.m.0.0.
Clerke of the Mint: Fee,—10. l. 0.0
Auditor of the Mint: Fee,—44. 6.8.
Allowance for Paper, Parchment, and other necessaries. 10.0.0
Teller of the Money: Fee,—33.6.8
Surveyor of the melting-house. Fee.—26.13.4.
Clerke of the Irons: Fee,—13.6.8.
Chiefe Graver: Fee,—30.0.0
Chiefe Finer: Fee,—10.0.0
Sincker of Irons: Fee,—10.0.0
Three Melters: Fee le peice,—13.6.8
Two Branchers: Fee le peice,—13.6.8
Purveyor: Fee,—10.0.0
Pot-maker: Fee,—10.0.0
Porter: Fee,—10.0.0
Dyet to all these Officers of the Mint by the weeke 30. s. 8.0.0
The Queenes worke.
Surveyor. Fee—20 d. per diem, 142.19.2.
Surveyor. One Clerk.—6. d. per diem, 142.19.2.
Surveyor. Boat-hire.—20. d. per diem, 142.19.2.
Surveyor. Riding cost,—4. s. per diem, 142.19.2.
Comptroller of the Queenes workes: Fee,—18.0.0.
One Clerk,—9.2.6
Dyet, and Riding cost, 2. s. per diem esteemed—23.13.4
Clerke of the engrossement of the pay Booke: Fee,—18.5.0
Purveyor: Fee with charge of a horse, 12. per diem, 18.5.0
Pay-master: Fee,—18.5.0
Keeper of the Store-house: Fee, per diem, 7. d. ob.—11.8.1.
Clerke of the Chequer: Fee per diem, 10. d.—15.4.2
Clerke of the Controllment: Fee per diem, 7. d.—10.12:11
Carpenter: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Plummer: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Mason: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Joyner: Fee,—19.9.0
Glasier: Fee,—36.10.0
Surveyor of the Mines: Fee—36.10.0
Devisor of the Buildings: Fee,—36.10.0
The great Warde-robe.
The Master: Fee,—100.0.0
Two Clerkes: Fee le peice,—4.6.8.
Rent-gatherer: Fee—5.0.8
Foure Taylors: Fee le peice,—9.2.6
Skinnner: Fee,—18.5.0
Three Embroderers: Fee le peice,—18.5.0
The Butleray of England.
Chiefe Butler: Fee, which is an Annuity annexed to the said Office:—50.m.0.0
The Tents.
Master: Fee,—30.0.0
Comptroller: Fee,—12.3 4
Clerk: Fee,—13.6.8
Keeper of the Tents: Fee—10.0.0
Yeoman: Fee,—9.2.6
Groome: Fee,—5.0.0
Master: Fee—100.0.0
Yeoman: Fee,—9.2.6
Master of the requests: Fee,—100.0.0
Master: Fee,—18.5.0
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. ob.
Officers, and other serving under the Master: Wages, and Al­lowance for them:—113.6.8.
Master: Fee,—18.5.0
Officers, and others under the said Master: Wages Allow­ance for them:—79.1.8
Master: Fee,—13.6.8
Master: Fee, 50. l. whereof 12. d. per diem to himselfe, and the rest to sundry hunters serving at his appointment,—50.0.0
Two Serjeants: Fee le peice,—20.0.0
Two Yeomen Prickers: Fee le peice.—9.2.6
For meat for houndes to the Groomes: Fee—13.6.8
Musicians and Players.
Serjeant Trumpeter: Fee,—40.00
Sixteen Trunpeters: Fee le peice,—24.6.8
Two Luters: Fee le peice,—40.0.0
Two Harpers: Fee le peice.—19.5.0
Eight Singers: Fee le peice,—6.13.4
Allowance to 6. Children for singing.—50.0.0
9 Minstrels. whereof 2. at 24. 6.8.—48.13.4
9 Minstrels. whereof 7. at 18. 5.0.—127.15.0
Six Sackbuts; Fee le peice, 24.6.8.—147.0.0
Eight Vials: Fee le peice 20. l.—160.0.0
Three Drumsteds: Fee apeice, 18. l. 5.s.—52.15.0
Two Players on the Flute: Fee le peice, 18. l. 5.—36.10.0
Two Players on the Virginals: Fee le peice, 30. l.—60.0.0
Seven Musician Strangers: To the 4. brethren Venetians amongst them:—183.6.8
8. Players of Enterludes: Fee le peic 3.6.8.—26.13.4
Two Makers of Instruments: Fee to one,—20.0.0
The other,—10.0.0
Six Surgeons. Fee. 2.—60.0.0
Six Surgeons. Fee. 2.—40.0.0
Six Surgeons. Fee. 2.—20.0.0
Three Physicians: Fee le peice—100.0.0
Three Apothecaries: Fee le peic,—26.13.4
Attronomer: Fee,—20.0.0
The Queenes Barge.
Master: Fee,—16.8.1
25. Watermen for the Barge: One—8.1.8
The rest le peice,—2.0.0
Stationer: Fee.—26.6.8
Printer: Fee.—4.0.0
Cutler: Fee.—6.1.8
Weaver: Fee,—9.2.6
Wheele-wright: Fee.—18.5.0
Ship-wright: Fee,—18.5.0
Crosse bow-maker: Fee,—6.1.8
Coach-maker: Fee,—10.0.0
Clock-maker: Fee,—18.5.0
Budget-maker: Fee.—6.1.8
Feather-dresser: Fee.—13.6.8
Lock-smith: Fee.—2.13.4
Arrow-head-maker: Fee,—6.1.8
Buckler-maker: Fee.—3.0.8
Hand-gun-maker: Fee.—24.6.8
Cleaver of Stones: Fee.—20.0.0
Serjeant Painter and others with him: Fee,—100.0.0
Arbor makers and planter of Trees: Fee,—25.10.0
Stillers of Waters: Fee—40.0.0
Bowyer, and Fletcher: Fee a peice, 9.2.6.—18.5.0
Clock-keeper: Fee,—12.13.4
Keeper of the Libraries:—13.6.8
The Counting House.
Foure Clerkes: Fee a peice 44.6.8.—177.6.8
Clerk to the offerer. Fee,—20.0.0
Yeoman: Fee,—5.0.0
Groome: Fee,—2.13.4
The Iewell House.
Master: Fee,—50.0.0
Yeoman: Fee,—6.3.4
Groome: Fee,—2.13.4
Knight Harbinger: Fee,—50.0.0
Foure Herbingers: Fee le peice, 10. l.—40.0.0
30 Yeomen of the Crowne, Fee le peic, 6.1.8.—201.10.0
The Robes.
Yeoman: Fee,—5.0.0
Groome: Fee,—2.13.4
Page: Fee,—2.0.0
The Beds.
Five Marshals: Fee a peice, 11.8.1. ob.—57.0.5.
Foure Sewers: Fee le peice, 11.8.1. ob.—45.12.6
Two Surveyors. Fee a peice, 11. 8. I.ob.—22.16.3
Two Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—10.0.0
Clerk: Fee—14.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two Pages: Fee a peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
The Pantry.
Serjeants: Fee,—11.8.1 ob.
Foure Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—20.0.0
Foure Groomes: Fee a peice, 2. l. 13.4.—10.13.4
Two Pages: Fee a peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
Breadbearer: Fee—1.10.3
The Botteller.
Yeoman: Fee,—5.0.0
Groome: Fee,—2.13.4
The Hall.
Servitors, 16 To—13.13.4
The rest 2.13.4.—30.13.4
The Buttery.
Foure Yeoman: Fee a peice, 5. l.—20.0.0
Foure Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—10.13.4
Two Pages: Fee a peice 2. l.—4.0.0
The Cellar.
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. ob.
Seven Yeomen: Fee a peice 5. l.—35.0.0
Groome: Fee,—2.13.4
Two Pages: Fee a peice 2. l.—4.0.0
The Ewery.
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. ob.
Three Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—15.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two Pages: Fee a peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
Three Clerkes: Fee a peice, 11.8.1. ob.—34.4.4. ob.
The Bake-house.
Serjeant: Fee—11.8.1. ob.
Seven Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—35.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Foure Conducts: Fee a peice per diem, 4. d.—
The Kitchen.
Two Master Cookes: Fee a peice, 11.8.1. ob.—22.16.3
Six Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—30.0.0
Six Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—16.0.0
Eight Children: Fee a peice, 40. s.—16.0.0
Galapines: Apparell for them of the Hall Kitchin, and of the privy Kitchen.—50.0.0
Surveyor of the Dresser: Fee,—22.1.3
To the Cookes at Easter in: Larges,—6.13.4
To the Scullery: Larges,—1.0.0
To the Pastry: Larges,—2.0.0
The Spicery.
Clerke: Fee,—32.0.0
Yeoman: Fee.—5.0.0
The Pitcher house.
Two Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—10.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—5 6.8.
Two Pages: Fee le peice, 2. l.—4.0.0.
The Chaundry
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. ob.
Two Yeomen: Fee le peice. 5 l.—10.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two Pages: Fee le peice. 2. l.—4.0.0
The Larder.
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. ob
Yeomen: Fee,—5.0.0
Two Groomes. Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two Pages: Fee le peice, 2.—4.0.0
The Boyling house.
Two Yeomen: Fee le peice, 5. l.—10.0.0
Three Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—7.13.4
Two Pages: Fee le peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
Clerke: Fee,—6.13.4
The Neatery.
Yeoman Purveyor of Salt-Fish: Fee—40.0.0
Yeoman Purveyor of Salt-fish: Fee,—7.13.4
Seven Yeomen Purveyor of Oxen, Mutton, Veale, Lambe, &c. Fee, a peice, 7.13.4.—53.13.4
Foure Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—10.13.4
Yeoman of the Store-house: Fee.—5.0.0
The Poultry.
Serjeant: Fee.—11.8.1. ob.
Clerke: Fee,—6.13.4.
Foure Yeomen Purveyors: Fee a peice, 7.13.4.—30.13.4
The Scalding-house.
Yeoman: Fee,—5.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8.
Two Pages: Fee le peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
The Pastery.
Two Serjeants: Fee le peice, 11.8.1. ob.—22.16.3
Clerke: Fee,—6.13.4.
Two Yeomen: Fee le peice, 5.—10.0.0
Foure Groomes: Fee le peice, 2.13.4.—10.13.4
Foure Children, or Pages: Fee le peice, 2. l.—8.0.0
The Scullery.
Three Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—15.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two pages: Fee le peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
Gentleman Amner: Fee.—11.8.1. ob
Sub-amner: Fee—6.16.10. ob
Foure Yeomen, Fee a peices, 5. l.—20.0.0
Two groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8.
32 Gentlemen of the Chappell. Fee, a peice, 11.8.1. oh. 365. l
Master of the Children: Fee,—40.0.0
To the Children at High Feasts: Largesses,—9.13.4
Allowance for their break-fasts:—16.0.0

[Page 32]

The Laundry.
Two Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—10.0.0
Two Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Two pages: Fee a peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
One woman Laundresse: Fee,—10.0.0
The Wafery.
Clerke: Fee,—6.13.4
Yeoman: Fee,—5.0.0
Groome: Fee.—2.13.4
The Wood-yard
Serjeant: Fee,—11.8.1. Ob
Foure Yeomen: Fee a peice, 5. l.—20.0.0
Foure Groomes: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—10.13.4
Two Pages: Fee a peice, 2. l.—4.0.0
Two Wood-bearers: Larges to them at Midsummer, and to the Groomes of the Queenes Hall:—5.0.0
Six Porters, and Scourers, Larges at Easter:—5.0.0
Master of the Horse.
Earle of Essex: Fee besides his Table,—100. l.
In whose gift are. Chiefe Avenour: Fee,—40.0.0
14 Esquires: Fee a peice, 20. l.—280.0.0
Clerke of the Stable: Fee per diem, 11. d.—16.14.7
Three Surveyors: Fee a peice per diem 11. d.—50.13.9.
Serjean of the Carriage: Fee per diem, 15. d.—22.16.3.
Six riders: Fee a peice 30. l.—180.0.0
Sixteeene Footemen: Fee a peice 20. l.—320.0.0
Foure Coath-men: Fee a peice, 18.5.—73.0.0
Yeoman of the Stirrup: Fee, per diem 9. d.—13.13.0
Three Sadlers: Fee a peice 6. d.—27 7.6
Six Littermen: Fee a peice 10. l.—60.0.0
Foure Yeomen Purveiours: Fee a peice per diem 9. d.—54.15.0
Three Yeomen granators: Fee a peice per diem 9. d.—41.1.3
Yeoman of the Male: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
Serjeant Ferrier: Fee per diem 13. d.—20.15.8
Three Yeomen ferriers: Fee a peice 6. d. per diem,—27.7.6
Yeoman Bitt-maker. Fee per diem 4. d.—6.1.8
Yeoman of the close Carte: Fee per diem 7. d. ob.—11.8.1. ob
64 Groomes, Fee a peice per diem 12. d.—1168.0.0
Porters of the Queenes Gates.
Three Yeomen: Fee a peice 5. l.—15.0.0
Three Groomes: Fee a peice, 2. l. 13.4. d.—8.0.0
Com. Kanc. Townes of warre, Castles, Bulwarkes, Fortresses. Higham Bulwarke.
Captaine, two Souldiers, one Porter foure Gunners: fee per annum:—82.2.6
Milton Bulworke.
Captaine, two Souldiers, one Porter, five Gunners: Fee per annum:—91.5.0
Gravesend Bulwark.
Captaine, two Souldiers, one Porter, five Gunners,: Fee per annum,—91.5.0
Sandhill Castle neere Sandhill.
Captaine Lievtenant. 5. Souldiers, 2. Porters, 10. Gunners. Fee, per annum.—200.15.0
The Turfe Bulwarke neere the Castle of Sandwich. Com. Kanc.
Captain, Two Souldiers, Two Cunners: Fee per annum 43.12.6
Sandowne Castle neere Foulkstone.
Captaine, Lievtenant: five Souldiers, two Porters, eight Gun­ners: Fee per annum:—182.10.0
Deale Castle.
Captaine, Lievtenant: Eight Souldiers, Two Porters, Six­teene Gunners: Fee per annum,—298.1.8
Walmer Castle. Com. Kane.
Captaine, Lievtenant: Five Souldiers, Two Porters, Ten Gun­ners: Fee,—200.15.0
Dover Castle.
Lord Warden of the Cineque Ports, and Constable: Fee, 100. l
The Cliffes Bullen.
Captaine, one Souldier: Fee—27.7.6
Com. Suffex: Castle of Camber neere Rie.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 2. s.—36.10.0
Porter: Fee per diem, 6. d.—9.2.6
9. Souldiers: Fee per diem le peice, 6. d.—82.2.6
17 Gunners. Fee per diem le peice 6. d.—155.2.6
Essex. East Tilburg Bulwarke.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Porter: Fee per diem 6. d.—9.2.6
Two Gunners: Fee per diem. 6. d.—18.5.0
Foure Souldiers: Fee per diem, 6. d.—36.10.0
West Tilbury.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Porter: Fee per diem, 6. d.—9.2.6
Five Gunners: Fee per diem 6. d.—45.12.6
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem, 6. d.—18.5.0
Harwiche Bulwark.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 16. d.—24.6.8
Lievtenant: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Porter: Fee per diem, 8. d.—12.3.4.
Foure Gunners: Fee per diem le peice, 6. d.—36.10.0
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem le peice, 6. d.—18.5.8
The middle Bulwark at Harwich.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 16. d.—24.6.8
Lievtenant: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Porter: Fee per diem, 8. d.—12.3.4
Foure Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—36.2.6
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—18.5.0
The Towne Bulwark at Harwich.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 16. d.—24.6.8
Lievtenant: Fee per diem. 12. d.—18.5.0
Seven Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—63.17.6
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem, 6. d.—18.5.0
Com. Southampton. The Fortresses called Wind-Mill Bulwark. Chaddertons Bulwark, neere Portsmouth.
Captaine: Fee per diem 9. d.—13.13.9
Eight Marriners Fee, per diem 6. d.—73.0.0
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—18.5.0
The Towne of Portsmouth.
Three Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—27.7.6
Southamton. The Bulwark of Sparkes making.
Three Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—27.7.6
The Fortresse of Westowe.
Captaine: Fee per diem 12. d.—18.5.0
Porter: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
Six Gunners: Fee per diem 6. d.—54.15.0
Two Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—18.5.0
Calshot point.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 20. d.—30.8.4
Under Captain: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
Foure Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—36.10.0
Eight Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—73.0.0
Porter: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4.
Portesmouth. Le Hurst Castle.
Captaine: Fee per diem 20. d.—30.8.4
Under Captaine: Fee per diem 12. d.—18.5.0
Ten Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—91.5.0
Eleven Gunners: Fee per diem 6. d.—100.7.6
Master Gunner and Porter: Fee le peice per diem 8. d.—24.6.8
The new Castle at Saint Andrewes point.
Captaine, and certaine Souldiers there: Wages for one whole yeare.—85.3.4
Southsea Castle at Portesmouth, at Fitz-point, Chaddertons Bulwarks, and the East Bulwarks.
Captaine: Fee per diem 2. s.—36.10.0
Under Captaine: Fee per diem 12. d.—18.5.0
One Master Gunner: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
One day watch: Fee per diem 6. d.—9.2.6
Two Porters: Fee per diem, 1. at 2. s. 6. d. other at 1. s. 8. d. 76.1.0.
Eleven Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—100.7.6
Fourteene Gunners: Fee per diem 6 d.—107.14.0
The Towne and Isle of Portesmouth, and the new Castle there.
Captaine: Fee per diem 10. s.—182.10.0
20. Souldiers: Fee among them, per diem 13. s. 4. d. 121.13.4
Sandham Castle, and Sandham Baye.
Captaine: Fee per diem 4. s.—73.0.0
Under Captaine: Fee per diem 2. s.—36.10.0
Porter: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
Master Gunner: Fee per diem 8. d.—12.3.4
7 Gunners: Fee per diem 6. d.—63.17.6
13. Souldiers: Fee per diem 6. d.—118.6.6.
The Isle of Wight.
Captaine, Steward, Receiver of all the possessions there: Fee per anmem,—20.0.0
Three Men: Fee per diem, 6. d.—27.7.6
Com. Dorset. The two Portlands.
Captaine: Fee,—24.6.8
Hight Porters: Fee per diem: 2. at 8. d. the rest, 6.—149.10.0
Six Gunners: Fee per diem,—140.7.6
Three Souldiers: Fee per diem, 6.—27.7.6
Captaine, Porter, Fve Gunners: Fee among them.—88.5.2
Com. Cornub. Saint Mosse.
Captaine, Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Two Servants: Fee per diem 6. d.—18.5.0
Deputy to the Captaine: Fee per diem, 8. d.—12.3.4
Servant to the Deputy: Fee per diem, 6.—9.2.6
Torter: Fee per diem, 8.—12.3.4
Com. Eborac. The Castle of Sandall.
Under Captaine: Fee per diem, 12.d—18 5.0
Deputy to the under Constable. Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Steward: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Servant: Fee per diem, 6.—9.2.6.
Com. Cumb. The Cittadell of Carlile.
Captaine: Fee per diem, 16. d.—24.6.8
Six Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—54.15.0
Eight foot-men: Fee per diem 2.8.—48.13.4.
Eight foot-men: Fee per diem 6.6.—73.0.0
Porter: Fee per diem, 8.—12.3.4.
Com. Northumb. Tinmouth Castle.
Master Gunner: Fee per diem, 12. d.—18.5.0
Six Gunners: Fee per diem, 6. d.—54.15.0
The East middle marches against Scotland.
Warden: Fee,—500m.0.0
Two Deputies: Fee, le peice,—20.0.0
Two Officers, called the Wardens Servants: Fee le peice—40.0
The West middle marches against Scotland.
Warden: Fee,—500.m.0.0
Captaine: Fee—100.m.0.0
40. Houshold Servants: Fee le peice,—6. l. 13.4.
Marshall, for himselfe and other allowances:—185.6.8
Treasurer: Fee,—16.0.0
Sixteen Souldiers under the Treasurer 12. at 8. per diem
Sixteen Souldiers under the Treasurer. 4. at 6. per diem.
Master of the Ordnance. Fee,—20.0.0
Islands. Garnesey.
Captaine: No Fee, but the Revenues of the Island for main­tenance thereof.
Captaine: No Fee, but the Revenues ut supra.
Islands. Silley.
Captaine: Fee together with the Revenues there yeerly, 81.8.7
Barwick: with the charges thereof.
Lord Governour: Fee,—666.13.4
Marshall: Fee,—260.0.0
Treasurer: Fee,—200.0.0
Gentlemen Porter: Fee—184.13.4
Chamberlaine: Fee,—94.13.4
Master of Ordnance: Fee,—146.0.0
Master-master or Comptroller of the chequer: Fee,—64.0.0
Otheers attending upon the Lord Governour: Fee,—56.0.0
8. Constables: Fee,—120.13.4
80. Horse-men: Fee—1020.0.0
8. Captaines, their officers and Souldiers in all, five hundred Fee—5904.11.8
42. Footmen: Fee,—287.17.6
Master Gunner: Fee—40.0.0
28. Gunners of the great Ordnance: Fee,—284.0.0
42. Groomes of the Ordnance: Fee,—580.0.0
Clerkes of the Watch 2. Trumpet 1. Gunner 2. Fee—73.13.4
Two Pentioners by patent for terme of life: Fee,—40.0.0
57. Other Pensioners; Fee.—1163.10.0
Two Surgeons: Fee,—36.0.0
Two Pensioners determinable upon the death of the other Fee.—29.13.4
A Preacher: Fee—50.0.0
A supply to the Garrison: Fee,—78.0.0
Artificers in the Office of the Ordnance: Fee,—2998.19.2
More to the L.Governour for his Wardenry of the east Marches paid out of the Eschequer.—420.0.0.
London. Castles, Houses, Parks, Forrests, Chaces, as followeth. The Tower of Lond.
Constable. Fee,—100.0.0.
Lieutenants Fee,—200 0.0.
Porter, Fee:—9.2 6.
Yeomen Waiters, or Warders, Fee: la peice—9.2.6.
Allowance for ferwell. Fee—6.13.4.
Keeper of the Lion, &c. Fee:—36.14.6
Carpenter, Fee:—12.3 4
Keeper of the Wardrobe. Fee:—12.13.4
Middlesex. The Fleete.
Warden Keeper, Fee: by Estate of inheritance.—19.4.3
Westminster. Keeper of the Pallace, his Fee ut seq.
For keeping the House, and Gardens, Fee:—18.5.0
For the great Wardrobe, Fee:—15.4.2
For the new Orchard, Fee:—9.2.6
For charges in making the Garden clean, Fee:—12.3.4
For exercising the said Officers, Fee:—12.3.4
For keeping the Cony-Yard, Fee:—18.5.0
For Mary-boan Park, Fee:—12.13.4
For keeping Hide-Park, Fee:—12.13 4
For his necessaries, and Costs, Fee:—17.3.4
Surveyor of the Works, Fee:—18.5.0
Keeper of the Ponds, Fee:—10.5.0
Kepper of the Park, Fee.—12 3.4
Bowling Allies; Fee.—12 3.4
Tennice Court, Fee.—12 3.4
Phesant Courts, Fee.—12 3.4
Keeper of York-place: Fee—18.5.0.
Saint Iames.
Keeper of the House, Orchard, Gardens: Fee,—12, 3.4
Gardener: Fee,—9.2.6
Keep of the house, Orchards, and Cardens: Fee—12.13.4
Keeper of the Woods: Fee,—3.0.10
Hampton Court.
Keeper of the House:—6.13.4
Keeper of the Parke: Fee per diem 4. d.—6.1.8
Paler of the Parke: Fee per diem 4. d.—6.1.8
Keeper of the Orchard: Fee—10.0.0
Gardiner: Fee—8.1.8
Walker about the pales of the Chace: Fee—6.1.8
Essex. Walibam Forest.
Lievtenant of the Forrest: Fee—12.0.0
Randger: Fee—9.2.6
8. Keepers: Fee le peice, 11. l. 3.4.—92.16.8
Havering at the Bower.
Keeper of the house: Fee—3.0.10
Keeper of the Parke: Fee—4.11.3.
Keeper of the Parke: Fee—9.2.6
Keeper of the house: Fee—3.0.10
Keeper of the Parke: Fee—5.0.0
Com. Hartf. Hartford Towne.
Keeper of the Castle: Fee—3.0.10
Constable: Fee—6 13 .4
Porter: Fee,—3.0.10
Saint Albans.
Keeper of the house: Fee,—6.1.8
Keeper of the Parke: Fee,—6.1.8
Keeper of the Orchard: Fee—9.2.6
Keeper of the Goale: Fee,—11.0.10
Randger of the Forrest, within the liberty of Saint Albans Fee,—10.0.0
Keeper of the Warde-robe. Fee—3.0.10
Suffolke. Saint Edmonds Eury.
Keeper of the house: Fee,—10.3.4
Keeper of the Goale: Fee,—6.13.4
Keeper of the late Monasteries Greene gate. Fee,—1.0.0
Keeper of the Castle: Fee—6.1.8.
Constable and Keeper of the Castle: Fee,—6.13.4
Norfolke. Norwich.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—13.6.8
Keeper thereof: Fee,—6.13.4
Randgers, Masters of the Game: Fee,—4.11.3
Two Walkers of the Chace: Fee a peice, 2.13.4.—5.6.8
Kent. Altham.
Keeper of the house and Parke: Fee—13 13 4
Surveyor. Fee,—6 1 8
Keeper of the Garden: Fee,—11 11.4
Keeper of the Castle: Fee—29.2.6
Keeper of the Mansion house, gardens, woods, &c. Fee. 18.16.8
Keeper of the Manner of Pleasance. Fee,—19.4.0
Gardenr: Fee—7.4.2
Keeper of the warde-robe: Fee—21.5.0
Keeper of the Orchard, new Lodge, and Gardens. Fee—18.5.0
Surrey. Richmond.
Keeper of the house: Fee per diem 6. d.—9.2.6
Keeper of the Orchard: Fee,—6.1.8
Keeper of the Garden. Fee,—3.0 10
Keeper of the Park: Fee,—3.0.10
Keeper of the Library: Fee,—10.0.0
Keeper of the Warde-robe: Fee—9.2.6
Keeper of Bagshot Parke: Fee,—5.0.0
Keeper of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6
Keeper of the House, Fee:—5.0.6
Keeper of the Park, Fee:—3.0.10
Keeper of the Garden and Orchard, Fee:—12.2.6
Keeper of the Wardrobe, Fee:—9.2.6.
Keeper of the Garden and Orchard, Fee: perdiem.
Keeper of the Woods, Fee:—12.5.10
Keeper of the Q. Bears, Fee:—11.8.1. ob
Keeper of the Q Mastifes, Fee:—21.5.10. ob
Com. Ʋ Ʋar. Ʋ Ʋarwick Town
Keeper of the Castle, Fee:—10.0.0
Poeter, Fee:—5.0.0
Keeper of the Garden called Vine-yard, Fee:—3.0.10
Keeper of the St. Guy of Warwicks Sword, Fee:—3.0. 8
Keeper of the Warren, Fee:—3.0.4
Receiver, Bayliffe, and Keeper of the Woods, Fee:—4.11.0
Dutchie Lanc. Kennelworth.
Constable of the Castle, and Keeper of the Parke, Fee:—16.7.4
Keeper of the Woods within the Forrest: Fee,—4.11.3
Com. Staff. Cannock.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—3.6 8Randger of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6
Porter of the Castle:—1.10.4Keeper of the Woods of Tutbury, and Barkley Lodge, within the Chace of Needwood. Fee,—6.13.4
Com. Linc. Bolling-brooke, Dutchie Lanc.
Porter of the Castle: Fee,—5.0.8
Com. Notting. Nottingham Castle.
Constable and Steward of the Castle: Fee,—10.0.0
Constable of the Castle: Fee:—6.13.4Porter: Fee,—6.1.8
Sherwood Forrest.
Forrester: Fee,—6.1.8.
Southampton. Winchester.
Keeper of the Castle: Fee,—6.13.4
Bayliefe there: Fee,—9.2.6
Keeper of the Parke: Fee,—4.11.3The Herbage and Pannage: Fee,—11.0.0
The Isle of Wight. Carces Brooke.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—12.2.8Reeper of the Park: Fee,—3.0.0The Herbage, and Pannage: Fee,—11.0.0
Forrester: Fee,—5.0.0Randger: Fee,—6.13 4
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—8.0.10.Porter: Fee,—3.0.4
Com. Leicester.
Constable of the Castle Fee,—3.0.8Keeper of the Walke, alias Walkership: Fee,—2.0.0Chiefe Forrester, and Keeper of the Chace: Fee,—5.0.4Keeper of the barren Parke, parcell of Leicester Chace: Fee, 2.5.4To one of the Keepers within Leicester-Forrest: Fee,—2.5.4
Heref. Huntingdon.
Constable of the Castle, Keeper of the Castle Fee,—5.0.0Keeper of the Park: Fee—2.0.8
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—13.4.2
Keeper of the Chace: Fee,—6.2.6Keeper of the Woods: Fee,—1.10.4
Kings-wood, and Copernbeele.
Keeper of the Woods: Fee,—1.0.8
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—4.11.6
Com. Wihsb. Melcham.
Keeper of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6Keeper of the Park. Fee,—5.15.5
Glocester. Kings-wood Forrest.
Foure Randgers: Fee,—18.8.1. ob
Saint Briannels.
Constable of the Cast: Fee,—9.2.6
Randger of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6Bedle of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6
Com. Sommers. Bristol.
Keeper of the Castle: Fee,—18.11.3
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—5.0 0
Keeper of the house and Park:—6.1.8
The Bathes.
Keeper of them: Fee,—6.1.8
Com. Devon. Plimton.
Constable of the Castle, and Bayliffe of the Lordship. Fee, 4.6.8
Com. Cornub. Launoeston.
Constable of the Castle:—13.6.8
Keeper of the Castle: Fee,—3.0.4.
Constable of the Castle, and keeper of the Park with theHerbage: Fee,—9.2.6Avenour: Fee,—6.13.4
Com. Derbie. The honour of Tutbury, and Duffield Forrest.
Steward of the honour of Tuthury,, and Master of the Forrest and Chace of Duffield-frith. Fee,—9.2.6
Altham Pettham.
Steward of the Forrest, and Constable of the Castle: Fee,—18.18.8.Fee,—18.18.8
Donnington Castle.
Keeper of the Park. Fee,—3.6.8
Constable of the Castle, Keeper of the Park, and Bayliffe of the Lord-ship: Fee,—10.0.0
Com. Cestr. Haulton, alias Hole Castle.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—6.13.4
Keeper of the Park:—3.0.4.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—18.5.
Porter: Fee,—4.11 3
Keeper of the Gardens within the Castle: Fee per diem, 4. d. 6.1.8
Surveyor of the workes in Chester, and Flint. Fee,—6.1.8
Master Mason: Fee,—18.12.4
Master Carpenter: Fee,—9.2.6
Com. Ebor. Scarborugh.
Keeper of the Casile: Fee,—16.0.0
Keeper of the House, Park, &c. Fee,—6.1.8
Constable, and Steward of the Castle, and Lord, and Master of the Game within all the Forts, and Chaces: Fee,—13.6.8
Porter: Fee,—6.1.8.
Pickering, and Pickering Leigh.
Steward of the Lordstable of the Castle, and Master of the Game within the said Lordship: Fee,—10.0.0
Rider of the Forrest: Fee,—3.0.8
Com. Berk. Windsor.
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—20.0.0
Lievtenant of the Castle, Forrest. Fee,—10.0.0
Keeper of the Keyes of the Castle: Fee,—9.2.6
Keeper of the great Park, Fee,—12.2.6
Porter of the outer Gate of the Castle: Fee,—4.11.4
Keeper of the Leades, Fee,—3.0.10
Clerke of the Castle: Fee,—9.2.6
Keeper of the little Parke under the Castle: Fee—6.1.8
Master Plumber of the workes in the Castle: Fee—9.2.6
Keeper of the Garden under the Castle. Fee—4.0.0
Keeper of the Woods: Fee,—3.0.10
Keeper of the Butts: Fee,—3.0.10
Randger of the Forrest: Fee,—9.2.6
Com. Oxon. Wood-stock.
Keeper of the Park: Fee—9.2.6
Comptroller and Surveyor: Fee,—6.1.8
Gardiner: Fee,—3.0.10
Keeper of the Meadow: Fee—2.5.4
Com. Bedford. Ampthill.
Keeper of Mannor house; Fee,—2.15.3
Keeper of the great Park: Fee,—4.0.0
Herbage and Pannage: Fee,—11.0.0
Paler of the Park: Fee—4.11.4
Keeper of the little Park: Fee,—4.0.0
Herbage and Pannage: Fee—11.0.0
Steepinglee alias Prestley.
Keeper of the Park: Fee—4.0.0.
Herbage and Pannage: Fee—11.0.0
Com. Northampton. Higham Ferris Duc Lanc.
Keeper of the Park, and Warrenor there: Fee,—4.11.2
Constable of the Castle: Fee,—10.0.0
Porter: Fee,—5.0.10
Keeper of the Park. Fee.—6.16.0
The valuation of the severall Livings of all the Bishops of England, with their severall Tenths paid out of them to her Majesty yeerely, viz.
per annum.
1 Archiepiscopatus Cantua. valet clare,—3903.18.8.ob.
Decimae inde,—909.7.10. ob.
2. Archiepiscopatus Eboracens.—2609.19 2
Decimae inde:—260.19.2
1 Episcopatus London.—12 19.15.2
Decimae inde:—212.18.10
2 Winton. Episcopatus:—2191.9.4. ob.
3 Durism. Episcopatus:—1621.18.3
Decimae inde:—162.2.0. ob.
4 Eliensis Episcopatus:—2132.4.3. ob.
Decimae inde:—204.0.0
5 Sarum Episcopatus:—1334.11 8
Decimae inde:—133.15.2
6 Wigorniens. Episcopatus:—1040.11.5. ob.
Decimae inde:—104.9.9
7 Norvicensis Episcopatus:—899.8.7. ob.
Decimae inde:—89.16.11. ob.
8 Lincoln. Episcopatus:—893.18.1. ob.
Decimae inde:—89.16.11. ob
9 Hereford. Episcopatus:—768.10.0
Decimae inde:—76.16, 1. ob.
10 Coven. & Lichf.—7035.2. ob.
Decimae inde:—70.6.6
11 Cestrien. Episcopatus:—677.18.
Decimae inde:—67.4.1
12 Bathen. & Well.—533.1.3
Decimae inde:—53.0.1. ob.
13 Carliens. Episcopatus:—531.4.11. ob.
Decimae inde:—53.2.5. ob.
14 Exon Episcopatus:—500.0.0
Decimae inde:—50.0.0
15 Menevens Episcopatus:—457.0.0
Decimae inde:—45.14.0
16 Cicestr. Episcopatus:—420.1.8
Decimae inde:—40.0.2
17 Petriburgen. Episcopatus:—414.19.1.1
Decimae inde:—41.10.0
18 Roffemis Episcopatus:—338.7.0. ob.
Decimae inde:—33. 16.4. ob.
19 Oxon. Episcopatus:—354.16.3. ob.
Decimae inde:—35.9.7. ob.
20 Glocestr. Episcopatus:—315.17.3
Decimae inde:—31.10.8. ob.
21 Asaphen. Episcopatus:—185.11.5.
Decimae inde:—18.15.1. ob.
22 Landaphen Episcopatus:—134.14.1
Decimae inde:—15.9.2
23 Bangorien. Episcolpatus:—131.16.4. ob.
Decimae inde:—13.3.7. ob.
24 Bristol. Episcopatus:—383.6.10
Decimae inde:—38.6.10
The valuation of the severall Denaries of England, with the Tenths paid out of them.
per annum.
1 Decanatus Eboracens.—306.10.7
Decimae inde:—30.13.4
2 Decantus Lincoln.—196.16.8
Decima inde:—19.13.1
3 Decanatus Sarum.—204.10.0
Decima inde:—20.9.0
4 Decanatus Wellens.—116.4.7
Decima inde.—12.11.3
5 Decanatus Exon.—158.0.0
Decima inde:—15.16.0
6 Decanatus Chichester.—58.9.4
Decima inde.—5.16.11. ob.
7 Decanatus Lichf.—140.0.0
Decima inde:—14.0.0
8 Decanatus Heref.—38.6.1. ob.
Decima inde:— ob.
9 Decanatus London:—300.0.0
Decima inde:—0.0.0
10 Decanatus Bangor:—22.7.1
Decima inde:—2.1.1. ob.
11 Decanatus Assaph:—45.11.1
Decima inde:—4.11.1. ob.
Novae erectionis.
1 Decanatus Cantuar.—300.0.0
2 Decanatus Duresn.—340.0.0
3 Decanatus Winton.—199.13.4
4 Decanatus Rosten:—100.0.0
5 Decantus Bristol.—100.0.0
6 Decantus Glocester.—100.0.0
7 Decanatus Oxon.—100.0.0
8 Decanatus Petriburg:—100.0.0
9 Decanatus Windesor.—150.6.8
10 Decanatus Westm.—131.10.0
11 Decanatus Wigorn.—133.6.8.
12 Decantus Cestr:—100.0.0
13 Decanatus Menevens:—266.12.1
14 Decanatus Carliens.—1207.8
15 Decanatus Norvicen:—102.0.0
The severall places of Bishops.
The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. These two first so placed of dignity.
The Arch-Bishop of York. These two first so placed of dignity.
Bishop of London. These three so placed by Act of Parliament.
Bishop of Winchester. These three so placed by Act of Parliament.
Bishop of Duresine. These three so place by Act of Parliament.

All the rest have their places as they are set downe, according to the severall times of their severall Consecrations, and not by Act of Parliament.


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