Two Letters directed &c.

Luke [...]1. Matth. 23. 24. Zeph. 3. Rev. 16. 1 Cor 3. Col. 2. Acts 20. 1 John 3. 5. James 3. 4, [...]. 2 Pet. 2. 1 Pet 5. THIS present distresse, and commotions of warres in the world, whereby mankinde is ruined, flow from the externall Religi­ons, and contentions of the shepheards, false teachers, 2. Pet. 2. Priests and Pro­phets, never knowne, nor sent of God, Matth. 7. by whose wicked, false, and per­verse Doctrine, the Divell hath already wholly possessed almost every man with hatred, envy, enmity, Cainicall wrath and bitternesse, and overcome and devoured, and brought them under his Kingdome. Epist. Iude.

Marke 13. Matth. 24. Esay. 1. 5. 24. Luke 1 [...]. Zeph. 1. Jer. 5. Rev. 16. 17. Wisd. 6. Now seeing that Germany, by reason of such abominations, sinnes, unbeliefe, and unrighteousnes which hath taken the upper hand, is so far gone to ruine in men and beasts, for an example unto other Countries, therefore I signifie but especially unto the Lords and chiefe men of the Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland according to the justice of God, from the supreame Judge, unto whom the Heavens and Earth belongeth, according Esay 66. Heb. 4. [...]0. Joel 2. 1 Thes 5. 1 Cor. 3. 6. 15. Heb. 3. 12. G [...]l 5. [...] 1 Tim. 1. Luke my former writings directed and sent to them, yet Once, that that they enter deepe into their hearts and consciences, to put a­way and remove thence all workes of darknesse, which offend God and the Holy Spirit, and become sober from them, and also remove the causes of the externall unquietnesse or division, accor­ding to the true ground, and out of a Christian love, and unfeign­ed faith, as they are bound before God, to give aid and help, that their Neighbour, or their fellow-members, viz. the poore and 1 Cor 12. Rom 12. Jerem. 30. Psal 72. Deut. 32.oppressed in Germany, which lie already in the dust and mire of death, may be delivered, Dan. 12. But if they shall faile in this, then shall the same God, who in his fierce anger hath so far con­sumed Germany, by reason of such vices and sinnes, the same Esay 45.God, I say, who formeth Light and createth Darknesse, maketh [Page 2] Amos 5. Ezeck. 15. 21, 22. Matth. 24. 1 John 3. Psal. 14. 109. Jerem 30. Esay 30. 42. 51. 59. Psal. 4. 89. 119. Mich. 7. 2 Tim. 3. 4. John 1. 8. 10. Ezeck. 5▪ 6. Esd 4. 16. Levit. 26. Ezeck 2. 20. Mal. 1. 4. Esay 3. 29. Rom. 1. Matth. 24. Psal. 82. Rom. 9. Esay 10. 28. peace and createth the evill, kindle such a fire among you, that you shall not be able to quench it againe, Zeph. 3.

The Heathen or false Christians, yea rather the Divels Chri­stians in Germany, have indevoured to doe the same unto God in the Heavens, and his servant David, whom God in this present and last time hath raised heere on Earth for the honour of his ho­ly name, and for the Truth and eternall Righteousnesse of God; which the Jewes did formerly unto their King: whereupon they in many Countries have so fared for a great while, that the one hath beene forced to devour the other, far worse then in the de­struction of Jerusalem. But the remnant which yet spurn against God, persevering still in their obstinacy and contempt of God, and thinking to be hidden from the eyes of the Majesty of God, never so much as endevouring to put out of their hearts and con­sciences their vaine devices, their sinnes, their unbeliefe, and un­righteousnesse, which formerly was crept in, nor any wayes wil­ling to give any outward ayd and assistance, that this ruine, accor­ding to righteousnesse may be removed, that remnant, I say, shall Gen. 6. 7. 19. Epist. Jude. Jer. 30. 2 Pet. 3.have the same God, who drowned the first world through the Deluge, and destroyed the Cities Sodome and Gomorrha with fire and brimstone from heaven, to a Revenger, according to his fierce wrath and judgement, heere in time, and there in eternity, Revel. 20. 22. Esa. 63. 66.

Psal. 75. 89. 97.

Ezeck. 36. Esay 2. 30. 42. Mich. 5. 7. Esay 41. 43, 44, 45. To maintayne the honour of the Holy Name of God, and to deliver really the rest of the little worme of Jacob, and poor flock of Israel, namely the herd of Christ, which is very little, Luke 12. Zeph. 3.

Dan. 12. Psal. 89. 132. Esay [...] Esd. 4. [...]. 6. 7. 9. 16. Jerem. 23. Marke 13. Rom. 12. Epist. Jude. A warriour of the Lord, Or, King after the Order of David.

If the right truth of the word of God shall breake foorth, and be maintained, and faith accordingly yet once blossome, bud and grow, Esa. 33. Ebr. 4. 10. 12. then must the hypocrisie and lies of the false Prophets, which do not serve God and the Lord Christ, but the world and their belly, wholly perish, for which purpose there shall be a judgement.

Esay 34. 40. 66. Psal. 24. 50. 89 95. Dan. 4. 5. The same God unto whom both Heaven and Earth chiefly be­longeth, who maketh the Lords to be without Land, and suffe­red the great King of Babylon to go amongst the Beasts in the for­rest, when hee, out of his proud and insolent heart, would not be­lieve, [Page 3] that the most-high had power and dominion over the King­domes Matth. 24. Epist. Jude. 1 Thes. 5. Zeph. 1. 2. Esay 60. Amos 5. 9.of men, he hath determined unto the Hypocrites, mockers and despisers a day which they shall not escape. And if all Christian Kings shall not, in humility of mind and conscience be­fore God, afford helpe and assistance, that Zion may be built, and further destruction, (which even in most Kingdomes is now Heb. 6. Tit. 1.spunne and wrought:) according to righteousnesse, appeased or prevented, then they shall have the same God, who lyeth not, Mal. 3. such a consuming fire, as is denounced in his word long Heb. 10. 12. Rev. 3. Marke 13.since to the unbelieving, ungodly, lukewarme, false Christians, being neither hot nor cold, 2. Pet. 3. Mal. 4.

Wisd. 6. Acts 17. Jer. 10. Rom. 1. Esay 1. 2. 30. 49. 52. Psal. 82. Jer. 21. and 22. Esay 60. Ye are the Officers of my Kingdome, saith God, who giveth life and breath to every man: but those Gods who have not made Heaven and Earth, who are become vaine in their imaginations, detaining the truth in unrighteousnesse, nay all Heathens or king­domes, who will not serve God, or helpe thereto, that Zion may be built, the poor and fatherles delivered, the miserable and needy ones obtaine justice, the afflicted and distressed rescued and freed from the violence of the wicked, or hands of the oppressors; those, I say, shall perish and be rooted out from the Earth, and from un­der the Heavens, Jerem. 10. Wherefore also the mighty ones in Jer. 5. 8. 9. Rev. 10. Matth. 11. Esay 65. 66. Jer. 30. 2 Pet. 3. Ezeck. 21▪those parts have already long since been called upon, according to the justice of the Lord, by reason of the miseries in Germany. But the everlasting (Revel. 19. Esa. 63.) and fierce wrath of God, Rom. 1. and his vengeance and judgement, 2. Thess. 1. shall not onely in one respect alone, but double and treble fall upon those mockers and despisers, who blaspheme the right of the Lord, and pervert all what is upright, going about to build Zion with blood, Mich. 3. Amos 5. James 5. Marke 12.and Jerusalem with unrighteousnesse, robbing the poore of his sweat and blood, and bringing thereby him, viz. their own Land and their subjects therein, into totall ruine and destruction; and moreover suffer their neighbors or fellow-members, who, accor­ding 1 Cor. 13. Rev. 17. 18. Dan. 12. 1 John the justice and judgemet of God, might, could and ought to have been delivered, with body and soule, to perish. Therefore this Cains-generation had best to observe well this power, com­mandement and message of God, not onely according to this, but also many other and former writings sent thither, in the behalfe Mich. 3. Heb. 4. 10. 11. Eccles. 35.of the poore and distressed, whose misery and calamity on all sides crieth and sigheth to God in the Heavens, Psal. 10. 94.

The WORD of GOD,

Mich 6. Rev. 12. Rom. 11. 1 Pet. 2. Which by reason of this present confusion and calamity in the Romane Empire, is directed to the Heathen, viz. the People of the second or New Testament, and by reason of these selfe-re­vengefull, Cain-like, cruell murthering and robbing warres, hath in particular been sent and delivered to the Kings of Swe­den and Denmarke, and also often to the Governours in the Low Countries, who will build Zion with blood, Mich. 3. and thereby pervert the judgement of God concerning the destru­ction of the Whore of Babylon, Psal. 10. and 94.

Eph. 4. Hos. 10. 2 Cor. 4. 1 Cor. 3. 6. Rom. 1. John 14. Revel. 20. Jerem. 8. Dan. 7. 1 Cor. 4. Heb. 10. Rom. 12. Psal. 94. Who

Likewise by untying and breaking the Bond of the Love of God, are divided asunder, and in Christ the light of Faith blinded; Whereby they, in stead of the Holy Ghost or power of the Gospell, are so mastered and possessed by the Prince of this World, that they by no meanes will leave off to support and uphold Babel against the justice and judgement of God, and to tread under feet the Son of God, through their owne judging and revenging.

To reject the Word of the LORD, and to be disobedient to God, is the Sinne of Witchcraft; and stubbornesse is Iniquity and Idolatry, 1. Sam. 15.

[Page 5] Deut. 4. 6. 32. 33. chap. Marke 12. Gen. 1. Acts 4. 7. 14. 17. Esay. 40. 43, 44 45, 46, 48, 51, 66. Heb. 11. Jerem. 5. Mal. 1. Esay 48. Rom. 11. Esay 48. 57. 1 Pet. 2. Eph. 6. Rev. 20. 2 Cor. 4. Eph. 4. Esay 40. 1 Tim. 6. Gal. 1. 2 Tim. 4. 2 Pet. 2. Heb 4. Jer. 23. Matth. 11. 12. Luke 10. 11. 12. 2 Tim. 2. Eph. 4. 5. Matth. 7. and 24. chap. Acts 20. 2 Tim. 2. 1 Cor. 3. 12. Rom. 16. Phil. 3. Marke 13. Jerem. 23. 1 Cor. 6. 12. Rom. 12. Eph. 2. 1 Pet. 2. Colos. 2. 3. Eph. 4. 5. Luke 21. Matth 24. Marke 13. Jerem. 7. and 11. chap. 2 Pet 2. Hosea 4. Col. 1. and 2. There is but One Only God, viz. the same, who, through the hand of his Divine Power, hath of Nothing, Created the Hea­vens, the Earth, the Seas, and all that therein is▪ Whom that People, which nameth it selfe after his holy Name, should just­ly before all other people, honour, praise, serve and feare, Hosea 13.

But these Heathen who brag of Christianity, and yet most ob­stinately and presumptuously will be counted the Only people of God, are in their hearts and consciences so possessed and blinded by the Prince of this World▪ viz the spirit of Eternall darknesse, that they are altogether unmindfull and carelesse of the Eternall, Infinite and Invisible God; nay, they wil not so much as acknow­ledge Him amongst them, in the vaine and cursed Doctrine of those false Teachers, whom they have chosen to themselves, nor according to the power and truth of his Living Word, in regard of these present workes and deeds.

Seeing that God in his Word long since faithfully enough, hath given warning, carefully to take heed and to beware of the false Prophets, viz. of those horrible ravening Wolves in sheeps clothing, who, with their contentious pratings and disputing, are the very prime and principall cause of all division, distraction, concision, confusion and seduction, Esa 3. and 10. chap. Ezech. 13.

God speakes in his Word that the true believers being Mem­bers of his Body, ought to be compacted, built and rooted toge­ther, through the Bond of Peace, and the Love of God.

But the Divell, through the mouth of the false Prophets in the stone-Churches and Chappels, or carnall Congregations, saith; Heere is Christ, there is Christ: Heer is the Temple of the Lord, heere is the Temple of the Lord: Come hither and heare us, and let your sinnes bee forgiven you, &c. and all this to that people which hath lost and forsaken Christ the Head of the Church and Saviour of his Body, according to his Eternall, Divine and Undi­visible Power and Vertue.

Now although God (richly and) abundantly hath warned the Heathen as well as the Jewish Nation, not to be haughty & proud in their unbeliefe; yet notwithstanding they being in and through all Cities and Countreyes, yea through all Realmes, as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and other places divided one from a­nother [Page 6] Acts 4. Rev. 18. 2 Pet. 2. Ezeck. 13. Matth. 7. Rev. 16. 2 Cor. 11. Dan. 7. Matth. 24. Esay. 59. Psal. 58. 82. Esay 51. Rom. 9. Jer. 30. Matth. 24. Esay 41. 43. Hosea 6. 7. 9. 12. Nah. 3. Jer. 8. Hosea 4. Matth. 24. Esay 30. Ezeck. 22. Jer. 2. 7. 22. Mich. 3. 7. Zach. [...]1. Rev. 12. 16. 20 chap. Mich. 5. Psal. 33. Nah. 1. Eccles. 35. James 5. Wisd. 6. 12. Esay 24. 34. Ezeck. 34. Rom. 11. 1 Pet. 2. Eph. 4. Hos. 10. 2 Cor. 4. Wis. 2. Rom. 1. 2 Cor. 4. Esay 58. Daniel 12. Rev. 20. Esay 8. 28. 63. 2 Thes. 1. Zeph 3 in the very abisse or depth of their soules, or having no spi­rituall communion of God any more amongst them; they, I [...]ay, dreame and imagine to have a way to the Father into the e­verlasting Kingdome of God, without Christ the unity in the Spi­rit, or foundation of Faith, by the damned arch-witchcraft of their false Teachers, Priests, and Prophets, being never either sent or knowne of God, as if they with those false Apostles, by which Satan the very Divell transformeth himselfe into an Angel of light, had the truth, and God should be their liar, who long since hath foretold the state and condition of this present, last, and lamentable time, viz. that Faith should be extinguished, love by many grow cold, and unrighteousnesse get the upper hand.

But seeing that these people wholly neglect and despise the Lord of Sabbath concerning the reall and fundamentall alterati­on and removing of this present distresse, misery and great cala­mity, for his seeds sake; and moreover that they for to main­taine the Idolatry and Sorcery of their false worship and religion, wherein is neither faithfulnesse nor love, neither Faith nor Righ­teousnesse, like the Jewes in former times, especially about the end of the old Testament, have begunne and still doe beginne one murthering, robbing, and bloodsheding course and enterprise, af­ter and above another, not forbearing thus to bring many thou­sands of souls to the slaughter, it shall & must so be paied home to these heathens possessed of the Divell, who never would obey nor hearken, but with all their strength still doe endeavour to annihi­late and frustrate the counsell of the Lord; even so I say, as they have deserved it both of God himselfe, and also of those poore people, who thereby are ruined, made desolate and destroyed, Psal. 2. and 12.

Thus the Heathen, viz. the people of the second and new Te­stament, who, by breaking the bond of the love of God, are di­vided asunder, and in Christ the light of Faith, blinded, are from the face and presence of Jesus Christ in these their darke and ob­scure hearts called upon by Michael the Prince of warres, by whom the Lord God, for to maintaine the honour of his word and holy name, and for the fundamentall deliverance of poore Mankinde shall arise, and make himselfe manifest and knowne.

Hos. 3. Ierem. 23. 30. chap. Ezeck. 34. 37. chap

King David the second a Warrior of the Lord, Esay 42.


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