THE HEBREWS Deliverance at hand.

Declared by me JOSHUAH GARMENT in Clarken-well New Prison.

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LONDON, Printed June 23. 1651. ⟨Aug. 23.⟩

The Hebrews Deliverance at hand.

To the honest Seeker, who waits in love and peace, till peace and love is estabished in the Earth, in the power and pu­rity of the most High: Many and various are the reports of the people, but truth is the only jewel; it is not sup­posing will stand in the day of God; at the which day it will be known unto all men, that I Joshuah Garment am the Prophet of the most high God; and then it will be made known that I am a true sufferer.

IN the year 1631. as I lay waking upon my bed, the glory of the Lord shone about me, many Angels of light, in light, came unto me, standing before me; the Angel that first ap­peared to me, spake these words unto me, Fear not thou servant of the most high God, we are sent unto thee to protect thee from the power of the Devil: then the Angel told me that there should be sudden and strange alterations in the world, as the taking away of Epis­copacy and Kingly Monarchy; also that the things might not be spoken until I had a command from God to speak and declare the things; many a time in tears I said, when and how long Lord? at the beginning of this War in England I expected that God would bring about his design by this Parlament, and was a Souldier three years; but then even in the height of my zeal, I was command [...]d to leave the Army; for the most high would only by the word of his mouth, and not by the power of man; I then obeyed the voice of the Lord and came forth of the Army; then suddenly after the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Thou art within my new covenant, I will teach thee: The next day following the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, I the Lord appointed thee salvation from eternity, thou shalt eat of the bread [Page 4]of life: Then at that time I had some bread given me by an Angel, and I did eat to my great joy and comfort.

I heard one calling unto me, Josherbah, Josherbah, the time draws near that the Jews, even the Hebrews must be gathered and delivered; Then I was carried into the South parts of the world, where I was shewed a company of gallant men, very grave and seeming holy; the Angel told me, pointing to them, all these are hypocrites; amongst the which I saw a great Independent of Glo­cester that I knew; Then the Angel turned me to the right hand, and shewed me a poor ragged travelling dispised people, with an innumerable company, saying, this is Levi's Tribe, and this is the whole house of Israel: Then I knew also that the Religious men should oppose the deliverance of the Jews, and that the professors, many of them, should persecute them even unto death, but the work should go on.

In the year 1650. I saw the man called John Robins riding up­on the wings of the wind in great glory; then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, this is thy Lord, Israels King, Judge, and Law giver; Thou must proclaim his day: Again, This is the Lord of hosts, strong and mighty in battel, that the doors and gates must open unto, that so he may enter in: Again, this is the Melchi­zedeck that Abraham met in the way, even the Adam that was the first created man, who is restored, set and sent by God his Creator, with the name of God his Creator, God Almighty written upon him, even the first man is sent by God his Creator, to gather and deliver the Hebrews without arms offensive or defensive, but only and alone in the power of the Lord God his Creator; and that all men should oppose him, but not prevail: The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, this is he that shall in the Name and power of God the Crea­tor, divide the Seas, and lead the Hebrews to their own Land, even as Moses did out of Egypt; and as Pharaoh could not prevail, but perish, so shall his enemies perish and not prevail. Therefore my dear breathren, take heed to your selves, for a great and sudden blow will be suddenly, that will make heaven and earth to shake; to the confounding of all them that oppose the Jews deliverance; for I tell you in the name of God Almighty, Creator of all things, visible and invisible, even in his name that is only wise, immortal, in the heavens; that deliverance will be this year, and that the manchild will be born this year, even he that shall come and rule [Page 5]with a rod of iron all Nations, breaking them to peeces like a pot­ters vessel, and the Nations shall not avoid his government, for in righteousness he will judge and make war, not with a sword, but with the eternal word; yet the Kings of the earth must rage and murmur, fighting against the peaceable multitude that shall never bear arms offensive or defensive; but in suffering, commit them­selves unto God, who will in his time make love to flourish, to the overthrowing of the gross hypocrites of these times; for the time is come that the peaceable multitude, that doth in holy fastings, watchings and prayers, now even this year expect deliverance, and they shall be delivered: the Lord hath sworn it, and he will perform it, for he hath said that twenty days before next Micha­elmas day the sea shall be divided, and many Jews that here are in England shall go thorow on dry foot towards Judea: and the Lord said, I will gather all the Jews in the world unto one place, and with signs and wonders in great power bring them thorow all countries, bring in the ten Tribes unto us.

Again, I tell you in the name of God, that Iohn Robins is the man ordained by the Creator of heaven and earth to lead the Hebrews, Dividing the sea in the power of God his Creator; take notice of what I say, for I am a Prophet of the most high God, that declare this unto you; I confess I was silent, but being demand­ed by a Justice what I said of John Robins, I told him, and now also have told you the same, that if God is pleased to make men carp at truth, I shall in patience sit still, till God shews it them as he did to me; knowing that God only must satisfie and not man; for man may suppress for a time, but not change the heart, the change of the heart is only the proper work of God, and alone his work, and in the day of his power he will work and none shall hinder. O then! who shall stand? not the wise, not the prudent, not them that would be Lords over mens consciences, but those onely that in love and peace wait for deliverance onely from the God of peace and love: remember how the old world despised Noah, a preacher of Righteousness; the Sodomites slighted Lot, Pharoah oppressed Moses & Aaron; and the Canaanites opposed Joshuah, but it was all in vain: this striving also is in vain, for God will do his work, and the strivings against the deliverance of the Jews, and against their deliverer is in vain; God will do his work, and you, even many of you that are now gain-sayers shall be de­livered [Page 6]by him that you now scorn; and rejoyce in it to your ever­lasting comfort.

Consider the strange overturnings that have been in this Nation, contrary to mens expectations; and now a sudden change will be, to the amazement of all men, and this change must be effected by the sword of the spirit, not by the sword of man; for now the time is at hand, Swords and spears must be made into plowshares and pruning hooks, so that Nation shall not lift up sword against Nation, neither shall men learn war any more: For when men hear of the coming of the peaceable man, they shall leave the war, and follow him that in peace and love is sent to deliver them, and bring them into a full injoyment of eternal happiness, every man sitting under his own Vine and Fig-tree, none fraying them away. Consider, that when the Son of man cometh he shall not find faith on the Earth; Remember, that before his coming men must deny the resurrection, and say, where is the promise of his coming? and that love should wax cold; Pride envies, Humility derided, Truces and Covenants broken, uproars in Nations; but when you shall see the sign of the Son of man in the heavens, O then we shall mourn, looking on him whom they have pierced, even that Jesus that died for us; then we shall mourn; I have told you, and also tell you, that those that seek the gaining of victory over the peaceable people, they shall in the end fail and be broken. The many and various re­ports of me are made up by such that know least of me; my state be­ing kept close from men, is the cause they so rage and war against me with their tongues, but when the man upon the black horse cometh forth with a pair of ballances in his hand, then it will be known, that the sons of men cannot judge the truth of God by reason and their accursed wills, but either by inspiration, or immediate Revelation; then a measure of Wheat for a penny, and two measures of Barley for a penny; then pro­priety disowned, and charity imbraced; then Faith and Works will eternally be marryed; but no Devils faith then, who also believe and tremble, but no power of God. Then St. Jame's Doctrine will be good, shew me thy Faith by thy works; not ho­nouring the great, and slighting the small, but shewing love to all, that so God only be glorified and exalted; But what is this to a people that cannot endure sound Doctrine? that have itching ears, not attained to the first principles of Religion? But it is my [Page 7]comfort that I suffer for Truth, by such as cannot judge Truth; It is to prepare for the battel of the Lamb; Haste, haste, haste, thou man of Sin, thy time is short, God will plague thee for thy judge­ing Truth to be blasphemy; haste, persecute the people that live by water and bread: but thou shalt come to thine end, and none shall help thee; But we shall in the midst of misery be holpen by a little help, and when our Prince stands up, every one shall be delivered that is found written in the Book: Then wo, wo, wo, and well away, shall be to thee in that day; for when our God doth us call, O then must be thy wo! fall, fall, thou man of Sin; thy Law is Sword, thy thirstings is after the bloud of those that fear God. Remember thou man of Sin, that suddenly after thy fathers the Bishops had drawn bloud from Mr. Burton, Mr. Bast­wick, Mr. Lilborn, and Mr. Pryn, the fall of them was at hand: So I, Josherbah, tauquan, tauquan, tauquarden, pistauvah, Jah, pahstauvah, Jah, achor, ab, sha, bah, Jah: even Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lords Scribe, Joshua Garment;

I declare unto thee thou man of Sin, that I am the Prophet of the Lord, sent to proclaim the coming of the Lord; and if thou must like thy Ancestors draw bloud from me, or any other Servant of God, it is for thy eternal destruction; the Lord hath said it, I have told thee the day of the Lord is at hand, that shall burn as an Oven; then our God will save us, and thou shalt be as stubble; Then bloudy Prelates you all must down; your Tything Laws must have no room; the Lion is come out of the Wood to break thy pride and destroy thy guilded end, end, end: thy mixture is Iron and Clay, thy Morter not well tempered, it is like thy fa­thers the Bishops, thy end like theirs; Think not thou proud new Prelate, that Judgement will not seise on thee as on them. I had hopes God would reform thee, but now I know he will destroy thee, and that suddenly, even before next March, 1652. But all of you of this Nation, that hath and doth strive to protect the innocent, God will give you your reward at the appearing of Jesus Christ, and then your Enemies shall not stand though in Co­venants and Arms against you; for God doth remember your care of his people, some of you; but those that delight in bloud, he hath no pleasure in them.

To God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy Spirit, three Persons, yet but one God eternal, not defined, nor confined, not [Page 8]cloathed with mortal flesh, and bone as we are, the only Creator of all things visible and invisible, who is not the Creation, nor any part of the Creation, whose being is in it self only, to him only let be all glory, praise, power, praise for evermore, Amen.

All the Nations of the Earth are as a drop of a bucket to him.

Thus I have finished this little Declaration; The grace of the Lord Iesus Christ be with you, that love his appearing, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Come Lord Iesus.
Joshuah Garment.



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