A BRIEF DISCOVERY OF THAT Which is called the Popish RELIGION WITH A word to the Inquisition discovering their seat of Injustice and Cruelty,

And also a word to them who are in Bondage under this deceit that upholdeth the Beasts Worship.

And a word to the Pope who calls himself a Bishop and is not, his throne of deceit is discovered, by the Spirit of the Eternall God.

Given forth by me who am called of the World. A. GARGILL

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert at the black spread Eagle neer the West end of Pauls, 1656.

A brief discovery of that which is called the Popish Religion, with a word to the Inquisition, discovering their seat of Injustice and Cruelty, and also a word to them who are in Bondage under this deceipt, that upholdeth the Beasts worship.


MInde the light of Christ Jesus, him, by whom the world was made, who will lead you to righte­ousness, and holiness, in him there is no strife, nor no debate; you are guided by the Prince of the Air, who leadeth to iniquity, and all man­ner of abhomination against the Lord and his anointed; your imitation, and false worship lyes in the fall of Adam, your guide is the Serpent full of subtilty, and invention, and pride, cove­tousness, and all manner of evill is exalted in you; your fruits are the deeds or darkness out of the right of Jesus; bring your deeds to the light, let that judge your ways and practises, whether they are wrought in God yea or nay. God is the guide of all them that fear him, he leads unto righteousness; but your wayes are deceit, and abhomination, they are wrought by Magick art, the Magicians of Egypt imitated Moses, who had the power of God, by the Devill were the [...] guided to work by subtilty for their glory, but that glory had an end, and so will yours in time, the Lords hand is against your deceit, your abhominable pride and wickedness which standeth in your deceit, you are deceivers of souls for your own advantage, you seek the fleece and starve the flock, by this your magick authority and conjuration, which you have gathered in by the Prince of the air; the Devill is your God whom you serve, he was a deceiver from the beginning, by him you are led to deceive the [Page 2]people of their eternall happiness to be led by your conjuration, and your Necromancy, The Prince of the air leadeth you to airy imagi­nations without substance, Christ is the substance, and him you know not to be your guide, you are guided by another, the Harlot is your guide, the well favoured Harlot decking her self, making of Images, and painting of likenesses of things without substance; the substance of all you know not, the light of Jesus is a stranger to your wicked minds, who are bent against God, and his wayes you despise, and cast them be­hind your backs; you are the painted whore in this your practise. The Devil is your Head, and Christ the Head you know not, the Lamb of Innocency you never knew to be the light of the world, who leads to plainness, and honesty, your comfort is in this life, you know no other but that which leads to pride, and all manner of abhomination, cove­tousness is your root, it is the root of evill, by which the Canker en­ters, it hath corrupted your hearts, and minds, and made you subject to the Devil, who is a Master, and Lord over you; you are his servants whom ye obey; your Idoll Gods in them you live, and have your being, your being is in this life, you know no other, nor no better: Pride is ex­alted in you, you know not him that leads out of the world, nor out of the things of the world, for your being is in them; your being is in the dust among the Serpents and beasts, and ravenous Wolves, and with them you do feed in the wilderness of destruction: destruction is your end, if you do not repent and serve the living God, who leadeth out of all babels, and trifels, pleasing the mind with the fruitless works of darkness, your pictures, and Images, and your praying to Saints, and worshipping your dumb Gods, which cannot answer, the true God you do not know that leadeth out of the world, he is unchangeable, your God changeth; but our God lives for ever whom we serve, he dyeth not, the God of Heaven is our Lord, and Lawgiver, and our Head, and no other do vve ovvn but Christ Jesus the Son of God, he leadeth out of all things that are visible, he is invisible to the carnall eye, no man can see his face, and live, it is death to the carnall: to knovv God is life eternall, all carnall things must dye, and have an end, your Pope is car­nall, and vvicked and abhominable before the Lord, and an exalted bubble is he vvhom you call your Head: of that vvhich you call your Church, it is but bables and an invention of the Devill, and by him are you guided to exalt one another, and to make you a God like your [Page 3]selves, Christs-Vicar you do call him, where have you learnt that word, or from whence did it come, can ye tell? it is deceit, that is your guide; you plead antiquity, but the antient of daies shall judge you all, and all your gathering without God; subtilty, and deceit hath upheld your vain titles of Monks, Fryers, and other Orders gathered in by your imaginations: who led you to these things? did the Spirit of God, yea, or no; or by tradition of them, whom you call your antient Fathers? Fathers they were of iniquity, Authors of evill like your selves; by the Devill are you guided to follow tradition, knowing not the Spirit which leads to life, all your practise is in death, it doth not renew your minds, nor change the heart to become holy; for you are desperately wicked, and murderers, and thieves, and Idolaters, you have stoln your Religion as you call it, out of the pit it came, and into the pit it shall re­turn, any one that comes in any other way, but by Christ Jesus are thieves and Robbers, Whoremongers, and Adulterers God will judge, your Harlotting is known to the Lord, who is the Judge of all Judges, your deceit gathered in by the Counsell of the wicked one (who is your foun­dation) by him you are guided to practise that, which neither Apostles, nor Prophets did, and yet you say your Pope is Peters successor; where do you read in the Scripture, that Peter sate in a Chair with a triple Crown upon his Head? did not the Apostles freely Preach the word of the Lord without money, or any advantage to themselves; the glory of the world by them was denyed, they feared not their lives to the death, they gave all their substance to the poor; now learn to know the pow­er, the poor in Spirit shall see God and live for ever; but you are ex­alted above the light, that which discovers sin, the light of Jesus, who enlightens all men into the world, it shews your evill deeds of dark­ness, acted out of the life of Jesus, your life is death, and death is your end, and that end leadeth to self, to be selfly minded, it is death, for self is carnall and devillish, did ever you read in the Scriptures your pra­ctise, which you have amongst you? did ever Apostles and Prophets do the same, which you do? did they ever seek themselves, or self ad­vantage for the glory of the world, which lyes in death? let the righ­teous in you judge your conscience, I mean where Christ hath placed his witness, Christ Jesus hath a witness in you all, and that shall be your Judge at the latter day: where God is known to be: that is per­fect, and that delayeth not time, he calleth for repentance by it, which [Page 4]discovers sin, and lets you know when you have done amiss, it is Gods witness in every one which shews them their evill deeds, and when they commit sin, this judges: now turn to this that it may lead you to life, and peace; but no peace to the wicked, they shal dye without mercy; now con­sider whether your deeds are done in the Spirit, or in the flesh; If by the Spirit of God you are guided, then would you not appear in these practi­ses, you sit like Kings and Princes Lording over the just by your own invention, and not by Gods direction, or by any example of those that fear the Lord: those that fear the Lord are innocent, and harmless like God: there are but two Spirits of God, and of the devill, now mind by which you are guided, and by which Spirit you receive this authoritie, which you practice, doth the Spirit of God lead to murder? let the light judge, or did ever Christ Jesus shevv any such example? or did he give you any authoritie to murther men, that be not of your minds? the In­quisition you call your selves, enquiring of that vvhich you need not, busying your selves, and Lording it over other mens consciences, your own practice you never consider from whence it came, nor whether it shall go; for to the pit must all that is exalted be turned; your Idols can­not save you, the day of your visitation is come; turn unto the Lord all you exalted bubbles, and let the light judge your wayes, vvhether they be vvrought in God yea or nay; did ever Christ Jesus the son of the li­ving God command these things, vvhich you do? did ever the Lord of life shevv an example to murder? his Spirit leads to suffering, through him that maketh vvilling, and not to persecution, that is your seat to destroy the innocent, the Lord is prest under your abhominations, you trample up on the just one that discovers sin, sin is the enemie of your souls, and the Lord is a friend to all that fear and keep his commande­ments, this commandement do I leave among you (saith Christ Jesus) that ye love one another, and love is the fulfilling of the Law of God, but where is your love to kill your Brother, Cains nature dvvells in you, and you are by that Spirit guided, vvhich slaies the Just, you offer up sacrifice to the Devill, your sacrifice, and you are one, and he is one with you that leads you to it; vvhat think you that a dead bable can save your souls, it you call your Saviour, that you make vvith your hands; you make you a God, and vvhen you have made it you eat it, this cor­rupts with you; corruptible things are not known to those that live in the Spirit, but in the place vvhere they are to be used, and vvhen, and [Page 5]how by the wisdome of God, as food for the body, as God in his wisdome hath ordered them to be used, as wine, and strong drink, as Paul writ to Timothie, as usefull for the body, and not for the soul. The Spirit feedeth on things not seen with a Carnal eye, by the Spirit were they gui­ded to use every thing in its place, by this Spirit is Nations redeemed, and Kingdomes brought to nought. Hell is their Portion that knows not that which redeemeth: God redeemeth from sin, but you dwell in sin, and are dead; And yet you say you eat God. He that feedeth on me saith Christ Jesus shall live for ever. My flesh is meat indeed, and my Blood is drink indeed, but not Carnal as you [...]ay, for God is a Spirit, and no flesh enters that Kingdome, neither can Man by his Spirit know what it is. Man by his wisdome knows not God, nei­ther can they comprehend his being: for his being is not Carnal, but you are Carnal, Sensuail, and Devillish, and the Diveil hath beguiled you, for the destruction of your souls, to enlarge his Kingdome, his King­dome is enlarged by the children of disobedience, disobedience entred by Adams fall when he eat the forbidden fruit, contrary to the mind of God. God is righteous and he leads to righteousness, peace and pure holy­ness, and holyness becomes his House for ever: Now where is this House can ye tell, when you make your Idoll Temples a shelter for murderers, and thieves. Thieves you are to deceive the people, and lead the blind to their destruction: Destitute you are of God, when you say you will sa­crifice for sin, and your hands are full of blood, it is not your washing with water can save you from sin, it is the blood of Jesus that cleanseth, this blood is not Wine to drink in Bouls, as do the Drunkards so do you: You cannot worship him whom you know not in all your outward imita­tion. And all your Ceremonies, your Copes, and Surpl [...]sses, and Miters, and Crowns, and Crosses, that are made of wood: and your painted flaggs deceiving the people, and making them follow you up and down Towns and Cities, and call this a procession, it is a procession indeed, for the De­vill hath possessed you to make Images like unto himself. Images and Likenesses is your Religion, as you call it: but he that seems to be Religious, let him bridle his tongue, but your tongues are at liberty to sing, and pray, and imitate: how can he pray or preach that is not sent; he that is sent, is born of God, can this birth you witness? Christ came into the World by the will of his Father and whatsoever he see the Father do, that did he also. When did you see God to receive this authority, your authority is from [Page 6]your Father the Devill, and his Servants ye are whom ye do obey: Obey the Lord, turn to the Light of Jesus that leads to a holy Life, and an in­nocent habitation, out of all subtlety; You do feed your Colledges with Philosophy, which is not the Doctrine of Christ, but the Doctrine of De­vills. Paul speaks, Teach not vain Philosophy, no Traditions of man; for man in his wisdome knows not God, neither is he known of God, for God is a Judge of deceit, and his judgements true and just. And the just God will be avenged of his enemies, yea, the eternal God will call you to ac­compt for your Stewardship. He hath given to every man a Talent to im­prove, and the unprofitable Servant shall be cast into the Lake, where shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, out of Hell there is no Redemption. Purgatory (say you) is a place of purging and clean­sing by fire, the fire of God is a cleanser, he burneth up the wicked, and bringeth sinners to repentance; how can you be cleansed from sin with­out the blood of Jesus: he is not divided from the Father; I and my Fa­ther are one saith Christ, and he that dwells in God, dwells in Love. where is your Love to one another, you sell the innocent for money, ye make the righteousness of Christ of no effect in your account, when you say you can redeeme Souls for money, Money is your portion and your reward; Your plagues shall be doubled, yea verily, your plagues shall be doubled, for your Life is deceit, and abomination before the Lord; For ever are you condemned if you do not repent, and turn unto the Lord, and his light minde, that you may see where you are, and what you do: that all things may be known to be the fruits of darkness, which is not wrought in God. God is a worker of wonders, in the hearts of them who dread his presence, and tremble at his word; his word you know not, neither do you regard it: and yet you say you work wonders, where are your wonders? do you know that that leads to righteousness, and holy­ness, and cleanseth the heart from corruption: your hearts are corrupted in wickedness, and yet you say you work wonders and miracles. It is a miracle to change from death to life: but where have you changed any. Are not you desperately wicked? when you tolerate, and allow of mur­der, and make your Steeple-houses a refuge for murder, and you call it the Sanctuary of God, and say that it is a holy place, where is the place that is holy saith the Lord? You have builded Temples, and worshiped Idols: you are Lyers, you worship a Den of thieves. You have stoln your Prerogative from the Devill the father of lyes, and you are subject to him, [Page 7]who is a Prince of darkness. Darkness hath possessed your hearts, you have stoln a practice from the Devill, and you set it up in the stead of in­nocency, for subtlety is your order: you have no other thing to preserve you but subtlety and deceit; to deceive the people in telling them you are their Fathers, and that you can forgive sins. There is but one Father, and one God, and he is from everlasting to everlasting World without end, The God of Heaven is a Father indeed, he saves his people from sin, but sin is your Author, and your finisher of your end. In sin you live, and in sin you dye; Where is your Father whom you serve? do you not serve your lusts, and your filthy desires in all things, which your minds run af­ter; and flattering your selves that you are holy, and calling your selves holy men: the holy men of old did so as you do, ruling as Kings by your Authority, which you have received from the Devill, whose Dominion is strife and debate: and the Spirit of God leads to peace, and to an oneness. The Father and the Son are but one, and he that knowes the Father knowes the Son alsoe, with you it is not so: you know not one another, but as bruit beasts in fighting, quarreling one with another, one Nation with another, and one Kingdome with another: this is your fruits of your Religion, as you call it. You have a name to live, but are dead while you live, for your deeds make you manifest from whence you came, and what you are, and whether you go, and what you do; your practices are abomination to the Lord, and yet you say you have unity and an oneness amongst you, in that which you call your Church, and yet you cannot reconcile your members one to another. For the Church, as you call it, hath seven Heads, which you compare to seven Hills, and these Hills you say give light to the Nations; How comes it then that Nations are drunk with wickedness, he that is drunke, is drunke in the night, day makes your deeds mannifest. Yea, that innocent Lamb discovereth your subtlery, and your deceit, deceiving the Nations and Kingdomes, and ex­alting your selves above all that is called God; Your names are an abo­mination to those that fear the Lord: Turn to the light of Jesus, that a new name you may witness by renewing of your minds, that light lea­deth to a new Life, out of the old world which hath poysoned, and hath deceived many Nations, the World of sin, which hath been exalted in your hearts. Behold a new Heaven and a new Earth is spoken of, but what is this to you, for you know it not, you live in the old World, and yet you say you are Church-men; Christs Church is pure, even like him­self, as clear as Christall is his body, and his members is not devided, you [Page 8]are divided, you fight, and kill one another, and destroy your souls through wickedness, and injustice, Is this Justice think you to be a man-slayer, and kill them that will not yeild and become subject to your abhominations? abhominable is your practice and your deceit; you are grand deceivers this many hundred years, but now is the Lord appea­ring to lay open your deceit, your nakedness shall appear even as it is, you can no longer be hidden, for the lightness of your Sun discovereth deeds of darkness: what think you of this, can you forgive sin, yea, or no? from vvhence did you receive this authoritie, and are sinners your se [...]ves, and yet you say you have received this authority from the Pope, and the Pope from Peter (say you) but you are lyars, and the truth is not in you. Peter usurpt no such authoritie, he was subject to the Lord and to his Commandements, and his faith vvas grounded upon J [...]sus, the Rock of ages, and that faith saves from sin; he that hath faith becomes pure, as God is pure, and he is pure indeed: and yet you say you have the Keys of Heaven, and of Hell, and do say that this authoritie is left by Peter; but you are lyars, and the truth is not in you. A chief Bishop is your Pope as you call him, Christ head on the earth say you: hath Christ two deads, yea or nay? Is Christ divided, what think you? How can this be? Christ is the Son of God, he hath no carnall Members, nor no earth­ly Crown, although your Pope hath three, you account him your chief Bishop: he is a covetous man like your selves: in pride you exalt one a­nother, covetou [...]ness is your Root, it is the Root of all evill, it upholds pride, and pride upholdeth the Devils kingdom; you are proud, and covetous men, se [...]fly minded, and seek nothing but self in all your pra­ctices, you care not hovv vvicked the people be, so they put into your mouths, and feed your corrupt desires with filthie lucre; gain to the flesh is your end; you have no other design but to exalt your selves, and to be exalted, and live like Kings, it is but usurpt authoritie; by the Devill are you led, a deceiver from the beginning was he, a subtill Serpent, and his seed are you who seek the fleece and starve the flock, and call your serves sheapheards; Christ Jesu [...] is the true Shepheard, he giveth his life for his sheep, he is a redeemer, and saveth his people from their sin. How do you think to be saved? By a carnall bit of Bread that you call the Bodie of Christ, Impudent blasphemers, who make an I­doll to your selves and eat it, and say that it is Christs flesh, and the wine that you drink in Bowls is his Bloud; he that eateth my flesh, saith Christ, shall live for ever: and you dye and your God with you, and this is an [Page 9]end of your dumb Idoll vvhich cannot save you. God is a Saviour of his people from sin; they that feed on that Spirit which leadeth out of car­nall things; to be carnall minded is death, to be spirituall minded is life and peace, no peace to the wicked, they shall dye vvithout mercy, and judgement shall fall upon them that forget God. God is judge of all, he is judged of none; nor none can know his judgements but by that Spirit, which is pure; you make your selves Judges, and Rulers, by an usurpt authoritie, you have received from the Devill the Father of lyes, and by a lye are you upheld in your inchantments, and Conjurati­on, airy minded men, by that Climate are you guided, airy substance, Clouds without water, broken Cisterns that cannot hold water, exal­ted Jezabel, painting your faces with colours, Dives like you be sitting at your table feeding on dainty dishes, fitting your selves to the slaugh­ter through your abhomination, which is exalted above all, that is cal­led God, God is pressed under your abhomination, the righteous groa­neth for redemption, but you hear not the Cry of the poor; the poor in Spirit shall see God, and live for ever, and the rich shall be sent emptie away, avvay with all your vain bables, your im [...]ges and likenesses of wood, and stone, and crosses. Learn to knovv the Cross of Christ, it will teach you to know God; desire to know Christ crucified in the flesh, your sins subdued by him that suffereth in you, The Lamb of life leads to Innocency out of all inventions of man, out of all carnall things it will you lead, if it you mind, which discovers sin, it will dissolve your enemies by the brightness of his coming, if you desire to know God, mind his witness, it will lead you out of visible things, and your car­nall desires shall be dissolved. If you mind this witness which leads to truth, the lyars mouth shall be stopt, the issue of iniquity shall be dryed up, by the brightness o [...] the Sun shall the fountains of the earth be dryed up, and the Spring shall be stopped wherein iniquity doth ab [...]und.

Abundance of iniquities hath the world gathered into her self, yea the men of the world calleth her mother, through the abundance of her delicates; she hath deceived the Nations and Kingdoms throughout the Earth: the mysterie of iniquitie hath been exalted, exalted bubbles have borne the sway upon the earth, and the innocent hath been for­gotten. God hath not been known to them, they have forgot his ways, followed the fruits of darkness, and darkness hath possest the heart of man, man hath been led from the light of Jesus by the grand enemy of his soul the Devil, who from the beginning hath misled man through lust, [Page 10]and desire of the flesh, which cannot ever be satisfied from one invention to another, an invention of the Devill is this, which you call your Re­ligion, a humane invention mixed with lust, filth, and deceit, is not this deceit to weary the people with your bables, and your inventions of Beads, Crucifixes, and other inchantments, which your airy minds have gathered in? even plain Sodomites do you shew your selves, studying ini­quity against the Lord, and his anointed, the holy one of Israel is he called, a name that is unknown by you: he is a good Israelite indeed, in him there is no guile, and they that are guided by that Spirit are like unto him kept in innocency, and in that house there is no guile, where innocency dwels righteousness doth flourish, and plenteous redemption to those that fear the Lord: redeemed are they from the earth that mind the light of Jesus, by it to be guided, it leadeth from all manner of evill to serve the living God of life, light and power, powerfull is he that redeemeth from death to life. This redemption is not of corrup­tible things, that corrupt, and die of themselves; he cleanseth the body and washeth from dead works to everlasting life world without end: An end shall be put to all your bables and inventions made by the works of your hands; your Crucifixes, say you, puts you in mind of Christs death, remember he is slain in you, in spirituall Sodom, and E­gypt are the two witnesses flain, their Blood shall be required of the children of disobedience, disobedient are you that forget God; as a blossom shall you wither, and all your glory which you have received from the Author the Devill. The ground of iniquity is highly exalted among you, who know not God, neither regard ye his wayes, nor bring your deeds to the light, your acting is in the dark, where light is not seen, the fruits of darkness doth appear, in all your practises is not the living God known to be your guide, he leadeth out of all unrighteous­ness up to know God in that Heavenly City; where God dwels there is no unrighteousness, nor no unclean thing can there enter, as clear as the Sun at Noon Day is the Lord in his glory, his glory exceedeth all flesh, it shall wither before the Lord, and be cut down even as grass, like stubble shall the fire of the Lord consume his enemies, and all that is exalted above the innocent own the Lamb of life, the life of the righ­teous is death to the man of sin, therefore turn to the Lord, that your wickedness may be forgiven, and fear him that cleanseth the heart, and maketh glad the mind, and reneweth the life, and turneth from darkness to light to serve the living God, the living praise the Lord, [Page 11]yea the living praise his name for ever; never can you praise God in that nature you stand in. Turn to the light of Christ, it will lead you to another Kingdom, which you know not, to know God is life eternall, and this life is the light of the world. Every man hath a talent given him, it is the light of Jesus that discovers good from evill, it shews you when you do amiss, it is the check of your conscience, that tells you, you should not lye, nor swear, nor deal fa [...]sly bring all your deeds to this, it doth not flatter, it is your friend, it leads to eternall happiness, and that is durable riches, which the world cannot give: the worlds, treasure is but vanity, and a lye, by a lye are the Kingdoms of the earth upheld in their vain concupiscence: long, yea long hath the heritage of the Lord laid waste. I pitty your souls that lye in darkness, you see not the light which doth not change; all is changeable under the Sun, the Son of righteousness never changes; your light changes, and burns out your Lamps, and Candles in your Synagogues of Satan, and you [...]ight them again to beautifie, and adorn the place of your lust, where your life stands; what glory is this to the Lord? and what doth it advantage you to do these things, God never required? when did God require any of these things at your hands? as for going into Cloysters, or Monasteries, do you hear any such names in Scripture for Saints to lodge in? their habitation was in the Lord, and not in earthly Houses; their habitaiton is a House without hands, a building of God; and God is the Author of that practise which the Saints follow, no other Author have we but the Lord, he is our Lord and Law giver; you have Lords many, and Laws many, and as you make them, you break them your selves; you say you should not murder, nor steal, nor commit adultery, and you your selves are adulterated from God; you have committed fornication with the Scarlet coloured Whore, and drunken the Cup of her Abhomination, is not this murthering of the just one, which is a friend to all, and would not the death of any. You have no pitty to your own souls, you lye in your Blood, and do not see, the God of the world hath blinded the eye, the Eternall eye of God dis [...]overs all your abhominations, which are gathered in by your subtill minds, and inventions imitating, and pra­ctizing by tradition; thus hath one generation deceived another. Many Authors have you for your traditions, all from one Root, and the Root is evill. As for Augustins, Jesuits, and Caputians, when did the Lord by his Spirit guide you to these names? there is but one name to be sa­ved by, and that name leadeth out of all names, the Lord giveth a new [Page 10] [...] [Page 11] [...] [Page 12]name, and a white stone to his people, and none knows it but they that have it; you change your names from one name to another, but where is the life that leadeth to salvation? that you know not; you cannot witness a change by the power of God from your evill wayes: and what doth it advantage, for you to change your names? How vain is this? how naked is your conditions before the Lord, you cannot be hidden any longer. Light is come into the world and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evill, now will the Lord appear in the children of light to discover all your abhominations, and your deeds to be evill. Evill minded men you are, who deny the Lord to be the Author and finisher of your faith; he that hath faith as a grain of mu­stard seed removeth mountains, mountains of sin I mean, which hath been exalted above the Lord and his anointed: you annoint your Priests with Oyl to imitate Aaron, where is the fruits of this anointing? the anointed of the Lord is pure; purity, and peace becometh his House for ever; where is this House witnessed by you? Are not your minds corrupted with dumb Idols? And self-inventions, and your Gods is like unto your dead, and dumb Idols is your hearts addicted too; you mind not the living God, that quickneth, and raiseth from death to life, from the power of Satan to serve the living God; your prayers, and inventions is all in the fall, it is Cains sacrifice; all your worship is abhomination unto the Lord, you act it in the old nature, which is en­mity against God, out of the light of Jesus; do you busie your minds praying to Mary, and making of Images, and likenesses, you are not: you worship the works of your hands, by vain tradition have you been led, from one generation to another have you lived in Idleness and sloath, not knowing the Cross of Christ that Crucifies sin; your Cros­ses of wood and stone cannot save you, nor redeem you from your vain conversation, you bow to your Cross and rise again as wicked, and carnall as ever? the Cross of Jesus is not so, it teaches to deny self, selfly minded men cannot please God, neither can they in all their imi­tation performe the minde of God, in that, which standeth in the old nature, all must be destroyed, all your inventions come down to the light of Jesus which shines in a dark place, dark is the heart of man, a light hath God placed therein, bring your deeds to it; there your fruits may be made manifest, whether they are wrought in God yea or nay; did God ever require? or when did you hear his voice? that you say you are guided by his Spirit, and you say the true Church cannot erre. [Page 13]This is true the Church of Christ cannot erre, who are guided by his eternall Spirit, his Spirit you never knew to guide your minds, and to lead you to these practices, as worshipping Images: you deny the resur­rection of Jesus, you serve your lusts, and your Popes Invention, by his Articles you are guided to deprive Kings of their authority, and sit in the seat of Justice as you call it. If you were spirituall there things need not concern you; you are usurpers in all your practices, you say that which you call your Church is above the Law; it is above the Law in­deed, you neither fear God, nor man; you are Lawless livers to make your Churches (as you call them) a preservation for murd [...]rers; he that sheds mans Blood, by man shall his Blood be shed. All manner of evill do you uphold for money, murderers, and adulterers, and say you can for give them; did you ever read in the Scriptures that ever par­dons were sold for money? where is your example for these things? why do you hide the Scripture from the people? or by what authoritie? were they not given forth by the Spirit of God for generations to come? God excludes none all that will come, may, and drink of the water of life freely, free is that Spirit that leads to righteousness, it straitens none that will believe, and turn to the Lord. Come all ye that are heavy laden, saith the Lord, and I will give you ease, he burdneth none, his yoke is easie, and his burden light unto all them, that desire to live with him; he is a cherisher of the innocent, and a destroyer of deceit, deceit hath gathered into your hearts swift destruction to your souls, if you repent not; repent and turn to the Lord that your evill deeds may be for­given, come near unto the Lord by the light of Jesus which shines in darkness, the heart of man is dark, it comprehendeth not the light; but the light of Jesus comprehends you all, and discovers your deeds to be evill, and all your practices abhomination to the Lord; repent, and turn in sin, for now is the Lord a going [...]o reckon with the ends of the earth; your glory shall be laid in the cust, dust is the Serpents food, food for Devils, and not for men; learn to feed on the substance, which is Christ Jesus, which leadeth out of all, that is visible up to him by whom the world was made. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and dwelt among men; man hath turnd his back off the light, he is fallen from innocency, by subtilty hath he been led to the destru­ction of his soul. The light of Jesus shews you this; that your enemy is sin, and leadeth to a desolate habitation, which is not in God. God is a finisher of faith, and the Author of righteousness, peace and pure [Page 14]holiness. The Devil he is the Author of sin, he was a lyar from the begin­ning, and by a lye are you led to disobey the Lord of life. The living praise the Lord, yea, the living praise the Lord for ever and ever; never wil God forsake those that fear his presence, and tremble at his word; tremble all ye Cedars of the earth, for your glory shall be shaken, by the bright­ness of his coming, shall your glory be consumed, even as Chaff before the wind shall the wicked be scattered, and their glory brought to nought; the glory of the earth shall be laid waste, God will leved the Hills, and mountains. The barren mountains shall become a fruitfull field, and the true shepheard shall be known, he will feed his Sheep in the plain where no Wolves shall come to devoure them; he is a good Shepheard indeed, he carryeth his Lambs in his arms, he preserves the in­nocent, and feedeth the Hungry, and the rich he sends empty away. Away with all your abhominations, that you have gathered into your selves in the wrong nature, and fed the flesh, and starved your souls, by the fall is flesh exalted, and by the Spirit is righteousness increased the Spirit of God I mean, which leadeth out of lust, covetousness, pride, and mur­der, all this hath been gathered in by the fall of Adam: In that nature you are, you cannot witness a new life, and yet you say you are holy, and unblameable in your actings towards God. God you never knew, your actions is denyed by the Lord of life, for they are but dead works; your works is like your selves, fruitless trees you are, full of leaves bearing, no fruit at all. The fruits of righteousness is a stranger amongst you, your deceit is known to the Lord, you can no longer be hidden; light i [...] come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evill. The evill root hath been advanced, the Nations have been drunk, all manner of abhominations have been gathered in, and men thereon have built Palaces, and Towers, and strong Holds; These Camps shall be broken, the Army of the Lord shall destroy their buil­dings; he is a coming with ten thousands of his Angels to reckon with all flesh; he will gather his people together out of all corners of the earth, yea, throughout the earth will God be known; his kingdom shal be advanced; Long, long, hath the Heritage of the Lord laid waste; now shall the Harlot be discovered, the wicked have been exalted, and the poor have suff [...]red, the Lamb of innocencie hath been forgotten amongst men; men have gloryed in their shame, and gathered to themselves swift destruction. Come down unto the Lord and mind innocencie, it it will bring you to know an eternall kingdom, that kingdom is endless, [Page 15]that kingdom can no man enter by subtilty or deceit; even as a child is nourished by the mother, so doth the Lord tender those that feed on him: this food is an innocent life, and an harmless habitation, an habitation of glory is the kingdom of God, and none can enter there but those, that are sanctified; by his blood he redeemeth from sin, and death; death is the end of all under the Sun. The Son of righteousness maketh his enemies to fly before him, he dissolveth their glory by the brightness of his coming; this appearance is not by mans will, it cuts the rebellious minds in sun­der, and bringeth down the lofty in their imaginations; Is not this an imagination to consecrate, and make holy (as you say) water to sprinkle your faces, what is it that can make holy? you being sinners your selves, you do call it holy water, where have you this rule; or by what Spirit are you guided, If by the Spirit, of God then would your fruits appear to be like unto him; that Spirit begets like it self, things that are sanctified, those that are sanctified, are by that Spirit guided, their fruits are not like yours; setting your selves in an exalted seat of judgement, and you your selves are to be judged by that eternall Spirit, which cuts down transgression, you your selves being found transgressors, how can you sit in the seat of judgement with a safe conscience to judge o­thers, and you your selves as corrupt as any, and as sinfull as any, how can you then be so impudent, as to take upon you these things, which belong to the Lord onely? he is judge of all, he is judged of none, and his judgement is true, and shall stand eternally for ever and ever; never will God be known in this nature which you act in, as your committing of murther; did ever Christ when he was upon the earth murther those, that would not believe in him? have you received this example from the Lord of life? let that in your consciences judge whether these fruits be wrought in God yea or nay, if not of God, then must it be of the Devil, he was a murtherer from the beginning, and so are you; even as Cain slew Abel, so are you murtherers, and manslayers: your foundation is tyranny; against the living God are you bent; your mischief is made manifest to the children of light, and life, they who lives in God sees the dark world how it stands advanced in mans heart, the world is com­pleated in the children of disobedience, and they are become Princes by their Author the Devill, he is the Prince of darkness, and darkness pos­sesseth their hearts that is guided by lyes; that Spirit say you can't erre; which you are guided by; now consider with your selves, what Spirit it is, whether it be the Spirit of God, or of the Devil; did ever God com­mand you to murder men yea or nay? minde your selves, and in this [Page 16]practise do not you uphold adulterers, murderers, and thieves? If they be never so wicked, you let them alone in their sin, if they will but ho­nour you, who calls your selves the Romish Church; you are Romans indeed, and not Israelites, your fruits makes you manifest what you are, and from whence you came, and whether you will go, if you do not re­pent, to him which is the Author and the finisher of all wickedness, it is he that gives you glory, this glory which shall become desolate; deso­lation is your portion, if you minde not the light of Jesus to guide your minds, and stay you in all your actions, and to bring your deeds to this light, and examine your selves, whether they be wrought in God, yea or nay. God is the Author of all that is righteous, he is a righteous God, and judges with equity, and his judgements are true; mind the light in your consciences, whether or no it doth not judge your evill deeds, and check you in secret, this is the witness for God, this is the light of Jesus, which lets you see your sin, wait in it, it will lead you to the Father of life and light, out of all visible things; it will judge your enemies, it is your friend; turn unto it, God hath not left himself without a witness; this is his witness, that discovers the fruits of darkness, all deeds of the flesh are dark, that is not by the light guided. The light is the begin­ning to know God; for God is light, in him there is no darkness at all; even as clear as Crystall is his kingdom, the transplendent glory of the li­ving God is as a Diadem of Gold, as a Scepter of righteousness, to this shall all Nations bow, and bend, Kings shall bring their glory to the Holy City of the living God; what is your glory to this you usurpers, and grand transgressors; the antient of dayes shall levell your glory and your shame shall appear naked as it is; you are naked, you are naked indeed, you want the Lambs ornament; with bloody Garments you have long been covered, that covering shall stand you instead no longer, your abhomination will appear unto all, and then is your covering (which by it you have been exalted) rent in sunder; by the brightness of his coming is your deeds made manifest, who act in the flesh without God in the the world. Are not you ashamed of your practice to sit like Princes in a Palace with your silver Inkhorns, and your Gold Rings on your fingers, and your silken Carpet, and with your Rooms hung, and decked with ornaments, even as a Kings Palace, and antient men wayting upon you, cringing, and bowing, and you but men your selves; ye seek glory one of another, and set the glory of God behind your back, unto you In­quisitioners, I do speak. Consider with your selves the author of this [Page 17]practise, whether it be not of the Devill yea or nay. Christ Jesus when he was upon the earth, had not a place to lay his head on, neither did his Disciples u [...]urp any seen authority, their habitation was not in this world, but in another, and that world is an encless habitation to those that fear the Lord, and keep his Commandements; his Commande­ments i [...] pure an undefiled, an undefi [...]ed life doth the Lord require; consider with your selves all things under the Sun is but vain; turn unto the Lord, and repent of this your abhomination, be all of one minde, and set your selves to love innocencie, that you may become haters of evill, I mean not self righteous, for no man can see God and live; wait on that which is eternall, the light of the Lamb and strength shall be given against all your enemies which is sin, and death. The light of the Lamb is not so, it leads to purity, peace, and true holiness, and love. God is love, and love is the fulfilling of the Law; this Comman­dement I leave with you (saith Christ Jesus) that ye love one another; he gave his life for the love which he bore to sinners, and he left his light in the world that men might know good from evill. Every man hath a talent given him, the sluggard hath a talent, the unprofitable ser­vant had a talent, and he hid it in the earth. Earthly minded men hides this talent, and keeps it under the abhomination, Christ Jesus was a Lamb slain from the b [...]ginni [...]g in the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and dwelt among men; but men loved darkness rather th [...]n light, because their deeds were evill, evill minded men have pos­sessed t [...]e kingdoms of the earth, and by the fall lyes in disobedience, and have exal [...]ed themselves above all that is called God, they are ex­alted by concupiscence, and disobedience, which they have gathered in by the Prince of the Air. Airy minded men have gathered in by that Clymate swift destructions to their souls; from the beginning it was not so, when innocencie dwelt in Adam, be obeyed God, the Serpent being subtle, deprived man of his eternall happiness, and begot a nature like unto himself, and selfly minded men are like unto him, their seed is d [...]ceit, full like unto him that sowed it, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and the good seed was choaked, and took not ro [...]t; now cons [...]der of these things; consider, there is but two, good, and evill. The good proceedeth from the Lord, that seed is innocent, and harmless, and would the death of no man, it is the fruit of righte­ousness, peace, it leads unto an holy life, and to do righteousness in the fight of God; and to do unto every man, as you would be done unto; it [Page 18]leadeth not into Cains nature, that slew his Brother Abell; it doth not teach, to murder men, to be a man-slayer; consider with your selves, whether your practice be of God yea or nay; will you deal so with any, that you would not have them so to deal with you? would you be slain for conscience sake your selves; turn to the Lord, that you may see your evill wayes, that by the brightness of his coming your enemies may be dissolved, and that an end may be put to all these things, which have been gathered by subtlety, and held up by tradition to advance the Devils Kingdom; away with all your vain imaginations, away with all your deceit, away with all your double dealing, all is layd open before the Lord, and he is a judge of it, and his judgement is true, and men are lyers. The Devill was a lyer from the beginning he hath deprived man of his eternall happiness by a lye; by a lye was Eve beguiled, and mi­sled with that which leads to desolation all mankinde; desplation hath possest the souls of men by the fruit of iniquity, which hath been gathe­red in by his subtlety, that is a deceiver. A deceiver is he, who judgeth the wayes of God to be a lye; false judgement is set up, and instead of righteousness, that should take place in mans heart, disobedience have took place upon the earth; and the righteous Law have been neglected, because man hath obeyed the Devill in the stead of God, that is a pure Author, this Author was from the beginning, from everlasting to ever­lasting world without end; without end is his glory, but you know it not, it is hid from you by the grand-enemy of man, who is exalted a­bove all that is called God. God is a beginner of innocencie, and a fountain of life to all those that trust in him, come all ye ends of the earth, and drink of the water of life freely, he is a [...]iving fountain, yea he is a living fountain, and all that will come shall be tefresht in that Christall fountain, where the water of life springs continually to wash the Garments of those that are filthie: By his Blood are we all clean­sed. O ear the living God of life, and power, for powerfull is he to all them, who trust upon him for life, and power against sin; by faith are we saved; If we trust in God as a redeemer, Faith is belief, and belief makes perfect all those, that trust in him for redemption; he that hath faith purifies himself, even as God is pure, by the fountain of righteous­ness that comes from God, he is righteousness for ever, and his King­dom cannot change; no changeable thing can therein enter. The Hea­venly fountain is set open for men, therein to wash, and to be cleansed to serve the living God of life, and power; yea unto him is power given, [Page 19]who is the Son of God, that enlightneth the dark world, and leadeth up to the Father of life, and light. Friends consider of all these things that is herein written, they shall stand eternally either for your condem­nation, or justification. If you believe and repent, God will shew mer­cy, if not your judgement shall hasten to your Condemnation. The in­nocent Lamb hath long suffered under the abhomination of all flesh; now will God get himself a name above all names, and his power shall be known above all powers; his glory shall stain all flesh, and that glo­ry shall be layd in the dust, who have been exalted above the innocent, and made desolate widows houses, and wronged the fatherless, and the poor; this hath been the cry many hundred years, the righteous Law of the living God hath been forgotten, and mans will hath been per­formed by the children of disobedience, who have studyed revenge a­gainst the innocent Lamb of light, and life and power; but unto him shall power be given to avenge his enemies, a double reward shall the wicked receive, their reward shall be doubled; the same Bread, which they have broken unto others, the same shall be broken to them; this is the word of the Lord unto you Inquisitioners, repent, and turn from your evill ways, and come down to the light of Jesus, and by it be gui­ded, and it will turn you from dead works to serve the living God, that an end may be put to all, that have been gathered, and not by the Lord; from the eternall Spirit, by the power of the living God; this was I or­dered to write for the good of your souls,

A friend to your souls and an enemy to your deceit. A. GARGILL.

TO all you, who calls your selves Roman Catholicks. Romans you are indeed, and no Israelites, he that is an Israelite knoweth the Lord, but your ways are abhomination to the Lord, acted in the deceit of your Hearts, deceitfull is your practice, unstable is your minds, you are lead by tradition to the destruction of your souls; your cringing, and bowing it is all in the fall; you bow unto d [...]ad Images like your selves; death seeds on death, and that is the end of your practice by tradi­tion [Page 20]of your old Fathers, which you call Saints, they are Authors say you, and you believe as th [...] Church believes, and the Church (as you call it) have their Author from the Devill the Father of lyes, he was a lyer from the beginning, and by a lye is his Kingdom upheld in the chil­dren of disobedience; through mischievous men are the innocent begui­led; beguiled are all they whose life is death, whose end is destruction, learn to live in God that your lives may be holy, and unblameable be­f [...]re the Lord of life, that a living Sacrifice may be offered, and not a dead stone; you say your Images, and likenesses (that are not) is your redeemer; he that redeems is the Lord, you set them in the stead of God, when you do say likenesses puts you in mind of Christ Jesus, did you ever Preach any su [...] Doctrine? that a dead thing renews the mind? what think you of this? are you not ashamed to be called Christians? when the very [...]urk walks more unblameable? do you not whore, and swear, and murther, and steal, and cheat and couzen, and yet you say, you are Christians. If you were Christians, then you would be like Christ Jesus, but him you never knew; you have a name to live, and are dead; the living praise the Lord, yea, the living p [...]aise the Lord, your moulten Images cannot save you, nor all your prayers to Mary, and to the Saints Mary her self (when she lived upon the earth) claimed no such authority, but was subject to the Lord of life, even as was others; who is my Mother, Sisters or Brother, even they which do the will of my Father, saith the Lord Christ Jesus; when the Scribes, and Phari­sees came and told him that there was his Mother, and Brethren loo­king for him, he stretched forth his hand toward his Disciples, and said, these are my Mother, and Brethren, who do the will of my Father? shewing that he was no respecter of persons, but loved all who feared the Lord; his love is unchangeable, his love is undefiled; and an un­defiled life doth he require: no other thing doth the Lord require: but separation from sin, from the beginning hath it separated man from from God; no other thing maketh a stranger but disobedience, God require than holy life, and that you are strangers to: you call your Priests Holy men; you have a light from Jesus, t [...]a [...] shews you, they are as bad as you, and that you are as bad as them, and where is then your Church? The Church of Christ is pure and an hidden thing from the carnall: the Church is hid in God, and none can see his glory, but they that are like unto him; his glory is an undefiled life amongst his peo­ple: [Page 21]he taketh delight in those that keeps his Commandements, his Com­mandement is pure, and holy, and no unclean thing can enter into his kingdom, his kingdom is pure indeed, even of Christail, even as the Sun at noon day, so is his glory to them known that keeps his Statutes, and his Law; and this Law is, to be guided by that eternall Spirit, which leadeth up out of the world to the Father of life, and light. This is the con­demnation of the world, that light is come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evill, be ashamed of your evill deeds, and turn to the light of Jesus which discovers sin, the light of God placed in all your consciences, that tells you, you should not swear, nor lye, nor deal falsly; by it God will be known to be a righteous judge. God is a judge of evill, and a lover of righteousness, and he loveth all them that put their trust in him, Come all ye ends of the earth, and be saved, saith the Lord, yea come all and drink of the water of life freely, the water of life is the wisdom of God to guide their minds, and that wisdom leadeth to an heavenly kingdom, where there is no end; an end shall be put unto all under the Sun, when the Son of righteousness doth arise with healing under his wings, then shall all flesh be saved, he saveth his people from their sin, they who minde this innocent guide which shews them sin, it will lead them to another kingdom out of subtlety, and deceit; by subtlety was Eve be­guiled. The Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field, pro­mised knowledge of good, and evill, ye shall be as Gods knowing good, and evill; was not his a lye? to deprive man of his eternall happiness, leading out of pure obedience, promising that which could not be; he that doth evill knows not good, and he that doth good knows not evill. Gods ways is a stranger to mans ways, and mans ways is a stranger to the Lord in that nature, which stands in disobedience through Adams fall. Adam disobeyed God in eating the forbidden fruit, and in that nature hath the Generations of the earth been lead in disobedience, continually do men act by tradition one of another, and the righteous Law of God is forgotten. The unrighteous p [...]ant, the seed of the evill hath flourished long upon the earth, long hath the Lord suffered under your abhominations, now will the Lord call you to an account, you must give an account to the Lord for all your evill deeds done in the flesh; without the Spirit of God you have acted, and wor­shipt you know not what; what hath your worships been, hath it brought you to an holy life, yea, or nay? God is holy, and his worship is holy, [Page 22]and out of God is nothing accepted; he that dwells in God, dwells in love, and love is the fulfilling of the Law. This Comman­dement I leave among you, saith Christ Jesus, that ye love one another; where is all your love, do ye not murther one another: and Cozen one another? and cheat one another? doth not the Pope your Author do these things? he which you call your grand Bishop, and your holy Father you call him; Christs Vicar, you say, he is; but you are lyers, and the true riches not in you; you are strangers to the Lord, and the Pope whom you call your head, he is your head, you know no other, a wicked man he is, like your selves, and a blasphemer, and a lyer, and usurper. The hand of the Lord is against that seat of pride that is upholden by him, his glory shall be shaken, and that root shall be removed, and his end shall become desolate who is a deceiver; a deceiver is he who seeks self, his glory is advanced by the children of darkness. Search, and try these fruits by the light of Jesus, whether or no they be wrought in God, pride and covetousness, selfly mindedness; an advanced Bubble is he whom you you call your head. Christ is the head of all them who trust in him, he is a head, and a well spring of life; he is a living foun­tain to them that believe, Belief maketh perfect; through pure obedi­ence is God known to them that put their trust in him, and stay their minds upon the Lord of life; he is life, and light; in him there is no darkness at all: all are fallen from God, who acts in the dark, and with­out the light. In the beginning was light, and this light is the life of men, he breathed into Adam the breath of life, and he became a li­ving soul, and this soul was perfect untill the transgression; this trans­gression leadeth man out of God, for God is light, and man is darkned by the Prince of darkness, who leadeth out of God; now consider who is your leader, or by whom are your minds guided, are you not busied in your minds about many things yea or nay? while Adam lived in the state of innocencie, he was perfect even as God had him made; there is an estate of innocencie which leadeth unto life, and this life is hid in God, the world sees it not, because of the enmity: the Serpents seed, it is the seed of sedition, who hath betrayed man of his eternall happiness, and his well being. A being hath man in the fall through disobedience; he lyeth in Blood, even a murtherer from the beginning was Cain, Cains nature dwelleth in the children of disobedience, the nature of man is enmity against God; God is a redeemer from that nature, If man [Page 27]turn unto that which is pure, the light of Jesus that discovers sin; sin is an enemy to man, in the beginning it was not so; God made man up­right, man sought out many inventions▪ By the Devill hath he been led to the destruction of his soul, he is an enemy to all mankinde, and a lyer from the beginning, and by a lye hath his kingdom been upheld; all your invention is of man, a humane invention is your practise, of that which you call your Religion, he that seems to be Religious, and bridles not his tongue, he is a lyer, and the truth abideth not in him: your to [...]gues are at liberty, who swear, and lye, and blaspheme the name of God, blasphemy is your practice, your Religion, as you call it, it is blasphemy against God, and the Author is the Devill; and by a lye you uphold your authority; as to say, your Pope is a Vicar; what is a Vi­car can you tell? or by what authority doth he sit with a triple Crown upon his head, and a Shepheards Crook in his hand? who is his Author, or where had he this example? did not Christ, and his Disciples wan­der up and down, and had no certain abiding upon the earth, they la­bourd, and went up and down and preached the glad tydings of the Gospel to them that would repent and turn from their evill ways; you live as Sodomites, and your Shepheard like unto you, your Pope (it is I mean) so called of you, a name devised of the Devill, an invention of Babylon; was any such name given of old in the times of the Apostles, or Prophets? did any man, that feared God, receive authority to sell pardons for money? Christ saith, come all you that are heavy laden, and I will give you [...]ase; he is a redeemer out of corruptible things, he is a good Shepheard; he giveth his life for his Sheep; without money and without price may you come▪ and drink of the water of life freely; he forbiddeth none, the fountain of living water is set open for the Lambs therein to feed; but no Wolves, no ravenous Beasts, no Popish Pre­lats in that nature wherein they now stand; The workers of iniquity are shut out of the Counsell of God, their Counsell is abhomination, who are devourers of the Creation; the Creation is given to man to be used in the wisdome of God, but men have abused, and wronged that, which was given, and gathered to themselves swift destruction: your example, and your Author leads your minds against the truth; he that exalteth himself shall be abased. Is not this an exalted Bubble (your Pope I mean) that sells you pardons for your sins, and say, that they are for­given, when he himself sinneth worse than you in so doing, even as Ju­das betrayed the innocent for money; turn unto the Lord he is a cleanser, [Page 24]and a redeemer, his redemption standeth for ever and ever; he that is re­deemed by the Lord is free from sin; sin is death, and death leadeth to the destructions of mans soul; man is made desolate by sin, and death, and death is the end of all them who love their iniquities; love the Lord, he is a friend to all them, who come unto him; come all ye ends of the earth and be saved, saith the Lord, come all ye people of the earth and turn to the righteous God, he will cleanse you of all manner of pollution, and your bloody garments shall be washt in the blood of the Lamb, if you re­pent; repent, and be baptized that your sins may be be forgiven. This Baptism is not sprinkling of childrens faces with water, and putting Salt in their mouth, and spitting upon their noses, and under their ears, and crossing of them with their fingers. Are you not ashamed of these practises? did ever the Apostles do these things? you say, you have a Scripture, to put Salt in the childrens mouths, it is said in the Scriptures, let your words be seasoned with Salt; how comes it then that your chil­dren, and you swear, and curse, and take Gods name in vain; this is not seasond nor commendable before the sight of God, or man; it is unsavo­ry before the Lord, to what effect is this Salt? Johns Baptism it is not so, he preached to amendment of life, and to be washed, and cleansed by the blood of Jesus, who cleanseth from sin, and redeemeth from dead works to serve the living God, your service is vain, your practice vain, without wisdom are you guided; the true wisdom of God you do not know, the Covenant of Grace you are strangers to; you are without where are Dogs, and Wolves, and ravenous Beasts; in the beastly nature, in that, which God cannot own; in the filth, and lust of your flesh, you offer up that, which cannot be accepted, Cains sacrifice it is en­mity against God, you murther the just, your service that you do pretend to the Lord, it is abhomination; the just God will not be so served any longer, for he will be avenged of his enemies, he will call to an account the iniquity of the Heathen; By vain Philosophy have the innocent been betrayed, that which the Apostle speaks against; your Schools of lear­ning, which hath upheld the Den of Divills. Vain Philosophy have ye studied to deceive the people of their eternall happiness, to advance your selves; the Spirit of Christ is plainness, it cometh not by study. In­nocencie leadeth into Christs kingdom, even as a little Child must you there enter; no policie of man can therein come, it is hidden from that nature, which dwelleth in the Serpents kingdom. A light from Jesus is come into the world, which discovereth all your deceit, and all that abhomination. The mighty day of the Lord is coming, yea, it is coming [Page 25]upon you all, to consume, and dash in pieces, and rend your kingdom in sunder; the vail shall be rent, the dark world shall be enlightned by the light of Jesus, who enlightneth all men; now shall he appear in glory, a glorious possession shall he gather unto himself out of the dust; long hath the heritage of the Lord lain waste, yea long hath the glory of man been exalted, and the Lamb of innocencie forgotten; howl ye in­habitants of the earth, yea howl, for bitter lamentation shall come upon you, in a day when you know not; know this God is righteous, and his judgements are true, you shall give an account for all your abhominations to the living God of life, and power; powerfull is the Lord, he will exe­cute judgement upon all his enemies, yea, he will be avenged of all his enemies, and bring them under his feet; now is the Lord going to reckon with all flesh, and the glory of it shall be stained; his own kingdom shall be advanced, the glory of man shall be laid in the dust, and God alone shall reign, and the kingdoms of the earth shall become the kingdoms of God; for many hundred years hath the righteous Law, of God, been forgotten, he hath been a patient God, and hath spared the Hea­then, but now will the Lord call to account your unrighteous dealing, and all your worldly mindedness, earth hath been lodged in your hearts, covetousness, and pride, and all manner of abhomination hath been ex­alted in your minds; turn to the light of Jesus that discovers sin, God is a true witness placed in your consciences be guided by that, it leadeth to the kingdom of Jesus Christ, the son of the eternall God, this kingdom is righteousness, purity, peace to them which love God, and keep his Commandements; but no peace to the wicked, they shall dye without mercy. The wicked shall have their portion in the lake, where there shall be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. The Well-spring of life shall be set open to all those that fear the Lord, and obey his voyce; the voyce of God is known to all, but they burden their hearts, and will not hear; they will not bring their deeds to judgement, because they have hardned their hearts against the Lord, and his annointed, the holy one of Israel is he called, he who leadeth from death to life, to serve the li­ving God of life, and power, to him be all power, and glory for ever and ever.

A Declaration of truth be it unto you, receive it in the honesty of your minds, receive the truth as it is in Jesus in honesty of your Spirits: examine your selves whether or no these things be not so, come [Page 30]down to the light of Jesus, and let that judge your fruits, from whence they come, and what they are, and what he is that leads you to these pra­ctises. If by the Spirit of God you are led, then would your works make you manifest whose children you are; there is that in your consciences tells you your deeds are evill, and not accepted of the Lord. Turn unto it which lets you see the sight of sin wait in it in true obedience to the Lord, and power shall be given against your enemies, and you shall re­ceive peace through him, which is a redeemer of his people, his they are that fear the Lord, and dread his presence, and fear to sin. This was I moved of the eternall God to write unto you for the good of your souls, who call your selves Roman Catholicks

Written per me from the Spirit of truth, who is called of the world. A. GARGIL.

UNto thee that calls thy self Bishop of Rome, thy Bishoprick is of the Devill, the Devill is the Author, and finisher of thy authority; where is thy authority gathered? from out of the pit it came, and thi­ther shall it return. Thy Genealogy and thy authority hath both one root, and that root is the Divel, the Father of lyes; a lyer he was from the beginning, upon that root is thy center, thou art centred upon de­ceit, thy seat is abhomination to the Lord, thy refuge is the Devill, no other dost thou know. The true God is a stranger unto thee, and his Commandement thou never knew; the seat of pride is exalted in thee, The Devils habitation is thy fenced City, a City builded upon deceit, is the throne of thy authority. Thy Author is like unto thee, he, who is the Prince of darkness, upholdeth thee in thy pride, and thy vain pra­ctise; it is a shame to all thy generation to see thy vanity, and thy pride. If it they minde that is the light, that sheweth darkness, then will they see thee, and whence thou came, and whither thou wilt go, If thou re­pent not; be ashamed of these things thou beastly man, who taketh upon thee the seat of God; was ever man so impudent as these Generations. In the days of old it was not so, the Apostles, and Prophets were diligent men, and wandred up and down from one Countrey to another, where ever the Lord did call them. Contrary to their own wits, by the will of him that sent them, they were guided to do their Fathers work; they preached the Gospel without gain unto themselves, or any self advan­tage; thou seeks gain unto thy self, and the glory of the world hath [Page 31]blinded the eie. Concupiscence lodgeth in thee, thou art a hater of all good. Good is it for thee if thou repent, and turn from thy evill ways. Come down from thy abhominable throne of wickedness and deceit, and cast thy triple Crown from thy head, and thy deceitfull garments, thy vestment of Babylon; thy vesture of holy Roodes as thou calls them, are for the fire, the indignation of the Lord will consume thy glory, thy throne shall be laid in the dust, in dust hath thy habitation been builded, no foundation but vain imaginations of man. Is not this an imagination to throw thy self in pride, and exalt thy self above all other, he that ex­alteth himself shall be abased; and thy base practice is disallowed on by the children of light, and life; life establisheth the kingdom of God a­mongst the sons of men, but thy kingdom lyes in death, thou art dead whilst thou livest; thou bearest a name to live and is dead, thy glory is thy shame. Art thou not ashamed to call thy self a Vicar? Christs Vi­car thou sayest thou art; what is a Vicar canst thou tell? out of the pit th [...]u hast stoln this title, and by no Scripture-rule; there is no such name there as Vicar, nor no such practice spoken of as thou dost imitate, as to sit in a Chair, with a triple Crown on thy head, and a Shepheards Crook in thy hand, and the Keys of Heaven, and Hell; sayest thou? Is not this horrible blasphemy against the Lord, and his anointed? can any man enter Gods kingdom by a carnall authority; thou art known to be Carnall, thou cannot be hid any longer, thy deceit is manifested to the children of light. Thy dark actings are seen by them who dwell in the light of the Lord. Light it is which discovers darkness. Thou sayest thy Church, as thou call'st it, is a figure of Noahs Arke, and thou sayest all without thy border shall be damned; by what Spirit dost thou judge? is it the Spirit of God yea, or nay? all other Spirits are for judge­ment, but thy Spirit is seen, and thy judgement is a lye, judgement doth belong onely to God, and to no carnall man. Thou sayest thy Church, (as thou callst it) hath seaven heads, and standeth upon seaven Hills, and giveth light unto the Nations, but thou tells a lye; shall I shew thee the seaven Heads and ten Horns. The beastly nature of man standeth in the four Elements, and in the five sences compleated by disobedience, these are ten Horns builded upon seaven Heads, whereon thy Church (as thou callest it) stands. The seaven Heads is the abhomination of man which gathereth in swift destruction to his soul; the root of these seven Heads is the Devill, which is the foundation of thy practice, which Cen­ter doth proceed from these seven Heads, shall I shew thee these seaven [Page 28]Heads, what they are, and whence they come. The Dragon hath cast forth her poyson, and infected the five sences of man, the will and the minde compleateth the seaven Heads, where the fountain of iniquity springs, which gathereth in swift destruction unto man; all the sences are poysond through disobedience; even the Smoke of Sodom hath in­fected, and strangled man, and hindreth man of his well being; A well being had man before deceit entred, through disobedience was Adams fall, and this fall was unto death, and death is the end of those that fear not God; God is the end of all things under the Sun, when the Sun of righteousness doth arise with healing under his wings, the first nature he disolveth, he dissolves all those that lives in Sodom, as smoak before the wind, shall the wicked be consumed by the breath of the Lord, yea, the breath of his Nostrils shall consume his enemies, yea, the Lord shall consume their glory, and bring their building under his feet, he will trample on their abhomination: A consumption shall come upon the ends of the earth, and all that is exalted above the Lord shall be abased, and his own kingdom shall be exalted, which standeth in righ­teousness, and true holiness; with equity will the Lord judge the ends of the earth, with equity the innocent Lamb shall be now exalted, over his enemies will he reign, his reign is endless, and blessed are they who are witnesses of Christs reign. A witness he hath in thee who calls thy self a Bishop, and art none. Read in the Scripture, and consider the of­fice of a Bishop, he is not to be covetous, nor selfly minded; A selfly minded man art thou, thy fruits makes thee manifest; consider thy self whether or no thy fruits be of God, or of the Devill. Righteousness and peace dwelleth in them, that fear the Lord, the kingdome thou cannot reconcile, thou art an author of iniquity, from thy root doth all iniqui­ty spring; the Well Spring of life thou never knew, nor thy auncestors before thee, which builded upon this root, the root of iniquities thy head, and thy Author, and this head is compleate in thee, thou Son of iniquity; iniquity hath abounded long in these Generations, now is the Lord a coming to reckon with all flesh, the ends of the earth shall be ga­thered, and swift destruction shall come upon all those that are exalted above the Lord, and his anointed, the holy one of Israel is he called; a name which thou knows not, neither thy ancestors before thee, nor thy successors, the Cardinalls I mean, where have they stoln this name but out of the pit, an exalted title, you have no rule for it. Is there any such name in the Scriptures as Cardinals, Jesuit, Carmalin, Jacobin or [Page 29] Augustin; are they not these inventions of names, and tytles, which you have gathered out of the pit; as for your Seminaries, and Monks, beastly names they are, and Fryers of severall orders (as you call them) which I have not here mentiond; shamefull orders, not ordered by the Lord, but by the Devill, which is your Author; he is the Author, and finisher of this practice. A Company of Drones, who live in Monasteries, and Cloy­sters like drones among Bees, eating up the fruits of others labours, feeding themselves with the fat, and cloathing themselves with the Wool, and calling themselves holy men; is this the fruit of holiness yea or no? the holy men of old they did not so, they did not lye still in a House, they went up and down, and had no certain abiding, they la­boured with their hands, untill the Lord called them by his eternall Spirit from one Country to another, as the Lord did order them in his wisdom, they followed not the tradition of man, as you do; you say, them, which you call your antient Fathers, devised your orders, of Priests, Monks, and Fryars; the light of Christ Jesus discovereth all your folly, and all your abhomination, which you have received by traditi­on, your Purgatory, and all your stuffe, which you talk of; did you e­ver read in the Scriptures of a Purgatory to purge sin yea or nay? is not Christ a redeemer, and a cleanser of them that believe in him? yea verily he is a redeemer to all that do believe in him for salvation by no other thing can man be cleansed but by the blood of Jesus Christ: Jesus is a redeemer of all that fear, and keep his Commandements; all your staffe which you call your Mass, and Sacrifice it is abhomination to the Lord, it is a Sacrifice to the Devill and not to God; you Sacri­fice the works of your hands; you are hirelings, and greedy dumb Dogs, such as the Prophet Jeremiah cryed against, if they would not put into their mouths, they prepard war against them; you say your Mass is a Sacrifice, and an atonement for the sins of the people, and you call it the flesh of Christ, and makes an offering of it, Christ Jesus offered up himself once for all, he is a free will offering to his Father; but you sell yours for money, that which you call your Sacrifice, your price of it 8 d. Is not this a shame? be ashamed of all your ungodly deeds, and come down to the light of Jesus to the witness, for God placed in your Con­sciences, that your evill deeds may be discovered. I am the light of the world saith Christ Jesus, and in me there is no darkness at all; this light discovereth sin, and all manner of abhomination; by his stripes we are healed, he is afflicted when we transgress, the innocent Lamb beareth the iniquity of his people; be is afflicted that never sinned; the ini­quities [Page]of sinfull men burdneth the Lord. A rebellious generation hath turnd their backs of the living God; minde that which groweth for redemption, his true witness placed in your Consciences; minde the Cry of the poor, and the Fatherless, that the Pi [...]grim, and the stran­ger may have an habitation in thy house, thou that is exalt [...]d shall be innocent, and doth not witness Christs reign; he that is exalted shall be abased; he that is slain in thee is the Lord, thou persecutest afresh the Lord of life in all thy actings, and thy abhominable practice; subtlety have been the Author of it, the Lambs innocencie thou never knew; Philosophy, and Logick these are set up, and exalted in the stead of innocencie, this can never enter Gods kingdom, it can never enter; the eternall God as bid from all your subtlety, and deceit, you are stran­gers to his ways, yea, you are strangers; that nature (wherein you stand) is shut out of his heavenly kingdom, yea, it is shut out for ever, and e­ver; never will God own you, if there you stand, you shall never see his face in that nature; his face is even as clear as Christall, and his glory excelleth the Sun at noon day. Early in the morning will God arise, and blast the blossoms, which in the night have sprang. The secrets of darkness shall be dissolved, and their glory brought to shame; the root of iniquity shall be removed, and the righteous plants shall live for ever. The fruits of ungodliness shall be blasted, even as Grass withereth, so shall all your glory be burned up with the brightness of the Sun. The Son of righteousness will arise, and consume the works of your hands, and burn up your Schools of learning, and and your Libraries of Books, and all your compleated subtle­ty: against the living God of life have you acted confusion, and builded Babylon. This is the whore that sitteth upon many waters, the floods of iniquity you have suckt in, swiftly to the destruction of your souls. Innocencie shall guide, innocencie shall be exalted above all son ever and ever; never will God suffer the unrighteous to reign, for the destruction of his people any longer. The innocent shall judge, and that judgement is true; his righteous kingdom shall now be advanced, and the iniquity of man shall be abased. This was I eternally moved by the Spirit of the eternall God, to rip open your deceit, to all those whose minds are honest, that they may see the abomination of your practice, for ever will God be known in the hearts of them who fear his name, and keep his Commandements: Amen so be it.

VVritten per me from the Spirit of truth, who is called of the world. A. GARGIL.

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