THE PRINTERS Advertisement.

WHEREAS there is Prefixed unto a late Pamphlet, Entituled, Gospel Order Revived, Printed at New-York, An Advertisement, which runs in these words, viz The Reader is desired to take Notice, that the Press in Boston is so much under the aw of the Reverend Au­thor, whom we answer, and his Friends, that we could not obtain of the Prin­ter there to Print the following Sheets, which is the only true Reason why we have sent the Copy so far for its Impression, and where it is printed with some Difficulty. I count my self bound in Justice unto all Persons aspers'd by that Advertisement, to Declare and Publish to the World the Truth of the matter, which briefly is this: Certain Persons bringing to the Press, the Pamphlet above mentioned; after some Discourse concerning the number of Copies and Price, I Consented to its being Pub­lished: But when they insisted upon doing it with Secresy. I consider­ed that for ought I knew, Good men in the Country might be Offend­ed at it: Therefore I only proposed this Reasonable thing, That before I proceeded, I might mention to His Honour the Lieutenant Governour, what was offered to the Press; This they denied me: But when they an­grily went away, some of my last words to them were, That I did not re­fuse to Print it. And neither the Reverend Praesident of the Colledge, nor any of his Friends, ever spoke one word unto me to Discourage my Printing of it.

Bartholomew Green.

THE PRINTER having by this Advertisement Vindicated those that were unworthily reflected on in the Advertisement Prefixed to the above men ioned Libellous Pampblet, (which no man is as yet so Hardy as to own himself to be the Author of) the world may Judge of other things contained therein by this. It will in due Time appear, that besides the Profane Scoffs and Scurrilities, (not only on particular persons, who never deserved such Treatments; but also on the Holy Churches of the Lord, and on the most Sacred Actions performed in them, which is the Spirit of their whole Pamphlet; as if they had de­signed to have that Scripture fulfilled upon them, 2 Tim. 3. 9 They shall proceed no further, for their folly shall be manifest to all men. Besides all this, (it will appear) that there are other more Impudent Falshoods than that in their Advertisement, which the Printer in Boston, has (as become an Honest and Just man) made a discovery of.


THESE Deponents say, That on Saturday, the 13th. of July last, they went to Bartholomew Green's to Treat with him about Printing an Answer to Old Mr. Mathers Book, called, The Order of the Gospel: Who, after he had taken said Answer into his hands, and seen both what it was, and how much there was of it, told them he reckoned Three Sheets of Paper might contain it, and seven Ream of Paper Print about a Thousand of them; for which they agreed with him for Twen­ty Shillings the Sheet. He made not any Objection to them a­gainst Printing said Answer; only said, he could not go about it, till he had Printed off the Laws, which would not be till the Tuesday following. They further say, There was never any other person that brought said Answer to the Press, but the Deponents; and they never brought it, but at this time. But neither did the said Green propose to them the mentioning to his Honour the Lieutenant Gover­nour, what was offered to the Press, nor did they deny it him; nor did they go away in any Anger from him, nor did they hear him say any such words: (That he did not refuse to Print it,) all which the said [Page 4] Green in his late Advertisement of the 21th Instant most unfairly Declares, That certain persons bringing to the Press the Answer above mentioned, did.

Tho. Brattle.
Zech. Tuthill.

The Subscribers offering to make Oath to what is above written, the same being several times distinct­by read over in the hearing of Bartholomew Green, he owned the same to be what passed between him and them.

Coram Isaac Addington, Nathaniel Byfield. Justices of the Peace.

THE Depositions OF John Mico, & Zechariah Tuthill, Merchants.

THESE Deponents say, That on or about the 16th of July last, they went to Bartholomew Green's to see if he were ready to Print the Answer to Old Mr Mather's Gospel Order, but he was then unwilling to Print it, because (as he said) it would displease some of his Friends; and to the best of their remembrance, he mentioned particularly the Mathers. They told him it was strange he would Print any thing for the said Mathers, and particularly the said Gospel Order, and nothing in Answer to it or them, by which means the World might think those Principles to be approved by all, which were abhorted by sundry Worthy Ministers in the Land. The unfairness of which pra­ctice they laboured to convince him of, yet he still declined to Print it; but at length said, if they would admit the Lieutenant Governour to be askt, to give his Approbation to it, he would Print it; which they were unwilling to for this reason: Because they conceived it a new Me­thod, [Page 5] not practised heretofore, and which the said Green would not have required of them now; but to put off the Printing of this Book which answered the Mathers, whom he seemed loth to displease. These De­ponents hereupon asked said Printer, whether he had his Honours leave to Print the Gospel Order? he said, he had not. They then asked him if he would Print this, if Young Mr. Mather would be Imprimatur to it? he readily said he would. Then they told him, it was a shame so Worthy a Minister as Mr. Stoddard must send so far as England to have his Book printed, when young Mr. Mather had the Press at his pleasure? To which he replied, he hoped Mr. Mather was another guess man than Mr. Stoddard. At length they told him, if he would not Print it, they would have it Printed elsewhere; but did not hear him say those words in his Advertisement of the 21st Instant, namely, That he did not refuse to print it.

John Mico
Zech. Tuthill.

Sworn by the two persons Subscribing, Bartho­lomew Green being present, and excepting a­gainst those words in the Evidence; particularly the Mathers, and that he would Print it, if Young Mr. Mather would be Imprimatur to it: Also affirming he said these word [...], He did not refuse to Print it, and nothing surther.

Coram Isaac Addington Nathaniel Byfield. Justices of the Peace.

MR. Green the Printer, being by these Depositions Convicted of sundry Mistakes in his late Advertisement, so that his Folly and theirs who set him on work is manifest unto all men; there is just reason to suspect the truth of what he saith in the Fag-end of his Advertisement, that neither the Reverend Praesident, nor any of his Friends ever spoke a word to him to discourage his Printing the Answer to the Order of the Gospel. But whether that be true or false, concerns not the Advertisement pre­fix'd to said Answer, which saith nothing of any ones, speaking to the Printer, to discourage him; but only that his Press was so much under the aw of the Reverend Author and his Friends, that we could not obtain of him to [Page 6] Print it; Than which nothing can be more evident from these Depo­sitions, which say, The said Printer after he had positively agreed for the Printing said Answer, fell off from his Bargain, and declin'd to Print it, be­cause it would displease some of his Friends, and particularly the Mathers, who are known by all to have been his particular Friends and Imployers. So that the Reverend Author of that Libellous Scribble, at the tai [...] of said Green's Advertisement (to which the Reverend Author was not yet so Hardy as to set his Name) had no reason to Reflect as he did on the Advertise­ment prefix'd to said Answer, or to Boast of the Printer's Vindication, but might be asham'd of both. As for the prophane Scoffs and Scur­rilities not only on particular persons, but on the Holy Churches of the Lord, and the most Sacred Actions therein performed (by which are meant O HORRIBLE: his two dear and precious Creatures, RELATIONS and the CHURCH COVENANT;) which that infamous Scribble saith, is the Spirit of the whole Answer, and those other Falshoods it is threatned shall appear therein; they are but Bruta Fulmin [...] to fright and scare the poor deluded, bigotted people withal, which is the very Spirit and Quintessence of the Reverend Scribler. But all these little Artifices and Cavils were plainly foreseen, and so fully provided against by the Ingenious Authors of said Answer, that there's no need of taking any further notice of them here.

I shall therefore at present say no more, but that the World may Judg what base and injurious treatment that Answer must expect from its Enraged Adversaries, by what is contained in that one little, Canting, Scan­dalous Libel, wherein there are far more profane Scoffs, Scurrilities, and Impudent Falshoods, than are in all that GREAT and NOBLE and EXCELLENT ANSWER.

Tho. Brattle.

Boston, Printed by John Allen. 1700.

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