Against the Duke of BUCKINGHAM, at Saint Needs in Huntingtonshire. On Munday July the 10th. 1648.

Where was slain

  • Col. Dolbier, Quartermaster Generall.
  • 3 Officers more.
  • 8 Troopers.

Taken Prisoners:

  • Earl of Holland,
  • 30 Officers and Gentlemen,
  • 120 Troopers.

The Duke of Buckhingham fled with 200 Horse.

Taken besides.

  • 200 Horse,
  • 150 Fire Armes,
  • 100 Great Saddles.
  • Powder some pounds.
  • Silver, and gold and store of other good plunder.
  • The Earle of Hollands blew Ribbon and his George.

LONDON, Printed for the generall satisfaction of moderate men. MDCXLVIII.

THE Duke of BUCKINGHAMS speech to the Magistrates of St. NEEDS.


WE come not hither to carry any thing from you, but have given strict or­der, that neither Officers nor Souldi­ers take what is yours away. Nor are our intentions to make a new warre, but to rescue the Kingdom from the Arbitrary power of the Com­mittees of the severall Counties that labour to con­tinue a bloody warre, to destroy you. Our resolu­tion for peace is, by a well-setled Government un­der our Royall King Charles, and do blesse God that he hath made us instruments to serve the King the Parliament, and Kingdom, in the way of peace.

A LETTER of the Gallant Victory obtained at S. Needs by Lieutenant Collonel Scroop, against the Duke of Buckingham, the Earl of Holland, the Lord of Pe­terborough, and between 4 and 500 horse.

Honoured Sir,

WE have again given the Duke of Buck­ingham, the Earl of Holland, and the rest, a notable brush.

Since we gave them the former defeat at Kingstone, they marched towards St. Albands, and so by Dunsta­ble, and Breckhilts.

It is supposed that they had a designe, to have gone towards Lincolnshire, but the news of Coll. Rossiters good successe (as is supposed) hindred them.

They feared to draw nearer to Northamton, least the Lord Grey should way lay them from the Counties of Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby, as nimbly as his Lordship assisted Col. Rossiter.

Sir Michael Livesey took care to stop all places, to hinder their marching back into Kent.

And Lieutenant Coll. Scroop, was sent with seven Troops of Horse to pursue them towards the Eastern association, lest they should attempt Lynne, or some o­ther [Page 3]dangerous place, that if they did stop, he might fall upon them.

The Lords with the Cavaliers were in number, then, between 4 and 500 all horse, but, as they went, left di­vers tired by the way.

Their custom was, that when they came into fresh quarters, they would declare to those Towns where they came, and make speeches to court the Magistrats and Inhabitants (at which the Earle of Holland had a better faculty then at the sword).

I have sent you herewith the substance of one of the speeches made to the Inhabitants of the Towne, by the Duke of Buckingham, The Earl of Holland, and the Earl of Peterborough did the like.

But by that time they came hither, the Earl of Hol­land was so weary, and shaken in his joynts, that hee had a better will to his bed than his horse, especially not knowing the end of his distracted journey.

And yet for all their speeches and Declarations, their manner was, upon removing of quarters (till when all was pretty faire) to leave their Carriages and meanest Souldiers to follow, and they both plun­dred horses, and pillaged houses, and did much harm, whereby they lost the affections of the Country very much, so that they were ready to give any reasonable assistance to our men that pursued them.

And the Earl of Hollands Innes were pretty well known, whereby they were the better trased.

On the Lords day (at night) they took up their quar­ters in this place, but with a great deal of fear.

A councell of warre was called that night, by the Lords and Officers, at which they had some debates [Page 4]which way to march the next morning.

Quarter-master Generall Dolbier (who was an old Officer of the late Lord Generall the Earl of Essex,) had joyned with them, and was esteemed an eminent Officer among them, to whose advice they much ad­hered.

And he ingaged to make good this Town of S. Needs, against any party that should pur­sue them, and that he would engage his life, which he would loose rather then see them surprized there that night.

Dolbier watched (and drunk Sack stiffely) that night, and all was quiet.

But a little before Sun-rising, this morning then came an alarum to this Town, which made the Cavaliers cry, all to Horse, Horse, The Lords, and chief Officers being most of them then in bed.

The Duke of Buckingham was not long be­fore he was up, drest, and mounted, and so o­thers. But the Earl of Holland took more De­liberation to dresse him.

About Sun-rising Lieut. Col. Scroop came up to the Towns end, where he found some opposition, but both he and the rest of the Officers and Souldiers were very resolved.

Dolbier made some opposition, but in the charge was slain with some twelve more, and then they all began to retreat, and fled some one way, some another, the Duke went with nigh 200 towards Huntington, whether Lieu­tenant Coll. Scroop, is pursuing them. We have taken here almost 200 Horse, and nigh 150 prisoners, amongst whom the Earle of Hol­land, who was got out of his bed, but had not quite dressed him, to whom quarter was gi­ven, that he may turn round once again.

A List of the Particulars of the great victory obtained by Coll. Scroope against the Duke of Buckingham at St. Needs in Huntington shire, on Mun­day July 10. 1648.

  • Coll. Dolbier, Quarter-Master Generall.
  • 3 Officers more.
  • 8 Troopers.
Taken Prisoners.
  • Earle of Holland.
  • 30 Officers and Gent.
  • 120 Troopers.
  • The Duke of Buckingham fled with 200 Horse.
Taken besides.
  • 200 Horse.
  • 150 fire Armes
  • 100 great Saddles.
  • Powder some pounds.
  • Silver and gold and store of other good plunder.
  • The Earl of Hollands blew
  • Ribbon and his George.
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