A great OVERTHROVV Given to the KINGS Forces in Wales, Under the Command of Sir Charles Kemish, and Kerne the Sheriffe: By Lieutenant Generall Laughorne, Colonell Morgan, and Sir Trever Williams; Two thousand kild and taken.

The Enemy not above one hundred and forty left upon the Rally; And all their Armes and Am­munition taken, Bag and Baggage; with the trans­action of the whole businesse, from the first to the last.

With a true Relation of the taking of Cardiffe, and one Morgan a Jesuit, and all the particulars of the fight; and how Colonell Morgan hath got between the Enemy and Ragland.

With a Letter from an eminent Commander in Bristol, commanded to be printed and published.

Published by Authority.

London, printed for Matthew Walbancke, 26 Feb. 1645.

The Copie of a Letter from one of the Chiefe Officers in Bristoll▪


I Now came from the Governour, (Major Generall Skip­pon,) whilst I was with him, in came a poore man) with sixe Gentlemen of Glamorganshire that fled hither,) with a Letter, which intimates thus much, that Cardiffe is re­taken, for it was taken by the Enemy and Clubmen (since my last,) and many strange passages are in the Letter. The Governour, Colonell Pitchard, and Colonell Leyton, who hath been somtimes of the Plymouth Regiment, betooke themselves to the Castle with their Forces, and kept that: The Vice-Admirall in Munday last made a sight of the Ca­stle, and shot off sixe Peeces, to let them know in that time they should have reliefe, which was performed by Major Ge­nerall Laughhorne, Sir Trever Williams, and Colonell Morgan: The Messenger saith, that they had a very bloody sight, but assures the Governour that we routed Sir Charles [Page 8] Kemish of Ragland, and all his, and that there are not 140. of them left upon Ralley, nor those likely to get to Ragland, for Colonell Morgan is fallen between them and home. We expect the particulars every houre, but the waters are very high here, and at Oast (the passage.) Since this Messen­ger, whilst I was with the Governour, in came Captaine Bowen, one of the Captaines of the Governours Regiment, belonging to the New Modell, taken three weeks since, (and a Lievtenant) by Ragland, they demand Captaine Kettleby for the one, and one Master Harbert for the other. Here is one Morgain, a Jesuit, prisoner also, who was sent from Car­diffe before the revolt. I hope the Welch that have acted in it, will pay for their treachery.

I am Your affectionately to serve you.

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