A List of the Confederate Army near the Rhine. The Forces of the Elector of Saxony.

THE Regiment of Guards,1500.
General Schoning's,1600.
Count Reise's,1000.
Duke Christiana's,1000.
Two Regiments of Granadiers800.
The Regiment of Guards,500.
Two Regiments of Dragoons1000.
Foot of Gotha.
The Dragoons of Ramsdorf.500.
The Troops of the Circle of Franconia,1000.
The Troops of Suabia,10000.
The Duke of Wirtenberg's,6000.
Two Regiments of Hussars,1200.
Two Bavarian Regiments. 
Three Regiments of Saltzburg. 
The Regiments of Ziebelsdorf and Swanenfeld,3000.
The Regiment of Ottingen,1600.
Total3180 [...].
In all,45700.


The Congress at the Hague, giving a succinct account, 1. Of His Majesty's Entrance into the Hague, and the Triumphal Arches erected on that occasion. 2. What was Transacted by His Majesty in the Assembly of the States-General, first for the Common, and then their Particular Safety; and especially things relating to the Fleet; with is lively Character of Admiral Tromp, and his Expeditions. 3. An exact List of the Electors and Princes that waited on His Majesty at the Hague; with the Personal Character of each of them, their Qualities, and their Forces. 4. An exact, List of the Foreign Ambassadors, and Plenipotentia­ries, the manner of their Introduction, with Reflections on their Speeches. 5. Some Remarks on other Persons of Qua­lity, and especially some Foreign Generals. 6. The Figure that the English Noblemen made at the Hague; with some Observations about the humour of the English and the Germans. 7. The Diversions at the Hague; together with a Letter addrest to my Lord Marquess of Carmar­then. Printed for Richard Baldwin.

London: Printed for Richard Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms-Inn, Warwick Lane. 1691.

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