THE GREAT MEMORIAL: OR, A List of the Names of those Pretended JUDGES who Sate, and Sentenced our late Soveraign King CHARLES the First, in the Place which they called the High Court of Justice, January 27. 1648. And also of those Witnesses Sworne against the said KING; The Sentence read against him; With the Catalogue of the Names of those that Subscribed and Sealed the Warrant for his Execution; and the Manner of his Cruel Murther.

‘O horrible murder’
But lo a Charg is drawne a day is set
The silent lamb is brought, the wolves are met;
And where's the Slaughter house Whitehall must be,
Lately his Palace, now his Calvarie
And now ye Senators is this the thing
So oft declar'd is this your glorious King?
Religion vails her self, and mourns that she
Is forc'd to own such Horrid Villanie.
The NAMES of the said Pretended JVDGES, who gave Sentence against the Late KING, January 27th. 1648.
  • JOhn Bradshaw, Serjeant at Law, Lord President.
    • John Lisle
    • William Say
    • Oliver Cromwell
    • Henry Ireton
  • Sir Hardress Waller Kt.
    • Thomas Waits
    • Thomas Harrison
    • Edward Whaley
    • Thomas Pride
    • Isaac Ewer
  • Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby.
  • Sir John Danvers Kt.
  • Sir Thomas Maleverer Ba­ronet.
  • Sir John Bourcher Kt.
  • William Heveingham Es;
  • Isaac Pennington Alderman of the City of London.
    • John Downes
    • Henry Martin
    • John Barkstead
    • Matthew Tomlinson
    • Gilbert Millington
    • John Blakiston
  • Sir Will. Constable Baronet.
  • John Hutchison Es;
  • Sir Michael Livesey Kt.
    • Robert Tichburne
    • Nicholas Love
    • Owen Roe
    • Robert Lilburne
    • Adrian Scroop
    • Richard Dean
    • John Okey
    • Simon Meyne
    • John Hewson
    • William Goffe
    • Cornelius Holland
    • John Carew
    • John Jones
    • Miles Corbett
    • Frances Allen.
    • Peregrine Pelham
    • Thomas Chaloner
    • John Moor
    • John Aldred
    • Henry Smith
    • Humph. Edwards
    • Gregory Clement
    • Thomas Wogan
  • Sir Gregory Norton Baronet.
    • John Venn
    • Thomas Scot
    • Edmund Harvey
  • Thomas Andrews Alderman of London.
    • William Cawley
    • Anthony Stapdley
    • Thomas Horton
    • Thomas Hammond
    • Augustine Garland
    • Iohn Dixwell
    • James Temple
    • Peter Temple
    • Daniel Blagrave
    • Edmund Ludlow
The Names of those Witnesses Produced and Sworn in the said pretended Court, to give Evidence against the KING.
  • WIlliam Cutbert of Patrington in Holderness Gent.
  • John Bennet of Harwood in Com. Ebot,
  • William Brayne of Wrexall in Com. Salop.
  • Henry Hartford of Stratford upon Avon in Warwick.
  • Robert Lacie of the Town and County of Nottingham­shire.
  • Edward Roberts of Bishop Castle in Com Salop.
  • Robert Loads of Cottam in Nottingham, Tyler.
  • Samuel Morgan of Wellington in Com. Salop.
  • James Williams of Rosse in Herefordshire.
  • John Pinnegar of Hamer in the County of Derby.
  • Samuel Lawson of Nottingham, Maulster.
  • Arthur Young Citizen and Barber Chirurgion of Lon­don.
  • John Thomas of Kangellan in the County of Denbigh.
  • Richard Bloomfeild Citizen and Weaver of London.
  • William Jones of Uske in the County of Monmouth.
  • David Evans of Abergenny in the County of Monmoth.
  • Diogenes Edwards of Carston in Com. Salop, Butcher.
  • Giles Grice of Wellington in Shropshire.
  • John Winston of Damorham in Com. Wilts, Gent.
  • George Seeley of London Cordwainer.
  • John Moor of the City of Corke in Ireland.
  • Tho. Ives of Boyset in the County of Northampton.
  • Thomas Rawlins of Hanslop in the County of Bucks. Gent.
  • Thomas Read of Maidstone in the County of Kent.
  • James Crosby of Dublin in Ireland Barber.
  • Samuel Burden of Lineham in Com. Wilts, Gent.
  • Michael Pots of Sharpeston in the County of Northumb.
  • George Cornwall of Aston in the County of Hereford.
  • Henry Gouch of Grays-Inn, Gent.
  • Rob. Williams of the Parish of St. Martins in the County of Cornwal, Husbandman.
Counsellours assistant to this Court, and to draw up the Charge against the KING, were
  • [Page]Doctor Dorislaus.
  • Mr. Aske.
  • Mr. John Cooke, Solicitor.
  • Serjeant Dendy, Serjeant at Armes.
  • Mr. Broughton
  • Mr. Phelpes
  • Clerks to the Court.
  • Colonel Humfrey, Sword bearer.
Messengers, Door-keepers and Cryers, were these;
  • Mr. Walford.
  • Mr. Radley.
  • Mr. Paine.
  • Mr. Powell
  • Mr. Hull.
  • Mr. King.

The SENTENCE against the said KING, January the 27th. 1648. which was read by Mr. Broughton aforesaid, Clerk.

WHereas the Commons of England in Parliament, have appointed them an High Court of Justice for the Tryall of Charles Stuart King of England, before whom he had been Three times Convented, and at the first time a Charge of High Treason and other Crimes and Misdemea­nours was read in the behalf of the Kingdom of England, &c. as in the Charge which was read throughout.

To which Charge, he the said Charles Stuart was requi­red to give his Answer, but he refused so to do; and so exprest several passages at his Tryal in refusing to answer.

For all which Treasons and Crimes, this Court doth adjudge, That the said Charles Stuart, as a Tyrant, Traytor, Murtherer, and Publick enemy, shall be put to death, by severing his head from his body.

This Sentence (sayes the President) now read and published is the Act, Sentence, Judgement and Resolution of the whole Court. To which the Members of the Court stood up and assented to what he said by holding up their hands.

The King offered to speak, but he was instantly commanded to be taken away, and the Court broke up.

The true manner of proceeding to take off the Kings Head, according to the Sentence given as aforesaid.

SIr Hardress Waller, Collonel Harrison, Comissary General Ireton, Colonel Dean, and Colonel Okey, were appointed to consider of the Time and Place for the Execution of the King, according to his Sentence, given by the (pretended) High Court of Justice.

UPon Report made from the Committee for Considering of the Time and Place of the Executing of the Judgement against the King, that the said Committee have Resolved, That the open street before Whitehal is a fit place: And the said Committee conceive it fit, That the King be there executed the morrow, the King having already notice thereof.

The Court approved thereof, and ordered a Warrant to be drawn to that purpose, which Warrant was accordingly drawn and agreed to, and Ordered to be ingrossed, which was done, and signed and sealed accordingly, as followeth.

WHereas Charles Stuart King of England, is and standeth Convicted, Attainted and Condemned of High Treason, and other Crimes, and Sentence on Saturday last was pronounced against him by this Court, to be put to Death, by the severing his head from his body, of which Sentence Execution yet remaineth to be done. These are therefore to will and require you, to see the said Sentence Executed in the open street before White­hall upon the morrow, being the 30. day of this instant Moneth of January, between the hours of Ten in the morn­ing, and Five in the afternoon of the same day, with full ef­fect; and for so doing, This shall be your sufficient Warrant: and these are to require all Officers and Soldiers and other the good people of this Nation of England to be assistant unto you in this service.

To Colonel Francis Hacker, Colonel Huncks, and Lieutenant Colonel Phray, and to every of them.

Sealed and Subscribed by,
  • John Bradshaw.
  • Thomas Gray.
  • Oliver Cromwell.
  • Edward Whaley.
  • Mich. Livesey.
  • John Okey.
  • John Danvers.
  • John Bourcher.
  • Hen. Ireton.
  • Tho. Maleverer.
  • Jo. Blackeston.
  • Jo. Hatchison.
  • William Gaffe.
  • Tho Pride.
  • Peter Temple.
  • Tho. Harrison.
  • Joh. Hewson.
  • Henry Smith.
  • Per. Pelham.
  • Richard Dean.
  • Rob. Tichburn.
  • Hump. Edwards.
  • Dan. Blagrave.
  • Owen Roe.
  • Will. Purefoye.
  • Adrian Scroop.
  • James Templer.
  • Aug. Garland.
  • Edmond Ludlow.
  • Hen. Martin.
  • Vincent Potter.
  • William Constable.
  • Rich. Ingoldsby.
  • Will. Cawley.
  • Joh. Barkstead.
  • J. Dixwell.
  • Isaac Ewer.
  • Val. Walton.
  • Simon Meyne.
  • Tho. Horton.
  • Jo. Jones.
  • Jo. Moor.
  • Hardress Waller.
  • Gilbert Millington.
  • G. Fleetwood.
  • Jo. Alured.
  • Rob. Lilburn.
  • Will. Say.
  • Anthony Stapley.
  • Gregory Norton.
  • Tho. Chaloner.
  • Tho. Wogan.
  • Jo. Venn.
  • Greg. Clement.
  • Jo. Downs.
  • Tho. Waite.
  • Tho. Scot.
  • John Carew.
  • Miles Corbet.

Ordered, that the Scaffold on which the King is to be executed be covered with black.

The Warrant for executing the King being accordingly delivered to those parties to whom the same was directed, Execution was done upon him according to the Tenour thereof about Two a clock in the afternoon, of the said 30. of January 1648.

The Fatall day of the said Execution, being Tuesday, January the 30. 1648.

HIS Majesty continued, in Prayer all the morning, and receives the Sacrament. Just at Ten a Clock before noon, he was conveyed on foot from St. James's Palace to Whitehall, guarded by a Regiment of Foot Soldiers, part before, part be­hinde, with Colours flying, and Drums beating, his private guard of Partizans about him, and Dr. Juxon Bishop of London, next to him on one side, and Colonel Tomliason on the other; being come to Whitehall, he continued in his Cabinet Chamber at his Devotions, refusing to dine, only about 12 a clock he eat a bit of Bread, and drank a glasse of Claret wine; from thence he was conveyed into the Banquetting house, and the great window inlarged, out of which he ascends the Scaffold, the rails being hung round, and the floor covered with black; His Exe­cutioners disguised with Vizards, yet was his Majesty not affrighted: He shewed more care of the people living, then of himself dying: for looking round about upon the people, whom the thick Guards of Soldiers kept a great distance off, and seeing he could not be heard by them, omitting (probably) that he purposed to have spoken to them, therefore turning to the Officers and Actors by him, he delivered himself in a short (but excellent) Speech, which being ended, he mockly vent to Prayers, and after some heavenly discourse between him and the Bishop, having prepared himself, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, mildly praying to himself, he stooped down to the block as to a Prayer deske, and most humbly bowed his generous Neck to God, to be cut off by the Vizarded Executioner, which was sodain­ly done a one blow. Thus fell King Charles, and thus all Britain with him.


LONDON, Printed for Edward Thomas at the Adam and Eve in Little Britain. 1660.

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