THE Scorner Rebuked, Or A REPLY to an Atheistical LIBELLER.

Prov. 19.29. Judgements are prepared for Scorners, and Stripes for the back of Fools.’

HAving met with The Sauciness of a Seducer Rebu­ked, A Scandalous Pamphlet so Intituled, Or The Pride and folly of an Ignorant Scribbler made manifest. In Preface of which he hath manifest his En­ [...]y as well as Scorn and Scurrility, together with Dr. Moors, from his Mystery of Godliness, p. 533. Where he saith in his Title Page as quoted, Quakerism is a meer flam of the Devil, a smooth Tale to seduce the simple from their Allegiance to Christ. And from whence I observe, how they Insinuate that Allegiance is due to Christ, and he consequently must be a King or Ruler; yet how many are Alleging that its not possible while we are here to keep Christs Commands (of which number I account this Author) or to live here with­out Transgressing Gods Law. So that the Allegiance (we are insinuated to draw people from) that's due unto Christ, is not accounted by them Possible while here to be fully paid, neither is so paid by them. And indeed with grief it may be truly said, that too many that own Christ in Words and so pro­fess [Page 2] him, fall so short of paying that Allegiance du [...] to him, that they are found in Rebellion against him his Light and Spirit in their Hearts, and that God tha [...] made them, and will so continue if they do not receive [...] believe, and walk in him that is that Light in whom al [...] the Nations of them that are Saved must Walk, tha [...] pay that Allegiance, Obedience and Reverence that i [...] due to him; And as many fall short of their Allegiance to Christ, Love to their Neighbour, and goo [...] Manners, so this Scribling Libeller hath manifest himself of this Number, 1. By his Blasphemy against th [...] Light within, the Quakers Light, (which is no othe [...] then the Light of Christ Jesus) calling it an Idol th [...] great Diana, by whom the Jacks of all Trades have thei [...] wealth, Ignis fatui, &c. 2. By calling us, a Fanatic [...] sort of People, the spawn of Munster Reformers, a by-blo [...] of the jugling Jesuits, or derive our Pedegree from th [...] Ir [...]nopolitan Fathers, or whether we are of the Mun [...] geral Race who have licked up Socinus his Vomit. And further to shew how like in Spirit he is to the old Persecutors; he seems offended that we feel the Warmth o [...] Toleration by saying since they felt that they swarm amon [...] us. But let me tell him, we have also felt the Lashe [...] and Severity of his Brethren, the heat of their Ange [...] for it was fierce, the warmth of their Wrath, for i [...] was cruel: Who did both Whip, Brand, Cut off Ear [...] and Hanged in New England, when Power was i [...] their hands.

And we have also patiently undergone many hardships, and cruel sufferings from our Persecutors her [...] when some that in time of Sunshine, and under th [...] warmth of Indulgence, in fair Weather, could mak [...] fair shew, and great appearance, but when once th [...] Storm hath risen, the Wind of Persecution blew strong and the Sun thereof shone hot, they have been scorche [...] up, and blown away, their Meeting Houses Empty an [...] [Page 3] shut up, their Preachers Absconded, their flocks Scat­tered: And then Paul Baskes was remembred, then their Christian Policy was used, then to Church for fear of 20 l. per Month, or least they should be Excom­municated, and suffer Imprisonment. Now when the Lord by his Providence hath brought it to pass, that the hearts of the Government are inclined towards us, and give us the liberty of Exercising our tender Con­sciences. This Nameless Author his Mr. Tross's Ad­vocate, like a Night Bird sends forth his Mournful Noat, and Vents his Displeasure at the warmth we en­joy, plainly shewing what he wants to be at. And its not to be doubted but if he had power he would Lash more severely with his Whip, (their old Instrument) then he hath with his Pen. But we humbly thank the Lord and the Government for the present Ease we En­joy, by the Restraining such bitter Spirits from Vent­ing their Malice on that wise against us. But we can say of this and all our Enemies, the Lord forgive them, and incline their Hearts to keep his Law. And he is also offended that the people come to our Meet­ings saying, Its just with God to give them up to strange Delusions to believe Lyes.

Why so angry? what must people take all upon trust, may they not hear for themselves, and follow the Chri­stian Advice. Try all things hold fast that which is good. But to conclude he saith, If what I have writ in this Treatise be an Antidote to any against that spread­ing Evil (viz Quakerism) my Labour will not be lost. Poor Man, what pains thou hast taken to bring forth a Brat, thou dost not own, what must J. N. be blamed for having his Book Midwifed (as thou Phrases it) into the World by a Nameless Printer, and must the Name of thy Fathers Brat be concealed; only thou tells he is one studious to know & practice the Doctrine according to Godliness.

But what a Proficient he hath manifest himself in [Page 2] [...] [Page 3] [...] [Page 2] [...] [Page 3] [...] [Page 4] this study, let me now examine from a few places [...] his Book relating to the Light of Christ, and the Holy Scriptures. For much of it is such empty stuff, and t [...] so little purpose unless to manifest his folly, and sco [...] fing Spirit, that its not worth minding. I shall fir [...] set down what he quotes of Jos. Nott. p. 6. I. [...] ‘and therefore I desire the Reader to keep thy min [...] near to the Light of Jesus Christ, in thy own heart [...] Conscience,’ that so thou mayest understand wha [...] thou readest.

To which this Libeller Replys thus,

‘After a small Blunder, the (1st.) for thee, o [...] comes the rare Cotholican, with which those Quac [...] do greater Wonders, then ever did Ponteus wit [...] his Balsom, Oynment, and that is the Light withi [...] Reader, if thou canst but get Joseph Nott to spare the a few Ounces of this Choice Medicine called Lig [...] within, prize it above Aurum Fotabile or the Phil [...] sophers Stone.

Now Observe what a Proficient he is in the Doctrin [...] and Practice of Godliness, who makes such a scoffi [...] at the Light of Jesus Christ comparing it to Ponte [...] Balsam, and scornfully ca ling it a choice Medicin [...] Now compare this with the Testimony of the Ho [...] Scriptures, Jo. 8.12. Then spake Jesus again unto the saying, I am the Light of the World, he that followeth n [...] shall not walk in Darkness, but shall have the light of Lif [...] and Jo. 1.8. He was not that Light, but was sent to be [...] witness of that Light, that was the true Light that lighte [...] every man, that cometh in the World.

And its great contempt and scorn in him thus t [...] compare it, and to Insinuate as if the Light of Jes [...] Christ was to be sold by Ounces, for it was, that and [...] other but the Light of Jesus Christ, that Jos. Nott desire the Reader to keep his mind near to And altho this A [...] thor pretends to know and practice the Doctrine according [Page 5] to Godliness, he appears more like an Atheist filled with Scorn and Derision, for he proceeds, But if he will not part with any of it, follow my Directions, & thou mayest obtain it thy self, is not this like Simon Magus, and p. 7. He farther proceeds in his deriding manner thus, Deny Scripture, Revile Magistrates, reproach Mini­sters, cast off Ordinances, gratify the desires of thy Carnal heart, follow the Dictat [...]s of thy muddy Brains, whenever thy giddy head turns rou [...]d, pretend to Visions and Revelati­ons: And when thou art thus accoutered, Read the Quakers Books, and keep close to their silent Meetings, and thou art in a very fair way to get this rare secret.

Now if this be like one studious to know and pra­ctice Godliness, or a scoffing Atheist, I leave to his Ma­ster Hallet, and his Master Tross, and the rest of their Brethren, with all that read this to Judge, whether this is the way to attain unto the Light of Jesus Christ. I.N. desired his Reader to keep his mind near unto, which is that which shines in Peoples Hearts and Conscien­ces, and shews them Sin, and manifests the corrupt de­sires of their Carnal Hearts, and lets them see they are sinners against God and Christ: And will lead and guide all those that believe in it, and receive it unto Gods Holy Hill, and to his Tabernacles, and by walking in it they will come to know a being Cleansed from all Unrighteousness by the Blood of Jesus Christ. But he goes on p. 7.

1. Quest. Is this Light of Jesus Christ in the heart and Conscience; God or Creature, finite or infinite?

Answer. The Life in the Word that was in the Be­ginning with God, and was God, is the true Light, that lighteth every man that cometh into the World, and is not a Creature or finite.

Then he proceeds to his 2d Question for he puts great stress on 3 or 4. Questions, for he hath propounded, and bids put home these Questions, and if he do not boggle or Equivocate, its ten to one but he will betray gross Ignorance,

Oh the conceit he hath of his own Questions, come lets hear and Answer his second.

2 Quest. p. 7. Is it Christ himself, who was Crucified, without the Walls of Jerusalem or something distinct from Christ?

Answer, The Life which is the Light of Men is the Life and Light of the same Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary, was put to Death upon the Cross (as concerning the flesh) quickened and raised by the Spi­rit, and ascended into Glory. Yet this his Divine Life and Light never dyed, nor was put to death.

But he follows his Question thus, If he say it is Christ himself enquire of him, whether this Light is in every mans heart and Conscience, was born of the Virgin Mary, Suf­fered under Pontius Pilate, dyed upon the Cross, ascended into Heaven, after its Resurrection, and sitteth at the right hand of God; all these things we know are true of Christ.

Answ. And so say I all these things are true of Christ according to the Flesh, altho we do not believe him to be so, i. e. according to the flesh in every man, yet he is owned by us called Quakers according unto holy Scripture Testimony both in the flesh and in the Spirit, see Peter 3.18. and Heb. 2.18. for in that he himself hath suffered; and also Acts 17.3. and Heb 13.12. Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the People with his own Blood, suffered without the Gate.

And none of this is Blasphemy to neither doth this betray gross Ignorance on our parts, but of his as may further appear in answer to his other Questions.

3. Quest. If he say it is something distinct from Christ: ask him whether it be a Body or Spirit.

Answ. This is Answered in Reply to the former, that it was Christ himself that suffered as concerning the flesh, and was quickened and raised by the Spirit. And this Author saith p. 14. That God suffered, but tis Blasphemy to say the Godhead suffered. And if he either [Page 7] thought we had, or expected we should affirm that that Divine Life and Light of Christ we profess, be­lieve in, and expect Salvation by, did ever dye, he is gros­ly mistaken for we own Christ in the Flesh, and Christ in the Spirit, Christ within, and Christ without, to be but one and the same Christ, under different appear­ances; and all they that will impartially Examine our Christian Doctrines by the Holy Scriptures (like the noble Bareans) will find them according thereunto, notwithstanding this Author saith, Perhaps he may here­after shew the contrary, But we fear him not.

And he proceeds in his Question thus; Whether it be a Body or a Spirit; if he say it is a Body as Barklay, Tis Vehiculum Dei, the Spiritual Body of Christ, the Flesh and Blood of Christ, which came down from Hea­ven. Desire him to deal freely with thee as a friend; and inform thee how this flesh and blood can be in so many thousand Hearts and Consciences at once, as there are Men and Wo­men upon the face of the Earth, how can a Body reach from Pensilvania to Exon. p. 7.

Answ. 1st. As to these Questions, because he puts such a stress on them, I have taken the more notice of them; & as to that Light of Jesus Christ in the heart, which he queries, whether it be a Body or Spirit, we say it is the Life of that Word that was God, and was in the beginning with God, by whom all things were made. And as to the Humane Nature of Christ, he saith him­self p 14 It was a Creature and Rob. Barkley doth not say, the Godhead is a Creature, so that Rob. Barkley doth not want to be reconciled unto George Whitehead nor their Doctrines unto Truth. But this Pamphleteer goes on Reasoning or querying like the unbelieving Jews who said how can this Man give us his Flesh to Eate, and saith this Adversary, How this Flesh and Blood of Christ can be in so many thousand Hearts and Consciences as once, and how a Body can reach from Pensilvania to Exon. [Page 6] [...] [Page 7] [...] [Page 8] By which it appears to me, notwithstanding his Lear­ning, he shews himself ignorant, for he saith, unless you ea [...]e my fl sh, and drink my blood you have no life in you, Joh. 6.53. again he saith, he that eateth my fl sh and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him, and I will raise him up at the last day. A Mystery I fear this Libeller doth not understand, for as if Believers in Christ in Exon and P [...]n­silvania could not both partake of the Flesh of Christ, is not this to limit him. For he saith p. 8. If we Read Christ in y [...]u, then this is the Sence, viz. Those saving Gra­ces Fai h and Love, &c. by which Christ dwells in our hearts.

And can any of these saving Graces be wrought in the Heart but by Christ; and if he works them there, must he not be in the heart; and why should this name­less Author be offended at Christs being in People, and his Light shining in their Hearts and Consciences, what would he have nothing but sin and Satan in Peoples Hearts; that in evil doing they might be kept, hating the Light because their Deeds are evil, and refusing to bring them to it. Sure those are never like to be happy in this World, nor in that which is to come, that live and dye in Rebellion against the Light of Christ; nor those will never know Christ, who is stronger then the strong man Armed, (the Devil) and can spoil his Goods, (sin and lust) if they do not know and receive Christ within where the sin and Lust have had a place; how should he spoil his Goods, destroy the sin, and mor­tify the Lust, and fulfil the Prophesie of him, viz. put an end to sin, and finish transgression, and bring in ever­lasting Righteousness.

But to Return, its further observable, how scorn­fully, contemptuous and Atheistical and Blasphemous this Libeller is against the Light, manifesting thereby, that he is of the Seed of Evil doers, that shall never be renowned.

Page 10. He saith, The Light within is the great Diana [Page 9] by whom these Jacks of all Trades have their wealth. Hence it is that these Craftsmen speak so honourably of the Idol. Great is the Quakers Light within, tis to be preferred to the Scrip­ture. By this we are to understand the Scriptures; this is a higher and Superior Rule which we ought especially to attend; This is one of the Foundations on which the damnable Errors of the Quakers are built.

Answ. Observe the Rage and Blasphemy of this offici­ous Presbiterian Advocate: First how he Queries if this Light of Christ in the Heart and Conscience, be God or Creature, finite or infinite, and in a few Pages saith its an Idol; O what horrid Blasphemy is this, what the Light of Jesus Christ in the Conscience an Idol; and have the Jacks of all Trades their Wealth by this, sure­ly if his Pious Mr. Flavel, his ingenious Mr. Hallet, and his Reverend Mr. Tross as he calls them, have no better Advocates then this Scurrilous Airy Libeller, and envi­ous Scribler, they'l get little credit by him: but he goes on Ironically and Scoffingly, saying, great is the Quakers Light within, is to be preferred to the Scriptures, by this we are to try Thoughts, Words and Actions, by this we are to understand the Scriptures.

Answ And is it not very true that Christs Light is to be preferred to the Scriptures because it was before the Scriptures; For Christs Light which is the Life of that Word that was in the Beginning with God, and was God, must needs be before the Scriptures, and is no Creature or Finite.

And this the Author to the Hebrews declares to be quick and powerful, sharper then a two edged Sword, dividing between the Joints and the Marrow, the Soul and the Spirit, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart; and this the Scriptures of them­selves cannot do. Yet this poor dark-man, seems not willing to allow it to be a higher and superior Rule, to which we ought especially to attend, and yet it must be [Page 10] granted, that Christ who is this Word, in whom the Life which is the Light of Men is superior to the Scrip­tures, for the Holy men of God, writ the Scriptures as moved by the Holy Ghost, or Spirit of Christ, and that Holy spirit from whence they came, must needs be grea­ter then the Scriptures that are given forth by it.

But he further manifests his bitter Spirit, by affirm­ing that the Light within is one of the Foundations on which the damnable Doctrine of the Quakers are built.

Answ. This is false, what are damnable Errors built on the Light? On what Light are these damnable Errors built, or what are them damnable Errors the Quakers hold? Let him demonstrate this if he can. Oh the blind­ness and Blasphemy of this Man: Surely if his Mr. Hallet, or his Gospel Minister Mr. Tross teaches him no better then this or that these are the Fruits of their Ministery, they'l have but small reputation by him. Again, If to say that Christs Light within is to be preferred to the Scriptures, and that by it we are to try Thoughts Words and Actions, and to understand the Scriptures, are rotten Assertions (as he Phrases them) pray what are sound, surely its not this Authors Assertions that the Light within is an Idol, and the Scriptures are the only su­pream and sufficient Rule of Faith and Life.

These are neither sound nor Scriptural, for if the Scriptures are the only Rule, then there is no other, if supream then whats above them, doth not this set the Letter above the Spirit, or the Scriptures above Christ, are not these erroneous sayings.

And his 11th page he saith, A Christian tryes and exa­mines his Thoughts, Words and Actions by the Scriptures.

Answ. But the Scriptures cannot immediatly tell or shew unto any man what his Thoughts, Words and Acti­ons are, for its the living powerful Word of God that is a discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the Heart, see Amos the 4. ch and last verse, and Heb. 4.12. And its [Page 11] this that must quicken unto God, and teach man how to think, speak and do as he ought: And its the Light of Jesus Christ that shines in Peoples hearts, that shews or manifests unto them all those thoughts, words and actions that are reprovable, according unto the Apostles Testimony, Eph. 5.13. But all things that are repro­ved, are made manifest by the Light: For whatsoever doth make manifest is [...]ight: And therefore, said Christ the Light. Whoever think to have life in the Scriptures, which testify of Christ, will fall under Christs reprehen­sion if they do not come to him, for he said ye search, or search ye the Scriptures, for in them ye think to have eter­nal Life, and they are they which testify of me, and ye will not come to me, that ye may have Life, Joh. 5.39, 40.

And in page 11. he saith, the Pagans Rule is the light of Nature, and the Quakers Rule the Light within.

Answ. Now if the Quakers Rule is not a saving Light and of the Divine Nature, what light is it? For he plain­ly declares them to be two, and not one and the same Light. And yet saith, The Pagans Rule is good in its kind and place, it discovers the Bei [...]g, Power, Wisdom and Good­ness of God, so as to leave them without Excuse, who do not walk according to it; but it cannot discover Christ, by whom alone sinners can be saved.

Answ. How doth it discover the Power, Wisdom and goodness of God, and yet not discover Christ by whom alone sinners can be saved: Surely if it discovers the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God, it discovers Christ, for Paul saith, 1 Cor. 1.23, 24. We Preach Christ Crucified unto the Jews a stumbling block, unto the Greeks foo­lishness, but unto them that are called both Jews and Greeks, Christ the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God.

And indeed Christs Light, which the People called Quakers believe in is of a Divine and saving Nature, al­tho this Author charges J. N. with Blasphemy for cal­ling the Light within (which we profess) Christs Light [Page 12] within, yet we do most sincerely declare, we neither Preach, Believe in, nor expect Salvation by any other Light then Christ Jesus, the dear Son of Gods Love, made of a Woman under the Law, Gal. 4.4. even him who was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of Angels Preached unto the Gentlies, Believed on in the World, received up into Glory, 1 Tim. 3.16.

And page 12. he saith, I grant that Christ hath given us a Rule, and the Holy spirit enables all the People of God to walk according to it.

Answ. What then, is the Spirit greater then the Rule, or the Rule ineffectual without the Spirit, doth not this plainly imply one of these, and if the Spirit be greater, or the Rule ineffectual without it, why doth this Scri­bler say the Scriptures is the only supream and suffi­cient Rule.

Is not this plain contradiction; yet in the same Page scornfully saith i. e. thus, Rare edifying Discourse, Christ is the only Rule, the gift of Gods spirit in our own Hearts is the Rule, the Holy Ghost is the Rule, the Light within is the Rule, the Light of Jesus is the Rule.

Ans. And doth it then become him thus scornfully to Write, O well would it have been for him, that these had been his Rule, for then he would have been better ruled, and guided his Pen better then he hath. But he runs farther, saying The Spirit is so far from being our Rule, that God hath given us his written Word to try whether we have the spirit thereby.

Answ. And if this were true, those that were before the Scriptures, or Written Word as he calls it, was, how could they tell whether they had the Spirit or no? Now how did the Apostles and primitive Christians that were before the New Testament was writ, know they had the Spirit, was it by the Old Testament, and was that then the written word by which they knew they had the spirit, & if that were the written word, by which they k [...]w they had the Spirit, & was not the Evangelists the [Page 13] Word, and the Epistles in the New Testament the writ­ten Word, then how many Written Words are there, and by the same Rule he calls the Scriptures the Word of God, may not those aforenamed be called the Word, and if there be so many Words of God, how far short will this fall of what the Quakers believe that Chri [...] is the Eternal Word of God, and the Holy Scriptures the Words of God. And if he will affirm, those that have not the Scriptures cannot tell, whether they have the Spirit or no, let him shew what Scripture he h th for it; for doth not the Scripture say, by this we know w [...] are of God, by the spirit which he hath given us; but if we cannot know whether we have the Spirit but by the Scriptures, we cannot tell whether we are of God or nay, but by the Scriptures; but is not this contradicto­ry to the Scriptures, and besides his only and supream Rule. But we would have all know we own, esteem, and truly value the Holy Scriptures, have often so de­clared in all sincerity and uprightness of Heart, that all Scripture is given by Inspiration of God, and is profi­table for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for In­struction in Righteousness, that the Man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good Works. 2 Tim. 3.16, 17. and are able to make Wise unto salva­tion, through faith in Christ Jesus. Notwithstanding this Libeller sayes, for which we have only his ipse dixit, that we give the Holy Scriptures, the Epethites of car­nal Letter, a dead killing Letter, the Husk, which is fit for nothing but Swine. p. 20. which I deny, and charge on him as a notorious, false and lying slander, which his Pam­phlet abounds with, and are not worthy taking notice of: nor to spend Time and Paper to answer.

But having thus in brief shown some of the Errors and Contradictions of this nameless Author, and detect­ed him for his Scurrilous and abusive Pamphlet, I shall ddress my self to the Inhabitants in and about Exon, and [Page 14] all to whom these may come, in whom there are any degree of Christian Charity and Godly sincerity.

I do in the holy fear of Almighty God, & in the good will of him that dwelt in the burning Bush; and the Bow­els of him that dyed for us, and rose again for our Justi­fication, sincerely declare my Friends have no other end in their Writing and Preaching, but that all people might be gathered unto the Lord Jesus Christ, & brought unto his Light & Spirit in all their hearts, that by it they may come to see their states, and be made truly sensible of their conditions, and through receiving and believing in Christ the light, may come to know him to reveal the Father unto them, that the saving knowledge of the on­ly true God, & Jesus Christ, they may come to receive, & thereby be made partakers of eternal Life, and by the work of his Word & Spirit in their hearts, might know all that to be wrought out which the Light manifest to be contrary to the mind and Will of God, and by this Spirit might know the true Baptism, and the inward washing with pure Water (the holy Spirit) by the the Word of God, that they may be truly fitted for Gods heavenly Kingdom, and know an entrance thereunto. And by this Spirit (the best Rule) may Worship God ac­cceptably through Jesus Christ, and be enabled daily to live unto him, to the praise of his Grace, and might en­joy peace, and have the comfort of the holy Scriptures and the things of God opened unto them by it knowing, as the Apostle said, that as no man knows the things of a man save the spirit of a man that is in him, so the things of God knows no man but the spirit of God, because they are spiritual­ly discerned, and not to be attained unto by outward Le­tarature, or wearisome study of any man that receives not this Spirit. And therefore we call to all to cease from men and their Teachings, that are in their Carnal state, and Earthly Wisdom, and dark conceivings, and turn their mind inward to the saving Light of the Lord [Page 15] Jesus Christ, to receive, and believe in it, that you may be the Children of it, and by walking in it, may know the precious virtue of the Blood of Jesus Christ to cleans you from all unrighteousness, and bring you into that state wherein you may find peace and acceptance with God through Jesus Christ his dear Son our Lord and be enabled by him to bear his Yoak, take up his Cross to de­ny your selves and follow him through the many tribu­lations, and to endure cruel Mockings, and to suffer re­proach as its our lott, for his sake that suffered the con­tradiction of sinners for our sake; so that the life of true Religion you might feel and enjoy in your selves, and not remain under the windy Doctrines of Men their empty forms and Ceremonies, but come to Christ the substance, by hearkning to his Voice, and opening the Door of your hearts by Faith and let him in, that he may sup with you, and you with him, and drink of the Cup of his Blessing, know the Communion of Saints, an [...] the brea­king of Bread, which is the Body of Christ, and to know a being built upon him, the sure foundation, that ye may be able to stand in that day wherein all mens foundations shall be tryed, and may know Bread in your own Houses, and Water in your own Cisterns, Oyle in your own Lamps, that when the cry is, pre­pare to meet the Bridegroom, tho at Midnight you may be ready; and to enter in with the bridegroom to the Marriage Chamber. Oh awake awake you careless pro­fessors of Christ, do not sleep, in your empty forms and lifeless Profession of Christianity, but get Oyle in your Lamps, grace in your hearts that he may shine forth in your lives and Conversations, and do not in Works deny him, whom in Words ye profess for he sees and beholds you, marks your wayes, knows your Works, and will reward you accordingly.

Saith your Friend, JOHN FIELD.

A POSCRIPT By another hand.

SOber Reader, to whom this may come, the holy Scriptures of truth bears a large Testimony against wicked persons, especially against Scorners, Scoffers and Mockers, & of the Judgement & wrath of God against them, as ye may read Pro, 1 22. to the end: and as hateful and rejected of God so the Scorner is abomination to men, pro. 24.9. many other places of Scrip­ture testify against them even as the worst of men.

The Scriptures are fulfilled in our day, viz. in the last dayes shall come Mockers and Scoffers, walking after their ungodly Lusts, and the Children of the Lord in former Ages were set as Gazing stocks and signs and won­ders, and accounted as the Offscouring of all, and now its not strange that the same thing happens to us.

Now the end of Writing these Lines are tenderly to advise & warn the Rea­ders to beware of that light, vain, scoffing Spirit, which in the said Book is manifested, and not to suffer the same Spirit to arise in them, or to be taken with it. The Author having concealed his name, I have given forth these Lines to pursue his vain wicked spirit, and warn others to take heed of it. I leave it all to the Lord from whom he, we, and all shall receive a Reward according to our deeds.

The aforesaid Book is stuft with so much scorning & vain scurilous Lan­guage, as if the Author were even set in the seat of the Scornful, and made it his work to utter out folly and wickedness, and his pleasure and delight therein (utterly contrary to true Wisdom and Christianity it self) greatly condemned in the holy Scriptures of Truth, as appears by some of his vain light scoffing and scorning Expressions, with his vilifying and r [...]proaching the People called Quak [...]rs, follows, viz. A Fanatical sort of people com­monly culled Quakers, from their trembling & raving when they told their Dreams, being acted in the same manner, as the Heathen South­sayers buzing the ignorant in the Ears with their Intellible Jorgan, this odumbred Sect, Spawn of the Munster Reformer, a by blow of the Jugling Jesuits, or Mungril Race, who licked up Socimus's Vomit, in­spired with John Leydons Euthusiasims, and have sucked in Popish per­fection and Infallibility. Now how hath he powred out his Wicedness like a flood, the Lord rebuke him: doth he consider, that in the day of Judge­ment every idle word must be accounted for, how much then the multitude of his scorns, scoffs and jears; Oh vain man, let him repent. And now in this his scornful spirit he will undertake to interpret Scripture and talk of Piety, and vindicate some persons as pious, & calls one a Reverend Divine and our stoutest Champions, If they be such as he Intimates they will account the Vindication of such a Scorner, a Disgrace, unto them. It would have been well if he had consulted and considered the Holy Scriptures before he had thus powred out his vanity reproach & scorn, it may be he will say they are a rule, but he never had any such Example from Christ, or his Apostles. Oh vain man, remember God will bring thee to Judgement for these things, and therefore thou should not be high minded, but fear the great God, who will give a reward to eveey one according to their deeds, from whom thou cannot hide thy self tho thou hidest thy name from publick view, and tho I know not who thou art, yet thy wor [...] manifests what thou art. I have written this in love to thee and all to whom this may come and leave the issue to the Lord.

By a well wisher for the good of all people. J. BATT.

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