A few words to the people of England, who have had a day of visi­tation, not to slight time but prize it, least ye perish.

O England, England, many precious days of visitation hath the Lord thy God let thee see, Oh that thou hadst but known it: the Lord thy God hath been very gracious unto thee, O England, above manny Na­tions of a long time, he that created the Heavens and formed the Earth, hath made manifest his love unto thee; to that in the conscience of thee (thou people of England) I speak, who am also a witness of the Lords dealings with thee. I am the light of the world, said Jesus Christ, which hath lightned every one that comes into the world: with which light O people of England, thou hast seen the deceits that people in thee and other Nations have li­ved in, and by that in thy conscience (O people of England who was of late but little in thy own eyes) hast thou seen the deceits of them that were in Authority before thee, both the Bishops and their Prelates, and their Prelaticall Authority, and the persecutions they used over the people of God, and their usurped Authority they used over tender consciences, that then were living in thee; thou wast not ignorant, nor it was not unknown to thee, O thou people of England, how the Bishops with their Prelaticall Authority and usurped power did fine imprison banish and lay wast thy people O England, who for conscience sake could not bow down to his Idolatrous worships, as thou then rightly calledst it: And O people of England, it was not hid from thine eyes, neither was [Page 2] thou ignorant, how others who were called civil Governours, and had the Authority of Majestracy in thee O England, did usurpe Authority over mens persons estates and consciences; And to thee O people of England it was discovered, what cor­ruptions those and all other in Authority lived in, that then were heads of the Nation; and then thou couldest have cryed, The Judges judge for reward, the Prophets Prophesie falsly, the Priests beare rule by their means, and my people love to have it so, but what will ye doe in the end thereof; was not this thy cry in that day when thou wast in distresse O people of England? to that in thy conscience I speak; Was it not a griefe to thee when thou wast kept low? yea the griefe of thine heart to see people persecuted, mocked, and imprisoned, or banished un­der names and titles given them by their enemies, wherewith to cover their bloody enterprises? and I call that in thy con­science to witnesse, if thou didst not languish under their tyran­ny in those days? and how many prayers and tears hath it cost some, and how much imprisonment others, and how much ba­nishment others; and in these thy languishing days of sorrow hast thou with tears and prayers, and with hands lifted up en­treated the Lord that he would be pleased to pull down that Authority which did then usurpe and bear rule over tender consciences in this Nation, and them that did uphold it? and how many vows promises and ingagements didst thou make in thy lownes and distress, if ever the Lord would give thee pow­er and strength to overthrow the Tyrants that then bare rule, and if ever the Lord would bring those Tyrants and their laws into thy hands, thou wouldest utterly destroy persecution out of England for ever, and make England a free Nation; was not this thy ingagement and promise O people of England, when thou wast under, and in distresse? to that in thy consci­ence I speak, O that thou wouldst give it leave to answer me, that thou mightest come to see where thou hast been and repent, for here thou wast that in thy conscience will witnesse for ever.

And now O people of England, the Lord God by whose hands the Heaven and the Earth was made hath granted thy request to the full, the Lord hath not been slack but hath given [Page 3] thee what in tendernesse thou didst desire; What darest thou charge the Lord with, that he hath witholden from thee, which in freenesse in thy days of sorrow thou did desire? the Lord hath brought under thy feet the necks of them that did op­presse thee, and the Lord hath brought into thy power their Authority and their Laws, and subdued them all under thee, to the full request of that which then breathed under did de­sire; to that which condemns the d sobedient doe I speak, which is an eternall witnesse to thy face before the Lord, how thou hast performed thy Covenant, which thou madest with the Lord in the day of thy calamity: Consider, take heed to that in thy conscience, return, the living witnesse for God will not be mocked with words nor shews, to the light of Christ in thy conscience look, and it will let thee see, that the same Laws which thou in thy adversity and lownesse didst promise to pull downe are standing still; are not oppressive Laws to compell men to pay Tithes, to the maintaining of coveteous hirelings and tithe-mongers, standing in as great force as ever? and many of their outward estates spoyled by these oppressive Laws which thou promised to take away? and this is not done by an enemy of thine, but even by thee who didst professe to be faithfull in performing thy Vowes to the Lord: Thou faire professing people of England who hast made so many faire promises to take away oppressions, to the light of Christ in thee I speak which will witnesse me and con­demn thee, for holding up these things which thou promised to the Lord thou wouldst pull down, except thou repent with speed, and let the light in thy conscience judge if these perse­cuting Laws under names and titles be not standing yet in as great force and power as ever they were in thy fore-fathers days, which the Lord by thy hand hath destroyed, and thou dost now exceed thy fore-fathers in persecuting the innocent under names and brands which thou dost put upon them, that the truth may appeare odious, and that persecutions done by thee may be supposed to be punishing of errours, as thy fore-fathers ever did, as at this day is plainely made mani­fest in many places of thy Land, O faire promising people of England; and many people tender and dear to the Lord in [Page 4] in many a Town and City of thy Nation is imprisoned without any Law or cause at all, nay not so much as Queen Mary, the Papists Law to alledge against them; was there ever such things done by thy fore-fathers which I have destroyed before thee? hast thou allready forgotten that the Lord pleaded the cause of the innocent with thy fore-fathers and overthrew them? O call to remembrance what the Lord hath done to thy Prede­cessors in former time (who persecuted the innocent and ten­der hearted ones) who hardned their necks and would not re­gard the counsell of the Lord, which was and is the light in all consciences, which light once shone in thy conscience, by which thou sawest them which lived in persecuting and oppres­sing the seed of the Lord in its arising and appearance; and people that in thy conscience is witnesse against thee, that thou art left without excuse, and also that in thy conscience the light is witnesse against thee, that thou hast built the Se­pulchres of the Prophets, and garnished the Sepulchres of the righteous and whited them over with faire words and promi­ses, and thou sayest if I had been in the days of my fathers, I would not have been partaker in the blood of the Prophets, and yet thou art filling the measure of thy fathers iniquities, and the same wrath, curse, and judgements of God waites to be poured upon thee, except thou repent, and be warned in time; many warnings hast thou had from the Lord (that in thy conscience can witnesse) by the hand of them that are and have been persecuted by thee and imprisoned by thee, but thou hast cast them behinde thy back, as all the persecutors in all ages have done before thee, who by the power of the Lord were destroyed; and now O faire saying people of Eng­land, by the same power thy destruction comes for truce brea­king with the Lord, and let that in thy conscience judge, if thy judgement from the Lord be not just upon thee, which will appear in the day of thy misery and overthrow, though thou for a while tread above it; but if thou have not totally put out the light, and if any spark of light be in thee thou may­est see thy selfe going the way of all bloody persecutors into perdition, for ever and ever, except thou repent, and remem­ber that thou art once more warned, and no more warning [Page 5] can I promise thee, whether thou wilt choose or refuse. And againe heare the word of the Lord thou people of England, if thou wilt not be warned nor repent, but wilt harden thy neck against the tender Lambes of my pasture: Thus saith the Lord, because of the Cry of the oppressed, and the many pri­soners which contrary to my Law thou hast imprisoned for no other Cause but because they cannot worship thy Idoll Gods which thou hast sett upp, and the Idoll Gods which thou hast sett upp are many, for thou hast promised many faire promi­ses to take away Idolatry, Superstition and Oppression, and all Lawes over the Consciences of men, that I the Lord might be worshipped according to my owne will, which I have made manifest in my Childrens Consciences, and that my Gospell, even the word of eternall life, might have free passage through thy Land ô England, but now I see the sinnes of Jeroboam which caused Israel to sin, are held up by thee, Yea the high places which are in thee ô people of England, and the Priests of thy high places beare witnesse before my face against thee, which thou hast sett upp contrary to my Will, which I have made manifest in every mans Conscience; and for what end did Jeroboam sett upp these high places, and those Priests, was it for this end that he was afraid that the people of Israel should returne to the Temple at Jerusalem to worship, which then was Commanded of God for his people to worship at.

And now O people of England, thus saith the Lord, who pittied thee when thou little in thy owne eyes, and put a sword in thy hands to cut downe Idulatry, high places, usurp­ing Priests made of the basest of the people, and corrupt Lawes, wherewith they did tyrannize over the Consciences of my people, and pride and respect of persons, which then I let thee see to be before destruction, and thou wast bearing, but now hast turned thy sword against them who are brought out of those things, and witnesse against them; and now I the Lord thy God in visitting thee, and thy worke, have found unfaithfullnesse, in what thou promised to me in the day of thy Calamity, and unfaithfulnesse in thee in what I looked for at thy hand, for now I see that thou O people lifted up, dost hold up the very same high places, and as bad a generation [Page 6] of Priests as thy forefathers did, and the same usurped Lawe over mens Consciences, and the same persecuting Lawes, even the Lawes of Papists, wherewith to imprison my ser­vants, yea not respecting persons is made a Law for thee to imprison many of my servants, and many of my servants are imprisoned by thee, because they cannot breake the Com­mands of Christ, and many of my deare Children are impri­soned by thee, because they cannot pay Fees for being impri­soned and kept many moneths without any just Law broken, as at this day there are many Witnesses of my deare servants, whose witnesse thou dost refuse, because they abide in my Doctrine, and dare not sweare at all, but their witnesse have I received against thee, because I know their sufferings, and their Cry is come before me, and this is the Cause why thou holdest up these things, even the sinnes of thy forefathers, which made England sinne, for which I will plague thee with all my stormes; Thou people of England art afraid, that if liberty be graunted to worship me according to my Will which I have made manifest in my Childrens Consciences, that then the hearts of people which thou wouldest have to serve thee, and feed thy lusts, will be turned unto me, and then thy covetous hireling Priesthood which in all ages I have cryed against, will fall downe, and thy pride will famish, and wither, and thy oppressions will cease, whereby a great part of thy wickednesse is upheld, and thy honour will depart from thee, and returne to me, and thy respect of persons which thou art so mad on, which I have and for ever forbid and denie, and for feare that those and the like things should come to passe upon thee (to that in thy Conscience which is of me which thou hatest doe I speake, which will witnesse me and condemne thee for thy stiffe-neckednesse) that this is the cause that thou dost so torment my tender Lambes, and be­cause thou dost these things, and will not be warned, but wilt still provoke me to jealousie by thy Idolls, I even I which plagued thy forefathers, will proceed against thee by my sword, I will plead with thee by and with the fire of my jea­lousie, till thou that wouldest not obey my Councell which I did give in thy Conscience be utterly laid wast and desolate, [Page 7] and I will blott out thy name, as I have blotted out the name of thy forefathers who held up the same thing that thou dost, and I will gett me honour in destroying thee, as I gott me honour in destroying thy fathers before thee, and thou shalt know that I am the Lord God, whose hand is not shortened but is strongly stretched out to destroy and slay all that will not that I should reigne over them; therefore expect my plague, for it is neere at hand to come upon thee, and my hand will I hold no longer, for because of the Cry of the op­pressed and the many prisoners who unjustly suffers, my heart is moved with pitty towards them, that I can hold my hand no longer, but suddenly powre forth my hott displeasure up­on thee, for I will not alwayes strive with thee but will come quickly; the Cup of thy fornication is full, and the Cup of my wrath is full also; and now expect fulnesse for fulnesse, this is thy portion, wrath for pleasure thou shalt receive, I the Lord have spoken it, whose word is without repentance; and now people thy time is short and draweth very nigh, except thou wilt be warned.

This was I moved of the Lord to write in the name and power of the Lord, to be a warning to all who love to see Jesus Christs reigne, that either have done, or countenanced the hard-hearted Generation of perse­cutors; Now I have cleared my Conscience to thee in the sight of the Almighty, not desiring the death of any, but rather that thou wouldest turne and be saved, in love I rest a Friend to that which the proud and selfe-exalted Lords over, and for my love to them, by them in scorne am I called a Quaker, whose earthly name is Christopher Fell.

A warning to all the Rulers in these Nations.

ANd now ô Judges, Rulers, and Heads of the people in these Nations, you may reade your Cloud of Witnesses who are your example, who persecute the Innocent, and turne aside the needy for a thing of naught; You may reade in the Scripture what they were, and what manner of Princes, Kings, and Rulers they were, who were persecutors in all Generati­ons, and doe not you say in your hearts you are Christians, and walke in the same footstepps of them who persecuted the Prophets and them that were sent early and late to forewarne them, and stood in the gate and declared in their Townes and Cities against the abominations that were committed; and Jeremy they put in the Dungeon that his feete sticked in the mire, and put his feete fast in the stockes; and Micha in pri­son, and Daniel in the Denn of Lions, and Herod and Pilate were made Friends in the persecuting of Christ, and they sett him at naught, and the Priests and the Rulers conspired against him, and sought to entrap him in his words; and the Apostles they put in prison, in the stockes, and whipped them and scour­ged them, and commanded them to depart out of their townes and villages and Cities, and called them seditious, and pesti­lent fellowes, and said they bred tumults in the Cities, when as they were tumultuous themselves, and persecuted, and mock­ed, and shamefully intreated: And now you that are found acting in those practices are found acting the same, you may reade your Cloud of Witnesses and your example, and be a­shamed ô England, England, and Ireland, is this the fruite of the great profession you have made so many yeares, and now when you are proved the best of you is as a brier, and the most upright sharper then a thorne-hedge. What is become of the promises you made in the day of your Calamity, when sorrow and feare and oppression compassed you about on every side? Hath the Lord broken the yoke from all your necks, and is your finger becoming heavier then their loynes? Was there so great oppression and cruelty acted among the Bishops and [Page 9] Prelates? Was prisons so filled, was there such ginnes and trapps laid for the Innocent when their High Commission Court was upp?

O shame shame! that ever it should come in the eares, or be reported in other Nations, that ever you should requite the Lord thus for all his love and mercies; that he should breake the yoke from off your necks, and scatter your enemies on every side, and cut them off in his wrath, and hath given you their habitations to dwell in, and the power into your hands. Shall the axe boast it selfe against him that hewes therewith? and will ye requite the Lord thus for his love? Surely these things are come before the Lord, and a booke of remembrance is written; and all these things shall stand as witnesse against you when the booke of Conscience is laid open: But you, may be, will say, you know no such that suf­fers for Conscience sake; Turne but your eare and listen but to every Goale and prison in every County, and there may you see many of your poore Brethren stopped upp in holes among murderers, and theeves, and transgressors, even they who have borne a part with you, in the sufferings with the Nations in the heat of the day, and if you say they have trans­gressed any Law, why doe you not execute it upon them, but some kept in prison two or three yeares, and never calld to know what is the matter. But friends know this, many suf­fers now for the transgression of no knowne Law, but may be have cryed out in your Townes against iniquity, or have de­clared against the blindnesse and ignorance of some who goe in the way of the false Prophets, and in the errour of Balaam; O the Land is full of such Deceivers as have flattered the peo­ple and her Princes, till the Lord bathed his sword in their blood, and now they are flattering you, and sowing pillowes under your arme-holes; If you say as the Pharisees said, Wee have a Law, and by our Law he ought to dye, if you execute those Lawes and stand to those Lawes which were made by them that oppressed you, the same shall come upon you, as came upon them, and God will breake the yoke from off the necks of the oppressed, and the yoke shall be laid upon yours who makes a man an Offender for a word, and therefore con­sider, [Page 10] a warning to you all, and be you warned from the Lord God, to cease from oppressing the Innocent, nay you are left all without excuse, for I know you are not ignorant of these things; and further I say unto you, uphold not them by your power who are flattering the Nations, and crying peace, and daubing the people with untempered mortar, and telling them they are Christians when they are Heathens, and live in that nature that puts Christ to open shame, for the hand of the Lord is against them, and prophanes hath gone from them, those Teachers that use their tongues and say, he saith, when the Lord hath never spoken to them, and therefore the peo­ple are lost for lack of knowledge, and there is not one among them that is able to turne any from his Iniquity; and there­fore I say unto you, stint not nor limitt not the Lord by your wills, nor your Lawes made in your wills, for if you doe he which rents the heavens, and makes the earth reele as a Cot­tage, will breake you and your Lawes together, and there shall be none that shall be able to deliver you out of his hand who is pure and holy just and true, and will not give his glory to another, for he alone workes and who shall lett, and will bring his owne worke to passe, and none shall hinder; and therefore take heed you strive not against the Lord, and so be broken upon the stumbling Stone to peices. A lover of righ­teousnesse and a Friend to all just power.

Francis Howgill.

A warning to all the World.

WOe woe unto all the Inhabitants, for the Lord God of power is coming in Power and great glory with ten thousand of his Saints to judge the Earth, and to make a desolation, and an utter overthrow, and a Consumption shall come upon all flesh, and its glory shall be stayned, for all flesh hath corrupted its way and gone a whoring after other Gods, and hath commited fornication with strangers, and whore­domes with the uncircumcised, and the Land is filled with [Page 11] monsters, and the living God is departed from, the Lord is grieved, the Lord is weary with forbearing, and will no lon­ger forbeare; Now is he arising to execute his Judgement in the Earth, and to sift the Nations, and all shall now be put into an even ballance, and the wicked shall be as dust and as chaffe which the wind blowes away, and shall be scattered and never more gathered, for a fire is come out of Sion, its before the Lord of Hosts, and its tempestuous round about him; Coles of fire are kindled by the breath of his nostrills, to burne upp all the stubble and chaffe, even by the breath of his mouth the Lord hath uttered his voice before his Army, for his Campe is great, as a Lion and is greedy of his prey as a young Lion, he will not spare but devoure and destroy all the uncircumcised, and cutt off from the Earth even all the abominable: Tremble, tremble, O Earth before the Lord, and all ye carelesse Sonnes and Daughters that live at ease in the flesh, in wantonnesse and in mirth, a day of howling is coming upon you, a day of sorrow and lamentation; Howle howle and weepe ye that spend your dayes in vanity, in lust and pleasure, killing the Just; ye Drunkards your throates are as an open Sepulcher, your throates shall be dryed upp and parched with the flame of the Lords indignation, the Lion shall be famished; Dives end is your portion you covetous greedy Deceivers, oppressors, lyars, swearers, proud, envious, contentious quarrellers, ye vaine aery light minds, ye are as dust, and will have your portion in the lake that burnes; To­phet is prepared, Hell hath inlarged her selfe, the grave stands open to receive you, the Pitt hath opened her mouth, the Deepe shall swallow you upp, ye rebellious and stiffe-necked Generation, who feares not the Lord, but addes sin unto sin, behold the day is coming, ye shall wish the Mountaines to fall upon you, and the rockes to cover you, and shall seeke death, but shall not finde it, the Arme of the Lord is stretched out, the band of the most High is against you, you fruitlesse trees that cumber the ground, you shall be cutt upp by the rootes and cast into the fire, ye lyars, swearers, cursed speakers, ye proud and covetous, double dealers and hypocrites, which say in word what you are not in deed, and make a profession of [Page 12] the name of God, but departs not from iniquity; the trum­pett of the Lord is blowne out of Sion, the Alarum is sounded out of the holy Mountaine, let all the Inhabitants of the Earth tremble, a noyse of warre and rumor of warre is heard, his sword is furbished and brandished to make a great slaughter, and the slaine of the Lord shall be many; O ye potsheards of the Earth, will ye strive against the Lord, will ye sett bryers and thornes in battell against him, who shakes the Heavens, and makes the Earth reele as a Cottage, which dryes upp the face of the deepe, and cutts off all the fresh Springs, and makes the Cedars fall, and powres downe snares upon the wicked, fire and hayle, storme and tempest, and pillars of smoake, this shall be your portion to drinke, the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken it; O foolish people and unwise, when will you seeke after Wisedome, Wisdome hath lift up her voice in the streetes, but you have stopped your eares as deafe Adders, and say in your hearts, we will not have righteousnesse to rule over us, but we will walke as our Fathers, and worship as other Nations doe, and as them whom the Lord hath cut off out of these Nations as untimely fruit, and are perished with the un­circumcised: Feare feare, tremble tremble, ye Careles ones, ye hard hearts, ye rockes shall be broken, ye Cedars shall fall, ye strong Oakes shall be cut up by the rootes your roote shall perish, ye Mountaines shall melt, ye wild savage Creatures, that are as wild Asses upon the mountaines, a moneth is com­ing wherein you will be found, And a day is at hand wherein you shall see him whom you have peirced, yea, behold the Judge of all the World stands at the doore, even of the quick and the dead, and he comes in the Clouds with power & great glory, and every eye shall see him, and every heart shall melt, and all faces shall gather palnes, and all knees shall smite to­gether, and every tongue shall confesse his Judgement just, when he shall execute his wrath upon you, and sweep you into the pitt, and blow you away with the whirlewind of his wrath, and then you shall be judged out of the booke of your Con­sciences, therefore feare feare & repent, repent and prize your time while you have it, and mind the light of Christ Jesus that shewes you your Iniquities and sinnes, and it love and it will [Page 13] turne you from sin and unrighteousnesse to Christ Jesus, from whence the light comes, and it love and it will judge all your vaine actions, and bring condemnation upon all the deceipt, and lead you to true confession and forsaking, and to know the Lord is pure and holy, and nothing that is evill can dwell in his sight; and so remember you are all warned in your life time, least you be swept away into the pitt, and perish for ever and ever, and there be none to deliver you, and unto you this is the word of the living God, whether you heare or forbeare.

F. H.

A Lamentation over all England, who are yet under the curse, & are yet in their first nature, and shut out from the presence of the Lord.

THere was a time when Christ wept over Jerusalem, so do I even lament over thee O England, for the same nature bears rule in thee now as was in Jerusalem then, for thou art persecuting them now,Mat. 23.37, 38. Luke 13.34. who are sent to forewarne thee of the evill of thy doings O England, how would the Lord have ga­thered thee together as a hen gathereth her chickins under her wings and ye would not, but hast gone on contrary to the light in the conscience, therefore your habitations shall be left unto you desolate; Woe be unto you Scribes and Pharises hypocrits, for you build the Tombs of the Prophets and garnish the Sepul­chres of the righteous, and you are saying, Mat. 23.29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34. if we had been in the dayes of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the Prophets, and so you are witnessing that you are the children of them that murthered the Prophets, and ye are fulfilling the measure of your fathers, O serpents the gene­ration of vipers how shall yee escape the damnation of hell? behold I send unto you Prophets and wise men, and of them shall you kill and crucifie, and of them shall you scourge in your Synagogues and persecute from City to City; and in thee oh England is this Scripture now fulfilling, O England, England, that thou didst but know the judgements that hang over thy head because of thy [Page 14] disobedience, and because of thy going on still contrary to the light in thy conscience; O England be obedient unto the Lord in this day of thy visitation, O that thou hadst an eye to see where thou standest, for thou standest upon a slippery stan­ding,Rom. 15.2. as a Sea of glasse with fire, ready to fall into destruction thou art for thy disobedience unto the Lord thy God. O re­turne, returne all you that are in the first nature, going on in your sins, in lying, swearing, scoffing, jearing, pride, cove­teousnesse, back-biting, envying, cozening, cheating, and all manner of wickednesse,Gen. 3.24. O you are shut out from the presence of the Lord, and the flaming sword is turning every way to cut you down,Rev. 12.12. so that you cannot come to the tree of life; Woe be unto the inhabitants of the Earth and of the Sea, for the De­vill is come down unto you having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time; therefore returne unto the Lord, and seek him whilst he may be found, for this is the day of the Lords love unto your souls, now while you have time prize it, least ye be cast into utter darknesse, there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and there sinners that dye in their sins shall be tormented for ever.

Mat. 25.30.I cannot chuse but lament for thee O England, O that mine head were full of water and mine eyes a fountaine of tears, that I might weep for thine inhabitants O England, who proceed from evill to worse, and they have not known me, saith the Lord, But let every one take heed of his neighbour, and trust ye not in any brother, for every brother will use de­ceite, and every friend will deal deceitfully, and every one will deceive his friend and will not speak the truth,Jer. 9.1. for they have brought their tongue to speak lies, and take great paines to do wickedly, their feet are swift to shed blood, their throat is an open Sepulchre, under their tongues is the poyson of Aspes, their habitation is in the midst of Deceivers, because of their deceit they refuse to know me, saith the Lord; Therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Behold I will melt them and try them, for what shall I else doe? for the daughters of my peo­ple their tongues shute out and speaketh deceit, one speaketh peaceably to his neighbour with his mouth, but in his heart he layeth waite for him: O I lament for you to see the miseries that are coming upon you without ye repent; therefore, re­turne, [Page 15] returne, O England, unto the Lord and he will heal thy backslidings and love thee freely; Return, saith the Lord, and I will not let my wrath fall upon you, but thou hast rebelled against the Lord thy God, and hast scattered thy wayes unto strange Gods under every green tree, but ye would not obey my voyce, saith the Lord;Jer. 13.6. O ye disobedient children returne againe, for I am your God, and I will take you one of a City and two of a Tribe and will bring you to Sion if you be willing and obedient: Therefore O England yeild up obedience un­to the Lord and he will make three the glory of the Nations; wash thine heart clean from wickednesse, and hate the evill, and love the good, and establish righteous judgements in thy Gates, and the Lord will be mercifull unto the Remnant that hath escaped the dark and cloudy day, for the long night of Apostacy is over and gone, and the bright morning Star is ri­sen in the hearts of the Sons and daughters of the most high, praised be the Lord that it was his good will and pleasure to leave a seed in thee O Englnnd: O returne, returne, repent, repent, why will ye dye O house of Israel; Now there are many that desire the day of the Lord as they call it, the lay­ing down of their flesh in the earth, and they are yet in their sins, and they think they shall be purified after death, but there is no remembrance of thee in the pit,Eccles. 11.3. there is no calling on thee in the grave, for if the tree fall towards the South, or towards the North, in the place the tree falleth it shall lye: Therefore woe to such that desire the day of the Lord, what have ye to doe with it?Amos 5.18, 19 the day of the Lord is darknesse and not light, as if a man did flee from a Lyon and a Beare met him or went into the house and leaned his hand upon the wall and a Serpent bit him: O therefore you that intend that your souls may live or enjoy the presence of the Lord, yeild up obedience to the pure light of Christ in the conscience, and returne with speedy repentance, for the day of the Lord it is nere hasteth greatly, even the voyce of the day of the Lord the strong man shall there cry bitterly, that day is a day of wrath, and a day of trouble, and a day of heavinesse, and a day of destructi­on, and a day of desolation, and a day of obscurity and darknes,Ephes. 1.14. a day of clouds and darknesse, a day of the Trumpet and ala­ram against the strong Cities and the high towers, against [Page 16] those that are strong in their fleshly wisdome, and high in their earth­ly imaginations;Jer. 30.7. for the world by wisdome knows not God, neither indeed can it because it is spiritually discerned. O England thou hast long been led by thy blind guides,Joel 2.11. which have told thee that the stee­ple house is the Church, but they are l ars, the Church is in God; O turn you, turn you; turn your mindes within to the pure light of Christ in your consciences, that so you may come to witness a seperation be­tween the precious and the vile in you,Cor. 2.14. so you may come to have the old heart taken away and a new heart given you that may bring forth the righteous, then shall you come to say with David, thou hast made me wiser then my teachers; there you will come to see the inhabitants of the Earth houl,Thes. 11. and low places of the Earth rore, for the company of Merchants are destroyed, all they that bear Silver are cut off, so with the light of Christ within you you may come to witnes your Jerusa­lem searched with his light within you,Thes. 1.11. so you may come to see your barren ground to be broken up which hath long layn fallow, in steed of Grapes hath brought forth wilde Grapes; O England thou hast long lost thy key of knowledge; O now repent and do thy first works, thou wast created holy but through thy disobedience to the light in thy conscience thou hast been shut out from the presence of the Lord, because thou hast not walked humbly before him: O break up thy fal­low ground & sow not amongst thorns, be circumcised unto the Lord, and take away the foreskin of your hearts, for of man as he is in his first nature is deceitfull above all things, and desperatly wicked, & who can finde it out? Therefore now return your mindes within & seek no more the kingdome of Heaven in outward observations, prove your selves whether you are in the faith, examine your own selves; know ye not that Jesus Christ is in you except ye be reprobates; therefore now see by that light that is within you, see who it is rules within you, and come to see whether that small seed be not buried within you, which lyeth low, even in the dust; for the kingdome of Heaven is compared to a small thing, even to a graine of musterdseed, which is said in the Scripture to be the least of all seeds; now be ye obedient to this small seed which lyeth low within you, & therein it will grow to be the strongest of all seeds, so keeping your minds stayed upon it, to wait upon the Lord to be guided by his counsell.

Tho: Wooddrove.

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