A NEW PROCLAMATION: OR A WARNING PEECE AGAINST ALL Blasphemers, Ranters, Quakers, and Shakers; both Men and Women: Who goe up and down teaching, That imbracing ungodlinesse, and worldly lusts, they should live unsoberly, unrighteously, ungodly.

PSAL. 50.19.

Thou givest thy Mouth to evill, and thy Tongue frameth deceit.

LONDON, Printed for M. S. and are to be sold at the Blue Bible in Green Arbour, 1653.

A Word to the RANTERS, who goe up and down teaching men and women, that imbracing ungodliness, and worldly lusts, they should live unsoberly, unrighteously, ungodly in this present World.

O Land! how doth thy Church to ruine run,
By Schismes broken, and by Sects undone!
O how they swarm! no age could ever tell
A brood too monstrous for their parallell.
Freedome of conscience! rid us from this thrall
Of spirit, and the yoke Episcopall;
This once was all the cry, and this we see
As quickly turn'd to fleshly liberty.
Each now will please himself, and things devise
Right in his own, wrong in his Makers eyes.
Things 'tis a shame to speak, things that do call
For ruine, or repentance generaell:
[...] [...]
[Page 4] If we our sins like Sodome do declare,
Without repentance let's expect their fare.
Speak out ye Jewes, what losse your land befell
By suffring of one cursed Jezabel,
By winking at, if nor approving much
Her wicked waits; we have an hundred such,
Who act her sins, and to encrease the tale
Have furn [...]sh'd out and rigg'd a thousand sail
Of new, unheard of sins, that near before
Durst venture landing on our British shore:
Oh, that a man unto himself dare's tie
The title of eternall Majesty,
And say hee's God! this I a sin may call
The Devill ne'er was chargeable withall.
Oh, that a worme, a man should dare t'advance
Himself above a heavenly ordinance!
What? equall with thy Maker? none but he
Can claim such Independent liberty;
The Devill himself dares not, but stoops and stands,
Riseth, and goes as Heavens King commands.
Oh, that a man should offer to cast off
That yoke that Christ cals easie, make a scoffe
At Gospell precepts, and put on the face
To make a sing-song at the means of grace!
Were such conditions to the Devils sent,
Would they reject them? sure they would repent.
Oh, that a man should curse, swear, whore, and cry,
'Tis a delight to Heavens Majesty!
The Devill durst ne'er declaim on such a theme,
To prove it pure religion to blaspheme.
Oh, that a man ii sin should take his swing,
[Page 5] And mock at judgement, say there's no such thing!
The Devill dares not, will not this denay,
But trembles and beleeves a Judgement day.
Oh, that a man dares call without all fear,
Gods precepts, bondage, and his Law severe;
The Devill ne'er Gods Lawes durst dare to fame
Illegall, though a rebell to the same.
O wofull England! who e're thought to see
Such wretches born, and monsters bred in thee!
But are there any such? Yea, such are these
Ranters, or Rakehels, call them which you please.
A Ranter! what is he? one that lives in
All wickednesse, and saith he cannot sin:
Hee's one that blusheth not, but in the light
Declares his sin like to a Sodomite.
Hee's one that saith there's neither Heaven nor Hell,
Prepared for a Saint or Infidell:
He spurnes the Bible, and he doth deny
To Christ his kingly Soveraignty.
His Ordinances and his Lawes so just,
He barks at these, because they bite his lust:
To holinesse and Gospell walking he
Equals the Devill for an enemy.
Hee'l swear, and curse, and drink, and hath the face
To boast of these as Characters of Grace:
When he blasphemes the most, he dares expresse
That God doth act him in his wickednesse.
Hee's one that would all civill right destroy,
And turn all to a strange community,
With each mans interest hee'l have to doe,
His goods, his wife, his maid, and daughter too.
[Page 6] Hee's one that hath attain'd the high'st degree
In Satans Schoole, Hels Universitie.
Forgetting God this wretch becometh then
The pride of Devils, and the shame of men.
When he and his fraternity do meet,
'Twould make a man amaz'd to hear them greet,
With woulds, and bloud, thou devill, dog, thou whore,
This is their language, and a deal such more:
These salutations past, they do not fail
To call for Wine, Tobacco, Beer and Ale;
These being the spirits they'r inspir'd by,
Half drunk, half mad, each hath his prophesie:
A first stands up and doth relate
That he from Heaven is sent,
To cry down both in Church and State,
All formes, and government.
Pack Ministers and Magistrates,
We will have no such things,
We Ranters are sole Potentates,
Both Prophets, Priests, and Kings.
There is no sin, another cries,
This thing call'd righteousnesse,
Is but a trick that some devise,
Our freedome to suppresse.
Then let's be free, in jollitrie
Let all our time be spent;
Hee's but a Daw, that stands in awe
Of a Commandement.
There is no Hell, another cries,
This is a fancy cleare;
Nor is there any place of joyes
Call'd Heaven but what is here;
Then let's dance round and tear the ground,
And gig it whilest we may,
We will not fear, although we hear
Tales of a judgement day.
Thus they proceed in speaking till each one
Hath told his hellish revelation.
When these are past, then to such pranks they fall
As if there were indeed no Judge at all,
No ear to hear, no eye that e're discries
Their sordid words, and foul adulteries.
'Tis shame to tell what these both doe, and say
Not in a secret, but an open way.
Here's dancing, tumbling, swearing, as there were
No men, nor women, but all Devils there;
No God, no good, no sin, no hell, no blisse,
O tremble heaven, and hell, and earth at this!
And tremble Ranters, tremble at your state,
And see your sin before it be too late:
Naked before the Lord your folly lies,
You cannot cheat him with your Mysteries,
Nor yet the world, for all men now conclude,
The Atheist reigns in all your multitude.
I. F.

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