A DECLARATION OF THE KING OF DENMARK, TO THE Emperour, the King and State of POLAND, And his Highness the Elector of BRANDENBURGH: In Relation to the TREATY Agreed and Concluded at the HAGHE in HOLLAND, The 21 of May, 1659.

Shewing the Trecherousness of the Hollander in that TREATY.

LONDON, Printed by E. [...]. for He [...]r [...] Eversden, at the Grey-hound in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1659.

A DECLARATION OF THE KING OF DENMARK, TO THE EMPEROƲR, the King and State of POLAND; And his Highness the Elector of BRANENBURGH: In Relation to the Treaty Agreed and Concluded, at the Haghe in Holland, On the 21 of May, 1659.


I Doubt not, but that you will in the highest manner Admire, when you shall understand the Treaty, lately Concluded on by the Ministers of the most Christian KING, and the PROTECTOR of England, and the Honorable LORDS, John Baron of Gaunt, John Baron of Merode, and John Baron of With, &c. [Page 4]Deputies of either Province: And considering that they are determined to leave Us, and to deliver Us over as a Prey to our Blood-thirsty, and unpacified Enemies of the Swedes; That is, that Generous Holland, who hath placed Us in the very middle of the Pikes, and would that We should Embrace that fair-seeming Treaty.

Our Kingly City hath for the space of Eleven Months together been Besieged, many of Our Ilands have been Incorporated, great part of Our Countrey spoyled to the Ground, many of my Subjects have been Murthered, and Tyrannously dealt withall; Men per force taken from their Wives, Children Estranged from their Mothers, and the most part of Our Castles, Buildings, and Houses destroyed by Fire; And that for no other Reason, but that they cannot sufficiently be sa­tisfied with the Blood of Our People, no Con­sideration taken of their Oath made to Almighty God, upon that Peace which was formerly Con­cluded on. Finally, all this Cruelty is forgotten by Our Confederate Netherlanders, who joyntly fall from Us for fear of a War with the English; And therefore Concludes such a Treaty, Giving Us a Law, without any Notice given to Us, or at least; to be Heard or Understood by Our Mini­sters, [Page 5]much less without the Consent of Our Allies, or Confederates: Likewise all this tends much to the Prejudice of their Powerfull Alliance; And the many Promises by them made for Our Assi­stance. Now instead of Helping and Assisting Us, in bringing all Things to honourable and reasonable Conditions; They have con­trary to their Promises, maintaining of their Glory, and Our Finall Well-being, They have wholly forgotten that we ought to have good Recompence and Satisfaction, for the Fireing and Plundring of Our Country, and for the Violating of Our Subjects, and Riots by them Commit­ted; where to the Contrary, with this most cursed Cessation, they bind up Our Kingly Power and Hands, and the Hands of Your most Illu­strious Highness's, who joyntly Depended upon those Succours which they expected from the Ne­therlandish Fleet, and are now dis-enabled to work out that Designe, which was to Transport o­ver Our Armies, and to Chase away Our Ene­mies from Our Kingly and Metropoliticall CITY: What a High Blame is this, that they should both Swear and Promise Succours, not so much for Us alone, but for their own Ruine and Confusion, by the Interest of the Sound, of their own Forces, and Couragious Officers, who they have Cast [Page 6]into the very Throat of that Devouring Beare: All seems to leave Us, they Consent, and force all to Cease; Giving full Power and Authority to that Great Enemy, who to that End hath United all his Forces to make use of his Blood-Thirsty Sword against Us, and Our Subjects. It is ap­parent, that God is Angry, and that he Deprives RULERS of their Understandings, to Chastise Countries for their Offences.

Most Illustrious PRINCES, This is a great Burthen, and it would have been far better for such Allies, or Confederates, not to have Incensed, or provoked Me so far as to Wage War against the Swedes. But they seem first of all to hold the Swedish Power in a Ballance, and now they throw My Kingdome into his Scale, and will likewise Surrender your Highnesses Themselves to the Power of the Swedes; Intending to make an A­greement apart with the CROWN and STATE of POLAND: And to the Contrary will Be­neficiate the Swede with such Treaties as shall pos­sess Them of the Sound, and so Consequently to make Him sole LORD of EUROPE.

May it please your Highnesses to take Notice, how Hainous a Thing this is in the Eyes of God, [Page 7]and how Destructive it is. Such a Work and Cessation hath been made, and Concluded on, by the Deputies of the LORDS the States in Holland: And yet it hath been worse Acted in ENGLAND, by their Ambassadour Nieuport, who hath Commanded the Hollands ADMIRALL to prolong the said Cessation for Three Weeks; who hath Obliged Himself in ENGLAND, to cause the same to be Ratified and Approved of, by his Masters and Principalls: Insomuch, that now the Netherlandish Power, which is so Burthensome to their Own Inhabitants, that it is now become Noysome; And in the mean time, the Swedes lay Hold of All.

Your Highnesses may be pleased to take the Pre­misses into your Mature Considerations, and to con­tinue and remain Obliged to your Oathes and Fi­delities, to Maintain and Uphold Unity, and with all Speed to Agitate therein, according to the Designes Contained in these Charecters herewith going: Not doubting, that although Holland leaves Us so absurdly, and that They Oblige Them­selves by the said Treaty, upon the Refusall of Our Acceptance, of the Agreement by Them made, in Lieu of the Assistance which They have Sworn unto Us, to force Us to it with their Fleet, but [Page 8]that the Almighty will Himself Fight for Us in De­fence of Our Good Cause, who will Crown your Sacred and Annoynted Heads with Triumphant Victory and Glory, and I, as David, and a Person left Destitute, shall with my Citizens Humble Our Selves before that Great God, and Depend upon Him alone, and then We shall in his most Holy Name Go Out, against that Swedish GOLIA; And if it should please God, that We Fall by the Sword, Our Wives shall set the City on Fire of all Sides, and shall depart from thence with the re­maining Ships, where Christ in his Mercy shall Conduct Them, who will take your Serene High­ness's into his most holy Protection, &c.


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