ORDERS, AND RVLES; Set forth by his Excellency, Thomas Lord Fairefax, for the taking off of all Free-Quarter, and Billet in the Com­monwealth of England and Wales.

Published by his Excellencies speciall Command.

⟨July 28 1649⟩ LONDON, Printed for George Roberts.

Orders and Rules for the taking off of all Free-Quarter and Billet.

WHereas the Parliament hath made provision for the constant pay of the Ar­my, and taking off all Free-Quarter and Billet, and have passed an Act with certaine Rules and Instructions inten­ding the necessary provision for the Souldi­ers, most indifferently both to the Countrey, and them: These are therefore in prosecuti­on of the sayd Act to require all Colonels, Majors, Officers, and Souldiers, whatsoever, to observe and put in execution such Rules and Instructions in thei [...] respective Com­mands [Page 4]and places, as hereafter followeth.

1. That no Party under the Number of 25. though upon a March, Quarter in pri­vate Houses, without the Owners consent.

2. That whereas the Act allowes the Souldiers upon March to Quarter in pri­vate Houses two Nights, to the intent they may within that time provide for them­selves, and divers Souldiers doe take advan­tage thereby (contrary to the intent thereof) to remove Quarters oftner then is necessary, and upon their remove march but two or three Myles a day, or there abouts: I doe therefore order, that no Troope march lesse then ten Myles a day, nor Company of Foore lesse then seaven, except upon service or extraordinary occasion.

3. That upon settlement of Quarters, the Officer in Chiefe of every Troope Compa­ny, or commanded party, make knowne to the respective Landlords within his respect­ive Quarters, that they are to discharge their Billet; and in case any Landlord shall com­plaine to the Captaine or Commander in [Page 5]Chiefe upon the place that any of his Soul­diers have not payd their Quarters: The sayd Captaine or Commander in Chiefe of the sayd Troope, Company, or Party, to give satisfaction to every person out of the Offenders pay within tonne dayes after just complaint made, upon paine of Cashiering: And in case the Captaine, or Officer in Chief shall refuse or neglect to give satisfaction, as aforesayd; the Colonel, or Major of the sayd Regiment, to give satisfaction himselfe to the Landlord out of the sayd Officers and Offenders pay next growing due: And to transmit the Charge against the Officer so offending, with the examination to the Iudge Advocate at the Head-Quarters within ten daies after hee hath had information there­of.

4. That in regard the same care cannot be taken upon a March: It is Ordered, That the Quarter-Master, or any imployed to take up Quarters, do in their tickets for Quarter, expresse the name of the Souldier or Souldiers to Quarter there, and make known that they [Page 6]are to pay their Quarters. And that in case of neglect, upon complaint the next mor­ning to the Commander in chiefe, of the par­ty, I roope, or Company, they shall receive satisfaction, That if either the Quarter-Ma­ster, or any imployed upon that service, or the Commander in chiefe fayl in the due observance thereof, that they incutre the pe­nalty of Cashiering, giving sasssfaction to the Complainers, as before.

5. That this may be the better put in Ex­ecution; I doe Order, that all Colonels, and other Officers (but such as I shall appoynt to attend the Head Quarters) bee resident with their respective Regiments, and not absent above fourteen dayes without speciall leave from my selfe, upon paine of forfeiting their pay during their absence; And that no Co­lonel doe give leave to any of his Officers to bee absent above fourteen dayes without speciall leave from my selfe; the Officer so offending to lose his pay during that absence.

6. That the Deputy Commissaries of the Musters in their respect vecircuits, and [Page 7]Associations doe certifie (by name) unto the Commissary Generall of the Musters, every Muster what Officers of any Regiment, or belonging to Garrisons they find absent from their commands. And that the Commissa­ry upon it do make Certificate thereof upon every Muster with all speed after the receipt thereof to the Major Generall, or those who give out Orders at the Head-quarters in his absence.

7. That by vertue of the Commissions formerly granted for the keeping of Courts of VVarre in the respective Regiments; each Colonell or Major take care for the conve­ning the Officers of his Regiment at a Court Marshall once every month, at the least, and examine what hath beene done in the obser­ving and executing of the afore going Orders and the Articles of VVar. And to certifie to the Major Generall or Officer issuing out Or­ders in his absence at the Head Quarters, what Officers were then absent from their commands, and upon what grounds, as is exprest in the foregoing Article.

[Page 8] 3. That all Offences mentioned within these Orders which have not a particular pe­nalty appointed for them, be punished at the judgement of the Regimentall Counsell of VVar; provided it extend to the losse of place of a Commission Officer, nor to the taking away of life or limbe from any whatsoever.


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