TRUE IVDGEMENT, OR, The Spiritual-Man Iudging all THINGS, But he himself Judged of NO MAN.

To them who are growing up into discern­ing and Judgement: And to them, who cannot endure sound Judgement.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black spread-Eagle, at the West end of Pauls, 1654.

TRUE IVDGEMENT, OR THE Spiritual-man Iudging all THINGS: But He himself Judged of no MAN.

I Am moved to write forth a few things for the simple ones sake, who are growing up in Judgement, and the light is springing, by which they do see; to the staying their minds upon the living God, to the intent they may look into the world, who are ignorant of the Let­ter, the Prophets, Apostles, and Christs condition; shewing themselves to be in the generation from God, which the Apostles spoke against, and Christ.

First, You shew your selves that you cannot endure sound doctrine, in telling you where you are, and what you are, what you hold up, and what you worship.

Secondly, You shew your selves to be those that have not salt to savour withal; and he that hath not salt to savour withall, is good for nothing, but to be trodden under foot of men.

Thirdly, You are amongst those false Prophets, and Priests, that bear rule by their Means, and prophesie for money; which speak smooth things, and sow pillows under your Arm-holes; who speak a Divination of their own brain, and not from the mouth of the Lord: The Lord sent his Prophets to distinguish and judge, to put a difference betwixt the holy, and profane, be­twixt the precious and the vile.

Fourthly, You are amongst them that seek for their gain from their quarter, and spend your money for that which is not bread; so call evil good, and good evil; and put light for darkness, and darkness for light; such were in their generation formerly, such are in your generation now, in nature; so you are lofty and haugh­ty, and do oppress the Innocent and Just: here the Prophet, and Prophets, were able to judge, to make a difference between the precious and the vile, the clean and the unclean; and said, this is the man whom the Lord regards, who is of an humble and bro­ken heart, and trembleth at my word; here is true Judgement: and the same Prophet said, all the children of the Lord, are taught of the Lord, and established in righteousness, which the Prophets of the world deny.

Fifthly, You are amongst such, and follow such as seek for the Fleece, who make a prey upon you, and cloth themselves with the wool, and are wandring abroad in the cloudy and dark day: the Lord sent the Son of man, which was the Prophet to Judge them, Judge them a Son of man, who was to put a difference between the holy and profane.

Sixthly, You are amongst them, and follow such as are Hirelings, which the Lord sent his Prophets to cry against, who bite with their teeth, and cry peace, peace, if you put into their mouths; if not, they prepare war against you, as you may see by your Teachers.

Seventhly, You are such as hold up the Idols Temple, in the [Page 3]outward, which the Lord sent his Prophet Hosea to cry against; so you have many fenced Cities, but the Lord will send a fire to consume them; here was a savour and discerning of them, who had forgot the Lord; then they builded Temples: here was true Judgement upon them that had backslided and forsaken the Lord God; do not think your selves wiser in your generation then your forefathers, but sottisher, as the Prophet saith, Sottish children.

Eighthly, You are amongst them, and follow such Prophets as walk out of the commands of God; as I shall make it appear hereafter, whose blessings are cursed, whose seed is corrupt; the Lord will spread dung upon their faces, who call the proud hap­py, and in this generation you are Priests and People; he had true Judgement that Judged this; and discerning and salt, who spoke of a people that feared the Lord, and thought upon his Name, and met often together, and they shall be mine saith the Lord, in that day that I make up my Jewels: And this we witness to be true, as the Scripture speaks: And you are in that condition, holding up the Songs of the Temple, which the Lord sent Amos to cry against, saying, that their songs should be turned into howling; and of all their unjust dealings, who when he was questioned what he was, he said he was a Heardsman; such an one now would be an abomination to you, he had a spirit of discerning.

Ninthly, You are amongst them, and hold such up as are called of men Masters, stand praying in the Synagogues, love salutations in the Markets; which lay heavy burdens upon the people, and de­vour widows houses with a pretence, making long prayers; which our Lord Jesus Christ forbad and denyed, and cryed woe against. And this spoke he to the multitude, and to his Disciples, and bid them beware of the Scribes, and Pharisees, and their doctrine; and yet you profess Christ, and make him your cloak, and yet you hold up the doctrine of the Pharisees, which Christ cryed woe against; shewing your selves to be in that generation which persecute the Truth, as they did.

Tenthly, You are in that nature that they were in that stoned Stephen to death; when he came to be examined before the Priests, they said he spoke against the holy Temple, and the Law; and when he denied the Temple, and shewed the figures they lived in, they run and gnashed upon him with their teeth, and stoned him to death; you have made it openly appear in England, in divers [Page 4]places, in halling out of your Temples, and stoning, and striking; bunching, beating, and imprisoning, but the mighty power of the mighty God preserves his Lambs from blood suckers, and this blood-thirsty generation a seed of evil doers.

Now do not call this r [...]sh Judgement, its Scripture language, you are amongst them that run af [...]er Balaam, and go in the way of Cain, who erred from the Truth, and he that erred from the Truth, lived in envy (so do you still) who sought to murther the righteous where ever it was brought forth, as your generation doth which hath erred from the truth, in the way of Cain, to murther and destroy the righteous where its brought forth, who walks out of the commands of God and the Prophets; here they had savour and true Judgement, and salt in themselves; and did ex­hort to true Judgement, and to have salt in themselves, to savour withall; the false Prophets, the false Apostles, the Antichrists, they have not a discerning, they have not a savour, and do not speak from the mouth of the Lord; But the true Prophets, Apostles, and Christ, these had all savour and discerning, to Judge between light and darkness, truth from evil, as they grew up in the truth, and measure; and they saw who was the beast, which all the world wonders after, and who had their names written in the book of life; here was Judgement and distinguishing, which the false Prophets had not, nor have not now; they knew election, reprobation, and condemnation, which none of the false Prophets of the world knew; and they saw who was without the truth, and some they called beasts, some dogs, and some they called swine, some wolves, some they called Lyons, some as fed horses, neigh­ing after their lusts, and neighbours wives, some as wilde Asses, snuffing up their noses in the Air, some as tall Cedars, some as strong Oaks, some as fat Bulls, some full of poison, some a gene­ration of vipers (yet such would confess Abraham) and some as deaf adders; some are called the children of the devill; they are called the children of the devil, which are not the children of God, and all these natures are amongst you, you cannot deny it, in your generations, which holds up the outward worship, Priests and People, Professors, Rulers, and Magistrates, so called. Now do not call this railing, its Scripture language, given forth by the eternal spirit, true figures upon that nature, and generation [Page 5]which was from God, having an eternal Judgement: Now to call a dog a Lamb, it were a lye; and to call a horse a sheep, were a lye; or to call a serpent a dove, were a lye; but the true servants of God had true Iudgement and discerning, to speak these names in their places, to its nature; but you in your generation, give these names upon them which are in the same nature that gave them forth, for that is false Iudgement, which cannot abide reproof, nor sound doctrine: God is come, and coming to put a difference betwixt the clean, and the unclean, and between the profane and holy, and between those that serve him, and those that serve him not; this is Scripture language, which the wicked cannot bear in practice, and life, nor to hear their conditions in words spoken to them.

This was I moved to write forth to them that are without, and them that are within, that are growing up into Iudgement, and to them that do not understand Iudgement, that their minds may be informed to examine where they are, by the light of God within them; the Lord is making a separation, whether you be separated from God, or to God, the light within will tell you, and that which should exercise your conscience, will tell you, hearkening to it; but that generation is separated from God, I do know, in which lodgeth persecution, and all the righteous blood hath been shed by this generation, that now is standing in nature, who drink the blood of the Saints, and make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb shall get the victory; praises, praises be to the Lord God Almighty.

Thou art blind that canst not discern betwixt Iacob and Esau; and thou art blind that sayest Iacob is Esau; and thou art blind that sayest Cain is Abel; and thou art blind that sayest Ishmael is Isaac; and thou art blind that sayest such as are called of men Masters, stand praying in the Synogogues, lay heavy burdens upon the people, are the Ministers of Christ, which Christ cry­ed woe against: And thou art blind are foolish, Ier. 5. that holdest up such Priests, as bear rule by their means; and thou art blind, and art made a prey upon, that holdest up such shepherds as seek for the Fleece, and cloath with the wool, which the Lord sent his Prophets to cry against; and thou art blind that sayest, such as seek for their gain from their quarter, and run greedily after the [Page 6]error of Balaam, for gifts and rewards, are the Ministers of Christ; And the Scripture will testifie against thee it self; and thou own­est not the Prophets and Apostles, but art against them, and so into the ditch thou must go, into destruction (who art blind, and led with the blind) except thou speedily repent.

Christs sheep know his voice, and they know the voice of a stranger: the true Prophets knew who spoke from the mouth of the Lord, and who spoke a divination of their own brain; so it is now; the Saints that are seasoned, have salt in themselves, have savoury to discern of others; and to some is given the gift of dis­cerning of Spirits; And the spiritual man judgeth all things, but he himself is judged of no man; he that cannot endure sound Judge­ment, is not of the truth, for Zion is redeemed through judgement, and they that sew pillows, are false Prophets: therefore every one own your [...]udgement and your Portion, and such a name as be­longs to your nature, and deceive not your selves nor others, for the Saints know that they are of God, and that the whole world, Priests, People, and Professors, who have not the life of what they do profess, lye in wickedness.


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