SUrely the Magistrates of Nottingham are blinde as though they had never read Scriptures, have they cast a man into prison for saying The Scriptures wer [...] not the Living Word? Surely they might have understood what Scripture signifies by all this time of teaching, for writings is not living, nor doth not en­dure for ever, but the thing written of doth, that is the Word. Surely by all this teaching they might not have been so ignorant of Scripture, which saith the Scri­ptures are the Words of God, Exod. 20. and my Words saith Christ, and he that addes to these Words saith John, in the Revelation, or takes from these words, the plagues shall be added to him, and his name shall be deminished out of the Book of Life, Rev. the last. So mark, the Scriptures of truth, which cannot be broken, are the Words of God, and Christ his Name is called the Word of God, Rev. 19. and they that had a perfect understanding from the very first, took in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which they had seen and believed from the beginning, who were Ministers of the Word, Luke 1. Surely Nottingham Inqui­sitioners had they not been mad in their blind zeal, they would not have persecuted a man for speaking truth according to scriptures, who neither regards the Scriptures nor the law of man, who hath contemptuously disobeyed two Warrants; Surely you would be mighty cruel if you had power; Did you never read that the Scriptures saith Christ is the Word, and the Word is God? Is not he the living Word? and the Word is immortal; are writings immortal? what would ye have done to John if he had been under your power, who tels you Christs name is the word of God? and tels you, the Revelation is words? What would you have done to Peter? who tels you the Word is immortal, and all things are upheld by the Word of his power? And are all things upheld by the Scriptures, is that your Logick? Read Heb. 1. And is it not said the Scriptures must be fulfilled? and is it not the Living Word, which fulfills the words? And what would you have done to Luke that tells you many of the Mi­nisters of the Word took in hand to set forth in order a declaration of the things be­lieved among them from the very first? Nay, doth not some of your old Transla­tions call the Scripture a Catologue? and some again calls it a story, and yet you call it the Word? how many names have you given it here? it is called Scriptures of truth, holy writings which were learned of God, and given forth by the spirit of God, that is according to the scriptures which are the words of God; and wil you say writings are God, or writings are Christ who is called the word? will you set the scrip­tures in the room of God, and give them his name? as you may read, Joh. 1. Have you not lost your understanding? are you not blind that cannot distinguish writings, weh is Scriptures, from Christ, & God, but put them in their place? Surely you are far off from spiritual things, while you do not understand natural things, have you not read that John saith in the beginning was the Word, and was writings in the beginning? you want the Word to give you an understanding to know a fulfiller, and that which is to be fulfilled; a fulfiller is the Word, and that which is to be fulfilled is the words and outward types and figures and changeable things: So who is in the Word, he is in the unchangable which was in the beginning, in whom the Scriptures end, Christ, and the just mens spirits both; so the Word is called the word of Reconciliation, but he doth not call the Scriptures so, but the scriptures are called a declaration, and in many places called words, which are to be fulfilled and cannot be broken, and this is the cause that all Christendom is on heaps about scriptures, they wanting the Word that doth fulfill them, to reconcile unto them, and unto God, and unto them that gave them forth; So are not the babes born again by the immortal Seed, the Word of God; but you remain in the mortal, where the jars and strifes are about words, the things of God not being known by natural men.

G. F.

London, Printed for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate. 1659.

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