THE FORM Of the News COMMISSIONS By which the FORCES act, that are under the Command of CHARLES FLEETWOOD Esq With some Observations thereupon: The Power by which Monck acteth is vindicated, and the Nation thereby undeceived.

CHARLES FLEETWOOD Esq Commander in Chief of the Army, and Land Forces, of this Common wealth.

TO [...] whereas the General Council of the Army at Wallingford-House, the 18 Day of October, 1659. Appointed Me according to such Rules then agreed upon, to give Commissions for the supply of such Va­cancies as were, or might be, in the Army; and have since upon the 27 of October aforesaid: Resolved, That all the Officers already in Commissions in the Armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland; shall receive Commissions from Me, in persuance of the sayd Resolve. I do hereby Constitute and Appoint you [...] of the Regiment of [...] whereof Col. [...] is Col. [...] and also Capt. of A [...] of in the same Regiment, you are therefore to take the same into your Charge and Care, as [...] as Capt. thereof, and duly Exercise the Inferiour Officers and Souldiers of the same Regiment, and [...] in Armes, and use your best Care and Endeavour to keep them in good Order and Discipline, Com­manding them to Obey You as their [...] and Capt. Respectively, and You are likewise to observe and follow such Orders as you shall from Time to Time receive from my Self, or the Superiour Officers of the Regiment and Army, ac­cording to the Discipline of Warr, and Trust Reposed in you: Given under my Hand and Seal at Wallingford-House, This [...].

I. Observe one of the most notorious Absurdities that was ever committed by men, that have either Sence, Reason, or com­mon Understanding, That the Persons that give Charles Fleetwood Esq; Commission shall receive Commission from Him: The Reason why they are put to this shift is, That their Consciences are so grated with their late impudent Rebellion, that they dare not go to fight with Gen. Monck by their old Commissions, because they fight against the bringing in of the Parliament, by Monck justly and honourably endeavoured.

II. What confidence can Fleetwood have in such Officers, who received their Commissions from the Parliament but the other day; and now, in opposition of that Parliament, they receive Commissions from Him: Who can imagine but they will be as ready to receive new Commissions from Lambert, so soon as he shall return, if in case he overcome or baffle Monck.

III. Observe, That this Commission that Mr. Fleetwood receiveth from his Vassals, is like unto that which his Father in Law received from the Nobles and Great men of the Land, to be Protector, allyes his Grooms, Butlers, and Scullions.

IV. Observe, That Fleetwood is by this, made an Image of Clouts, to be a Screne between Lambert and his intended Soveraignty.

V. Observe, It is like Knipperdoling's giving John of Leyden Commission to be King of Saints, and then John gives Knipper­doling Commission to be his Lord High Steward.

VI. Observe, That it will suit well with the famous City of London, that their Militia should receive Commissions from this Honourable Person, or from the Committee of Safety, that is constituted, ordained, and appointed, by the very same Autho­rity, viz. The worthy Assembly of grave, sage, and illustrate, Council of Officers, who are Persons well acquainted with de­stroying pulling down, and ruining all Form, Order, and Government; but are not at all acquainted with Obedience or Duty to their Superiours.

VII. Observe, That General Monck hath Legal Authority for what He doth, by Acting by His Old Commission, Given by the Parliament, for that it was given Him to Act in persuance of the Trust Reposed in Him from the Parliament; which was to Defend the Common-wealth from all Usurpations.

VIII. That the Example of this his Receiving his Commission from his Inferiour Officers, may as Legally be followed by the Souldiers, Who have the same Power in Themselves, to thrust out all their Officers, and Grant Commissions to others, to Exercise alike Devolved Authority over Them, it being the only Pattern for Rebellion and Mutiny that can be Imagined.

IX. Observe, That by this new model, the Anabaptists have the only advantage to pack in their Proselytes, that thereby all the Authority of the three Nations may be converted into their Hands; Who are utter Enemies to the Ministery, the Laws, and do really intend to destroy Corporations: That there may be no Hedge or Fence to any Liberty, but that all may lye open to their Unsatiated and Unlimited Pride and Lust.

X. Observe, That by the same Rule, that the Army can Dissolve Parliaments, and Constitute new supream Authority in whom they please: the worst of Rogues may do the like.

XI. Observe, That the Superiour Officers and Powers shall hereafter be in like danger to be Judged, Condemned, and Ex­pelled by the Souldiers and Inferiours; So that you shall never be at any Certainty in Government, but alwayes mutable, or so often as Factions can be made amongst the Inferiors: So that the Property of Superiors being Judge of Inferior Actions, will be quite altered to Inferiors judging Superiors.

XII. Observe, That by this famous device of the Officers giving Commission to their General, and the General giving Com­mission to the Officers; together with the new and excellent Form of Government: the Officers of the Army shall be free to all Intents and purposes to keep the 3 Nations in perpetual Slavery and Chains; unless God shall raise deliverance. Reader, A brief Description of which I shall here present thee with, but I would not have thee tell any body of it. A Committee of Safe­ty is appointed by the Army; the Committee of Safety are to appoint a Senate of Sixty; the Senate of 60 are to appoint 200: And, in order thereunto nominate 400, to be a popular Assembly, out of which, the People are to elect 200, which are to sit once in 3 years: the Senate are to be a co-ordinate Power with the Popular Assembly, out of which ten are to be added unto the Senate, and ten to go off from the Senate: The 400 that they nominate, (you may be confident) shall be Souldiers, Excise­men, Officers of the Customers, and such other Persons as have publick Salaries: So that by this means, your Nations shall be kept in perpetuall Slavery, because not fit to be trusted with their Liberty. Oh brave Englishmen! You have fought your selvs into a brave Condition.


YOu Officers and Souldiers of the Army that have any Reason, or Honorable thoughts in your Breast, shake of this detestable Yoak, do not submit to it, for your Posterity will curse you; and abhorr the thoughts and memory of You, if You should be deluded into the se Snares.

Printed at Loydon, at the Sign of the Impudent Rebell, in Wimbleton-Court. 1659.

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