A DECLARATION Of His Excellency Sir Tho: Fairfax and his Councel of WAR, In obedience to several Ordinances of PARLIAMENT, For Disbanding the Supernumerary Forces, and drawing the ARMY into several Garisons, And for taking off Free-quarter.

BY the Appointment of His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and His Councel of War,


London, Printed for Edward Husband, Printer to the Honorable House of Commons, Jan. 5. 1647.

A DECLARATION OF His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and his Councel of War, In obedience to several Ordinances of Parliament, For Disbanding the Supernumerary forces, and draw­ing the Army into several Gari­sons, and for taking off Free-quarter.

WHereas the Houses of Parliament, for easing the present Burthens of the Kingdom, Have Ordained, That all the Supernumerary Forces of the Kingdom, above the esta­blished [Page 4]Army, shall be forthwith Disbanded; And for that purpose, and to the end that the established Army for the future may be con­stantly paid, and the Countreys delivered from Free-quarter, Have likewise Ordained the present rai­sing of great sums of Money, and the Army is appointed by the Fif­teenth of Ianuary, to draw into Towns, Cities and Garisons; VVe have thought fit to Declare, and do hereby Declare and assure, [...]hat the Army by the said Fif­ [...]enth day of Ianuary, shall ac­ [...]ording to the said Directions, be [...]rawn into Towns, Cities and [...]arisons: And do further De­ [...]are and assure, That (the Par­liament [Page 5]supplying the Souldiery with pay as aforesaid) no Free-quarter, after the said Fifteenth day of Ianuary, shall be taken by the Soldiery upon any persons (duly paying their Assessments) nor any enforcement for Meat, Drink, Vi­ctual for Man, or Horse-meat for the quartering of any, after the said supply of pay begun, and so long as it shall continue; but all Offi­cers and Soldiers shall maintain themselves with their pay, at such Rates as they can agree upon with any Inhabitant (except onely up­on a March, where they shall stay not above two nights in a place) and in that case also the Soldiery shall pay for their quarters at the [Page 6]Rates set down for the Army: And that no Officer or Soldier (upon pain of Death) shall do to the contrary hereof.

By the appointment of His Ex­cellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and his Councel of War, Signed, JOHN RUSHWORTH Secr'

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