FOR THE KING and both HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT: Being a further Relation (in brief) of the Cruel Havock and Spoil, made on the Persons and Estates of the People of God in scorn called Quakers; For Meeting together to Worship God in Spirit and Truth.

ALL which hath been inflicted on them since the late Act against Conventicles, which tends to the pre­judice and ruin of many Families in their outward Estates; and many more may be ruined, if a Stop be not put to the Cruelty of Men: For several of these Spoiles have been made upon the Goods of Widdows, Poor, Aged Peo­ple, and Fatherless Children, in several Counties; and many are left so desolate, their very Beds being taken from under them, that they are fain to Lodge upon Straw: And some have had their wearing Apparrel taken from them; and many left destitute of outward things, having all swept away without any Pitty or Mercy: And others have had their Working-Tooles taken from them, wherewith they should have laboured to have got a Maintenance for themselves and Families: And in several places no Plea would be accepted on the behalf of the Innocent; some saying, Right or Wrong they must have it; and often times those called Justices have bid the Officers take Three or Four times as much as the Fines, that they might allow good Penny-worths: And they have taken the very Kettle (in which Meat was providing for the Family's sustenance) off from the Fire, and have thrown the Meat away into the Street; and have taken away the Children's Apparrel, which they should wear; and have taken the Skillet off the Fire, in which Milk was boiling for the Children, and threw away the Milk.

All these, and many more Cruelties, Barbarous and Un­christian Carriages and Actions, may be particularly prov'd, if requir'd; as taking away their very Fewel in the midst of Winter; and not leaving Bed-Clothes, or other Clothes to keep them warm; but many have been fain to lodge on Straw this Winter.

Oh the Sad Crys of the poor Children and Families, that have been, by reason of the Distress, that is brought upon them since this last Act! Many have laboured hard, it may be, most of their dayes, and had got a little outward things, whereby their Children and Families were supported, and li­ved comfortably; and now all is swept away, and they and their Families ruined; and some have not so much as a Cow left to give their Children Milk: And all this is because for Conscience sake they cannot forbear Assembling together to Worship God, and for no other Cause: For it is well known we have alwayes lived peaceably since we were a People; and there is no cause wherefore we should be thus cruelty dealt withal, but for our keeping a good Conscience towards God, and towards all men.

And we expect the Performance of all the Kings Promises to us, for Liberty to our tender Consciences; for we have al­wayes walked peaceably, and have not forfeited our Liber­ty in any wise: And our Cry hath alwayes been, and is at this day, for LIBERTY of CONSCIENCE, to Worship God: And it is because we cannot act against the pure Principle of God in our Consciences, that we have suffered so deeply ever since we were a People.

And many Persons of considerable Estates, and of good Repute in several Counties, have had their Estates given up to the Wills of a company of Merciless Informers, and other debauch'd loose Persons; who rejoyce that they have power put into their hands to destroy sober people; and have boasted that they will inrich themselves thereby. And thus the Innocent are given up to be a Prey into the hands of unreaso­nable Men; some having all their Goods, both within doors, and without, seized on, and their Cattle drove away, and their Corn thresht out, and all clean swept away, and in a few dayes not any thing left to help themselves and Families; who before were a Succour and Help to many, and set many of their poor Neighbours on Work; & thus many poor peo­ple are like to be utterly Undone and Ruined in the Countries.

Surely these things cry aloud in the Ears of the Lord, though men stop their Ears, and will not hear the Cry of the Oppressed.

Mal. 3. 16.

They that feared the Lord Spake often together, and the Lord heakened, and heard it: And we desire you may be of the same Mind.

Heb. 10. 25.

The Apostle saith, Forsake not the Assembling of your selves together; but Exhort one another, and so much the more, as you see the day approaching.

And the Apostles and Saints met together in several Houses, who forsook the Jews Temple and Synagogues.

1 Cor. 16. 19. Acts 28. 30, 31.

Paul Taught in his own hired House at Rome (where the Seat of the Emperor was) no man forbidding him.

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