The following Proposalls are Humbly Offered the Honorable House of Commons, as Funds on which to Raise the Sums Voted for the Civil List and Relief of the French Refugees.

I. THat every Anual Parish Officer as Constable, Church-wardens, O­verseers of the Poor, and High­ways, Thirdboroughs, &c. Pay each yearly, the Sum of five Shillings. That they have leave to put this Tax into their Accounts, to be allowed them by the place in General for which they Serve.

This will not at all Interfere with the Four Shillings Tax, as not affecting Landlords, but the present Occupiers of Land. Parish Duties being paid by such.

II. That there be paid for every one who shall after the First of May 1696, be put to any Trade or Profession, the Sum of twelve Pence for every twenty Shillings which the Master takes for Instructing such in any Trade, Art or Profession. The Master to be accoun­table for the Duty.

III. That twelve Pence in the Pound be paid by Servants for their Wages.

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