[blazon or coat of arms incorporating the Commonwealth Flag (1649-1651)]


BE it Enacted by this present Parliament, and by the Au­thority thereof, That John Godolphin Doctor of the Laws, and Charls George Cock Esq be, and are hereby Nominated, Constituted and Appointed Iudges of the Admiralty. And the said John Godolphin and Charls George Cock, are hereby Authorized, Impowered and Required to Hear, Order, Determine, Adjudge and Decree, in all matters and things, as Iudges of the Admiralty, in as full, large and ample maner, as any other Iudge or Iudges of the Admiralty at any time heretofore might or ought lawfully to do; To have, hold, exercise and enjoy the said Office, or Place of Iudges of the Admiralty, until the Tenth day of December, and no longer.

ORdered by the Parliament, That this Act be forthwith Printed and Published.

THO. St NICHOLAS Clerk of the Parliament.

London, Printed by JOHN FIELD, Printer to the Parliament. And are to be sold at the seven Stars in Fleetstreet, over against Dunstans Church, 1659.

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