❧ By the Council of State. A PROCLAMATION.

THe Council of State being Informed, That since the Officers of the Ar­mies under the Lord Generals Command, by their late Humble Remon­strance and Address, Declared their resolution to observe such Commands as they shall receive from His Excellency, or the Council of State, or the Par­liament when Assembled; some Persons designing to obstruct the Nations Settlement, have not been wanting to endeavour the removal of some in the Army from their stability and temper; And to accomplish so mischievous a Design, have scattered and fomented (among other untruths) false rumours, That there is an Intenti­on to deprive the Souldiers of their Arrears of Pay; Against which Attempt the Coun­cil are well perswaded the fidelity and Interest of the Souldiers will be a good Securi­ty: Yet to the intent a Report so false in it self, and so destructive in its aim, may not make the more easie Impressions upon any, through its passing uncontradicted, and thereby gratifie those only, who seek advantages, by lengthning out our troubles. The Council of State do hereby Declare, That it is not in their intention or thoughts, to retrench or abate any part of the Arrears, that are, or shall be due to the Souldiers, whilst they con­tinue in the Army, and in their obedience: But that on the contrary, it shall be their endea­vour to encourage them, by taking care for satisfying their Arrears, as soon as there shall be opportunity, in such sort as to make an actual, aswell as verbal confutation, to so false a suggestion.

ORdered, That this Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Published.

JOHN RUSHWORTH, Clerk of the Council.

LONDON, Printed by Abel Roper and Tho. Collins, Printers to the Council of State.

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