By the Council of State.

THe Council of State being intrusted, in this Interval of Parliament, with Preservation of the Publick Peace; and being well informed, That some Persons, from mistaken Apprehensions of the temper of the Army, do secretly attempt the debauching▪ and alienating the Affections of some in the Army, from that Obedience and Duty which they owe, and (as upon good Grounds is hoped, and believed) bear to the present Authority, esta­blished by Parliament, and to their Superior Officers in the Army; HAVE therefore thought fit, hereby to declare, and make known, their great dis­like of such Proceedings, as tending, and ayming at the disturbance of the Peace of this Commonwealth, and engaging it into new Distractions and Blood (now that such a Door of Hope is opened of Deliverance and Settle­ment.) And do hereby charge and require, all and every Person and Persons, of what sort or degree soever, whether belonging to any the Armies of this Commonwealth, or others, to forbear, at their uttermost perils, all Applications, of what kinde soever, to any the Officers or Soldiers of the Ar­mies of this Commonwealth, by way of Agitating, or otherwise, with design or endeavor, by word or act, to beget Dissatisfactions in any such Officer or Soldier, towards the present Government; or to withdraw them from their Obedience to their Superiors; or to make Combinations or Factions in the Army, to the disturbance thereof, or endangering the Peace of the Nation.

And the Council do hereby Impower, and Require all Officers, both Military and Civil, and all Soldiers, and others, upon certain Information given them of any Person or Persons, contriving, advising, or prosecuting any design, or endeavor to the purposes aforesaid, forthwith to seize and secure every such Person and Persons, and him, and them, to bring or send in custody to the Council of State, to answer the same: And albeit, the Council have reason to hope, That every Person concerned in the Safety and Publick Interest of the Nation, will be thereby sufficiently obliged to discover and bring to condign punishment all Offenders in this kinde; yet for the better encouragement of all whom this may concern, to be faithful to that Duty which they owe to their Countries Peace, the Council doth hereby Declare and Promise, That for every Person, who upon due proof to be made, shall appear to have acted under the name of an AGITATOR, or otherwise, for the mischievous ends and purposes aforesaid, there shall be allowed, and paid out of the Publick Treasure of this Commonwealth, the sum of Ten Pounds, to the Officer or Officers, Soldier or Soldiers, who shall discover, secure, and bring or send in custody, to the Council, any such Person as aforesaid. And all Officers, Military and Civil, are required upon request made in that behalf, to be aiding and assisting in the apprehending, securing, and bringing in custody, to the Council, all and every Person and Per­sons who may be justly charged with the Crimes aforesaid. And the Chief Officers of the respective Regiments, Troops, and Companies of the Army, are required forthwith, after it shall come to their Hands, to cause this Proclamation to be published in the Head of their Regiments, Troops, and Companies, to the intent the same may be better taken notice of, and put into the more effectual Execution.

At the Council of State at VVhitehal.

ORdered, That this Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Published.

Clerk of the Council.

Printed by Abel Roper, and Tho: Collins, Printers to the Council of State.

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