Instructions to be observed by the several Iustices of Peace in the several Counties within this Commonwealth, for the better prevention of Rob­beries, Burglaries and other Outrages.

VVHereas great Robberies, Burglaries and other Outrages are daily com­mitted, to the exceeding great damage and danger of the Commonwealth, It is therefore, in pursuance of the special Order of Parliament to us directed, Or­dered for the future, That the ensuing Directions be forthwith put in execution by all Justices of Peace in their several Counties; viz.

I. YOu are to cause all Laws in force against Rogues, Vagabonds and sturdy Beggars, to be duly and effectually executed.

II. You are to cause sufficient Watch and Ward to be kept by persons able in body, with Bills, Guns, or other weapons, in all fit places and Towns adjoyning to any great Road; and that you give Order to the Constables of every such Town, That Posts, Rails and Gates be set up in every such place and Town, to the end to examine all Passengers, as also thereby to stop the speedy flight of all Thieves and Robbers.

III. And in order to their more speedy apprehension, you shall give Order, That they have in readiness in every such Town, an expert person and an able Horse, to be a Guide to such as at any time shall be in pursuit of Thieves and Robbers.

IV. You shall give Order, That as they shall meet with, or ap­prehend any such, or any whatever suspitious persons, that they forthwith carry them before the next Justice of the Peace, to be by him proceeded withal according to Law.

V. You shall take care effectually to suppress all unlicensed Alehouses, and all such Alehouses and houses whatsoever, usually entertaining Travellers and Strangers, which do stand in blinde Corners out of the view of Towns or houses.

VI. That to all such as shall necessarily be continued, and all and every the Innholders within their Counties, You shall give Order to give in writing every night, viz. by six of the clock in Winter, and by eight of the clock in Summer, to the Justices of the Peace, or to such other as shall be by them deputed, of the number of all Travellers lodging within their respective houses, and whither they are tra­velling: with a full description of their Apparel, of their Horses, Geldings and Mares: And in case of default herein by any Inn­holder or Alehousekeeper, he or they so offending are to be suppres­sed, and not suffered after to hold or keep any Inn or Alehouse: And you are to give Order to the several Constables, to return you a weekly account of their proceedings herein: And you are every Moneth to give an account of your proceedings to this Councel.

Signed in the Name, and by Order of the Councel of State appointed by Authority of Parliament.

London, Printed for Edward Husband. 1649.

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