THE AGREMENT Of the General Council of Officers of the Armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland, toge­ther with the rest of the Officers and Forces in and about London; to which the rest of the Officers and Forces of this Commonwealth by Land and Sea, are desired to give their con­currence.

I. THat the Government of England, Scotland and Ireland, and the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging, be in the way of a free State and Common-wealth.

II. That they will not have Kingship to be exercised in these Nations, nor any Single Person to exercise the Office of Chief Magistrate over the same.

III. That there be no House of Lords or Peers.

IV. That the Legislative and Executive power be destinct, and not in the same hands.

V. That all those persons, and every one of them, who have sate or acted as a Committee of Safety, and all persons who have acted under them, or any of them, be Indempnified in their Persons and Estates, for all such things as have been done by them, or any of them, or by any acting under their Authority, in pursuance of the Instructions given to them by the Council of Of­ficers.

VI. That there be an Act of Indempnity and perpetuall Oblivion, both to Persons and Estates, for all and every thing and things, acted, done, or spoken, or ordered, or suffered to be acted or done with respect to raising of Forces, issuing of money, administration of Iustice, and proceedings in Courts of Law or Equity, or otherwise, since the first day of October, 1659. except such as have acted, done, or spo­ken, for or on the behalf of Charles Stuart.

VII. That such as profess Faith in God by Iesus Christ, though differing in judgement from the Doctrine, Worship, or Discipline, publikely held forth, shall not be restrained from, but shall be equally protected and encouraged in the Profession of the Faith, and Exercise of their Religion, so as they abuse not this Liberty to the Civil injury of others, and to the actual disturbance of the pub­lique Peace on their parts. Provided this Liberty be not extended to Popery or Prelacy, nor to such as, under the Profession of Christ, hold forth and practise Licentiousness. And that all Acts, Ordinances, Orders, and all clauses in any Acts, Ordinances, Orders and Customes, to the con­trary, be forthwith repealed, made null and void.

VIII. That the Arrears of Pay to the Armies, Forces, and Navies of this Common-wealth, now due or incurred to them, or any of them, be with all convenient speed satisfied and paid.

IX. That the Armies, Forces, and Navies of this Common-wealth, as the same stood, upon the ninth day of October last, be continued and maintained, under the same Conduct, as the same stood upon the said ninth day of October, for the Security, Service, and Peace of this Common­wealth, and not be disbanded, nor the conduct altered, until the Cause contended for be secured, and the Government of this Common-wealth, as is before proposed, be effectually setled.

X. That We whose Names are subscribed, do hereby promise and engage, by the help of God, to stand by and assist each other in the obtaining of the said things before-mentioned.

ORdered by the General Council of Officers, of the Armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland, that this Agree­ment be forthwith Printed and Published.

Thomas Sandford, Secretary.

London, Printed by Henry Hills, Printer to the Army, 1659.

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