[Page] THE TRAYTORS Vnvailed, OR A Brief and true account of that horrrid and bloody designe intended by those Rebellious People, known by the names OF ANABAPTISTS and Fifth MONARCHY BEING Vpon SVNDAY the 14th. of April 1661. in NEVVGATE On purpose to oppose his Majesties person and Laws.

Printed in the Year, 1661.

[Page] THE TRAYTORS Vnvailed OR A brief relation of that horrid and bloody design intended by the Ana­baptists and Fifth Monarchy.

IT is unknown to all well disposed Christian peo­ple of the late Traiterous insurections and actions in Broadstreet, and Woodstreet, and had not the Lord out of his great goodness timely supprest them, it would certainely (accordingly to their intents) invol­ved the whole Nation in warrs and blood, but finding their Devillish plots not to take effect, thoy have ever since (for the beter promoting the same) held confe­rence [Page 4] and correspondency with their deluding Spirits, and taking and observing all opertunities of advantage for accomplishing their bloody designs, in a secreet & obscure manner, they sent divers Letters of advice and counsel from one to the other at several places, which was to give them notice that on Munday last (at the time when his Majesty should be at Windsor according to his Majesties Ancestors custome) they should unani­mosly meet to carry on their work by violence of the Sword, but Gods great mercy attending his Majesty and this poor Nation, providentially gave foreknow­ledge thereof to his Majesty and Counsel, to prevent the same, his Majesty Counselled with God in his prayers and meditations, and afterwards according to Gods Decree and his Honorable Counsels advice and serious judgment, he sent his special Warrant to ex­amine all suspicious Houses for Papers, Letters &c.

The which was accordingly executed in several Houses by one of the Lord General Monks Captains, with his Officers and Souldiers, and to their satisfaction divers Letters were taken which were received from several persons of great concernment, and large returns in folio of most horrid counsel, their seditious Sects in all places both neer and remote, the persons having them in custodywere immediatly secured, but to fur­ther prosecute their good success and future hopes of timely preventing their cursed atcheivments, the noble Captain made it his next only business to go to New-Gate were very many and dangerous persons are toge­ther, and therefore thought that there they should be better satisfied and obtain a further and more ample [Page 5] discovery, by taking more of the like Letters of black ad­vice (which according happened) The particulars in the searching as followes, being observed by a spectator who was so much in danger of his own life that he committed his soul to God and never thought to go out again alive, but their included mallice and desire of blood was by providence unexpectedly and mercifully diverted.

About three of the Clock, at which time they were at the height of their pretended Devotion in several Roomes and corners of the House, at which convention the Captain judged it the best opportunity to go up. He demanded the Keepers to admitt him and his assi­stance up, by shewing them his authority and intent, of his loving the person. Who was first acquainted with the business and the authority thereof was Mr. Knolls, a Prisoner speaker to the Anabaptists, who civilly re­quested to shew what Letters & Papers he had in his Custody, but contrary to the civillity used to him, he insollently disobeyed his Majesties Warrant, and vio­lently resisted the search both by his hands & Tongue, first crying out to his associats that they should secure the Keepers and take away the Keys, Mr. Hicks a Turnkey would moderatly have pacified and ratio­nally discust the inconveniency that would but follow like a head-strong people void of reason, carried him up the staires upon the leads, and had not his much in­treaty preserved him, they had imediately threw him off into the Street; some others in the intrim beat one of the Keepers, threw him down Staires, took away the Keys and kept them; others were upon one [Page 6] of the Turnkeys who was basely misused, And had not some pirsoners that lay for Debt secured him, they had certainly ended his daies by a Stab, their mallice was so invetterate towards him, however with one voice they all cryed lets through the Rogue off from the leads. The Captaine in the time of this hurly burly was below, expecting a civill reply of his Demandes, but notice being given him by the uproares he with his Sword drawn assisted by another Turnkey who at that punct of time came with the Right Wor­shipfull Sheriff Boulton to see the Warrant Executed hearing of their perverness to it, they went to Squench the fire whilst it was in its begining that though they saw them appear & the Sheriff comanded Mr Knowlls to go down into his Chamber, and obey his Majesties Orders, yet still they persisted in their folly, by securing the Captain in their own Chamber, and forcibly Knowlls laid hands on Mr. Lowman with a great Stick as if it were purposely prepared, and the rest of his Companions seized themselves upon other, but Mr. Lowman being not at all daunted with the assistance of his Prisoners, by degrees overpowered them, and after­wards for present punishment he committed Iohn Smith into the Hoale (who is a convicted person for the late Murder committed by the insurrection in Broad­street) and was one of the most violent in the House being desirous by his attempts to have stopt Mr. Low­mans Breath by laying his cruel merciless, and bloody hands upon his throat.

Mr. Portman was also put into the Hoale, being a chief and principal Actor, and desperately strook all [Page 7] that did oppose him or his fellows, and had it not hap­pily fell out that the fift Monarchy men were all lockt in their Chamber where they were at their meeting, it had certainly been a terrible and cruel day to all that had been in their way.

But finding their plots were discovered and their hopes frustrated of their desired ends which should have been brought forth the next day. Then to pre­serve their decaying reputation, and respects and good words amongst the common people, they suddainly sent their messengers abroad to make complaint first, to have their guilt seem less.

But on purpose to undeceive the people, and to give them better satisfaction of the reason and truth there­of I have taken the pains as to acquaint all that are desirous of the same, that they may no longer be de­ceived by their specious pretences, for the Fift Monar­chy men are a people that a true character of their ma­litious principles cannot be demonstrated, but their actions make them appear to be a blood-thirsty and Rebellious people against God and the King.

Whom God Preserve.

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