An Exposition of the Brownists Pater-noster.

BLesse us good Lord from that dull Sect, that say
We erre in twice repeating when we pray,
Our Father
They thinke themselves made of a purer clod,
And giue us [...]ost, forbid it, O my God.
which art in Heaven,
By them Barnes. Stables or what Roomes you see
More then our Churches are esteemd to be.
The Word, the Word, they cry by them is teached;
But grant, good God by better Schollers Preached:
Be thy Name,
The way, next Faith, I am addrest to goe,
Is Prayer, surely which must leade me too
Thy King­dome
Yet least our Bells Ring out, they are forgot
For to our Common Prayers they will not
When I was blest from Learnd Armah▪ to heare
And honourd Potter of the selfe same Sphere,
thy Will
Houres were but Minutes, but when these persevere,
In tedious Preachments, I thinke they will never,
be done
Doctrine and Use Men of a tedious rarity
Which both in Church and State requires a parity.
in Earth,
These we must heare by Inspiration raysed,
And most presumptuous▪ thinke thy Name so Praysed,
As it is in Heaven,
But Lord unto thy Syon, be not cruell.
Such as were Whitgift, Nowel; Hooker, Iewell,
Give us
We have a Prideaux, Collins, and so many
Their Sons more Learnd no Christian Church hath any,
this Day
By whom if we their gifts doe nor abhor,
We may be well instructed to pray for,
Our Dayly Bread.
But these the sole Elect, long breathed Men,
For our sad patience doe prolong agen,
And for­give us
That they speake not of Councells Schoole-men Fathers
Is not their Ignorance but they are rather
Our Trs­passes.
Which hinder us from things to be imparted,
To none so foule and so polluted hearted
As wee
Their Semigraduats, Pedants, who knowes who,
Come up and teach us thus, and then we do,
Forgive them
Their first place, last place fifteene times said ore
Moreouer, and besides, and furthermore;
that Tres­passe
Upon all Christian patience, must be heard
For else▪ next time, a Sermon is prepard
Against us.
And if Episcopacy be put downe
A Tradesman will step up in every Towne.
And leade us
But whether they know not, nor greatly care,
So they have their opinions, that Bishops are
Good God restore them to their Wits, and call
Them home, least erring▪ they doe fall,
into Temp­tation,
And let not thy true Church, by such as these
Be brought, through ignorance and ease,
But deli­ver us
Let inspird Coblers▪ Weavers, leade them still,
Into Aegyptian darkenesse, if they will.
from evill.
Who at thy Foot-stoole, prostrate lye full bent,
To blesse our King the State, and Parliament.
As for the Jesuits, Brownists or who pray
The contrary, to Tyburne be their way.

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