THE EXACT EFFIGIES OF A Monstrous Tartar TAKEN IN HUNGARY By the Valour of the Noble COUNT SERINI.

BLess us! what have we here! what Prodigy
Is this that is presented to my eye?
Such Monstrous shape & form, we may inquir [...]
Whether or Man or Horse he had to Sire
Like those mishapen things call'd Centaurs, who
The Poets feign'd were Men and Horses too.
Monster of Nature, wonder of our Age,
Sure Mandevil in all his Pilgrimage
Nere saw thy Like, nor yet have we e're read
That fruitful Affrick such a Monster bred:
Who dares encounter with thy mighty Force
That 'gainst thy Foe doth bring both man and Horse?
Hadst thou been here when Rebell Rump bore sway,
Thou might'st of them have had a Troopers pay,
For when the Devil no longer for them stood,
The Devils Picture might have done them good,
And frighted Lambert with that Look of thine,
The Devil should come for him before his time,
And Warreston that mickle man of might
Had ran away from such a dreadful Sight.
But see that Champion of Christendom,
Serini, how he makes the Monster run;
Tartars, nor Turks, nay Devils don't inherit
Valour enough to daunt so brave a Spirit;
He like to Caesar Conquers where he comes,
And by his Valour Monsters from him runs.
His single Sword doth make whole Troopes to fly,
And by his hand Thousands of Pagans die.
Not those feign'd Hero's whom the times of Old
Have in Fames Golden Legend so enroll'd,
For matchless Valour; all their feigned Story
Comes short of Noble Count Serini's Glory.
Go on brave Soul, and Prosper in thy way,
Make Turks to Tremble, Monsters Thee Obey;
Till thou as many of the Turks hast Slain
As ever did that Scythian Tamberlain;
And that they from thy Name do run with dread,
As once they did from Noble Scanderbeg:
Let Victory attend upon thy Name,
And live triumphant in the Book of Fame.

London, Printed for W. Gilbertson at the B [...] [...]reet; and H. Marsh at the Princes Armes in Chancery Lane, 1664.

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