Mr. Evans and Mr. Penningtons PROPHESIE: CONCERNING Seven Yeers of Plenty, and seven Yeers of Famine and pestilence. Fore-Shewing, What strange events and effects will fall in this present Yeer, 1655, now the seven yeers of Plenty are past, and the seven yeers of Famine and Pesti­lence are now at hand. Declared in the Vision of Visions out of the Prophet Daniel. Together with the coming of the Fifth MONARCHY. Also, a great Conflict with that great and terrible Dragon Satan. With divers other notable Visions and Revelations necessary to be published.

Printed in the yeer, 1655.

VPon the 2: of Jan, 1649, was dream'd that William Penning­ton had a Mattock in his hands, readie to pave the streets of Paradice, with all sorts of precious Stones, and a voice came at the same time, saying, behold, diligence and patience overcome all things,

Vpon May the 3. [...] Was revealed by Vision, that a multitude of men women and children rose up against me, with Clubs, Canes, and Hobby-Horses, and at that moment, when my Brains were rea­dy to be beaten out, I was rescued by a woman; saying these words the Secret of all Secrets, which I have always observed: this Secret was the whitening of the Spiritual Pearl, foretelling seaven years of plenty, and seaven of Famine, the seaven years of Plenty are past and now comes the Famine; so that I lived now by gathering in the, plentious years past, which though it were but a graine of Mustard­seed, yet it shall so increase that the Birds of the Ayre shall lodg in it, from whence shal fall feeding for the Hen and Chickins.

September 3. 1653. A Vision represented me to have fallen into a ditch as white as snow, and my head was covered all over with salt, and a voice came unto me, saying, go and cry against this Na­tion, for Sin come out of her, O my people least you partake of her Sins: and I heard another voice saying, Babylon is fallen, Babylon the great is fallen Amen. Halleliuah 2.

The Vision of William Pennington, — Which was revealed unto him the 20. day of June, 1654. As it pleased the Lord to cast his Servant into a deep fleepe, where I saw a sight too glo­rious for sinful flesh to behold, and I heard a voice saying, Pen my Son pen, arise and denounce Judgment against this nation, and be­hold I saw a paire of Staires, and an Angel of the top thereof, who lifted me up from below unto the highest Staire, and blew into my care, and suddenly I saw great London, or rather the Map of it, ap­pearing upon a Sign-post, and the Angel said, seest thou all these glorious structures, these excellent beauties, these pollitique brains, I say unto thee, there not one stone be left on another, within these few years, and the Lord shal blast all these beauties with the small Pox, and the Politicians shal fall into the pit they have digged for others and suddenly I heard a huge clap of thunder, and a Voice saying, these words are mighty and true, blessed are those that be­live, and another Angel tooke a handful of crums and scattered them on the earth, and a young man with a Crown of Gold on his head gathered the crums, and under his wing many thousand poor [Page 2]souls that have suffered for conscience sake; and silence was then commanded, and behold I saw other Angels with sicles in their hands saying, behold, harvest is now at hand, and I was ravished with joy and awaked.

Upon the 6: of Iuly last past 1654. as I stood awake in my own ima­gination neare Aldersgate I saw King Iames pictured over the gate riding on his daple gray, and a voice said, wonderest thou not the slow riding of this Monark, for me thought his horse stood stil and he could not move him with his spurs, then said the voice, look, a story higher, and I beheld from the Zeads two white feet with a paire of wings, and they came down with such incredible swiftness like the ropes of a Bel, and setled on my head, then I looked and saw a young man, but could not feel any weight, and he said unto me stand sure for I wil not offend you, then the winds fel a bluste­ring so strongly that the houses were shaken, and many fel to the ground, then the young man gathered these winds together and put them all into four bladders saying, I am your Master, and I have power ouer you, then there was a great calm, and behold a multi­tude of women and children came to jeere the winds, which brake out into worse disorders and consumed all the people round about, but the young man said, it is enough I come not to destroy more, for the Hitties and the Amorites are all rooted out, then the yonng man dasht the Crown of his head in peeces and was carried on my shoulder to Foster-Lane, where he had a Crown put on his head so weighty that I was not able to support the burden, then he gave me a white satten Cap bestuck with pearls saying, now your expec­tation was at an end, and this is fitteer for you then a Crown of gold, then me thought I answered I am satisfied, blessed be my eyes that have seen this day, and my ears that baue heard these sounds and my mother that boare me, because I now see the wil of the Lord performed and suddenly I awaked.

A Conflict with the Dragon.

ON the 12 day of September, walking toward Lambs-Conduit, there ceme to me a man Riding upon an Aso, and leading ano­ther in his hand, he alighted and took me by the breeches and threw me upon the other Ass, and carried me away out of my knowledge into a place where the ground was al covered with venemous Beasts, which did leape up at me, and there was a sulferrons smell that had wel nigh choaked me, and he carried me into a pit, where I was going down stil, and yet we came to no bottom; at length we [Page 3]came to a place that was as narrow as a chimney, and at the bot­tom he brought me to a room of a very great vastness wherein there were many souls tormented and tossed up and down with forks of Iron. and endeavoured to push me in, but I was too strong for him; whereupon he opened a doore hehind a Courtain, and bid mede­part; I went two days and nights, without meeting any one, at length I met an old man with a long beard, and he gave me an Ap­ple and bid me eat it, and it would bring me into my way; going along eating my apple, there ran between my legs a great Boare and carried me away with grret swiftness that I was bereaved of my sight, at length he threw me down and cryed. go thy ways with a vengeance, and do thy work; and presently my sight came to me, and I was hard by Lams-Conduit, where I was thrown upon the Ass.

Jn the dead of night I was, much troubled in my rest, and my Bed and Chamber did rock like a Ship upon the vast Ocean, and the noise of guns greater and smaller, I did perfectly heare with pittiful out-crys and groans of many people, as though they were in my Chamber or in ship; this storm continuing, and we wanting Sea room. we cast Anchor, but the violence of the storm continuing, so violently, we were forc'e to quit our anchors and commit all to provivence J was droven uppon a Rock, where my vessel was beat to picees, and upon a piece of the Mast I escaped to the shore, the rest being drowne [...]; I travelling some two days and nights without eating or drinking; almost dispairing of hope of life; the next mor­ning early, I came into a place where there were multitudes of Or­chards, with fruit only on the top boughs but very faire, and it was revealed unto me, go up and gather to preserve thy life, and I did so, and eare long, thou shal be able to preserve both thy life and o­thers; immediately after I fel a sleep, and when I awaked! was in my own bed.

Another Vision of William Pennigton.

IT seemed to me that I was in a desert, where I heard the crys and howlings of terrible wild Beasts, and I looked about and saw a multitude of people of al sorts, I did approach them, and immediately there did rush out of a wood three Rams, which ran amongst the people, and did overturn many of them, and dispersed the rest; I was gotten upon the stump of an old decayed Tree, expecting the event; the biggest of these Rams did approach to the Tree where was, accompanied with the other two lesser Rams, and rubbed him­self to and froe against the Tree, and I heard a voice saying unto me, [Page 4]feare not thou that fittest upon the Tree, thou hast been faithful in a little, I wil make the ruler over much, and being surprized and ef­fected with sudden joy I started and awaked.

A Conflict with Satan in Moorfields, upon the tenth of Decemb. 1654.

AS I walkt in Moorfields, me thought there came to me a young man clothed in white, I askt him the way into Canaan, and he directed me into a dark Forrest, where was nothing but Owls, Snakes and Bats, the trees being all covered with glow-worms; I aske him his name, and he told me, he was called Bunhil, and that he was a Miller by his trade: He askt me to drink with him, and car­ried me into a dark Cave, where the Hostess came to us and brought us Ale in an old Lamp, which was ful of Aquafortis. The young man drank to me, but when I tasted it, it had like to have choakt mee; then I turned to blow my nose, and I saw a company of hoggs; these, said the young man, are the heard of Swine that came from Gazaret, and desired me to slay and eat. With that, J mistrusting him, trnued up his petticoat, which he had under a long robe hee wore, and found his feet to be cloven, and his cods were made af­ter the fashion of milkpails, then said a voice, this is the great dra­gon, bind him, and I took 2 yards of white yncle, and bound him to the earth, and a voice answered, Tis enough. Hallelujah.

Another Vision of William Pennington.

IT hapned that I fell into a dead sleep, and dreamed that J saw a man coming toward me, in a long black robe, and he awake­ned me, and told me, I must go along with him. J askt his name, & he told me his name was Trompington: He told me likewise, that it was necessary for me to go with him. J arose and he led me through a very narrow lane, where the boughs cratched me by the face; we went along til wee came to a thick wood, where the trees were hung with all sorts of weapons fitting for war, he took one and bid me take another, and told me I must defend my self, or I should not escape his furie. I sought with him, and cut off one of his legs, and fell to the ground, and I cut off his head immediately, and I heard a voyce saying unto me, thou hast fought a good fight. then there arose one clothed in white, shining more glorious then the Sun, singing Hosa [...]na in the highest, glory be to God on high, and peace on earth, good will towards men, and immediately the body in white departed from Me.

The Vision of Visions declaring out of the Prophet Daniel the coming of the fifth Monarchy, the renewing of all Musical instruments, as Or­gans, Cornets, Tabor and Pipe, for to rejoyce the hearts of all old Christians, and the fall of Babylon the great,

ON the [...]1. of Nov, between 2 & 3 in the morning, I saw a throng of Nobles with trumpees blowing before them in S. Iames's Parke, with a Table spread with all sorts of variety, with an abundance of women cloath'd in white attending the Tables and the ghost of K. James, descended from above, with great joy and pleasure congratulated their jubilee, telling them that he beheld that which had not been seen in 15. yeers before, and calld their meeting the first Monarchy. Then the Bi­shops, Deans and Chapters, Singing men and Choristers in their Copes and white Surplices sung an Hallelujah, and from thence they led on to Westminster, where barges were prepared, the Ordinances thrundring from Southwark, and from the Tower, and from thence to Greenwich, where I Wil. Pennington had deliverd to me the keys of the Castle for the behalf of me and my heirs for ever. Then I heard a voice telling me, this was the fruits of my yeilding, for so we call Beggers in our coun­trey, and that this was the interpretation of my emtying the Houses of offices, so that I beholding this Vision, do gather that the 5. Monarchy is coming, nay, neare at hand, which must come in with masking, dancing, and revelling in Courts, & in country, with all manner of wakes & feasts, in so much that the very Cattel, oxen, and Horses for a time shal be eased of their labour and travel, then shal the Bels ring, and Bonfiros shall blaze, and this shal cause strangers to call England the burning land, because mens hearts shal burn with joy and gladness, then shal gold come from Opher, and the streets stal be paved with precious stones, and it shal be a Land slowing with Milk and Honey, then the Amorites and the Brusites; and the lebusites shal be driven out, and this is the Construc­tion which I am able to draw out of this Vision, onlic in the mean while Diligence and Patience must wait for the Tryal of lews and Gentiles, those that have faith shal be admitted into this Land, and those that have not, shal be turned under my shop board.

Me thought on the 10. of December 1654: I saw three bushels of Wheat, and when I came, to approach to touch them, they were de­minished to a Peck, which struck me into wonder, then I handled the Wheat and they swelled to an innumerable Mess, enough to store a whole Kingdom: this Wheat signifies the spoyle of a Kingdom, and the restoring of it by my means; this wheat was then lifted up and carried to the University of Oxford, to be as store for the whole Land, it was all wrap't up in white Sheets, and they were all cut out into Surplices, which the Bishops wore, and this wheat was strung in Ropes like Beads, which the Bishops wore about their Necks, then said a voice, here is the true Catholique Religion, and I awaked.

Vpon the 6. of November about the dead of night, there appea­red unto me a great black Cloud on my left hand, which did often times issue forth great flames of fire, and there appeared out of the Cloud, many Monsters of hideous shapes, and about the upper end of the Cloud there appeared a great Monster with a fyery face, more terrible than the rest, and there went many Companies of fiens con­sulting together, but shortly after they were disturbed amongst themselves, and there was a very great noyse, and there came a voice unto me saying, my Messenger arise and go and bring in the glorious white Cloud, and let the black Cloud be dispersed, and after a little strugling, the black Cloud was dispersed, and many of those hideous Monsters, with that syery Monster, were destroyed, and there was a great shout, and incomparable musike, with many harmonious voices, singing, Glorie be to God on high, and in earth peace, good wil towards men, and being ravished with joy I awake.

Vpon the 20 of December I beheld a woman coming out of the ground cloathed in Scarlet and gallant aray, and the Stars decen­ded and covered her, and put a Grown of Gold upon her he ad, saying, al out power, and al our lustre do we bequeath unto thee; with that she hegan to be puft up, grew insolent; making wars with the Stars, and pull'd them al from their spheres unto the very ground on which they lay for dead for the space of half an yeare, upon which they rose, and with much strugling brought her under them again, they spoiled her rich arayment, and having exposed her our to the fowls of the aire, they threw oer down into the bottomless pit, and so lawaked.


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