A Proclamation to prevent Plundering:

WHereas I am informed, That severall Insolencies and Outrages have been of late committed by some Troopers, and other Souldiers belonging to this Army, without the approbation or allowance of my self, or the Officers of the Army, to the great prejudice of many the Inhabitants of this County of Berks, and Counties adjacent; I do hereby publish and declare, That if any Officer or Souldier, horse or foot belonging to this Army, shall (after Pro­clamation hereof made by the Provost Marshall Generall of the Army) up­on any pretence whatsoever, seize, take, imbezell or purloin any the Horses, Mares, Oxen, Cows, Calves, Sheep, or any other the Goods of any the Inha­bitants of this County, or other the adjacent Counties, either Papist or Ma­lignant, or other ill-affected person whatsoever, without speciall and parti­cular Warrant from my self; That every such person so offending, shall undergo and suffer such punish­ment by death or otherwise, as the nature of the offence shall require: But in case any the Officers or Souldiers shall seize or take any the Horses or Goods of any person or persons whatsoever, coming or send­ing supply of necessaries for the Army, that such person or persons so offending, shall suffer death without mercie. And if any Officer or Souldier of this Army shall by vertue of any Warrant, seize or take away the Horses or Goods of any person or persons whatsoever, and shall not within Two dayes next after the seizing of them repair unto my Quarter, to certifie unto me in writing whose Horses and Goods have been so seized, and by whose Warrant, that they may be brought hither to be disposed of by me, such person or persons so offending, shall be deemed and accounted guilty of the breach of this Proclamation, and shalbe proceeded against accordingly. And I do hereby further Declare, that if any the horses or goods of any person or persons inhabiting within this County, or any other adjacent Counties have bin un­justly seized or taken from them or any of them, upon his or their just complaint made unto me, I shall give present Order for the restitution of them according to justice. And lastly, I do will and re­quire all and every the high Constables of the severall Divisions within the counties of Berks, Southam­pton, and Oxon, that they do forthwith upon, and after Proclamation hereof made, make out severall Warrants to the petty Constables, for the assessing and taxing of the severall Parrishes with such Quan­tities of provision of all sorts as they are stored with, and to make, and returne a Certificate within three dayes of such assessements, what severall quantities are assessed upon the said Parrishes, with the Names of such persons as shall refuse to provide and send provisions to the Army as aforesaid, which Certificate is to be delivered into the hands of two or more of the Commissioners appointed to receive the same, that such further order may be taken with the persons so refusing as shall be thought fit. And I do hereby Declare, that I expect that the severall Inhabitants of the said severall Counties should readily contribute their assistance herein, which I doubt not but they will do with the more cheerfulnesse, it being for the supply of this Army which is raysed for the defence of the King, Parliament, and Kingdom, the preserva­tion of Gods true Religion, and the just Rights and Liberties of the Subjects from violence and oppressi­on. And I do hereby will and require all the Officers and souldiers of this Army, and all others whom it may concern to be obedient hereunto, as they and every of them will answer the contrary at their utter­most perill:


It is his Excellencies pleasure that this Proclamation be forthwith printed.

Rob: Chambers, Secr.

London, Printed for Edw: Husbands. 1643.

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