Englands VVarning-Piece; OR, A Caviet for Wicked Sinners to remember their latter end.

To the Tune of the Rich Merchant Man.
ROuse up dull sinners all
amend your lives with spéed
Unto the Lord for mercy call
you never had more néed,
Cast off your wicked sins
and throw them quite away
Séek out for grace while you have space
and go no more astray,
Then lets with speed repent
before our time be past
For every man, woman & child
must yield to death at last.
What cruel hainous sins
are rai [...]ing in this land
Men take delight to disobey
the Lord's holy command,
For some so [...]ud are grown
they love their sins so well
Before they will their [...]es amend
th [...]y'l run headlong to Hell▪
The covetous miser he
do [...] his bags of Gold,
'Tis his delight both day and night
his treasure to behold,
His riches and his wealth
his only god he makes
Before he will relieve the Poor
hee'l rather from them take.
then let us, &c.
Also the Blasphemer
that takes God's name in vain
If he do'nt repent he shall take part
Of Hells eternal pain,
Then C [...]ristian people all
fly from that deadly sin
With speed I say-without delay
a go [...]ly life begin,
then lets with speed repent
before our time be past
The Drunkard minds his drink
and runs in sin each day
Upon the Lord he doth not think
but only goes a stray.
His wealth he doth confound
his body he destroyes
Besides he doth consume his Soul,
by l [...]sin [...] he heavenly ioyes,
then lets with speed repent
before our time be past,
For every man woman & child
must yield to death at last.
And in these dayes each one
are spiteful at each other
The Father envies his own Son
and the Sister hates the Brother,
For now both old and young
their hears to malice give
The rich doth enoy at the Poor
and hates to sée them live.
then, &c.
Whor [...]dome that crying sin,
is us'd both day and night,
In chambering end wantonness
too many takes delight,
But l [...]t all such beware
though here they be secure,
Yet certainly at last they'l find
a God most fast and sure.
then, &c.
The hateful sin of Pride
is used frequently,
In City Countrey and in town,
as you may plainly sée
For lo [...]y person mends
their Robes and rich attire
Which wi [...] [...] at the last
so Hells eternal fire
then, &c.
These are the crying sins
which are used in these days
But I wish all men would strive for to
resrain their evil wayes
Lest that some judgments great
God doth upon them poure,
By sending Famine, Plague & Sword
our bonies to devour,
then, &c.
What sad Calamities
hath hap [...]ed to this land
For [...]o make men their sins refrain
yet they'l not understand.
But dayly will presume
to follow wickedness,
For day & night some do delight
God's laws for to transgress,
then, &c,
But I wish all such as these
to have a special care,
Lest that God's vengeance on them fall
before they are aware.
For if that his fierce wrath
be kindle [...] on a flame,
He will confound all such as doth
despise his holy name.
then, &c.
Then let us séek for grace
to him that sits on high,
That wein Heaven may have a place
to rest Eternally
For who knows how soon
but Death may on us seize.
Then let's fear the Lord with one accord
and not his Will [...] ple [...]e.
Then let us with speed repent
before our time be past,
For every man, woman and child
must yield to Death at last

Printed for [...]. Burton at the Horshoe in West. Smithfield▪

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