Ʋeritas. Heresia. Hendrick La [...]tz ex [...]d. 1641

Englands Petition, to her gratious King,

That he Arminius, would to ruine bring,

Who, by his Doctrine, priuie plous, and hate

To Ʋerity, doth ruine Church and State. &c:
Great King protect vs with thy gratious hand,
Or else Arminius will ore spread this Land:
For if in England th'enemie doth appeare,
This is the shape of him we need to feare.
He raiseth Factions, and that brings in iarres,
Which broacheth Errors, and vpholds the wars
The netherlands ruine he sought to bring,
In England now he doth the selfe same thing.
To raile, to write, to publish bitter gall,
To change Religion and subuertus all
His squint-ey'd looks and linsie-wolsie gowne,
Shews how Religion he will soone throw downe.
His grinding pate with wether-cocks turnd brain
Seeketh the churches tenents for to staine:
The crystall streames of truth he shuns most pure,
The tryall of Gods word hee'le not endure:
But vnto Error cast his blinking eye,
Presuming Truth doth not the same espie.
Heresie vpon a stately Beast doth stand.
Arminius bids him welcome holds his hand,
Truth by her brightnesse, and her sincere hart,
Shewes that with Heresie she takes no part.
Treads on their Mountebanke and Cozning tricks
Blowne in his eares by Pelagius and Jesuites.
Which makes his wind-mill for promotions grace,
Publish his bookes abroad in euerie place:
And begs protection for his works of wonder,
Which against truth he bellowes forth like thunder.
Thus doth Arminius to preferment rise,
By Equiuocating and his Cheuerill lies:
And truth to all appeales to open view,
Bidding all heresies for ere adew.
Desiring our great CHARLES to take to hart,
And by the Parliament make Arminius smart
Which being done, England shall euerblesse
The King the state, the Churches happinesse.
And if for telling truth I burne or frie,
What then deserueth he that tels a lie!

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