Die Veneris, 18 Maii, 1660.

UPon Complaint this day made by the Commons in Parliament, It is Ordered by the Lords in Parliament Assembled, That all these Persons, viz.

  • JOhn Bradshaw, Serje­ant at Law, President of the pretended High Court of Justice.
    • John Lisle.
    • VVilliam Say.
    • Oliver Cromwel.
    • Henry Ireton.
  • Sir Hardresse VValler.
    • Valentine VValton.
    • Thomas Harrison.
    • Edward VVhaley.
    • Thomas Pride.
    • Isaac Ewers.
  • Lord Gray of Groby.
  • Sir John Danvers Rt.
  • Sir Thomas Maleverer Baronet.
  • Sir John Bourcher Rt.
  • VVilliam Heveringham Esq
  • Alderman Pennington Alderman of London.
    • VVilliam Purefoy.
    • Henry Martin.
    • John Barkstead.
    • John Blackiston.
    • Gilbert Millington.
  • Sir VVilliam Constable Baronet.
    • Edmond Ludlow.
    • John Hutchinson.
  • Sir Mich. Livesey Bar.
    • Robert Tichbourne.
    • Owen Roe.
    • Robert Lilburne.
    • Adrian Scroope.
    • Richard Deane.
    • John Okey.
    • John Hewson.
    • VVilliam Goffe.
    • Cornelius Holland.
    • John Carey.
    • John Jones.
    • Miles Corbet.
    • Francis Allinn.
    • Peregrine Pelham.
    • John Moore.
    • John Aldred.
    • Henry Smith.
    • Humphrey Edwards
    • Gregory Clement.
    • Thomas VVoogan.
  • Sir Gregory Norton Knight.
    • Edmond Harvy.
    • John Venn.
    • Thomas Scot.
  • Thomas Andrews Alder­man of London.
    • VVilliam Cawly.
    • Anthony Stapley.
    • John Downes.
    • Thomas Horton,
    • Thomas Hammond.
    • Nicholas Love.
    • Vincent Potter.
    • Augustine Garland.
    • John Dixwel.
    • George Fleetwood.
    • Symon Meyne.
    • James Temple.
    • Peter Temple.
    • Daniel Blagrave.
    • Thomas Waite.

Who sate in Iudgement upon the Late Kings Majesty when Sentence of Death was Pronoun­ced against Him, and the Estates both Real and Personal of all and every the said Persons (whether in their own hands, or in the hands of any in Trust for their, or any of their Vses) who are fled, be forthwith Seized and Secured; And the respective Sheriffs and other Officers whom this may con­cern, are to take effectual Order accordingly.

ORdered by the Lords in Parliament Assembled, That this Order and List be forthwith Printed and Published.

JO. BROWNE, Cleric. Parliamentorum.

LONDON, Printed by John Macock, and Francis Tyton, Printers to the House of Lords, 1660.

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